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Sharing Cindy Chapter 19 Writing down these accounts of the adventures I have had with my loving wife over the years has been very fun and has brought back a lot of good memories.

Some of them I was able to witness and participate in myself, and others I was able to experience them through the accounts Cindy shared when she returned home. The following is one of many that happened because of my involvement with local bands. Enjoy.

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I mentioned in a previous chapter that I happened to be involved with several local bands before moving on to working with a national concert promoter.

It started with a band that had a couple of my neighborhood buddies in it.


I couldn't play an instrument, but I enjoyed being around the band so I naturally began to run the sound and lighting for them. After a year or so and a couple of personnel changes, they became very good and began to play out at several bars and clubs around town. There was a bar that switched form a DJ to live bands and luckily we sort of became the house band on most weekends. Naturally Cindy and the other girlfriends of the band members would always be there.

It was fun to hang out and the girls loved to dress to show off. Cindy never failed to look incredibly fuckable, as we used to say. The girls would always dance up in front of the band and it was comical watching so many guys try to hit on them during the set. This particular bar happened to be very close to the area that we grew up in and it wasn't uncommon to see people we had gone to high school with show up.

It was always fun to see these people again and catch up. The night I am going to relate to you was a warm night in the summer and it would get very warm inside the bar with all the people. In between sets most of us would take a break and go outside to cool off. We were outside getting some air when Jerry, a guy we both knew from high school walked up to say high. Jerry was more a friend of Cindy's than mine. I had been around him a few times and always thought he was very quiet and just a little pudgy.

Apparently after graduation he had gone into the Army, lost the extra weight and gained a little confidence. He seemed like a whole different person.

He told us he was home on leave but had to return next week. During the next set I happened to look around the bar and saw Cindy and Jerry talking off to the side. I really didn't think much about it at the time and refocused on the mixing board.

When I looked up again, Cindy caught my attention and indicated she was stepping outside with Jerry to smoke a joint. (You all know, that universal gesture where you hold your fingers together like holding a joint and make like you are taking a big hit) I nodded my head and turned back to the stage.

The set had three more songs and when it ended, I looked around to try and find Cindy. I didn't see her at first so I figured she had already stepped outside to cool off. I headed outside. When I got out there, I looked around and still didn't see her. Then I remembered that she had gone out to get high with Jerry. Giovanni, the bar owner had asked us to not smoke weed in front of the bar and parking lot, so we would usually walk around to the side or back where the employees parked.

I headed that way, thinking I might get in a hit or two before it was gone. As I turned the corner, I saw two girls on the side of the building looking around the corner towards the rear. They were giggling and when they saw me they straightened up and hurried back around to the front.

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I was curious as to what they were looking at and stuck my head around the corner. About 20 feet away I saw a couple leaning up against the building in an embrace. I saw the guys hands down around the woman's ass, pulling her in tight. Wait, I knew that ass. I looked closer and saw that it was Cindy and Jerry. Hmmm, this was interesting. I decided to watch for a few minutes and see where this went. I was afraid they might look up and see me standing there in the parking lot lights, so I made my way through the cars and then directly behind them, hidden in the deep shadows by the cars of the employees.

I had a very clear view and was close enough to hear some of what was said. They broke the kiss and I heard Jerry say "I always thought you were hot in school, but you are even hotter now." Cindy said thanks and then told him that he was looking pretty good himself these days.

"Several hundred thousand pushups and many 20 mile hikes will do that to you. The Army is the best weight loss program there is." She looked up at him and said it apparently helped with the muscles too as she rubbed his biceps. She definitely has a thing for fit guys. Then he leaned down and kissed her again. I watched as they kissed long and hard, his hands kneading her ass through the short skirt she had on.

I could hear her moaning as he did it. I watched as her hand snaked down from shoulder, across his chest and down to come rest upon the bulge in his pants. I saw him thrust his hips into her hand a few times and then he pulled back.


"What about Keith? Is he going to come looking for you? Should we get back inside?" Clearly he was nervous.

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I smiled thinking if he only knew I had already found her. She reached for his belt buckle as she looked up at him and told him not to worry about me. I watched as she undid his pants and pulled his cock out into the cool night air. She wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke it. He must have been in heaven, having a girl he lusted after in school but thought was unattainable, playing with his cock.

She rubbed it a few more minutes and then she leaned down and took it into her mouth. He leaned back against the brick wall and let her have fun. I was close enough to hear the sucking noises she was making. She licked and sucked it for only a couple of minutes before she stood up, turned her back to him and pulled up her skirt. My naughty girl had no panties on and was presenting her ass to him in the moonlight. "I need to get back inside soon, but I want to feel this inside of me." Who is going to say no to that?

He moved behind her as she leaned over and put her hands on the wall. Unfortunately he was blocking most of my view, but I knew the moment he slid up inside of her by the huge grunt she let out. I could hear the sounds of their bodies slapping together as he fucked my wife.

Between the moans and groans I heard him tell her, "I dreamed of doing this to you every day in Civics class. You used to wear those tight black pants and sometimes lean over the teacher's desk. I can't believe I am actually fucking you." That apparently was about all he could take as he said he was ready to come.

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She told him to pull out and then she spun around, grabbed his dick in her hand and pumped it until he shouted out. She continued to pump it and held it up as it shot several big ropes of cum across the parking lot.

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Just about that time I heard the sounds of the band inside adjusting their instrument for the next set. I hurried back around the building and as I made my way in, I saw the two girls had gone back to the side of the building and had probably watched the whole thing along with me.

I got back behind the board after some annoyed looks from the stage. Didn't the guys in the band know that watching your wife get fucked is more important than playing cover tunes? They started up and I kept an eye out for Cindy's return.


I spotted her coming out of the ladies room soon after, with her makeup touched up and her hair brushed out. She made her way over to me and leaned in close so I could hear her. "I am sorry, I was outside catching up with Jerry" she said.

"I leaned into her ear and said "I know. I was outside and I got to see how my bad girl catches up with old friends." She looked at me shocked at first, but then we both broke out in smiles. She then made her way back out onto the dance floor and proceeded to shake her ass to the music, the whole time staring into my eyes. On the way home that night, she said that Jerry had a really fat cock and it felt nice.

She turned on the interior light, pulled up her skirt and showed me her red pussy lips. I told her I would have to kiss them to make them feel better when we got home. She then told me that she got Jerry's phone number and wondered if I would have a problem catching up with Jerry again before he had to head back.

I told her to have fun.