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Chapter 4 Harry Potter could still remember the good times at Hogwarts,even with Voldemort in charge.He had still had some good friends,played some quidditch,snogged a few girls and passed his classes.He had managed an "Exceeds Expectations" in all his subjects bar Potions which he only got an "Acceptable".

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Barring the Selina scandal,his family was mostly united and always helped each other no matter what.Since his father's assassination,that bond had only grown stronger.He loved his brother,mother and sisters(though the last two would always become clingy and jealous whenever the subject of girls and marriage would come up.Heck,anything to do with Harry leaving home had them up in arms,though he had yet to understand why.) He was powerful.This he knew quite well.Unseen,he had practised and trained in magic beyond the years of study in Hogwarts.His core was huge,allowing use of spells and charms that many would find powerful yet exhausting.He had kept his head down so as not to get any attention from voldemort's recruiters.He didn't want to be a death eater and a lackey to the dark Lord.He had hired a personal auror instructor to teach him the ways of combat and now was a most accomplished wizard at the age of twenty three.

He had hoped to leave with his ladies for paradise island,find a wife,have numerous kids for his mother to spoil rotten and live his life in peace till death parted him from this world to next great adventure.Being heir to the houses of Potter,Le fay and Merlin did not mean much to him.He never wanted to be rich.As long as he could provide for his family,he didn't mind.In his mind,he was set.

"Until all this piece of shit had to happen." After the students had gone home,he and the two rremaining teachers,Professor Vector and Professor sprout,sealed Hogwarts and sent the house elves to their dens till further information came through.Harry had seen the scared faces of the students,all of them frightened at the turn of events.Heck,most of the pureblood students had been shaking in their boots,not knowing if the new dark lady had their Interests at heart.

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Lady Talon. Harry knew nothing of her and was certain he had never heard of her from any of the ministry officials,who all being ppureblood supremists and mostly death eaters,would have known of any threat to voldemort's title of reigning dark Lord of Britain and Europe.She was an unknown.Yet a particularly vicious unknown.Within hours of her takeover,anybody even remotely sympathetic with Voldemort had been taken out with extreme prejudice.All of the old regimes order had been assassinated with lethal precision.

Harry had taken Cassandra and Morgana home personally by floo.Lily had been waiting for them and had given them the bad news as soon as they had settled down.Alex had been killed.Unknowingly to his family,he had become a death eater on Christmas break and had been planning to bring the recruiters to their home to take Harry and his sisters away as new death eaters.One of lady talons followers had gotten hold of Alex as he fled from a death eater hideout and had frozen him solid before smashing him to pieces.

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"How could he do this? Become a death eater.A follower of that Snake."Cassandra screamed in fury and pain at the loss of her brother.

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Lily held a quiet,sobbing Morgana while her sister raged.Harry,knowing his brother's pureblood and heritage views had nothing much to say,though the loss was painful to him. "He made his choice,Cassie.Theres nothing we can do now."he told her quietly. As darkness steadily turned day to night,lily began preparing a big dinner as no one had had much need for lunch.The missing Selina also weighed heavily on their minds,though they hoped she would be safe.As they ate,Harry finally brought up the topic of his having wives/Mistresses.As per his thoughts.It didn't go down well.

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"WHAT?" "PARDON ME?" "BROTHER,HOW COULD YOU?" It took all of harry's skills of tongue to get them to calm down.His sisters looked ready to murder his women while his mother had a look of possessiveness in her eyes that harry found was in all females present and creeped him out.Calming them down, harry had given the names of his women and since some familiar names were in the list,their anger was abated somewhat.He had also asked that lily send an owl to Gringotts wizard bank to have all their gold and treasures moved to paradise island magically,he also brought up his plans of leaving the country for the island where they would be free from any conflict to come.They agreed and would come with him.Lily wrote the letter and would begin packing next thing in the morning with his sisters while harry gathered his women.All would have gone well from their if harry hadn't mentioned the patil's and susan's pregnancies.

"Their WHAT?" Feeling imminent doom from his family,Harry beat a hasty retreat to the patil's home through the floo. ############################ Abandoned cathedral.


############################ Lady Talon slowly fingered her white Oak wand.Her takeover was a success and her mistress would reward her.Her followers numbered in the thousands and secrecy plus excellent planning had made her uprising so easy.

As she sat in the cathedral on a silver throne,surrounded by her allies and folowers,her thoughts turned to her love. "Soon harry,you will be mine.I will have your heart.And I will show you love and happiness beyond your wildest dreams." Pulling her hood up,she called to one of her servants while changing her voice magically.


"Erica,summon my lieutenants.The mistress will not arrive for some time.The war for Europe is over.Soon the war for the world will begin.We will return this world to an age of Magic and sorcery,where all will know the power of magic and "Mythological creatures". "Also put a notice out for the search and capture of Harry,lily,Morgana and Cassandra Potter.Also any of his associates.Bring them to me alive and unharmed." TO BE CONTINUED.