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I switched on the light, another Friday morning. It was still dark outside but I woke up early, which seemed to be the 'new me' these days. I always felt a little nervous on these mornings, but for some reason I had been looking forward to it more than I usually did. He hadn't messaged me yet. I rolled onto my other side with my phone in hand and sighed softly, I was impatient. I should've tried to go back to sleep earlier, but I was excited and surprisingly not as tired as I should've been for the amount of sleep I had gotten.

I heard my cat softly breathe in the windowsill, brushing its tail against the plants as it got in a few more minutes of sleep. I decided to follow its example, a few more minutes wouldn't hurt. He would wait for me, wouldn't he? My hand slipped in between my legs for a split second, adjusting my shorts and brushing over my mount ever so lightly. Did I mention I was impatient?

With my mind wandering I quickly fell back into a light sleep, I must've been more tired than I thought I was.

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When I woke up it was about an hour and a half later, the light was still on but it wasn't really dark outside anymore. By now the cat had left and curled up somewhere in the living area.

Outside it was gloomy, rainy, just how I liked my Friday mornings in bed. I glanced at my phone as I caught a glimpse of the notification light from the corner of my eye.

I hurried to unlock the device, only to see a message had popped up from him. "You're not up yet?" I smiled, quickly replying with a single smiley face before I got comfortable again. I could feel my heart beat faster, something about him always made me excited. He was sweet and funny, he was definitely a lot of fun. I impatiently waited for his reply, almost scared that I might've missed him and he had gone and went about his day without seeing me.

I watched the dots on screen as he typed out another message. He was a slow typer, I hated it, but it always build up that excitement even more. "Get online." He didn't have to ask me twice, I had been dreaming about those words all week.


I leaned over the edge of my bed, reaching for my tablet before logging in. He was typing, taking forever to send a few more words into cyberspace that would eventually get to me.

He knew I loved seeing him, or more so, him seeing me. "I expected you to be ready by now." I shook my head at his words. Tease. I was ready, and we both knew I was. I set my tablet to lean against the headboard of my bed, pressing onto his chat window on the tablet and quickly started the phone call. The dialtone only rang once before it fell quiet and he appeared on screen.

He must've been waiting, for him to answer my call so quickly. He smiled and so did I.

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I only needed a second to adjust the camera, making sure I was in screen before I sat back down again. "I'm sorry, I fell asleep." I said with a slight chuckle. He just smiled as he leaned back into his chair, brushing his hand through his messy dark hair. "Did you miss me?" I asked, my fingers brushing over the neckline of my tshirt. "I always do." He answered, giving me another smile.

His voice always drove me crazy, it almost didn't suit his appearance or his personality. His voice was deep, sexy, but he almost looked too kind.

Or too sweet. Without hesitating I lifted my shirt over my head, I wasn't in a rush but I had been thinking about him all week. My breasts were small, a neat B cup with perky pink nipples.

As soon as my shirt was off I felt the cold air brush against my skin, leaving slight goosebumps along my arms. I heard him moan softly as I watched how he was watching me. "I've been thinking about you." I said, my hands wandering down over my breasts and down my sides. "Can you show me how much?" He asked. I could feel my cheeks flush, my nerves were kicking back in, but it was too late to go back. I was already hooked, lured in by his voice, driven by the feeling stirring up in between my legs.

I nodded, sitting up on my knees and slowly pulled down my shorts to reveal my baby blue panties. I would be lying if I said I didn't want to play with myself earlier this morning. It took so much willpower to almost 'forget about it' and wait it out until he got online.

It was a set date as promised and I didn't want to waste it on just myself. I already had a small wet spot on my panties and the longer I'd wait, the bigger it would get. He was pleased, grinning as he watched me slowly take off my panties next. There I sat, on my knees, completely undressed. By now it was routine that I'd lay down. Some of my pillows were arranged behind me so I could be comfortable on my back but could still somewhat see him, while he got a good shot of my pussy.

I had my knees pressed together, teasing him with my wet lips peaking out from in between my legs. I heard him breathing, hoping he was hard and just as excited as I was. He usually was, just like me, unable to keep his hands off of himself while I gave him a little 'show'. I had only seen him, or should I say his cock, a handful of times, but it didn't matter to me.

I wanted him to enjoy me, and knowing he was touching himself was usually more than enough to get me wet and ready for him. I opened my legs slowly, unable to wait any longer.

My fingers brushed over my pussy, gently spreading my smooth pussy lips to give him a good indication of how wet I was. "You're dripping." He commented, but I didn't say anything.

My fingers slowly dipped into my wetness, giving me a sense of satisfaction and relief. I had been waiting for this all morning and now I finally could enjoy my playtime. I pushed my middle finger inside, softly moaning as I did. I let my thumb brush over my clit, imagining it were his hands that played with me. At this point I felt like anything would've slipped inside of me so easily. I was soaked, horny and just wanted to be filled up.

I wondered what he felt like. He looked like he was of decent size, a perfect fit for my tight pussy. After a few gentle thrusts I added another finger, pumping in and out of my pussy, live and on air.

"I love that sound" he said. So did I. The sound of my fingers pushing my juices around inside of my pussy filled the room. Followed by my soft whimpers and moans. I would've loved to feel his cock. Have him spread my legs and push himself deep inside of me.

Sometimes he would get bossy, telling me what he liked to see. I wanted him to talk to me like that, grasp my thighs while he thrusted in hard, even spank me if he desired to do so.

The thought drove me crazy and had me speed up my movements just a little. I heard him groan, knowing exactly what he was doing as he watched me play with my pussy. Juices were dripping from my fingers, onto my hand and down to my ass. I wanted him. I wanted him to fill me up and play with me until I came. I wanted him to tease me and fuck me until I couldn't stand anymore.

I looked up to check the camera. My dripping pussy was full on, on screen, while I pumped my fingers in and out.


His hand had disappeared in his lap and was moving to what could only be one type of action. I watched how he watched me. I felt a little shy for a moment, my cheeks glowing before I leaned back and closed my eyes again. He must've noticed as I heard him chuckle.

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He never had a problem with me being shy, probably because he knew by now I would do almost anything for him. "Rub your clit." He commanded. I smiled, pulling my fingers out before moving them up to my clit.

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I was already sensitive, a little swollen even. I rubbed myself with my fingertips for a little bit before taking my clit in between my index finger and thumb and started rolling it gently. I moaned, this time even louder as I felt myself grow close to finishing. "That's it, good girl." He said, his breathing heavier. I love it when he calls me a 'good girl'.

He wanted me to be a good girl and I wanted nothing more than to listen to him. My clit was sensitive, only getting me more wet the longer I rubbed it. I took short and fast breaths as I continued to play with myself.


My body slightly trembling from how close I was getting. "Cum for me." He said. I nodded, though I was pretty sure he wasn't paying much attention to my face.

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I slipped my fingers back into my pussy, curling them up so they brushed over my most sensitive spot. "Fuck." I cursed lightly, my hips bucking up into my hand. I hated this part, not because I didn't like it, but because it was never enough.

It was hard to push my fingers in deeper, brushing over the soft little nub inside of me. I moaned, my fingers curled up further, my movements faster. My pussy was dripping, sensitive.

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My body trembling the closer I got. I tried to keep my legs still but at this point it was a lost cause. I pumped my fingers in faster and slightly deeper, until I felt that all too familiar feeling.

I moaned, louder this time, pushing up my hips into my fingers as I came. In the back of my mind I heard him groaning, breathing heavier. I knew he came and had enjoyed watching me play with myself. If wish I could do this for him in real life, or even more. I wasn't ready to stop playing, my fingers ever so slowly moving in and out of my sensitive pussy while I recovered from my high. If only it was his cock buried deep inside of me, slowly pushing in deep while filling me up.

I needed a few minutes to cool down, eventually taking my fingers out of my pussy, covered in my juices as I wiped it across my stomach before dipping them in between my lips. I always loved how I taste, whether it'd be from my own fingers, or someone else's.

I sat back up, my swollen and sensitive pussy brushing over the sheets, without a doubt leaving a wet spot. "I need you to fuck me." I said, still trying to catch my breath. "Maybe someday I will." He replied, that stupid grin on his face. I chuckled, as if he would. He lived too far away, we most likely wouldn't ever get to see one another. I took a deep breath, watching how he zipped up his pants before he got up from his seat and started gathering his phone and keys.

"I'm about to go." He said, hunching back over so I could see his face one more time. I nodded, covering myself up with the blanket as he smiled at me. I had a good time this morning. Everytime I saw him it almost made it harder to wait for the next time. Maybe I was falling for him, or the way he'd tell me what to do, or the way he played with himself while he watched me. I'm pretty sure he looked forward to it too, why else would he come back everytime. "I'll see you Friday?" He asked.

I nodded once more. "Yeah, Friday."