Blonde slut latex dressed banged in office

Blonde slut latex dressed banged in office
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She was sleeping soundly in her nightgown and her princess panties when she awoke to feel her blanket being peeled off her slowly.

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She saw her daddy standing at the foot of her bed, completely naked. She was used to seeing her brothers and daddy naked every now and then so she didn't think anything. The moon was out and shining through her room so she could make him out pretty well standing there.

Then she noticed her older brother naked, standing on one side of the bed and and her other older brother naked, standing on the other side of the bed. She thought something was wrong and was worried so she got up but her brothers pushed her back down.

Her blanket was completely off of her. She felt her daddy's hands rubbing up inside her thighs and she didn't know what to think but it felt a little too wrong once she felt her panties sliding down her legs and off of her. Daddy pushed up her nightie and her little virgin pussy was exposed. She was frightened and whimpered and Daddy hushed her with his finger.

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One brother was caressing her long hair, wounding his fingers in it. The other brother was caressing her face, her neck and down to her chest, barely touching her little titties through her nightie. Daddy told her, 'it's okay baby girl, daddy loves you and wants to show his love and it would mean a lot to daddy if you'd just be my good little girl and do as daddy says".

She was so protected by her daddy and two brothers. Having no mother, she was clueless as to what was happening to her and she didn't like it. She started to cry a little when she felt a finger or maybe a thumb rubbing over her clit and two other fingers opening her cunt. "Oh yeah, my baby girl, doesn't that feel good?" She whimpered and shook her head no and told her daddy to stop.

He wouldn't and her brothers told her to fucking do what daddy tells her to. they never spoke to her that way before and she was getting upset and tried to get up.

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Her brothers held her arms down as her daddy got between her legs and used his elbows to hold down her spread legs. He got down and licked her virgin clit and cunt. She was not liking it at all and knew it was wrong whatever they were doing to her but she was scared and had to obey her father. she was getting very wet and daddy slipped a finger inside her.

He was breathing so hard, his cock rock hard and wanted to jack off so badly right away. The brothers were rubbing their cocks with their free hands, saying "come on, dad, do it." He got up and leaned over her and worked his hard cock slowly inside her sweet little cunt.

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Now she was really scared and crying and daddy just kept saying hush, that he loves her and she needs to do as she is told to show him how much she loves him, too. The pain was excruciating as her cunt was being ripped open. Her brothers reached down to her little titties and rubbed them, pinched them but not too hard to make it hurt since it is her first time. His cock finally shoved all the way inside and she was almost screaming through her tears so one brother covered her mouth a little bit and said it will be okay and that she will be their little cunt from now on.

Oh, he loved every bit of i, being inside of her, his little girl. He was so happy that he will always be her first. "Baby girl, you made daddy very proud and happy, you will always be daddy's cumslut." She had no clue what any of that means.

After he came inside her, he scooped out some of his cum and rubbed on her lips. She moved her head sideways but he held her face and made her lick her lips and his fingers.

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"Daddy's going back to bed now, honey, your brothers want you to make them feel good too so be a good girl. I love you honey, you're my baby girl". He finally left and then there were her two brothers. "Have you ever had a cock in your mouth?


Do you even know what that means, baby sister?" Of course she shooked her head no. One brother still standing on side of her pulled her hair back and towards side of bed, yanked her head back and told her to open her mouth, she wouldn't so he pinched her nipple hard then she finally opened. she begged him to please stop and was crying so bad now, body shaking. He put his cock in her mouth and she felt disgusted and used.

She couldn't see but could feel fingers up inside her wet cunt. Her mouth full of cock and she could barely breathe, trying to use her tongue to push her brother's cock out of her mouth. It was useless so she did as she was told.


Her mouth was being pumped fast and deep with cock and fingers shoving up deep inside her with a thumb rubbing and pressing against her tight asshole. "You're being a good little girl and sister, you are making us and daddy proud, we love you baby girl and we need you and you make us feel so good. you want us to keep loving you, right? You want daddy to always love you right?

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Well, this is the way to do it" The brother with his fingers in her cunt and ass didn't want to hurt her anymore than she already was, besides her bedsheet was soiled with her virgin blood so he took her hand and showed her how to give him a hand job while the other cock kept pumping her small mouth.

She felt something creamy and salty and yucky sliding down the back of her throat and gagged but he kept her head in place til she swallowed and choked some. the other brother said, 'come on baby, squeeze harder, make me cum good'. as he was about ready to cum, he pulled her head up towards his cock and squirted in her mouth.

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" You were so fucking good tonight, baby, you are the best sister anyone can ever have. thank you for making us happy". After she left, she pulled her nightie back down and pulled her panties back on.

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She covered herself with her blanked and grabbed her bunny. she couldn't believed what happened to her and felt so wronged but she loved her daddy and brothers and they loved her. they always gave her everything she needed. she now felt that it will always be this way from now on.