Amateur bukkake with young hottie

Amateur bukkake with young hottie
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Just Believe wut you want. I had a hell of a good time remembering all this. Enjoy. ps. i love my fam and they love me too. lol holla. It was when I returned from my basic training, the family was proud and happy with my completion and honor that came with it. My sister Rita was older then me by 7 years, though Ive always had a deep longing for her body, nothing happened between us due to the taboo of incest. I remember it well the first time I became attracted to her though; I was 13, I just finished fucking one of my moms clients, her name was Dolcie, a felon for DUI who just wanted a fuck, and I was happy to oblige her (well now I guess you could call her a pedophile who hasnt been caught lol).

Later that night my sister showed up, back from college and cranky as hell, I smoked her up real good, watching her mood change instantly. She made her bed on the floor and I was on the couch, we said our goodnights and passed out. I woke up at like 3 in the morning, mom was still out with her boyfriend and wasnt due back soon so I turned on the tv.

When the tv came to life is when I saw Rita on the floor, she kicked off her blankets and was rubbing her pussy under her basketball shorts. (she is one of those college girls who gained weight, beer and pizza u know.) So I laid still and just watched.

Now I was never attracted to my sister but watching her finger her hot cunt drove me to instant hard on. I could see the outline of her slit and the smell of her pussy was sexually intoxicating. I sat there and watched as she rubbed and fingered faster and faster, making her pussy pop and contract as she was in the throes of a orgasm that I suspect she greatly needed. With her hand going still and her breathing slowed I made my move.

Now at the time I was young and didnt know better, the forbidden lust of touching my sister while she was passed out drove me to the most taboo acts of our culture.

I slowly lifted the blankets and leaned over to her shorts. It was great that she slept right below me on the floor, as it gave me the oppurtunity to slide her baggy basketball shorts up her thigh, to see the fruits of my sisters wet cunt.

My heart raced as she slept mere inches from me, any movement or noise she made caused me to stay as still as a statue. I let my hand creep forth, the heat of her sex would melt butter, she was definitely undersexed at college.

I ran my index finger on the outside of her slit, feeling the moistness that coated her hairy, pink pussy. I brought it back to my nose and sniffed, that is when I knew that someday I would fuck my sister, no matter what, it had to happen. I tasted her juices, sweet and tangy, I needed more. I leaned back down and slid my hand back up her thigh, letting my finger probe into her hot pink love tunnel, she wasnt tight but definetly wet.

I slid it in and out of her, fingering her hole for a minute before she started to stir.

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My heart stopped, very slowly I made my way back onto the couch and pretended to be asleep, waiting for her to start screaming at me. Nothing happened though. She just lay there, snoozing away, with no idea of the fingering she just got form her little brother. Mom showed back up like 15 minutes later, plastered and definitely over fucked as she could barely walk to her room. I rolled over to look at Rita, her b-ball shorts were right where I left them.

The thought occured to me to cover her up but I though what the fuck, let her wake up with her pussy showing, stink with the smell of her dried cum and fur patch exposed. I couldnt sleep either so I laid awake watching her sleep, she definitely turned on her little brother. She did it again though an hour later, her hand slipped back down to her hot cunt and this time she slid the shorts down to give me the view of the gods. I watched and listened as her pussy gushed all over the blanket, her pussy contracting with every squirt, the sucking and popping of her fuck hole drove me to the edge.

I blew my 13 year old load all over my blanket, glob after glob of teenage jism flew out like a fire hydrant. I watched her finish up as she slowly stopped fingering her cunt, pulled her basketball shorts back up, and slipped off to sleep.

And I soon followed suit. The next morning we had breakfast and smoked a blunt, feeling high and with me moving back to my dads I gave her a hug and brotherly kiss, packed up all my crap and deep sixed before my mom woke up. I live in a place where we get some pretty good weed all the time, and I never had any desire for my sister until that early morning. But after that my life would never be the same. Everytime I saw her the image of her fingering her pussy made me fall in love even more, and low and behold, 5 years later me and her finally fucked.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brenae:My return from basic brought all the family together. Family I havent seen in years. 2 in particular caught my speacial attention as we shared a speacial bond that I will share with you.

At 14 I was expelled from Catholic school for distribution of a controlled substance. (if thats what you want to call 50 dime bags of weed made to look like resins and blow pops lol) and my dad was eager to get me the hell away from him.

Since my mom was a anti- everything. but I said fuck that when she asked. To my luck at the time my first cousin Marie and her family were up visiting the family for a week. Now let me fill you in on this side of my family. Marie was 38, stood 5'4, nice firm d cup breasts and a runners ass which I fell in love with. Black hair, perfect smile, and a personality to match.

Next came Claudette, her eldest daughter, not as hot as her mom, in fact, for a 19 year old, she didnt fill out that much. Standing at 5'5, brown hair, small b cup breast and a small butt, she was the apitimy of a horny, nerdy, school girl. Hell, she even did it right by wearing the librarian glasses. Never was attracted to her as much as her little sister. Now where Claudette inherited the looks of her father,(whom Ive never even heard mentioned) Brenae was a whole different story.

I know her dad was a hispanic who was deported when she was 2 and she never met him or talked to him. (which I think her mom set up lol.) She inherited all the attributes of her fine ass mom and the petiteness of her father. She was a exact spitting image of her mother. But at a 4'11 frame, 105 lbs, Black hair, 36 C Breasts, and a nice firm ass to go with it. Where Claudette was the book worm, Brenae was the tease. Her mom forced her into sports at a early age, so she was definitly filling out for a 13 year old at the time.

and once she hit middle school she joined the cheerleading squad, and I can tell you one thing she was a dish to die for. Maries 3rd husband Marc also had 2 daughters but they were to old and had men in their lives so I wont even get into that. (Though I did get to finger one till she squirted on Maries bed one night.) Well my dad not being one to pass up a good oppurtunity asked Marie if she would take me in to get me the hell out of where I was at the time, which wasnt a good place due to gangs, drugs, shootings, and other fucked up shit.

She agreed, so on that note I packed up my crap and deep sixed that fucking hell hole and hit the rode on my way to New Mexico.


It was the usual on the way down there, lots of road and little to do, so I asked about what it was like where I was headed. She filled me in and I was surprised, sort of the upper-class neborhood you see in the movies, except this time a drug dealing, gangbangin, little menace to society was about to hit that community like a mother fuckin hurricane.

And if theres one thing I can tell you about it is this. It was a juvenile delinquents dream come true. When we arrived I had very little in the way of personal belongings, and Marc and Marie assured me they would take care of me, and they did. But in my ways I made sure I paid back every cent they gave me. The house was nice that was for sure, Marc was a architect and Marie was head nurse at the university hospital, so they made mad bank all the time.

And with Marc being an architect he would be out of town for weeks at a time, but I be getting into that bit later on. The house was some cross between a spanish villa and a meditteranean beach house, with all the gizmos and gadgets that come with the damn thing.

Basically the house was the shit. my room was on the third floor with Brenae living right across the foyer from my room. the only thing we shared was the bathroom, which I loved very much cause I ended up doing her laundry as well. She was a brat and would throw a fit if she had to do shit, and with Marie always at work, and Marc straight up saying "Fuck you" It fell into my hands, along with her thongs and little boy shorts that she liked to wear all the time.

Now to say that life was easy was an overstatement, they took me to the mall, bought me a bunch of shit, and I was content with what I had. The only down side being that the way I dressed back home didnt fly in the uppity hood I was staying in, fuck. It was even worse at school lol.

So there I was, standing on my balcony, looking out over the wasteland that is New Mexico, and said to myself "Self, we are going to have a good fucking time up in here." So the days wore on into weeks and then into months when things started getting "crazy". I made all the wrong friends in school, got into some fights, and some other crazy shit.

I met this one guy whose brother drove up to canada every few weeks to pick up a shit load of that Kind Bud, and after couple months of saving up the bank, I bought me a 1/2 pound of the good shit and started up the business. Well, I cant say my activities didnt go unnoticed, turns out my snobby, stuck up, bitch of a 3rd cousin (Brenae) was diming my ass out to her fucking mom.

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So I had to tone it down a bit. Well as luck would have it one day after I walked home from school (Brenae got a fuckin ride every morning) which is like a 3 mile stroll, to find the door locked and I had no damn key. Standing out side, smokin a bowl, the phone inside started to ring. There was something about it, it just felt important, that I broke the door frame to get in and answer it. "Jairo!!!" she shouted into the phone.

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"Wut up? Wuts wrong?" I could tell by the tone of her voice that something was up that couldnt be good. Her tone picked up, she was scared: "Theres this guy named Conrad and he keeps harassing me and Sam, he wont leave us alone, and he's saying all this nasty shit to me!" "Alright where are you?" Im trying to keep my cool cause thats just what a man gotta do u know.

"Im just a block away, but he's on his 4 wheeler and he keeps telling me he'll give me a ride in his lap that I will never forget, ahhh he's fucking gross!" I could hear his 4 wheeler in the back ground, boy didnt know who he was fucking with, so that gerbil started on his wheel in my head you know. I seen the guy at school before, and he wasnt shit, one of the showboatin little rich boys who always talked down to people like me cause I was different right.

So I told her: "Tell him he can follow you home to have a drink at the pool, play nice and just let him follow you home ok?" "No I dont want him knowing where I live!" she screamed back at me. Trying to keep the anger in check I had to reassure her.

"Trust me cuz, this is gonna be one house he will avoid for the rest of his life, and if he ever comes near you again his life wont be that long." That seemed to do the trick cause she just said ok and went along with it. Well I stood just inside the foyer of the courtyard, the driveway was mere feet away from me when I heard the girls come walking up, and the whine of this guys engine was not far off.

I watched him pull into the driveway and kill the engine, I was just waiting for one thing, and once his helmet came off I was on him like stink on shit. The first hit took him off his 4 wheeler, the next 6 turned him out, once I got hold of his helmet though, it was all over. I busted that shit over his head so hard he curled into a ball and started saying sorry and shit. Well, that shit dont work on me so I hit his ass a few more times for effect. I told him to stay the fuck away from Brenae and to never come around here anymore, which he did for the most part.

So, with that handled, I walked Brenae and Sam back into the pad to let them get over the little episode of violence that her big cousin whipped out. I heard his 4 wheeler start and he got the fuck outa dodge quick, so now it was just me and two fine ass little 8th grade cheerleaders in tight jeans all to me. Now after I fingered Rita, I had this desire for all the fine females in my family, and now I was going to use what just happened to my advantage.

And here Brenae beat me to it. "Jairo can I make you something to drink, mom wont be home till 9 tonight and its just you me and Sam." "Sure, I'll take a Beam and Coke." My favorite. "Cool, let me go get it started!" she squeeled before she turned around a hopped over to the liquor cabinet.

Sam was sitting there on the couch checkin me right, so I asked her whats up. "Ive never seen a fight like that before is all." she replied meekly. "Well, back where Im from you either get bullied at a young age or you learn to fight back, you know. Besides, that asshole was fuckin with my family, and if your tight with Bre then you tight with me. I look out for the fam you know." She laughed just then, I had to ask. "Whats so funny?" "Its just the way you talk, I never new she had a side to her family that acts like you." I was perplexed, what the fuck?

"Hey Brenae how come you never told your friend about me?" "Cause your from the bad side of the family, thats why!" she replied with a chirp. What a little bitch, even after I save her ass she still acts like she's better than me. I took my drink and enjoyed, since that little fuck Conrad killed my high I just figured might as well get a buzz going right?

While I was having a few, Brenae and Sam were busy on their phones just tellin all their friends how I did this boy in, it got annoying after awhile though. So I retreated to my room with a double shot and got online to chill out and read the news.

After a few hours passed Sam came up to my room to say later and she bounced out, fine ass girl that she was, her modesty was out the window as her drinking became heavier. And if I thought she was bad, Brenae was worse.

But thats a good thing. Just after Sam left Brenae came knocking. "Come in." My eyes never left hers but that dont mean I cant take in the rest of this hottie standing before me. "Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for what happened today, I was really scared about what that guy had in mind." She was sipping on her stash of strawberry Smirnoff Ice, her bra was off and she was sitting on my futon/bed just lookin good. She was wearing these little booty shorts that had cheer writtin on the back and when she adjusted her legs I could see her light blue panties underneath.

"Jairo, would it be alright if mom didnt know about this afternoon, I dont want her worrying about me." I could tell she was still worked up about the whole thing.

"If there's anything you ever need or something I could do for you dont hesitate to ask ok." She meant it though, her attitude dissapeared and was replaced with sincere gratitude. I was taken back by her offer, of course those desires of mine were running through my mind, but I had to go about it at an angle I knew well. "Well there is one thing you can do for me." She was nervous at what I said, but as I said before, I was a G back in my younger days. "Yeah well I was wondering if you wanna smoke a scud?" She must have been buzzin pretty good, cause she didnt get what I meant.

"Whats a scud?" She ask lovingly. "A joint cuz, I got some stuff that will put your mind at ease and bring about nothing but happiness and a bit of the munchies. But thats if you want it." "Will it make me sick?" she asked with that same nervous voice as before. "No little cuz, if you do this with me, I'll make sure its done right, it will take your mind and body places like nothing you have ever had before.

Trust me." I watched her think about it as I pulled out my personnal stash and rolled up a biffy. Finally she spoke up: "Well mom wont be home for another 4 hours, will I be alright by then?" "Yeah sweety, you'll be right as rain after awhile, and you will feel right as rain until then as well, you just gotta trust me ok?" "ok Jai, I trust you, lets smoke." I thought she would never ask. We went out on my balcony and fired up, I smoked alot of it, just puffin away, when she asked for a hit.

I handed it to her and sat down on the recliner I put outside. I watched her take her first hit, and she coughed, of course. But I reminded her to respect it, not to hit it to hard or it will hit back even harder. She took another hit and gave it back. I sit there smoking watching her.

The evening air rushed up the mountain making the heights cold at night. And her being in booty shorts, she asked if she could sit with me. We talked for awhile, mostly just small shit, this and that. Finally she started gettin real loose with me. "Jai, how come some guys are like Conrad?" "Cause their to young, thats all, they dont know how to respect someone as special as you." "really? You think that much of me?" "of course I do, your my little cousin, and with your looks your gonna have weirdo's like him from time to time." And that shit is still true to this day.

"Im glad you were there for me." she said this and snuggled even more against me. "Jai, could you hold me im getting the chills thinking about what happened." "Sure, come here, you know I got you." As I wrapped my arm around her I pulled her in close. Her pert c cups were pressing nicely up against my chest when she put her head on my shoulder. We sat like that, her mouth right by my ear, neither of us moving. I felt her start to move against me, her breathing became heavier and hotter, I could feel the dampness of her virgin cunt against my thigh.

"Jairo, do you know how to make a girl feel really good?" she said lustfully into my ear. I took my left hand and put it on her inner thigh, her bare skin had goose bumps as I let it rest mere inches from her virgin folds. I could feel the heat coming through her booty shorts as she asked me: "Would you know how to make me feel really good?" she purred into my ear. I turned my head and looked into her young innocent eyes. Admiring every feature on her face.

"I can do that sweety." I let my lips brush hers, tasting the fruit of my labor on her soft sweet lips. "Then do it." and thats all she had to say.

I probed her virgin mouth with my tongue, tasting everything she had to give, her strawberry Smirnoff's left a great taste on my tongue along with the taste of the juice she gave back to me. We kissed with the passion of reunited lovers, nibbling and touching each other with no care in the world. I broke the kiss, looking into her eyes.: "Lets go inside baby, let me take care of you ok." I meant it, I was in love with her as much as my sister.

"Are you gonna make me feel good babe?" she asked coyly. "It might hurt at first but I promise I'll make it feel better." She hugged me, letting me feel those nice big tits on her little girl frame rub up on my chest as I hugged her back.

She stood up and walked into my room, with my eyes glued to the firm globes of her ass cheeks I wasnt far behind.


Before she could say anything I walked up behind her and held her still in the middle of the room. Letting my hands roam from her neck to the hard, nickel sized nipples of her breasts, all the way to the wet spot on her shorts.

Rubbing and loving every inch of this little teenage goddess. I pushed her towards my futon, letting her sit down with a soft kiss to her lips, I sat down between her legs. She looked on at me with lust, no words were needed to be spoken, she just looked at me and nodded her head at me to continue. I ran my hands up her thighs, skimming over the thin material that seperated me from her womanhood, letting my fingers find her top.

Lifting her top inch at a time to explore every inch of her flat stomach to the soft pink areola's and nickel sized tips of her firm breasts, my mouth kissing and tongue licking all the soft flesh exposed to me.

My mouth found her nipple, and the sharp intake of breath from her implored me to stay where I was, flicking my tongue back and forth across her hard nipples, pinching them with my teeth and fingers, driving her to her the limit of her senses as my mouth ravaged her 13 year old breasts.

Her chest was heaving, I could smell that sweet pussy as it soaked through her panties and shorts, that tender untouched spring pussy. After paying her nipples plenty of attention, I finally made it to her mouth, kissing her deeply and finally freeing her of her top.

I broke our kiss and backed up, admiring the gift before me. Her breasts were the work of all the artist from times long past and those yet to come. She looked down at me, my expression must have made her worry.: "Is there something wrong?" she asked. "Not at all baby, to be real with you, your absolutely beautiful." "hmmm." was all that came back as she leaned her head back.

Starting from the ground up again I took it slower this time. Kissing her legs all the way to her inner thighs where her heat was unbearable, losing myself in the softness of her skin, savoring the taste of her flesh. My hands found themselves up around the waistband of her booty shorts, with every inch of skin exposed my mouth would be there to kiss it and taste it.

Watching as her little satin panties started to become more visible to my hungry eyes, I made sure to tease her and drive her further, to make sure she would not turn back. I kissed and blew all around her most sacred of areas for her, she is one of those girls who I thought would never give it up.


Her booty shorts came off her legs with goose bumbs rising every inch of the way as I blew warm air across her soft tender legs, leaving my sexy 13 year old cousin exposed with only one piece of this material keeping me from her wet, virgin, fuck hole. I brought my head back up to her panties, admiring the wet spot that had grown bigger with every minute, breathing in the aroma of her untouched sex.

I leaned my head down, small moans and whimpers escaping her as I came closer and closer to her hidden pussy. I remember kissing it first, just to the left of where her slit was, a nice deep kiss that sent her hips thrusting forward, burying my face into her groin with force.

I went into a frenzy then. I held her hips as I kissed, sucked, and licked her through her underwear. Sucking up all the juice she leaked into her panties. She moaned with pleasure as my mouth would find its way to her clit, sucking on it through the near transparent material of her satin blue undies. My futon was angled upward on the seat, making access to her love box that much easier.

I lifted her legs, her flexible young body easily going to where I wanted her: "Hold your legs baby, right under your knee's okay, Big Cuz is gonna make you feel real good." "Fuck Jai your already doing a great job at that." she said in her most sensual 13 year old voice.

And there before me is something that only 2 men in this world have ever seen. My 13 year old cousins beatiful round ass right in my face, leaking juices like a faucet into her panties, with the smell of virgin cunt, pussy juice, piss, and her unwashed asshole mere inches from my mouth.

Wanting to savor her beauty I pulled her panties tight into the crevice of her ass cheeks, which pulled the satin material even tighter into her slit, allowing me to view a gift from heaven. My mouth closed over her mound and I began to lick and suck with the fury of a starving vampire, her clit stood out prominately from the folds of her virgin cunt.

She could only stand it for so long before I felt her first convulsions that told me she was on the brink of her first orgasm. I stopped the lustful assault on her sex and looked at her. Her breathing was ragged, the beauty of her face was flush with desire and longing.

She looked down on me with hungry eyes: "Jai, why did you stop, keep going baby, it feels so good, please dont stop." she said in a hungry, quivering voice.

"Im not going to baby, now let go of your knees ok." Desire was in my voice, she knew it, she knew what was coming next.

Her legs came down shaking, her panties were soaked with her love juices and my mouth. And with that I slowly pulled her panties down, I kept my eyes glued to the floor as I slowly pulled them off, freeing her of her last defence against my incestuous desires. My cock was throbbin against the denim of my enyce jeans, I wouldnt be long before I blew my load, and I wanted to save that for her.

I raised my gaze to take in the beauty before me. Her small, naked frame, large breast, toned stomach, and glistening pussy lie before me. With out being told she lifted her legs back into position, looked me in the eyes, and said: "Please big cousin, make me feel good, make me feel safe again." And of course, I obliged her.

Her pussy was laid bare, her little fuck hole was ready, and I got my first taste of virgin pussy in my life. I licked her from pussy hole to clit, over and over, tasting her juices as they flowed from her virgin cunt. Some escaped me though, my saliva and her love juice flowed down into her virgin ass, so my tongue led me there next.

I knew she shit when she came home from school, and not bothering to shower afterword left her aroma intoxicating. I reamed her asshole with my tongue probing softly yet firmly, her inexpierience making her tense her sphincter, with enough work though she finally relaxed and let me make small pushes towards the inside of her hot shit hole. I licked her ass for a good 10 minutes while she thrashed and bucked at my assault of her asshole, I couldnt help it though.

Her pussy juice was flowing down into her asshole and I just had to drink it all up. By now my cock was screaming at me to fuck her maiden hood into oblivion, but I had to wait, her pleasure came first. (As with all my family) I ran my tongue back up to her cunt, sucking and tongueing her love hole, running the tip over her hymen again and again, making her wince with pleasure and pain as I pushed into it harder and harder.

Getting as much of her juice into my mouth as I could. Her grunts and moans of pleasure were mixed with the soft girly wimpers of her 13 year old body as I made my way up to her clit, I put my lips over it and started my assault on the delicate little nub of flesh.

Her hips were grinding and bucking harder and harder as I hit her button, I sucked on her clit with fury. Her body started shaking and she looked down at me: "Jai.Jai. JAI.JAI. I CA.CAA.CANT HOLD IT.

BABY!! I NEEEEED TO PEEE!!!!" Her body locked, legs shook, eyes dissapeared into the back of her head as she screamed. A torrent of hot juice flowed from her virgin cunt as the first orgasm of her life hit her like a tidal wave. The first of it smelled a little like piss but once the first gush passed, the rest was all virgin girl squirt juice.

It flowed into my mouth, keeping my lips locked firmly with her love tunnel. All that she gave I drank, except for the last mouthful of her sweet clear nectar. With a mouthful of her squirt I leaned up to her and kissed her.

Brenae locked lips with mine and I gave her a taste of her womanhood for the first time, she drank it all up, gulping down every last drop of her juice. With the break of my kiss she looked into my eyes, into my soul, and said the mightiest of words: "Fuck me Jairo, Fucking take my cherry, pop this little teases cherry and make me your slut.mmmmm FUCK ME JAI!!!" she demanded it, she wanted it, she needed it.

I stood up, undid my belt, slid my jeans and boxers to the floor, and took off my shirt as she stared at the meat hanging between my legs. "mmm you ever see a cock before baby?" asked her with lust. "No, not ever, mom put a block on my internet so that ended my only chance." Brenae could barely speak as she still recoverd from the orgasm she just had. I lowered my hips down to meet hers, the throbbing of my 7 inch cock was almost unbearable as it finally made contact with her virgin holes.

I let the head slide in ever so slowly, watching her face for any sign of discomfort, at long last head of my cock was pressed up against the barrier that seperated her from womanhood. I looked into her eyes one last time: "Brenae, give me your hand." I asked her, small delicate fingers wrapped around my much larger hand as I told her: "Little Cuz, its gonna hurt at first, but I know a way to make it go away quick ok." She nodded in approval, the lust over shadowing her fear.

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I took her hand and placed it on top of her clit. "Alright baby, rub it where it feels good, and dont stop rubbing it until you feel like your going to explode ok." "Uhh huhh baby, I will, I trust you Jai, just make me feel good, make me your woman." She started on her clit, using her fingers to rub the soft flesh with fury and lust as she discovered her love button. I watched her as her face started to become flush again, the silky white skin of her body becoming hotter to the touch as she worked up to her first solo orgasm.

And it wasnt long till she started to cum. "BABY. IT .ITS HAPPENING. TAKE ME!!! TAKE ME NOW. MAKE ME YOURS BABY. NOW!!!" And I thrusted forward, I felt her hymen tear under the weight of my body and the force of my cock. And I was slightly more then gentle as I let my cock sink deep into her deflowered love hole. Her scream caught in her throat as she came from fingering her clit, and the steamy wet hot confines of her torn cunt put my cock into a vice.

It wasnt going to hold me though. I pulled my cock out half way, it felt like I was pulling her guts out, as I thrust back in even harder. Her cries of pain were quelched in the joy of ecstacy as her legs wrapped around me, causing me to thrust harder and harder into her cunt as blood and cunt juice sprayed from her swollen fuck box.

I kept up the pace as she started to scream, her eyes were locked with mine as furious pleasure mixed in incestous pain. I Fucked her until she came a few seconds later, a mixture of intense orgasms one after the other, working her cuntal muscles like a seasoned whore. Her cries for me to keep going drove me into a frenzy as I started to ravage her swolen slit. "UHHH. YEAH BRE. YOUR MY FUCK TOY ARNT YOU BABY.

YOU WANT ME TOO RIP THOSE GUTS UP BABY, YOU WANT ME TO STRETCH YOUR LITTLE HOLE?" I grunted at her. Her pussy made hot sucking sounds as my cock pulled out of her pussy, the vacuum in her fuck hole left barren without a cock in it, only for me to force it out in a hot, steamy, cunt fart that smelled of her deflowered cunt, squirt, piss, blood and my hard cock.


MY FUCKING PUSSY. FUCKKKKK!!!" Her cunt clamped down on my cock like it was stuck in a chinese finger trap. Her juices gushed out as she squirted out all her juices onto my abs and bed.

"FUCK BABY, OHHHHH FUCK BABY IM GONNA CUM. FUCK!!! UHHHH. YOU WANT MY BABIES. HUH BREE. YOU WANT MY BABIES IN YOUR TUMMY BABY. CAUSE IM GONNA. OHHH FUCK. AHHH. UGHHHHAHHHH!!!" Rope after rope of hot incestuous baby juice filled Bre's tighting cuntal tube. Sparks flew before my eyes, and all I could here was her screams. "YES JAI. KNOCK ME UP BABY!! MAKE ME A MOMMY!! I WANT YOUR BABY. OHHHH COUSIN I WANT YOUR BABY JUICE IN ME.

GIVE IT TO ME. ALL OF IT. DEEP UP THAT CUNT.FUCK. MAKE ME YOUR BITCH BABY AND FUCK ME!!!" I couldnt believe what I was hearing, and it drove me to give her what she wanted. All my cum was stored up in side her blown out cunt. Making her happy and me relieved at the same time.(I dont like Jism on my I kept my cock buried inside her hot hole until I felt it starting to go limp.

At which time I decided to start on her nipples again, sucking and licking, bringing her back into a sexual frenzy. Knowing her pussy was going to be really sore from the pounding I just gave her. I decided it was time to take her other cherry. It didnt take long for me to get hard again, sucking on those nipples and hearing her moan and grunt from the orgasms rocking her body put me into overdrive.

"Brenae stay just like this baby. ok your gonna suck big cousins cock ok?" "uhh huhh just give it to me Jai, I want to taste your baby juice." I mounted the Futon, lining my cock up with her mouth, and she opened up without asking. "Now your gonna learn to suck cock ok baby, try not to use your teeth and just go with what feels natural ok." I looked down into her eyes, and I could tell she understood what she needed to do.

With out a word spoken she took my semi erect, blood, cum, and cunt juice covered cock into her tight little mouth. I felt her gag at first, probem from the taste of all those juices cause she didnt go that deep. But in less then a minute she was sucking like a spanish whore in Madrid. I watched intently as she gobbled as much cock as she could. Little Brenae sucking up all our juices that came with my meat, swallowing every last drop. After a few more minutes my cock was back at full mast and ready for more action in her hole, I took hold of her head and inched my cock down into her throat until she gagged, backing out of her mouth: "Ohhh Bre you make me feel so good.

do you want some more baby?" I grinned at her. "mmm yes baby, give me more of your meat. put it back in my mouth Jai, please." Her cute little girl voice was begging for cock, I was gonna put it back in, just not in her mouth. "Ok baby but first things first ok." I smiled at her as I went down to my little cousins deflowered cunt. Her ass was still belly up none of her juice leaked out of her pussy yet, and that is exactly what I wanted.

"Brenae I want you to squat on the couch and face away from me ok. Trust me baby." "What are you going to do Jai?" she asked in that sexy little voice of hers. I looked down at the beauty below me, her lips were coated in sticky cum, pussy juice, and the remnants of her maidenhood.

"Im gonna make you feel good ok." My reassurance made her lighten up as she quickly got up and straddled my bed. I slid underneath the silky white globes of her rounded ass cheeks, just in time too as I grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy down onto my hungry mouth. "mmm watch baby. watch how much juice is in your sweet cunny Brenae." Her breathing picked up as she looked down at me between her legs.

I looked up at her and gasped: "Whats wrong Jai?" she said in a concerned tone. "Nothing Bre, Its just that you look like and angel." "mmmm I love you Jairo. taste me baby." Our love spread into my mouth in a torrent of hot pussy juice, semen, and her cherry.

I drank a mouthful of this sacred nectar, feeling her become apart of me. Thats when I the last of it filled my mouth to the brim. With all our juices mixed as one it leaked from the corners of my mouth, I drank from her chalice the elixer of love, and I shared that last mouthful with her in the kiss of lust and desire.

She drank it all. I gripped her ass cheeks and spread her as wide as she could go and aimed my fully erect fuck stick towards her hot virgin asshole: "Look at me baby. this might feel uncomfortable but it wont last long ok." "Jairo just fuck me and get it over with. stretch my pussy out more." I lowered her down lower and lower.

easing that fat, fine little asshole closer and closer to my hungry cock. It was right at the entrance to her shit hole but not touching it, waiting for her to inhale at just the right time. "mmm fuck me big cuzzin, fill me up with that hungry cock." she moaned from above. I pulled her down onto my waiting meat. "AHHHHHRRRRR.FUCK. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, wha-wha- what the fuck is that. RMMMHHHAAAAHHH. SHIT. OHHH BABY PULL IT OUT. FUCK I CAN FEEL IT BABY. FUCK.

ohhh fuck, fuck. Ohhh its in my ass Jairo." "Shh baby just hold still, I told you it was going to hurt a little." "You didnt tell me you were going to shove it up my ass either. Fuck it hurts Jairo. pull it out please!" I lifted her up a little bit before slamming her back down with force.


I held her hips and thrust harder and harder up her ass. I could feel the shit inside of her getting pushed up into her guts with every drive into her stink, shitty hole. "OHHH YES IM A DIRTY LITTLE SLUT JAI. JUST LIKE MOMMY. IM JUST A HOLE TO FUCK. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND RIP ME APART, I CAN FEEL YOU PACKING THAT SHIT UP MY GUTS BABY. AHHH.AHHH.OOOOH.AHHHH, FUCK ME LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!!" Once I lifter her too high and the head of my cock popped out, before she could object I guided it back in pushing ever deeper into her newly deflowered fuck tunnel.The force of my cock up her shit hole had the same affect as her cunt.

Every time my cock backed out a vacuum would be made, and with each forceful insertion back in she would fart on my dick, filling our nostrils with the smell of her sweet ass. "OHH JAI. BABY.

Bubble booty brunette has decided to ride bangbus

YOUR FUCKING ME IN THE ASS. FUCK IT HARDER. UMMMM FUCK IT HARDER!!!. AHHH.AHH.OOOHH. AHHH. URRRHH. MMMM. RIP IT BABY. FUCK ME RAW. FUCK THAT TIGHT ASSHOLE MOTHERFUCKER. OHHHHHH.AHHHHHHH!!! ERRRRAAHHHHH!!!" I just kept pumping away with everything she had as she let all her fluids go, first she squirted all over us, getting the futon/ couch soaked with her juices.

And I kept hammering away at her shit tunnel when I came inside her. Not as much cum. but what came next was even better for the both of us. Her head fell on my shoulder as she sank down on my pole. And then she let her bladder go as she pissed hot urine all over us. It didnt even smell as most of it was from her smirnoff Ices. Not to be out done I let my bladder go while buried to the hilt in her her ass, a hot stream of piss engorged my cock as it filled up her insides.

"Jairo I can feel your piss filling me up. ohhh its giving me a tummy ache. keep fucking my hole baby!" "Mmmmm I'll fuck your hole baby dont worry. first though were going into the bathroom." "Why?" She asked me. "So I can fuck the piss and shit out of your ass Bre, you want that?" "MMM sounds naughty baby.

can you keep it in?" "Of course baby. I'll pull out in the bathroom ok." "Ok baby. fuck me on the way there!" When we reached the bathroom there was a trail of piss leading from my room to the bathroom, once we got there I continued fucking her as my piss and her watery shit spilled out of her hole while we showered. With one last thrust up her cunt she finally went over the edge in a deep anal orgasm.

Her ass clamped down on my cock as watered down shit started pouring out around my cock. Her body went limp as she held onto me for support. I cleaned her up real good. Telling her I love her with all my heart, an she said the same in return, all this happening as I used a wash clothe to wipe the juices and shit from her asshole. Taking time after she was clean to fuck her one last time in the pussy in front of the mirror so she could see herself get fucked.

We dried each other off and got changed into our evening clothes. Which was well and good cause Marie came back just before 10. Saying the hello's I made her some dinner then wished her goodnight as I hurried off to bed. Just as I reached the top of the stairs Brenae was standing in the bathroom with her clean booty shorts around her ankles and her hair brush up her fuck hole. "hey. come here." she whispered to me.

"whats up bre?" I asked "Since we ruined your bed you want to come sleep with me when mom goes to bed, we can have some more fun time?" How Could I Resist. -------------------------------------------------- Alot of you readers may think this story is bullshit, that a 14 year old teenager wouldnt do things like that. But believe it or not I have seen alot worse where im used to live.

One time I saw 2 freshman girls that a couple coke dealers addicted and turned into sex slaves. It was only for a week but they both ended up getting pregnant. Both dealers went to jail.

Brenae is still very close to me. I talk to her when I can. But she's in college now so. whatever. Next family member on the list is Maria. And how me and her fucked while Sam watched from upstairs drunk off her little ass. lol Holla Holla peoples. BTW. get to kknow me and you might see some of her too.

lol __________________