White Guy Showers With Two Ebony BBWs sucking his dick deep

White Guy Showers With Two Ebony BBWs sucking his dick deep
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I burst through the door. "Hey, Mom?

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We're having a writing contest in ELA for an hour after school Friday. It's for our class only. Can I compete?" "Sure, Drew. Just remember you have laundry that day." "Kay thanks!" .

. After school Friday… "Okay," said Mrs. McD. "We are not having a writing competition.

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We are going to have an in-school orgy." A collective gasp arose from the class. Mrs. McD continued. "I know that this may come as a shock, but I have always had a thing for young adults having sex. Okay, I'm going to pair a few guys up with three girls each, and everyone else will come to me for a partner. Okay, Josh, you're with Alaina, Allie, and Casondra.

Drew, you're with Alana, Alicia, and Nickole. Everyone else, come to me." This was a treat with a sting in the tail.

Those three were hot. Alana was tanned and had a nice, firm ass. Alicia was pale with dark hair and had somewhat large, round tits. Nickole was light-brown and had a little bit of both.


"Time for some ground rules. No kinky stuff. No slapping, biting, or anything like that. Only engage in intimate physical contact with your group, partner, or me. No cussing other than anything with 'fuck' in it. No being rude. Lastly, be gentle. These are girls, not football jocks. Okay, go ahead…" Mrs.

McD winked. This was gonna be fun. . Okay," I said. "I want Alana rubbing my dick, Nickole sucking my dick, Alicia's tits fucking my dick, then I'm going to ram your vags." Alana got busy. She dropped to her knees and started undoing my belt. I could see the other two slowly undressing. There tits sprang to life as they removed their bras. By this time, Alana had unbuttoned my pants and was pulling them off my legs. My erection was forming a tent in my underwear. The three girls giggled. Alan quickly pulled down my underwear.

My cock stood at full attention. Alana went to work, gently rubbing her had up and down my shaft, and quietly saying, "Does that feel good, Drew? Oh, you like this don't you." After about two minutes of a heavenly hand job, I finally jizzed, and said, "Enough!

Nickole your turn." "Finally," she said, with an evil glint in her eye. "I get to taste your cock." She took the head in her mouth. I moaned.

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She moved up and down on the shaft, taking it all in. I could hear a soft slurping sound as she went down on me. She fondled my ball sack. I started rubbing her nipples. Another couple of minutes passed before I jizzed in her mouth.

"Okay, Bronco. It's Alicia's turn." Alicia stepped forward and smiled. She had the largest tits of the three. I sat down sideways on a chair/desk combo. She dropped to her knees ad wrapped her soft tits around my throbbing cock. She started moving her tits up and down.

"Alana, Nickole. One of you, get under Alicia and lick her pussy." Nickole ended up getting under Alicia's crotch and licking her slit. "Okay, Alana.


Now get on your hands and knees and start licking Nickole's vagina like a dog lapping water." She obeyed. Soon, Alicia and Nickole were both starting to reach orgasm. I planted my lips on Alicia's face and started French kissing her. She rotated her tits until her nipples were rubbing up and down my shaft. I removed my face from hers and pulled my raging hard-on out of the crevice between her soft boobs.

"Open up!" I wanked off and emptied my third load of the day into one of the prettiest faces I had ever seen. "I want Alana to get on her hands and knees, and Alicia and Nickole on their backs.

I'm going to fuck Alana doggy style, Nickole missionary, and Alicia sixty-nine." They got into the positions. I walked up to Alana and got on my knees. I entered her tight gash. I slowly moved back and forth, aware that I had just deflowered her. "Is that okay, Alana?" "It's fine, Drew" I slowly moved back and forth.

As time went on, Alana started gasping as she had an orgasm. I pulled out of her pussy. I flipped her over and came on her tits. "Now, I'm going to fuck Nickole." Nickole spread her legs and smiled.

I put myself into what looked like a pushup position. I thrust my groin down and into the second pussy of the day. I discovered that Nickole wasn't a virgin, but whoever deflowered her had a shorter and thinner cock than I did, because she was still tight.

I moved in and out faster in her than I did in Alana because she was already deflowered. I leaned down and started to make-out with her hardcore. I pulled out and sat up. I jizzed a little bit onto her tits.

I was nearly out of both cum and energy. Time to sixty-nine it with Alicia. I stuck my crotch above her face and thrust my tongue into her hairless cunt. I pushed my tongue in as far as I could without breaking her hymen. Her cunt juices were sweeter than chocolate. She wrapped her sweet face around my exhausted rod. She orgasmed after a few minutes.

I removed my member from her mouth and turned around. I came on her soft boobs. "WHAT!" they screeched in unison. "Just do it!" They did as I told them. I started to regain my erection. "You have yummy cum, Drew," said Nickole, sensually. "It's too bad we can't have more." The other girls voiced their agreement. I walked up to Mrs. McD. She was completely nude and rubbing her nipples. I felt my cock stiffen.

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"Mrs. McD? Some of the girls are saying they want this more often." "Oh, yeah? Well, I could set up a free writing program for this class only…" She licked her lips. "But, I'd need something from you." "What?" She leaned forward.

"I wanna fuck you. I wanna fuck you good." "How about a double fuck, Mrs. McD? That would remind me that this is a secret…" She smiled seductively. "Okay…" I called Caleb over from jerking off watching Rachel get her ass rammed by Bradley.

"Help me fuck Mrs. McD." "Okay." "What do you want to do?" "I want her to suck my cock." "Fine. I'll pussyfuck her." I entered her. Even though she was a little loose, the sheer warmth and wetness of her gash overwhelmed me. I came almost immediately. I wondered if she was fertile. There was a gargle as she deep throated Caleb. I fingered her pussy. She gasped as orgasms took hold. Caleb jizzed in her mouth. . When I got home that day, I went in the back door.

I saw my mom sitting in an armchair, vigorously thrusting her middle finger into her dripping cunt. "Mom! What are you doing!?" She looked up at me. I could see the lust in her eyes. "I want to fuck you, Drew. Right here, right now." I considered. I was underage, yes, but that didn't stop me earlier… and for an older woman, my mom was still pretty good looking, with long dark hair and big black eyes.

She had small but nicely shaped tits, and a firm ass.

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"Well, okay." I stepped behind her and thrust my dick into her vag. My sister walked into the room. "What are you doing!? Fucking mom without me!

I want in!" I bent my mom over and commanded her to lick my sister's cunt. They orgasmed after about 5 minutes. I didn't. I was out of cum for the day.