Kat Langer Is A White Trash Whore Tags blonde sex blowjob anal doublepenetration

Kat Langer Is A White Trash Whore Tags  blonde sex blowjob anal doublepenetration
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NOTE FROM AUTHOR: -Again a work of fiction and my 2nd Porno.

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I gave this one more thought instead of breezing through it like I did with my last one. I imagined myself living out the scenes, experience it for myself. Please let me know what you think. My end of year exams were over and it was finally summer break.

As my second year in University ended and I made my way back home for the first time since I started, two years ago. I was honestly looking forward to falling asleep in my own bed, trying on my old clothes and of course meeting my family. We have always been a close a family, since I left for university and my studies kept me from coming home last year we haven't kept in contact what so ever.

I cant even begin to imagine how much my brother has changed and my mom and dad too.

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After the agonizing 4 hour bus ride I eventually walked in the door of my house. "I'm home!" calling out no one responded. Walking down the hallway into the kitchen the french doors were open and a faint groaning of some kind which was quite low but very audible to at least my ears. Glancing at the clock it was 11:30 and the setting sun lit up the soon to be night sky an efflorescent amber.

Leaving my bags just inside the kitchen door I made my way to the open French doors.

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The groaning which I thought belonged to a crying dog or cat of some kind was not groaning at all but moans of pleasure. A million different things ran through my mind then. As my heart skipped a beat I could feel my nipples beginning to harden, my pussy jolted and my hands trembled.

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Sticking my head very slowly around the corner of the door I could hardly believe what I was seeing. "You make mommy so proud." Mom? "Fuck mom, you're so tight." My brother had his head between my mother's legs and was licking her out. Judging by my mother's moans of pleasure he must have been doing a great job but seriously, since when did THIS happen.

Placing her hands at the back of my brother's head she took hold of his shaggy black hair and pulled his head in tighter against her pussy. "Holy shit!" said my mother in a low voice as her eyes rolled around in her head. My mother was completely naked and my brother had a pair of swimming trunks on.

Lying on the deck near the swimming pool they didn't even attempt to hide it from the neighbors. That being said the sunny had already set and it was very quickly getting quite dark. Today had been blistering hot and I was wearing gray yoga pants, a white tank top and a pair of pink converse. I like my mother am a natural brunette but bleached my hair blonde a week ago.

As my mother began to lift her ass off of the deck I could see hear her moans becoming louder, her nipples were huge and erect. "Oh fuck Kurt, you're making mommy cum." Laughing smugly he didn't stop eating her out. "fuuuck!" my mother's howls of pleasure echoed all over the house and probably all over the neighborhood.

As my mother orgasmed I found myself rubbing my clit through my skin tight yoga pants. Taking in a few quick deep breaths I flicked my bean a little faster and a warm sensation ran from the pit of my stomach, right through the walls of my tight pussy to my and spreading into my swelling clit.

"Leanne, I know you're there hunny?" called out mom. "Leanne?" responded Kurt in disbelief. "Oh shit mom what if-" "Kurt, relax and please take off your shorts, we're not done." As I began to flick my clit I had lost track of where I was standing, when my mom called out to me I jumped around the corner again and pretended I wasn't there but in my heart and in my soul, I knew she had seen me.

Walking out onto the deck I looked at my mom who was now standing up but my gaze quickly averted to my little brother, who wasn't so little at all. Lying on the patio with his fully erect cock in the air he looked at me lustfully and I knew what he wanted.

When I last seen my brother he was a lot skinnier, now on the other hand he was well built at least for his age, I just can't over the size of his cock, surely he can't be 17, I thought. "We weren't expecting you until tomorrow." Said my brother in a voice. Stroking his cock he had no shame what so ever. "I didn't expect to see my mother fucking my brother." I said disdainfully. "So you're telling me, you never thought about fucking your brother?" "What? NO of course I not." I lied. Before I left for college I went through a crazy hormone imbalance or so I thought.

I wasn't a virgin then but at the same time I wasn't obsessed with it either. One morning I woke up and my bed sheets were soaked. I fingered myself to climax three times that morning but to no avail. I was super horny all day and for at least two weeks.


My mom kept me at home because she thought I was ill. I couldn't blame her though, my cheeks were a bright red, my body temperature was super high and my breathing was really heavy.

What she didn't was that I craved cock and a lot of it. I never did it and closest I did get was caching Kurt with a hard on. That day I went out of my way to try and se as much of his cock as I could. Which I didn't. In truth I had always wondered what his dick was like. I suppose most sisters wonder the same about there brothers.

I know my best friend Danielle did, in fact I think she fucked him.

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The way they looked at each other just wasn't the way siblings exchanged glances. "I find that hard to believe." Said mom placing her hands on her hips. "Hunny, just admit it, your two uncles, Ben and John, I though about what there dicks looked like so much when I was Kurts age I ended up sucking one of them off and fucking the other. Baby, please don't bullshit a bullshitter." "Fine, I have thought about his cock before, but not lately." A smirk grew on my brothers face that my made my pussy tingle.

"Hey sis, question?" asked Kurt politely, still stroking his well-endowed manhood. "What is it, Kurt?" I responded trying to sound as annoyed as possible which I think I failed at.

Smiling at me even more he looked at mom who got down onto her knees. "Do you want to finger yourself while you watching your mother suck your brother's cock?" What happened to my sweet annoying little brother who used to tease me and bring my candy when I was upset? In the blink of an eye my mother's head was now bobbing up and down on my brother's cock.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

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At first she made it half way down, then three-quarters of the way and soon she was deep throating his long fat cock. As my mom slurped all my brothers cock she used her free hand to finger herself. Between the slurpy sucking of his dick and the soppy wetness of my mother's cleanly shaved pussy I already had my fingers buried inside my pussy. Using my free hand I pulled out my average C-Cup tits and began caressing my nipples in counter clockwise circular motion.

Finger fucking my now drenched pussy I began to moan softly. Gazing back at my mother and brother, Kurt had grabbed mom roughly by the hair at the back of her head.

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"Take this you cum guzzling whore." Skull fucking my mother her gagging sounds only made me more wet and drove my hormones to bursting point. I was fit to explode. Pulling out to give my mother some air. She spoke in a weak lustful voice; "Cum in mommies mouth, skullfuck me like the whore that I am." Without further a do my borther obliged and gave her the skullfucking of her life.

Between the gagging of my mother and brothers union and my soppy wet pussy which I was now violently finger fucking. We all came together.


Falling down onto m knee's my mother lay down onto her back. Gasping for air with her legs spread for all to see I could make out the juices running down her but cheek and dripping down onto the deck "What a waste…" I said aloud. My desires took control and before my mother or brother could even respond I was already drink the sweet juices of my mother's pussy all the while inhaling her intoxicating aroma.

"You have definitely done this before" said my mother in a moaned rush of words. Sucking and engorging her massive swollen clit in my mouth I sucked it hard and pull my head back stretching her clit which sent my mom into convulsions. "Oh fuck yeah, eat that clit!" Gently biting her clit, not too hard though as I didn't want to hurt her but just enough that she would get the right amount of pleasure I let go of her clit. Parting her soaking wet pussy lips I buried my long tongue into her tight pussy.

I won't lie, me and my roommate Michelle have experiment, when I say experiment I mean, we've fucked, A LOT, in fact we still do made a vow to always fuck when we get the chance. I'm now gonna show mommy, exactly what I can do!

AS my head bobbed back and forth I could feel the walls of my mother's pussy tighten and convulse. As more and more of her sweet juices began to flow out and into my mouth I decided it was time to finish her off in style. Quickly sticking two fingers into her pussy I lubed them up good. As I stopped tongue fucking her mother's head popped up. Just before she could say anything I shot my tongue into her pussy like a spear and took it back out again, pausing I repeated it a few times.

On my fourth try I started caressing my mother's furry asshole and I speared her pussy with my tongue I stuck both my fingers up her ass. "Oh you fucking little whore." Said my mother, clearly in a state of complete ecstasy. Sucking her clit and tongue fucking her tight asshole she moan loudly and was now bucking my face. Using my free hand I stuck two fingers into her pussy, thena third all the while finger fucking her sweet ass and nibbling on her swollen clit. "Oh shit, I'I-" Unable to finished my mother did shout, she screamed.

A flood of hot sweet tasing liquid erupted from my mother's pussy. It was like a river bursting a dam. As most of the warm liquid entered my mouth and I gladly drank it up like a glass of morning orange juice. "Oh fuck yeah." Shouted Kurt, I had completely forgotten about him. As he approached his climax he shoved his dick in my face as if by reflex my mouth opened voluntarily and for the first time ever I was sucking brother's cock and it was AMAZING.

"Shit Leanne, you suck cock way too good." Placing a han d on his thick shaft I sucked his dick like a pro. My head bobbing faster than a jack rabbit running a race. "Holy fuck, I'm coming." As a loud roar escaped my brother's mouth, mine was filled with his boiling hot seed. Squirt after squirt it filled my mouth.

Unlike other sperm I've tasted, this wasn't as satly and tasted quite nice. Swallowing every last drop I fell back onto the patio. "That was not what I expected when I arrived back home after two years away." I laughed. "Do you regret it?" asked my mom honestly. "Well, no, not really." "Not really?" asked my brother confused. "Well, I have eaten out other girls before and I've sucked my fair share of cocks.

Its just odd that I just lick out my mom and suck off my brother." "Wait till dad gets home." Said Kurt laughing. Looking up at him, a hungry look entered his eyes. "What do you mean Kurt?" my mom laughed then. "Oh my darling Leanne, you're just going to have to wait and see." As if by total coincidence. I heard the front door opening. "Vicky, I'm home!" that was my dad's voice. Standing up a look of complete excitement glittered across my brother's face.

Is once flaccid cum dribbling cock was now fully erect and swinging fro side to side as he ran into the house, no not running, skipping. Struggling to stand up, my mother took me by the hand pulled me up and into her arms. Kissing me deeply we exchanged spit and I made out with her for the first time.

Our tongues felt amazing as they massaged each other in a whirlpool of saliva. "You'll have to see this to believe it." Still holding my hand she led me into the house. "See to believe what? I wondered. As mom and I walked into the kitchen I couldn't believe my eyes, mom was right. There was my dad down on his two knee's sucking my brothers cock. "I own this cock, you hear me boy." Said my dad in slurped out words. "Oh dad&hellip." said Kurt getting is cock sucked once more.