Curvy shemale pornstar masturbating solo

Curvy shemale pornstar masturbating solo
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Ryan was leading Sheila on her leashshe was on all fourscollared & leashed wearing her 5inch spiked heelsthe 49year old was being lead by her college master to the den where she was going to give him his first blowjob of the day.

She had stayed overnight last nighther daughter Holly had gone out with her cheerleader girlfriends so she had to take care of Ryan who was not only her master but her daughter's first college boyfriendtoday was the 2nd day of Springbreak.

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As she sucked on the long penis Sheila's mind went back to what happened last night. Ryan had started by having her dress up in her bdsm outfit so she knew he wanted her to be completely obedient. He had her lay on his bed & told her to be quiet, & he went his closet door where he opened the door & she got a very big supriseThere collared leashed ballgagged wearing thigh hooker boots & with the word slut written in lipstick on her forehead was Jackiethe only cheerleader mom who was blacknearly 6ft tall, she was all tits, ass & legsRyan had hypnotized her an hour earlier.

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She was lead to the bed & Ryan told Sheila to spread her legs as 50year old Jackie licked pussy for the first in her life.

Her cunt was wet so Ryan shoved his monster dong up her slit as Jackie moaned into Sheilas's pussy.


Driving like a piston into the married ebony cunt ,Ryan was making the most of his spring break .As Sheila acheived orgasm from Jackie's long ebony tongue. He told his girlfriend's mom to get behind him and lick his ass as he gave Jackie her first cream pie. Once Jackie's cunt was full Sheila obediently ate the man dessert.

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Chapter 1- The Dean's Wife Mark was facefucking Joyce as he talked on the phone with her daughter Cindy She'd be over later to join them he thoughtright now the cheerleaders had got together for a social mixer. Eat it slut he yelled as he hung up the phone. Fuck you are a great cocksucker Joycetoo bad the Dean can't experience all the time like i do he smirked (knowing that she was mind-controlled ) she tried to say something but couldnt cause her mouth was full of wang.

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Mark came quickly & plastered the old hag's face with jismafter which he took a pic & added it to the photo album which he kept in his cellphone. Chapter 2-The Coach's Wife aaaaah that feels sooo good master Bev yelled.

She was the Coach's wife & she was spending the day with her maledom Paul at the fraternity house. It was the second day of spring break and the 55year old married nymphomaniac housewife was spending her day getting fucked in the ass ( amongst other things )by her college age Master Paul. He had lubed his monster pole &was know stretching & gaping her 3rd hole.

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.Bev now had a sexy wiggle to her walk ,thanks to all the anal she had with Paul. Her husband was not allowed to fuck her there. Paul was also her daughter CINDY'S first college boyfriend. As Paul unloaded his jism load in her ass. Bev wondered what was gonna happen next ? Chapter 3 -Mom i'm Home Unlike his fraternity brothers Arthur's folks lived in townhe had not left his hometown to go to school.

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Arthur like it thoughhe had hypnotized his mom Sonia last year & she was now mostly his. His stepdad was an ass but occasionally he would let him have fun with Sonia. Arthur had come home for a visithe was now in bed with Sonia (mom ) & Monique a 49 year old 5ft9 married stacked Colombian married slut he had hypnotized at the mall just that morningdressed in leopard ,skin bra & panties & sexy heels ( he had her now cuckold hubby Jose buy her, before he told him, Monique would be used for the eveningso the loser left & Monique would call Jose in the morning to pick her up.

) Arthur watched as Sonia played with her pussyas Monique sucked his balls ,cock & licked his ass, he was getting stiff so he laid the two whores side by side & went back & forth fucking their cuntstil he couldnt take it & drained his jism all over their faces. Arhur went to his room where he kept extra collars & leasheshe then collared &leashed both Monique & Mom (SONIA) and led them to the bathroom where he had them kneel whereupon he urinated on both their faces.

Chapter 4- Party Monique was sucking Ryan, Jackie was blowing ArthurSheila was blowing Paul & Bev was sucking Mark.

Meanwhile Sonia was fisting herself watching the spectacle before her. It was the third day of Spring Break and thr Fraternity brothers decided to to have a motherfucking orgy. All the ladies were married over 40 sluts collared, leashedwith spiked heels & nothing else.

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Gagging on the monsteryoung man pricks Sonia knew that her responsibility (after the men came all over the mom's faces)was to eat the leftovers on the feminine faces.

As she thought of it, Monique received the first load & she helped the latin milfthen Bev followed by Sheila & of course Jackie was last(Arthur was always lasthe would always take a long time to cum, she was so proud of her master/son Sonia smirked ) Please Comment Below What Should Happen Next ???


Gangbang Perhaps ??? Should The Cheerleaders join in ???