Huge tittied petite ebony interracial sex

Huge tittied petite ebony interracial sex
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"Help anybody! Mayank Ria please help me." Mrs Rawat, the school teacher I'd just raped, screamed at the top of her voice as the rustling of leaves informed my hyperactive senses that she was being dragged away. I could see neither till a silhouette appeared in the square of light, dragging another writhing one behind it. In a moment, both were gone. I stared into the dark garden, her screams almost inaudible now.

Should I follow her ? Or should I return to the party ? Before I could decide, my dick was leading me across the dark garden towards the light-filled orifice. It appeared to grow in size as I approached it, the garden becoming all the more dark as my eyes adjusted to the light. I failed to see where I was walking, and this proved fatal to my plans.

Two yards or so away, my leg suddenly caught something and down I went, not for the first time that day. Before I could steady myself, I was disappointed and not a little alarmed to see the square grow smaller till it virtually disappeared. A grating sound rubbed in my despair as I found myself sitting in the dark. Sighing, I began to investigate the source of my undoing, and was stunned to find a thin leather strap wrapped round my leg.

Closer inspection revealed a purse, with some heavy contents inside. Realizing that I'd just hit upon the lone remaining proof of her presence, her purse. Deciding to investigate it just in case I found anything interesting I proceeded towards the end of the clearing, where there was enough light. The purse was a simple brown one, with the notorious strap on it. However, I was stunned to find three thick wads of currency inside. Pulling them out one by one, I saw they were thousand bucks' bills, each having perhaps a hundred such notes.

Greedily I pocketed them. I wasn't poor, hell, my parents total earning was perhaps three times what she earned. Still money is good. Once the robbery was complete, I surveyed the remaining stuff. There were her car keys, a small diary, some notes and cosmetics. There was some more money, including some loose change.

I took the lot, not sure what might yield what. Once I was sure the purse was empty, I threw it over the wall, realizing only then that I'd have to go back and take it, should the police search for evidence.

With this new problem on the horizon, I headed full speed out of the venue, only to find my dad having a conversation with a half drunk business tycoon who appeared to be overtly interested in mom. Telling them that I was going to meet a friend nearby and would be back in a jiffy, I headed to the place which should ideally contain the purse. As it turned out, I was off the mark by several yards.

The purse, thankfully, had landed in a muddy stretch of ground, and had not been discovered. Picking it up, I stood there wondering where to dispose of it. One end of the horizon contained the silhouettes of the party guests, the other an empty stretch of field. I decided to head in that direction.

This didn't yield any immediate results, as the bare field was the least likely place where a purse could be safely disposed. There were, on the other hand, some bushes near a drain on one end, which could hide it for a few days provided the sniffer dogs weren't used.

Heading towards it as I got another message from my dad, I was forced to stop when I heard a very faint moan from the surroundings. Yes, it came again. A soft whimpering moan, like an injured dog. Or a raped woman ?

I instinctively headed in the direction of the moans, which incidentally was at a tangent to the bushes. Before I knew it, i'd come upon a low wall. From behind this barrier were coming sounds of moans and grunts. I couldn't help but look over. At first I saw nothing, but as my eyes adjusted, I realized that the wall was higher on the other side, and at the bottom were two figures one on top of the other. I realized I had to check out the action from a better vantage point. Moving along the wall, I reached a point where the wall was broken and I could easily jump over, landing a little hard on the other side.

From there, I cut a wide locus to the two figures, by now sure that they were my teacher and that mysterious man. Eventually, I found some bushes which were proximate to the scene of action, and I settled behind them. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I was treated to a sight capable of rivalling a porn movie. The witch, who was the source of the whipped bitch moans, lay with her legs at forty five degrees to her torso.

The man had somehow managed to restrain her arms over her head, leaving her wide open. At the moment he was between her legs, a hand on either side of her body, as he fucked her while alternating between kissing her and sucking her nipples. As I watched, he became rigid and grunted, presumably cumming inside her.

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I watched mesmerized as this unknown man mixed his cum with mine, in the woman's violated hole. She groaned when he let go of her mouth, covering her face with her hand. This man, however, appeared to have saved some of his energy for the next stage, for he got up, and landed a few small kicks on her side. The cause of this aggression wasn't immediately evident, but it turned her sobs to howling. He seemed to like this, for he said something before fishing for for something in the darkness.

He found it and straightened up. In the low light, I saw him adjust something in his hand. This was followed by two flashes of a camera, which temporarily blinded me. By the time I could adjust my eyes again, he was crouching upon her again and apparently turning her over. I could make out parts of the conversation. "Enough of sloppy seconds. Don't think the earlier guy took you in the ass. Umm an anal virgin." She replied something inaudible. The man laughed, before fishing in the darkness again.

The witch seemed to be trying to get away, for her present captor landed a few more kicks, followed by a slap on her face after he'd found what he wanted.

This shut her up, and she allowed him to turn her over, resuming her pleas only when he began to pull at something on her ass. A ripping sound followed, and he threw the remnants of her panties away. The teacher began to plead again.

This time the man didn't bother to stop her, concentrating instead on gouging something out of a small box, which he then began to spread around. Apparently he could not see her ass well enough, and like me earlier, placed the mobile at an appropriate angle. This incidentally gave me a great view of her ass, and I realized he was applying some sort of lubricant in her ass crack. By now I was getting rock hard.

The sight of the whore teacher getting ass raped was something I'd never thought I'd live to see. To make it all the more appealing, she was whimpering like a little girl, helpless for a second time that evening. I fished out my cock and started stroking it. The man, oblivious to my voyeuristic delight, was smearing greater amounts of cream on her ass. The cold touch was evidently disliked by the woman, for she began to writhe again. This had the benefit of causing her ass to shake seductively, and the man held a finger inside her ass, enjoying the way her ass wriggled and shook on his digit.

However, when it began to get out of control, he resumed his dominance by landing a few hard slaps, the sound of which reverberated through the silent night. Her ass cheeks were by now bright red. The man squeezed them hard, before resuming the penetration of her ass. This time, his finger appeared to go deeper, upto the second joint. Encouraged, he pushed again, this time burying it in her ass. When he began to insert a second one though, her tight ass posed greater resistance. The woman was screaming louder with each thrust, and by the time the second finger was inside, she was screaming.

The man didn't bother to notice, instead continuing with the anal invasion. A third finger was now struggling for space. I watched in awe as he finally succeeded in getting it in, causing the poor teacher to arch her back as she howled at the moon. A couple of hard slaps later, he collapsed in a mess of unkempt hair, her body wracked by sobs. The man used the end of her resistance to good effect. He straddled her buttocks, before settling pulling her upto a doggie-style position.

Her hands were evidently not in a position to support her weight, and they promptly collapsed. Nevertheless, her ass stayed up in the air, with the man kneeling behind her. He adjusted the height of Mrs Rawat's ass, before beginning the invasion anew with his cock. I watched in awe as he held her ass cheeks wide apart, pushing slowly but surely at the small puckered hole in the centre. The woman's head rose again to let out a scream, which was cut short but not before it had caused the man to stop his anal sex.

Even I could hear something, a rustling sound in the vicinity. Then a torchlight appeared, which was the cue for the man to hurriedly put on his pants and scram. He left behind my maths teacher, lying sobbing in a heap. A moment later the light broke through the point in the wall where I'd crossed, but seemed unsure as to where to proceed from that point.

At that moment, as the arc of light moved about, I realized suddenly that should she be discovered, I would be in a lot of trouble. Moving out with a speed I didn't know I had, I grabbed the woman, hoisted her over my shoulders and carried her to the bushes.

To my surprise, she made hardly a sound apart from her recurrent sniffs and sobs. Once safe behind the bushes, I wondered what I should do. I could leave her here for the man, who could not have gone far, to return and finish whatever he intended to do, including the anal rape.

For some reason however, with the warmth of her body so close to me, I didn't want to give her up anymore. Instead, my mind was toying with the idea of fucking her myself.

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However, she seemed to have other ideas. "Is it you Mayank ? Have you returned to rape me as well ?" I didn't answer, since the light was now approaching. I grabbed her face and forcefully kissed her as the arc of light bathed the bushes before passing on. "No, Infact I intend to leave you here." "No! Please don't leave me here. That man called some friends, they're on their way.

They'll destroy me Mayank. Please, take me with you.' "So you can call the cops on me ?" She became silent, her eyes distant and undecided.

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Then she answered in a soft low voice "Save me from those bastards and I won't" "As if I can trust you." She looked at me directly in my eyes. "Do you want me to become a whore ?" My mind wanted to answer "yes, for me". But I remained silent. "Mayank, please take me with you. I swear I won't say a word.

Please trust me." I don't know whether I'd have trusted her. However, my dick began to flash images of young teachers blowing their students on their beds.

Needless to say, I agreed. Yet things took a strange turn at this juncture. As I got her into a reasonable state of dress, the light returned. Strangely, it was calling out my name! As it came closer, I could make out that it was my dad's driver. Mrs Rawat whispered to me "Please respond.

I promise I won't say anything." I called out to him. The light now headed directly for us, and I barely got my dick back in my pants before he was standing before us.

"Sahib, what is going on ?" pointing at the woman. "Umm.err.she was being.err.attacked. I heard the screams and came to investigate.

We got into a fistfight and." By this time the man was taking off his jacket and giving it to her, making me wonder if I should have done so. This done, he picked her up and we walked single file from the place, me bringing the purse along. As it turned out, my parents had waited for me for sometime, and had then freaked.

Thankfully, they had decided to comb the vicinity before calling the police. While dad took one perimeter, the driver took the other. When I repeated the story to my parents however, they smiled at me, before asking her if she was all right. From then on till the moment I got home, things passed in a blur.

All I remember is she kept her word, corroborating my story. She had been a little drunk and had wanted to take something from her car.

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She was waylaid on the way, taken there and almost raped. No one questioned her prolonged absence from the party. Trouble however came when the purse was found empty, but I put in another explanation involving greedy unscrupulous ruffians. That Mrs Rawat clearly didn't believe it was evident from the fact that she later asked for her money. For the time being, however, it was decided that she'd be housed for the night at our place.

Her husband was unreachable, and she didn't want to report anything to the police yet. I was dispossessed of my room, having to take the cold guest room instead. There was the minor issue of a broken bone, no doubt the result of my assaults.

Unfortunately for her it was her right hand. I say minor issue because my mom is a doctor, and she had it fixed in no time. Then she and dad began to fawn on her like she was a small child. Once my parents had shown their suffocating brand of hospitality, they retired to their beds, the night finally coming to an end .Not for me though. I got up, and was surprised to find her door unlocked. She was awake, taking a shower or something.

I got in, checking out the soiled garments spread out on the bed. On a hunch, I stole her ruined undies. When she came out, she was half naked, having been unable to dress properly with her damaged hand yet unwilling to ask for mom's help., she didn't show any surprise at seeing me.

Instead, she went and closed the door, this time locking it. She then came and sat beside me. For some reason (and my mind was not in a normal state even then), the slim figure sitting next to me seemed more like that of a girl than of a mature woman. Yes, she was well developed, but somehow the events of the night and her current attire combined to remove the aura that'd earlier surrounded her.

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I undid the housecoat she'd wrapped round herself, and then placed an arm around her waist and pulled her close. As the smell of shampoo filled my nostrils, she turned to me. Gone was the look of haughtiness, but also that of the scared damsel. She had a distant tired look, which told me that she fully expected more sexual advances from her student. Yet she seemed to believe that I could be reasoned with.

"Mayank, you know I kept my word regarding not telling what you did. Still, why.why did you do it ? I'm your teacher. I'm 34. What made you do such a thing ?" strangely enough, I found it far easier to talk about it than I thought I would. "Because I wanted you, and still do." Reaching out, I stroked her hair, now in a mess following the shower, Brushing it past her face, I reached out and kissed her on the lips. She didn't resist, the kiss seeming to give her the answer.

She seemed dejected, defeated sort of. I kissed her again, longer, harder, pushing my tongue into her mouth, pulling her still closer to my body.


In the comfortable atmosphere of my room, I felt I did not need to restrain her. Instead I gently pushed her onto the bed, she staring directly at me. The garment came off easily enough, she being in no state to offer resistance. Instead she looked away again, preparing mentally for another round of violation.

I found her pussy washed and clean, all evidence of the two rapes erased. Why had she put this episode behind her ? I had no way of knowing then. Instead, I went to work on her pussy. Spreading the delicate folds, I sniffed at her sex. There was no smell of semen, just of soap. Satisfied, I probed deeper, pushing my nose into her folds. "Mayank, are you going to rape me again ?" her voice was pathetic and weak.

"No Mrs Rawat, I'm going to make love to you." She didn't respond. By now I was getting excited by the prospect of exploring her in a way I'd never done with Ria. Opening her folds further, I pushed my tongue into them, probing for her clitoris.

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'No Mayank, please don't.unhhh" She was evidently liking the sensations I was causing, but this was just the beginning. Holding her lips apart, I began to lick with increased vigour, She moaned, in protest or pleasure I had no way of saying. She did wrap her legs round my neck though. I probed further, finding her clit under the fleshy folds. I now began to run my tongue all over her folds, flicking her clit regularly, pushing my tongue as far into the canal as I could.

She didn't resist, though her legs did push me deeper into her labia. This I took as encouragement, licking faster and probing deeper, causing the wetness in her vagina to increase. She was moaning by now, evidently excited. I kept it up, trying to be as innovative as I could. Since this was my first time, the results were doubly pleasing.

I was surprised to find a hand grab my hair, then guide me with a gentle pressure. I couldn't believe she was actually doing this, but kept my focus on her clit. I was now making circular motions with my tongue, probing for her clit and flicking it, loving the way she bucked in my face every time. Her juices were by now flooding me, making it hard to breathe as I continued licking her. I pulled back for air, and she promptly let out a protesting moan.

Marvelling at how slutty she'd become, I resumed with greater gusto, licking, flicking and sucking her vagina for all it was worth. She was by now openly asking me to continue, the dignified woman having given way to a sex crazed slut. "Ahh.harder baby.harder. Give it to me! Unhhhhh." Her pussy let loose a torrent of juice, drenching my whole face as I came up for air. Her legs and pussy held on however, holding me close to her pussy as she orgasmed hard and long.

Finally, she collapsed, breathing hard and fast as her legs gave way. Getting up, I surveyed her with amusement. The victim of two rapes lay with the buttons of her nightie open, her tits sticking out. Her pussy was drenched in her own nectar, her luscious lips partially open as her chest rose and fell rapidly. Reaching down, I kissed those lips again, willingly parted for me to enjoy as I liked.

Her eyes remained closes however, so I reached down and pinched a nipple lightly, causing her to open those beautiful hazel eyes. She looked at me directly this time, making no attempt to hide the fact that she'd just been brought to orgasm by her student and rapist. Rather, she seemed to be thanking me with that defenseless, unthreatening look.

I kissed her again, and she closed her eyes contentedly, perhaps thinking that this was the pleasant ending to the nightmare. I had other ideas, the sight of the man trying to force his way into her ass still fresh in my mind. Getting up, I climbed onto the bed, my own bed, with my teacher in it. Moving behind her, I admired her pretty derriere as she sunk into a stupor. It was full and round, as supple as her breasts. I reached out and squeezed them, before pushing my palm into her ass crack.

She jumped. "Mayank, what are you doing ?" "What do you think I'm doing ?" She looked at me with a mixture of fear and helplessness, knowing exactly what I wanted. As we stared at each other, she seemed to be considering the best way to prevent her ass from being abused.

Finally, she said in a low voice"If it's sex that you want, we can do it properly." To be honest, this shift from her earlier resistance surprised me. However, by now I wanted to abuse her in every hole she possessed. I shook my head. Her eyes widened and she repeated the "offer" with greater urgency, even raising herself slightly so I'd get easy access to her vagina. It was still wet with her juices and my saliva, meaning she probably wouldn't hurt as much as the first two times.

But I simply wasn't interested. Instead, I moved closer and grabbed her by the waist. She seemed to hope that I'd accepted her offer, for she raised herself slightly, such that I was holding her thighs, with her pussy between them.

Smiling to myself, I played along, fingering the wet hole as I pretended to want a doggy style fuck. She was justly suspicious, and moved with great reluctance. Finally she was on her knees on the bed, similar to the position in which she'd been in beside the wall. Her hands probably didn't allow her to rest her weight on them, but that was fine by me. Scooping another generous amount of cum from her pussy, I enjoyed the teacher's aroma for a moment.

Then I raised one of my wet fingers, and plunged it into her ass. "No! Please Mayank, that's wrong. It's not meant for that&hellip.purpose. You have my vagina, why take…ahhhh" I had pushed a second finger, finding it far easier than the man would have. The third was harder, and I had to wonder if my cock would fit at all.

I didn't want another medical emergence, especially when my mom was the doctor. I went slower, preferring to try and push a fourth finger, her anal sphincter by now resisting me with every inch of strength it had. Infact I had to pull out and try again before it could be subdued. Peering in, I could see her anal hole gaping at me, the four fingers stretching it beyond anything she'd have ever experienced.

Hell, the pussy was meant for pushing out kids, the anal hole wasn't meant for such large things. I began to use my strength to stretch the fingers slightly in her ass, parting her asshole further. This proved immensely difficult, and caused her to scream out. The latter was more dangerous now that we were in my house, and I decided to pull out again.

Getting down I got hold of some petroleum jelly and used spread this generously on her asshole. The going was easier now, but it was still incredibly tight. Still, when I tried to move my fingers in and out of her ass, she screamed again.

I had to ask her to calm down and relax her sphincter. She kept up her pleas and howls, forcing me to reach down and slap her again. This ended her protests, allowing me to lower my shorts and aim my rock hard phallus at her anal hole. She began to sob into her hair as I made contact with her ass, before maneuvering my cock head into the hole. An inch inside, it got stuck, refusing to move further, I shifted my position, forcing my weight onto the my cock as it tried to penetrate deeper.

She was writhing underneath me, dislodging my cock from her ass. Annoyed, I slapped her ass a few times before aiming again, using my full weight this time.

To help matters, I covered the entire shaft in lube. It went for about three inches, leaving more than two thirds out. As her sobs rocked her body, I pushed harder, amazed at this unbelievable tightness if her pussy was a glove, this was a vice, but a soft warm one. My dick was throbbing in her bowels, demanding another shove to allow it to move further. I obliged, moving another two inches or so, leaving about a third of my cock outside.

By now it was so tight that I wondered if I'd get my cock out of her without causing a minor haemorhhage. My doubts were not unfounded. Not only did my dick not move deeper, it appeared to have embedded in her tight hole. With great effort I began to pull out, till only the end of my cock remained inside. The woman beneath me sighed in relief, then screamed out as I rammed it back in, till I was buried even deeper than the last time. With greater ease I pulled out and rammed back in.

Then out and in again. Slowly I increased my pace, enjoying the way my dick was squeezed everytime I pushed in. The mass of hair in which her body ended was writhing from time to time, my thrusts eliciting whimpers and grunts from her. But I didn't care anymore, I was inside her incredibly tight ass, and would prefer to stay there for a long time. Infact the relentless pressure on my cock focused all my attention on not cumming early.

I wanted her to feel my cock in her for a long time, long enough for her to accept it as a natural part of the rest of her sexual existence. Pounding faster and harder, I periodically slapped her ass, enjoying the louder cries it brought out.

Between thrusts, I would bury my cock in her ass, reaching down to maul her boobs. She didn't respond ,her body fully focused on her ass. I resumed the anal assault, making sure to thrust as hard as possible, forcing her asshole to part more and more with each thrust. My cock was bloody by now, which itself became a lube aiding my cock's exploration.

By now it was becoming hard to control myself, her desperate anal muscles threatening to send me over the edge. Thrusting harder and harder, I closed my eyes, imagining myself in the class, fucking her in front of my friends as they cheered me on.


The floodgates opened, my cock throbbing, infusing my cum deep into her bowels, where it mixed with her blood and shit. I'm sure she would have realized I was cumming, for she raised her head slightly and looked at me, her eyes, teary and pathetic as I triumphantly came in her.

"Take that bitch" I shouted out as I drained myself in her, before collapsing upon her with my dick still in her ass. "Ahhhh my hand!" she screamed, forcing me to move sideways.

My dick popped out, covered with a reddish brown slime that I wiped on her ass. A thin stream of creamy liquid poured out of her ass as my dick-plug was removed. Scooping some of it in my hand, I reached over and fed it to her, causing her to retch as she tasted her own shit and blood. Laughing, I lay beside her, pulling her onto me, enjoying the way her sobs made her gently rock on my body. She was now completely violated&hellip.well perhaps not completely. Grabbing her hair, I forced her to somehow get up on her knees again.

With my free hand I signaled her to get down on the floor beside me. For a few moments she looked at me with a bewildered look in her eyes, then slowly moved to the floor, kneeling where my feet dangled off the bed. I got up, forcing her to raise herself so she was at level with my cock. She seemed to understand what I wanted.

Or part of it. Picking up a loose sheet of newpaper off the floor, she began to wipe my cock with it. Annoyed, I snatched it from her hand and threw it in the bin. She stared at me with a confused look in her tear stained red eyes. Sighing, I took a hold of her hair and pushed her face on the cock.

As it began to throw off its flaccidness at her touch, she pulled away, a look of disgust animating her catlike features. "Suck it bitch" "No way, let me wipe it clean then I'll suck it." "No! you'll suck it CLEAN" She shook her head, continuing to look at the cock so perilously close to her with an expression of utter disgust.

This only made me want to force her more, break her resistance further, push her one more step along the road to becoming my cock whore. I pressed my thumb and forefinger on her nose, forcing her to open her mouth to breathe. Using my other hand to push her head forward, I forced her unwilling lips to take in my shit stained cock. As she shook her head, I forced her mouth onto my cock, threatening her with dire consequences should she use her teeth. It was soft and warm, with her tongue writhing as it sought to escape my cock.

Unfortunately for her, she was already gagging on the putrid taste, and I had to hold her down with all my strength as she shook her head with her remaining strength. Only when she ceased her struggles did I let her up, her wide terrified eyes making my cock grow further. Grabbing her hair again, I pushed her down before she could close her mouth. This time she didn't gag, allowing me to move deeper into her mouth, till I had hit her throat.

At this point she began to claw at my leg with her hand, till I aimed carefully and landed a hard slap on her cheek, incidentally feeling my cock as it was wedged inside her mouth. She dropped her hand, instead looking up at me with a pleading expression that was strangely arousing. My cock had recovered by now, growing to full size in her unwilling mouth. It began to push against her throat, causing her to gag again.

This time I allowed her up. After she'd spit, cough and splutter for some time, I asked her to resume her job. By this time she simply wanted to end this I guess, for she energetically licked up and down my shaft, cupping and sucking my balls in her mouth. Replacing her mouth with her hand at my balls, she began to take my dick in her mouth. As it turned out, she could take only half my cock in her mouth, and I had to grab her hair and force the rest down her throat.

This was an especially pleasurable task as it allowed me to use her head like a large sex toy which I was fitting onto my cock. She began to struggle as my cock struggled to force itself down her throat. The feeling however, exquisite, made all the more so by the knowledge that I was entering the very place which had let out volleys of spit as it condemned me to some new punishment. Now the roles were reversed, and how!

My penis was finally in, buried completely in her throat, her pretty lips touching its hairy base. I held her there for a moment, stroking her soft hair gently as my cock throbbed inside the tight hole that was her mouth.

She appeared to have trouble breathing, for she claw at my leg again.

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I allowed her up, loving the way she begged me not to allow her to do it. I obliged her, but inspite of her best efforts I wasn't satisfied. Instead, I grabbed two handfuls of her hair, giving her the appearance of a schoolgirl with ponytails. Using these "ponytails" as handles, I forced the full length down her throat again, holding her down again. This time it was for a shorter time, but I didn't let go of her hair.

As she tried to free herself, she found her mouth being pushed down onto my cock again. defeated, she allowed me to push my cock down to its base again, with greater force. Then it was being pulled out, then back again.

Her lips had been damaged by my slaps earlier, and coupled with the pain in her throat and her hair, it must have been unlike anything she'd have given to her husband. But did I care ? With my hot teacher's mouth wrapped round my cock, I felt as if I owned her whore body. Forcing her to look up at me, I pulled her mouth up, then down again. Faster and faster I went, asking her to keep her teeth out of the way. Her lips were becoming a blur, a thin trickle of blood erupting from an earlier wound as they were rubbed raw.

For me, however, the blowjob was the best I'd had. Ria had tried as well, but she hated my pubic hair. Mrs Rawat on the other hand, was being buried in them, her throat utterly violated, her hair used as a handle. Ria was my girlfriend, this teacher was becoming my whore. I was by now approaching the cliff of orgasm, the sight of her tearful face only adding to my zeal to conquer her last hole with my cum.

Tears were flowing freely down her cheeks, landing on the floor and on my cock, even as her eyes begged me to end her nightmare. She got her wish, my cock unable to hold itself in her mouth any longer.

Pulling my cock out, I held it above her face as it exploded. Waves of cum hit her eyes, forcing them shut. Others dripped off her cheeks and chin, others it her hair.

By the time my dick was shrinking, my third orgasm had completely given her a facial she wasn't likely to forget. She collapsed on the floor, landing on her injured arm, yelping and rolling over. I stepped over her and cleaned myself in the toilet. When I returned, she was still in the same position. Infact she had to be lifted and cleaned up, like the dirty drunk whore she was.

Having dressed her again, I picked her up and dumped her on the bed. By now I was too tired to bother about where I should sleep. Climbing beside her, I pulled her close. Lying down on my pillow, I wrapped her in my arms, falling asleep to the sound of the sobs of my teacher whore.

(may be continued) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Written by Pandorius999 ([email protected]) Suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome.

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