DP for two nasty milfs and drinking cum from watermelon

DP for two nasty milfs and drinking cum from watermelon
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My name is Donald and I'm 42 years old. I have a daughter 10 who cheerleads for the local pewee football team. I have always liked to watch the cheerleaders practice with their short spandex shorts.

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They make their pretty little asses so inviting. Now the moms who drop their children off and leave seem to be careless as to whom the girls associate with during the time they are gone. I've watched the older girls grow from little girls to nice looking little ladies. Their asses are rounded and they are starting to grow a nice set of titties. I've been bringing my daughter to cheerleading practice for 5 years now.

My wife left me for a younger man some 4 years ago. I enjoy the sights before me when the girls do their splits and toe touches. This is when my cock starts to swell just from looking at the girls doing a bend at the waist and the fabric of their shorts stretched across their ass and a definite camel toe appears.

My ex always comes and picks up our daughter after practice which allows me some time in the evening. I noticed one girl in particular whose name is Beverly. She is 13 and stands about 4ft 9 in.

she has strawberry blond hair pulled up in a ponytail all the time. I notice her mom drops her off before practice and comes to pick her up after practice. She is a true MILF with bright red hair and stands about 5ft 6in. her face is truly the work of angles, with a cute little button nose, a terrific smile with bright white teeth.

Her figure is to die for. The best ass I've ever seen. She is always dressed to impress with short skirts and silk blouse and most times see wears a jacket to match. She drives a sporty red convertible. I have wanted to fuck that girl ever since I laid eyes on her. I would follow them home most every night.

I had decided that I was going to rape her if it was the last thing I did. I noticed that they would get home from practice around 8:30 in the evening and turn the light off at 10pm. Every Thursday they went to dinner and would not get home until 10pm and hit the sack at 11. I decided on Thursday this week I was going to have them both. I had all the tools I needed to break into house. I bought a stun gun that delivers 4.5 mil volts and leaves the victim unable to move for a minimum of 15 minutes, I also bought some hand cuffs and rope to tie them up and immobilize them.


I had a drill and I bolts to install a pulley overtop the bed. I would install a sling to have fun with my girls. I also brought 3 video camera and set them up. One in the living room, one in Beverly's room, and one in the master bedroom where momma is going to be the star of the show.

Thursday could not come soon enough. I watched them every day come and go. Their asses swaying back and forth for all to see. I just smiled knowing that I would be pounding my cock deep into their cunts and asses. On Thursday as soon as Beverly's mom pulled into the parking lot, I drove off knowing I had about 2 hours to get ready. I parked a block away from the house. Got my duffle bag and walked around the back. I made quick work of the lock on the back door and made my way into the living room.

Down the hall on the right was a room all decorated in pink with stuffed animals all over the bed? I knew this would be Beverly's room. I started to get hard just thinking of what is to come. I set up the cameras in the living room and in Beverly's room.

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Then I went to the master bedroom down the hall to the left. I drilled a hole in the celling over the foot of the bed and screwed the I bolt in. I set up the sex swing. I was ready when the car pulled into the driveway. I pulled out the stun gun and charged it. I waited till they came in. 1st to come in was Beverly. She had her black spandex shorts on and a tight fitting red t shirt. Her mom was getting some things out of the car as Beverly put the keys in the door and opened it.

I stood behind the door as she walked past me and her bright blue eyes saw me just before I hit her with the stun gun. She just stated to convulse and shake all over. I pulled her into the living room and got ready for mom. She was dressed in a tight fitting red mini skirt and a white silk blouse. Her jacket was off and her hands were full as she walked in. She saw her daughter on the ground and as she called out her name as I hit her with the stun gun.

I pulled her in and shut the door. My night was just beginning. I pulled their arms in the back and put the hand cuffs on. I then pulled Beverly down the hall to her room and hog tied her hand to her ankles I also gagged her so I didn't have to hear her until I was ready.

I turned on the video camera. I then pulled mom into the master bedroom. I gagged her and I waited for the stun gun to wear off .I turned on the video camera in the master bedroom. As the effects of the stun gun wore off she started to get a little fight back in her. I leaned down with a knife in my hand and put it against her face and told her if she did as I said she would not die tonight.

She looked at me with fear in her hazel green eyes. I asked if she understood me and she nodded that she did.

I told her I was going to take the gag out of mouth but if she screamed I would not only put the gag back in but I rape her daughter. She nodded again and I took the gag out.

She started to plead with me to let her and her daughter go. I slapped her across the face as hard as I could and she shut up real quick. I told her to stand up and she did.

I haul off and punched her in the stomach as hard as possible. She doubled over and started to cough.

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I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back and told her to do everything I say or else I'm going to have fun with her daughter. She told me she would do anything as long as I leave her daughter alone.

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I asked her name, and she told me her name was Mary. I undid the handcuffs and told "Mary strip for me and you better make it sexy or else".

She started to unbutton the blouse with her hands shaking the whole time. She was beautiful with her red hair hanging on the shoulders of her white blouse. I watched as she took the blouse off and I told her to keep going. She had on a pretty low cut red lace bra on. She started to slide the zipper down the skirt and as the skirt slipped to the floor my cock started to get hard.

Hear was one of the hottest chicks in the world standing before me in just her red bra and matching thong panties. She saw me rub my cock and she turned her head to the side. I motioned for her to remove the bra, she reached behind her back and her tits stuck out as she unfastened the clasp. She let the bra fall off her tits and I got my first sight of those 38DD s.

I had to again motion for her to continue. She stuck her thumbs into the waistband of her thong panties and let them fall the length of her beautiful long tanned legs. Her pussy was bald and pink as ever.

I was rock hard now and wanted to be pleasured. I took off my shirt and then took off my pants. My cock sprang forward and the look on her face was to die for. She saw my 9 inch long and 3 inched diameter cock ready to rape her in every hole. She looked at the door for just a brief moment and I told her I would kill her daughter if she ran out the door. She looked defeated. Her lips were quivering and she pleaded with me again to let her and her daughter go.

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I told her she better get on her knees and beg me to let her suck my cock. She came over to me and asked "can I suck your cock ". I told her she doesn't sound sincere to me.

I guess I'm going to have to make her daughter suck my cock. She started to beg me to leave her daughter alone.

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I told her she better start begging me now and she must be louder so as her daughter can hear her begging me to suck my cock. Tears were coming like a river from her eyes. Her mascara was smeared all around her eyes and running down her cheeks. Her lips still had the red lipstick on. I was ready to pop just looking at her. She begged me "Please let me suck your huge cock, I want to feel your cock fill my mouth with your cum, please I want it now," I walked over to her and let my cock touch her face, I rubbed it all over her face before I stuck it in her mouth.

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I grabbed her head and forced it to the back of her mouth and she gagged as it pushed into the back of her throat. I pulled back and she caught her breath and I slammed it back into her throat. She gagged but she continued to suck, I reached my hand down and grabbed her titts.

I squeezed her nipple as hard as I could and rammed my cock deeper into her throat. All you hear was her muffled cries as I twisted her nipples and pulled as hard as I could.

I was ready to blow after 20 minutes of face fucking her.


I drove my cock deep into the back of her throat and unloaded 5 huge streams of cum direct into her belly, and I felt every blast shoot into her throat. As I finished shooting the last stream of cum into her I pulled out and she collapsed into a fetal position coughing some of the cum I just shoot into her mouth.

I picked her up and threw her on the bed. Turned her over and put the hand cuffs back on behind her back. I then gagged her and hog tied her hands to her ankles. I then went into Beverly's bedroom. I was enjoying this so far.