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Indian Desi Girlfriend GF Hot Cute
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I was 21 years old, and had been working for a southwest sheriff's department for a year, dealing primarily with runaways. i would track them down when possible and birng them back, but many were never found, never even seen or heard from again.

I was called into the office one day to meet a Federal Agent, who explained that a slavery ring was operating in the region, and that their leads were few and far between. ut they ahd one, and if I cold get close to this guy, and perhaps infiltrate their operation, then maybe we could save a few girls lives! After a week of training and briefing, I was told to hunt downa nd get close to a guy called "WildFeather". he had some Papago Indian in him, and fancied himself to be a throwback to the days of the warrior braves, and since the Papago were known for enslaving their conquered enemies, he felt that being part of a slavery operation made him closer to his heritage… but however he did it, he was good-looking and could get girls to sit and talk with him.

I found him in short order, and since I had money to blow on pot and booze, it wasn't that hard to get close to him, and before I knew it we were hanging together all the time. He'd let me stay with him even when he was "working a girl", as he called it, and over a couple of weeks, got to trust me enough to divulge bits of what he was doing, and let me watch how he did it.

He would tell them how sympathetic he was that they were so unhappy at home, and how he wished he could help them escape the dull or miserable existence they endured, and then he would merely suggest that if, they chose to run away from home, he could get them a place to stay and maybe help them to find a job, so they could stop being a kid and move into adulthood. On rare occasions, while I was with him, WildFeather would teasingly say to them, "Just come with me, baby.

I'll make you a sex slave and sell you to the highest bidder. " I was amazed that several girls would titter and blush when he said that, but then agree to run away that very night, or soon thereafter. Of course, they didn't believe him.

after all, slavery isn't real, everyone knows that. and besides that would be illegal, wouldn't it? After a while, he let me meet the guy who took the girls off his hands. no names, of course, just meet him, and I was given the okay to start bringing in some girls myself.

I emulated WildFeather… I would hang out in the places where kids hung out, the pinball rooms, pool halls (we didn't have arcades then), coffee houses, malt shops, teen centers… I was only 21, and I looked young, which was why I got the job… I looked the part, with scroungy clothes and long hair, and girls seemed to find me easy to talk to.

I never recruited a boy… but any girl over 13 was fair game, they said, and I worked hard to bring them in. WildFeather, they said, had brought in four to six girls each month; I brought in nine the first month and ten the second. For each girl I brought to our handler, whose name I learned was "Jack", I was paid a thousand dollars cash.

Jack was a seemingly nice guy, an older man of about 60. He affected an air of a grandfatherly type, and he would reassure the girls that they would be comfortable and safe, "just come stay with me and the ol' lady!

She'll love havin' you there, don't worry…" His manner and charm would put them at ease in minutes, One night, after a girl named Pam that I had brought to him was safely in his car, he turned to me and said, "Boss says you're doin' a helluva job… wants to know if you might wanna move up?

It'll mean a lot more money, but you gotta be able to handle it… think you can? Gets kinda rough out there sometimes, it ain't no kiddie camp!" I knew this was the shot I'd been waiting for, so I rapidly agreed, and he told me to climb in the back seat.

As he got behind the wheel, he told Pam that he had invited me out to his place for dinner, since his wife hadn't seen me in a while.

I was smart enough to play along. "Hey, how's she doin' anyway, Jack? You tell 'er I miss her good cookin'?" "Sure did, Thunder," he said, using the street name I was known by. "She tol' me to get your butt out there to try some new recipe she got, and besides, if you ask me, I think she's got a little crush on ya!" he laughed, and the girl in the front seat beside him giggled and blushed.

"Hey, now, little girl, that ain't funny… My wife got the hots for a younger man… that just ain't funny!" But he was grinning and elbowing her in a friendly, conspiratorial fashion the whole time. "Why, if she runs off with ol' Thunder, I might just have to get me a sweet little thing like you to keep me company! How about that, you wanna be ol' Jack's girl?

Hmmm?" Pam tittered, and turned red, but didn't answer and Jack let it go, talking to me about nonsensical things. The ride was fairly long, almost three hours, and at one point I began to worry… I had not had a chance to let my superiors know where I was going, which was against the rules… but my gut instinct had said that if I did not jump enthusiastically at the chance, it would have raised suspicion. The thoughts running through my mind included the fear that my cover had been somehow blown, and that I would not be returning from this trip… but I played my part as if I was excited to be given a chance to get more deeply involved and make more money.

Jack seemed relaxed, but then I knew that he was good at his job… and being relaxed and making the girls comfortable was part of it. What if he were playing me the same way? When we arrived at the house, I was surprised at how big it was, but even more surprised at its remoteness. By this time, Pam was getting nervous herself, although neither Jack nor I had said anything about what was to happen to her.

Perhaps she sensed that we were both being phony, each for our own reasons. I learned later that most girls got nervous by the time they got there. We all climbed out of the car, and Jack grabbed the small bag she had brought with her, and led the way into the house. Inside, we were met by another man, rather than a lady who might have been Jack's wife. Jack introduced us. "Everett, this is Thunder… Thunder, Everett!

Everett runs things here, and he's the one wanted to see how you'd do." I stuck my hand out and Everett grabbed it in a firm grip. "Well," he said, "you got the look about you… ready to find out what we do here? "Yep!" I replied, giving his hand as firm a squeeze as I'd gotten.

He let go, and turned to the girl. "Hey, missy… come to join us, have you?" She nodded timidly, and Everett turned to me. "Bring her and follow me," he ordered. Instinctively, I reached out and took hold of her arm, not roughly, but firmly, and led her down the hall the way Everett had gone. Inside, the house seemed even bigger than it had from the outside, and there were doors and rooms everywhere.

Everett turned into one room, opening the door, and we followed him… and the girl I had hold of began to cry. There in the room in front of us was a large wooden frame, about eight feet tall and ten feet or more across. From it, hanging by bound hands over a hook, was another young girl. She was naked and gagged, and tears were streaming down her face as she whimpered as we entered the room.

The frame was the only thing in the room, and I noticed immediately that the walls and floor and ceiling were covered in some kind of plastic-looking coating. There was a drain in the middle of the floor, and a large hose, almost like a fire hose, was coiled up on the wall and connected to a big faucet. Pam tried to turn and run, and I tightened my grip so that she couldn't, fully aware that Everett and two other men were watching me closely.

I kept my eyes on the girl hanging from the rack, and I'm sure that the shock on my face must have looked like excitement, and I felt myself grinning nervously. Everett ordered, "Strip her, and if she fights, slap the fuck out of her!" I looked at him in surprise, then caught myself, knowing that if I failed, I probably would not leave here alive, so I turned to Pam and yanked her close, and ripped the t-shirt she had been wearing down the front, pulling at it til it tore enough to come off.

She was screaming and fighting me now, and as I got the shirt off, I swung hard and slapped her open handed across her mouth, splitting her lip and making it bleed… and felt a thrill at what I had just done. She froze and stared at me for a moment, and I looked at the flowered pants she wore, saw that they snapped in the front, and grabbed the snap and popped it, then began to pull down the zipper.

She came alive again and began pushing at me, muttering, "No. No…", but I slapped her again and she stopped. Her face went slack as she realized that the situation she was in could get even uglier if she fought me, and her shoes and pants were off in seconds. She'd had no bra on, and her panties ripped apart with a single pull, and she was naked except for socks. I played a hunch and grabbed her hair and pulled her face close to mine.

"Take the socks off, bitch!" I yelled in her face, and she shakily reached down with one hand to obey. I noticed a surprised look on Everett's face from the corner of my eye, but it seemed I had pleased him by making her participate in her stripping.

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Two other men stepped up and took Pam from me, dragging her towards the rack. I watched, transfixed, as she was bound with prepared slip-cuffs made of nylon rope, and hung on a hook beside the other girl. She was crying aloud, and one of the men stuffed a ball of cloth into her mouth and secured it with a scarf bound around her head. I looked at her, and saw the bruise-marks of my hand and fingers on her arm, and across her face, and she stared at me pleadingly as I watched… and again I felt that thrill, and let a smile settle into place as I turned back to Everett.

"Did I pass?" I asked him, looking him dead in the eye. He grinned, and nodded, then motioned for me to follow him out of the room.

We were sitting on comfortable chairs in what might have been a normal living room, and a woman had offered me a beer, which I had accepted. Everett sat directly across from me. "So, you know what goes on here, right?" "Got an idea," I admitted. "I knew we were getting' girls to be made into slaves, so I guess this is where you break 'em?" "Precisely correct. Here, they are broken the way you break horses, and I'm surprised you caught onto that so fast." "I've been around a bit… I know that to make a horse or a dog become obedient, they have to be broken, and then built back up to what you want them to be… figure it's the same with people." He grinned at me, a simple grin like anyone might offer to someone they expected to like.

'Well, you're right… first we break their spirits, and then we make them into what we want them to be… whores and slaves. Think you got what it takes to be part of that?" I thought hard for a moment, knowing that if I said I didn't, I would probably be dead before morning.

" I do… to be honest, I got a big kick outa rippin' that girl's clothes off…" "You got one when you slapped the shit out of her, too, I saw it on your face." He was still grinning. I nodded, as if just considering it myself.

"Yeah… yeah, I did&hellip. Turned me on a bit, to be honest. Sick bastard, ain't I?" and I grinned right back at him. He shook his head. "Not really. Most men enjoy being rough with a woman, which is why there's so much money in this business. Most countries nowadays don't allow it… so men who can afford it and want it buy slaves that they can keep locked away and secret, and that's where we come in." He leaned towards me. "I need a groom, someone to take care of the girls once they're broken.

It means you'd be cleaning them, watching them… you'd make sure they're all locked up whenever we aren't training them and see that they eat and wash and all that stuff. Interested?" "Sure," I nodded, "just show me what to do!" He looked me up and down then. "You're pretty young… been I the Army or anything?" I nodded. "Well, then you're not a baby… you got some idea of what all goes on in the world.

Ever get into any kinky sex shit?" Something twitched at the back of my mind then, and thought of several rather kinky things I'd done… "Yeah…" I said, a little shy about it. "Well, you're gonna see things here that'll make whatever you've done in the past look like nothing! It's all part of the training, and there will be times you may have to be part of it yourself… any problem with that?" I have long thought that, from the look on Everett's face, I must have turned red at that point, but I assured him that a little kink wasn't going to bother me.

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"Good… I think you just might work out! Of course, you get some fringe benefits… once the girls are broken, you can fuck any of 'em you want… any way you want. The more you use 'em, the better they'll learn what they are and what they have to do, so don't be shy about it!" At that point, my own training for the job of groom began.

Everett explained to me that as soon as each girl arrived, she was stripped and hung, just as I had seen done to Pam. They were left hanging there until they fouled themselves, because it humiliated them to piss and shit while hanging there exposed.

Once that happened, they would be hosed off like animals, then taken down and carried to a shower room, where they would be hung up again under a showerhead. It would then be my job to wash them clean, after which they would each be raped… repeatedly, and by several different men, but not by me… over a period ranging from three days to two weeks. This, he explained, would serve to further break them, as they were horribly sexually abused.

Each night, it would be my job to clean them up, be nice to them, sympathize, but encourage them to accept their training so that they would not have to continue to suffer the punishments they would get for resistance. Girls who did not break during that time, I was to tell them, would be killed… although I was assured that this was not true, it was merely a way to speed the breaking process. These girls had to be brought to the point of utter despair, convinced that their old lives were gone forever… so that they could let go of them and accept their new fates.

In addition to being raped, the girls were all subjected to what I considered to be extreme punishments each day until they began to embrace their new enslavement. The punishments ranged from simple spanking, like an unruly child, to being bound and whipped, with one of the nastiest cat-o-nine-tail whips I've ever seen! This whip was a bullwhip, but at the end, instead of the simple cracker found on most bullwhips, there were nine leather thongs, and each of them was tipped with a tiny metal rasp.

The rasps would leave deep welts when swung lightly, painful welts that would continue to sting sometimes for days… but when a girl was lashed by Everett, the whip was swung with all the force he could muster, and those rasps would leave deep, bleeding grooves in that fair human flesh!

Each girl got at least one such beating by Everett, the first day after she came off the rack… and few ever allowed herself to get a second. During their breaking, the girls were kept as uncomfortable as possible, and I was instructed in how to secure them when they were not in training. The first couple of days, they were to be caged, and I was shown the large heavy wire mesh cages that had been built for the purpose… there were twenty-two cages in the basement of the house, and at that time, there were six girls being housed in them.

Another nine girls were already past breaking, but only just, and they were granted the privilege of sleeping on pallets in a large room on the second floor… but they wore metal collars around their necks, and these collars, locked in place with padlocks that left bruises on them at times, were chained to bolts set into the studs of the walls.

Each of them had a covered bucket next to her pallet, where she could use the bathroom, in full view of all the others in the room. They were allowed no privacy at all, and no clothing… a slave has no rights, and is not a person, they were taught… therefore needed no privacy and had no reason for any kind of modesty.

By the time we finished the tour of the house, it was nearly two o'clock in the morning, and Pam had been hanging for almost three hours. We stopped in the rack room, and looked at the two girls hanging there. Pam looked at us, and the pleading I had seen in her eyes before was gone, replaced by the darkest look of hatred I had ever seen. The other girl appeared at first to be unconscious, but when Pam began to grunt what were probably obscenities at us, she stirred and opened her eyes.

I saw that she had pissed herself… there was a wet line down the inside of her legs, and a puddle on the floor under her. Her eyes seemed vacant. "Girl you brought in still has some fight left in her," Everett said. "The other one's been there since about noon, and she's made it to the point she knows this isn't a bad dream." I looked at the first girl, and saw that while she was pretty, she was probably younger than Pam, who was sixteen.

"What's her name?" I asked. Everett looked at me oddly. "They don't have names, except whatever you wanna call 'em. The first thing we have to do here is de-humanize them, so whatever their name was before, you can bet they'll never hear it again!

All we call them is 'bitch' or 'cunt' or whore' or 'slave or shit like that. "Now, as the groom, you can give 'em names if you want, but it won't matter once they leave here… their Masters will name them whatever they want them to be called." He walked up to where Pam hung, and she tried once to kick out at him, but he caught her foot in his left hand, with his right, slapped the soft inner flesh of her thigh so hard that tears sprang instantly to her eyes.

"Little girl," he said, "You need to get it through your head that your life is over. Mommy and Daddy are gone, and can't help you, your friends are all gone and can't help you, you are all alone except for us! Now, Thunder here will be taking care of you later on, so I wanted you to know that the reason I made him strip you naked is because I needed to know if he could do it… but from here on out, he'll be nice to you… most of the time." He slapped her across her face, very hard.

"That's just a taste of what you'll be getting later." He turned back to me. "It's late. Jack'll take you back to Tucson. I'm sure you're smart enough to know that if you talk, we'll find out and you'll be dead." I nodded. "Gather up whatever clothes and stuff you need to bring with you, and meet up with Jack tomorrow night.

He'll lead you back here. Plan on just staying here with us from now on, okay?" "You got it," I agreed, and we headed back to where Jack was dozing in a chair. It was almost dawn by the time I got back to my place, and I slept most of the day. About five, I got up and showered, packed up my clothes and headed into the city to find a pay phone. Sgt. Perrin, my direct contact with the state, answered. "It's Bill from Poughkeepsie," I said, using my code name.

"Hey, Bill, how's it hangin'?" That phrase was an indication that my cover was intact as far as they knew. "Been bumped upstairs… I'm going into the training house tonight, to be the "groom", take care of the kids and lean 'em and feed 'em and such." I gave him the names of the people I'd met, all first names only at the time, and a rough description of the house and where I thought it was located.

He put me on hold while he consulted with someone above him, and then came back on the line. "Okay, go on in and keep it together. We can't afford to blow the case we've got so far by pulling you out; they'd just break and run.

Will you be able to get out to call in?" "Dunno… but I think I could make a run if I had to. If I play it right, I'm sure I can get to be trusted enough to go into town at least once in awhile with someone else, and I can figure out a way to get messages to you, at least." "Okay, just remember you're in deep… if it goes bad, we won't even know how to get to you." "I knew this could happen when I took the assignment… I'm a survivor, just trust me." "Alright… and good luck!" I hung up the phone and went back to my car.

I had an hour before I was to meet Jack, so I grabbed a bite to eat at the WhatABurger across the street, and then went to the rendezvous point to wait. Jack pulled in right on time, but he wasn't alone… another man got out of the car with him, a guy I'd never seen. "Thunder, this is Mike! He'll drive your car out today. I'm s'posed to make sure you don't know exactly how to get there, at least for now. You's smart enough to understand that, ain't'cha?" I gave him a cocky grin.

"Course… no big deal." Mike spoke up then. "Once they get to trust ya, you'll be fine… but this is some scary shit, so the big guys are real careful." Again I nodded, and flipped Mike the keys to my Mustang. "Drive careful, she's my baby!" I climbed in with Jack and we took off, Mike following behind. The night before, it had been full dark when we left, and I guess they figured I wouldn't be able to find the place in the daytime… and they would have been right, I didn't have a clue where Jack had taken me.

Now, however, it was daylight, and Jack handed me a blindfold. "Everett said to have you put this on, and then you might as well kick back and take a nap." I looked at him for a moment, then shrugged and put it on, and settled back into the seat. Sure enough, I dozed right off. My snoring was probably reassuring to Jack, since I was calm enough to sleep.

We arrived about ten that night, or maybe a little after. I carried my stuff in and was given a room on the second floor, right next to what they "the dorm", where the girls slept in the group.

There was a boy's "dorm", also, but it was empty at the time. Everett called me downstairs, and I found him in the rack room. Pam was still hanging there, but she was apparently asleep. The other girl was gone. Everett pointed at Pam with his chin and said, "Look at that… sleepin' like a baby!

Hose her off, and take her down for a shower. She won't be able to walk, at first, so just drag her if you have to." He turned and walked out of the room before I could respond. I walked over to where the fire hose was mounted and grabbed it and turned it on. The nozzle had a shutoff valve, and I aimed it at Pam and turned the handle.

The water hit her hard, and was cold… she came awake instantly and tried to scream. She had shit herself, and more I'm certain, and I washed her off with the hose the best I could and ran it all down the drain, then cut the water. I walked over to her and watched her drip dry for a minute while she stared at me wide-eyed and shivered, then put arms around her waist and lifted til her bound hands came off the hook. The slip-cuffs were well designed… although she had been in them almost twenty-four hours, her hands had not lost all circulation, and the color came back to the pretty fast.

When I set her down, she collapsed, of course, and her legs were trying feebly to get underneath her, so I grabbed her under her shoulders and helped her up onto her feet. She stood as long as I offered some support… if I let go, she began to tremble and would fall.

"Okay, baby, you gotta help me here. I gotta take you down and give you a shower, so I'll hold you up and you walk where I tell you." She nodded weakly, and took a faltering step forward.

I held her up, and between the two of us, we made it down the stairs to the showers. I found the hook and hung her up there, but her feet could still touch the floor this time, and she was regaining a bit of strength in her legs. I turned on the water and adjusted it to be fairly warm, and she nodded when it hit her. There were wash cloths and soap and shampoo on a shelf nearby, and I began to lather her body, noticing just how sexy it was as I did so.

I washed her face and neck, and then soaped her chest and belly and back before I moved to her ass and washed it very well, even slipping the cloth inside a bit and working it around.

She fidgeted a bit as I did that, but didn't fight… I thought she must be catching on. I washed her legs down to her feet from the back, and moved around to the front and washed upwards, which brought me to her pussy, and I couldn't resist playing with it. By now, I had a hard-on that was aching, but I had been told that others would rape the girls, not me, so I kept it in my pants and just enjoyed being able to play. As I began to wash her most private parts, I saw tears in her eyes, but I cold tell that she was responding.

It suddenly dawned on me that Pam was only sixteen, and that under the law I was molesting her… but I had been briefed early on that if I got this far, I was to do whatever I was told to do, and would be immune if I was made to break laws, and I suddenly snickered at the thought of being a state-sanctioned pervert.

Pam stiffened under my touch, and I went back to concentrating on her pussy, watching her face as the sensations overcame her resistance.


I dropped the cloth, and let my bare fingers rub the soapy water around her clit and outer lips, then thrust a finger into her and felt her stiffen and begin to shake as she came. I continued washing her, and would look at her face occasionally, and saw that she was watching me closely, but not with any animosity.

"Did you like that?" I asked her, and she shook her head, but not convincingly… I could swear I could see a bit of pleasure still in her eyes. I took the shampoo and washed her hair thoroughly, making sure to massage her scalp as I did so, and she moaned slightly behind the gag, her head relaxing and falling back into my hands.

I began to talk to her softly. "Okay, sweetie, now you know you're in a bad situation… you have to understand that there's no way out of it, hear me?" She looked around at me with questioning eyes, but nodded after a moment.

"Now, what I just did felt good, right? Well, there's gonna be more of that, and some of it might not feel so good at first.

If you fight them, or try to stop them, they'll hurt you… understand?" She nodded again. "Okay…now I'm gonna try to take care of you, but I'm only allowed to do so much… just remember that thunder cares about, you, okay, baby?" She nodded once more, a pleading look in her eyes. I wanted to take the gag out and let her speak, but I wasn't sure if I could do that, so I didn't. Instead, I took her down off the hook, and she managed to stand, so I held onto the cuffs and led her back up the stairs.

Everett was waiting as we came onto the main floor, and told me to bring her and follow him. We went back to the rack room, and another man, Mitch, grabbed hold and we hung her back on the hook she had been on. Her eyes were looking at me, frightened, and I patted her and whispered to just relax and be good. Mitch and I stepped away, and Everett came in with a whip in his hand, a wicked looking thing with several metal tips… the "Cat"! Pam's eyes grew wide as he shook it out.

He held it up for her to get a good look. "See this, bitch?" he asked her. Her eyes went from the cat, to his face, and back to the cat. "This is my little friend… and she's gonna show you what'll happen to you if you don't obey… got that?" Pam's eyes got even wider, and she nodded vigorously, and then began to shake her head in the negative, as if begging him not to use it on her.

He flipped it once, and then, stepping to one side, he swung it back and brought it forward against her back with enough force that it split her skin in several places! Despite the gag in her mouth, I could hear Pam scream, and Everett swung the whip again, even harder than the first time if that's possible, and the sounds coming from down deep in Pam's throat were horrible… deep racking sobs that shook her entire body, and she was thrashing about like an animal in a trap.

A third lash, then a fourth, and she began to go limp, just hanging there as the fifth lash struck her… and then the sixth, and she lapsed into unconsciousness… Everett handed the whip off to someone, and he and Mitch took Pam down and carried her out of the room. He nodded for me to follow, and she was taken into the living room and laid, on her back, on a couch, her hands still bound.

Her legs were positioned so that one was up on the back of the couch, where a strap secured it and the other was on the floor, and another strap coming out from under the couch was wrapped around that one and secured.

Mitch grinned at me, as Everett began to unbuckle his belt. Pam was still out cold, and Everett told Mitch to "get her ready", and the man knelt down and began to touch Pam's pussy.

He played with it for a moment, with no response from Pam, and then bent to lick her snatch. I watched, getting hard, as Mitch sucked and licked this young girl's pussy and cunt, wishing it was me doing it. He slipped a finger inside her, and she began to move just a bit, her head rolling around a little. Mitch leaned back, and Everett moved up, now naked, and Mitch moved to the end and grabbed hold of her hands, holding them down.

Everett's cock was large, but not as huge as I'd seen in porn movies. Everett felt her pussy, and slid a finger inside her cunt, then leaned up over her and with a single thrust, shoved his cock into her, and she came to, her eyes going wide instantly. Everett grunted, "Goddam, a fuckin' virgin this time… don't get that too often no more!" Pam began to thrash and cry, her tears running freely down her face, as Everett fucked her hard, holding her hips and dragging her downwards onto him with each thrust.

Pam was trying to buck him off, and Mitch let go with one hand to slap her across her face, then reached down and slapped both her tits as hard as he could muster from that position, and she tried again to scream. Everett continued to fuck her, now pounding in even harder, obviously turned on by her fear and struggles and pain, and I was rock hard myself.

The rape continued for more than half an hour, and Pam finally just let it happen, no more resistance in her. When Everett came, though, he pulled out and let his cum shoot all over her belly and tits, then traded places with Mitch, who had his pants off in seconds.

Pam watched as Mitch got ready, and the tears started again… I guess she had thought that when Everett was done, it would be over for now. I heard a sound behind me, and looked back to find that two more men had come in, old Jack one of them, and they were already naked and hard, watching the sweet young girl being violated and beaten.

Mitch shoved his cock, not quite as big as Everett's, into Pam's cunt and began to fuck her. Where Everett had fucked her in silence, Mitch was talking to her the whole time.

"That's it, fuck me, you little whore… goddam little cunt, fuck this cock, fuck it! You love my big ol' cock shoved up in you, don't you, cunt? Don't you?" he continued the whole time he was fucking her, and Pam was shaking her head and crying at first, but then she just gave in again. Everett seemed to take this as a cue, and the gag was ripped from her mouth. "Okay, slut, now you get to have some real fun!" he said, and slapped her once hard across her face.

She was working her jaw, trying to get sensation back into it, and the blow caught her off guard. "Now, I'm gonna stick my dick in your mouth, and you're gonna suck it real nice for me… and if you bite it, I'm gonna fuckin' kill you, do you understand?" Pam just looked at him still working her jaw, as if she didn't comprehend what he was saying, and Everett looked up at Don, the fourth man, and held out a hand and snapped his fingers.

Don suddenly produced a long butcher knife, and slapped the handle into Everett's palm, and in a split second it was against Pam's throat. I jumped, it happened so fast, and started to make a move, but caught myself… and realized it was making me even hotter! Pam jumped, but she was held fast. Don moved up to take hold of Pam's hands, and Everett stepped closer to her face from the side/ "Now, do you understand, cunt?" Pam nodded vigorously, her eyes wide and tearing up again.

She tried to talk but all that came out was "uhhh…" and then Everett's cock was in her mouth, her head turned to take it. He shoved it in deep, and she gagged, but didn't let it go from her mouth. I could see that she was probably new to this, but she was definitely giving it all she had. About this time, Mitch gave a loud grunt and pulled out and shot his load of cum onto Pam's belly, just as Mitch had done.

I wondered why they pulled out, but didn't ask. I was so hard from watching this little girl get so brutally raped that I was already thinking about jacking off later while I replayed it in my mind! Mitch moved back and Jack moved forward. His dick was bigger than either of the first tow, but Pam was busy and didn't see him getting in position. He turned his head and Don tossed him a tube, which I could see was K-Y Jelly… lubricant. He rubbed some on his cock, and then wiped his hand on her ass, and the next thing I knew, Jack shoved his cock into Pam's asshole, and she screamed aloud right around Everett's cock.

And I came in my pants… I turned and staggered out of the room, and heard the other men laughing at me as I went. I learned later that this was normal… most new guys creamed their jeans the first time they watched a breaking rape, so it was not that big a deal… but it was embarrassing to me at the time. I went and showered and changed, and was just coming back up the stairs when Everett found me. He slapped me on the back and laughed. "Well, son, what did you think of that?" I told him it was the hottest thing I'd ever seen… which was true, and exactly what he had obviously wanted to hear.

"Hell, yes, it is, son! Now you go on and get yourself one or two of the girls and take 'em to your room and have yourself some fun, and we'll see you in the morning so you can get to work!" he punched me in the shoulder again, and laughed, and then he was gone.

I didn't take a girl that night… all that I'd seen had been so overwhelming, and the feelings inside me were actually a bit frightening… so I went to my room and lay there, thinking about it all… and when I looked again, it was morning.

I awoke early, and found my way to the kitchen. Thee was a woman there (Marsha, I learned) who was cooking breakfast, and she looked at me and just pointed towards the coffeepot without a word.

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I poured myself a cup and went to the rack room… it was empty, there were no girls hanging there. I wandered down to the basement and checked on Pam and the other girls in the cages. They were sleeping, all but one, and she shied back into her cage when I approached. I noticed that there were only six cages occupied, although there had already been six when I was here the first night; apparently a couple of girls had moved upstairs. Pam, and the girl who had been hanging when I came that night, were in cages.

The one girl who was awake was staring at me, frightened. I knelt down beside her cage and looked at her while I sipped my coffee. "You okay in there?" I asked, like an idiot. She just looked at me, and didn't answer, but her eyes said it all… I'm in a cage, you dumb fuck, of course I'm not okay! I got up and went back up to the second floor, deciding I should check on my charges. In the girls' dorm, there were now eleven girls sleeping chained to the walls.

All of them were nude, and most were curled in fetal positions or close to it. It dawned on me that seeing them like this, and seeing the girls in the cages, was turning me on, and I let myself examine the girls closely. I learned later that day that the oldest girl there was about twenty-two, while the youngest was only thirteen. Usually, I was told, we didn't take girls over eighteen, but this one girl had been a special case, a real beauty who had gotten herself into some trouble, and told WildFeather she needed to hide away somewhere for a while.

Well, she got her wish… no one would find her now. All of the girls were at least what would be termed cute, and several were truly pretty… some maybe even beautiful, but it was hard to tell when they were sleeping on hard pallets without covers. I noticed that most of them had goosebumps… it gets cold at night in the desert.

I heard a noise behind me and looked around. Don and another man I hadn't met were standing there, and I followed them back to the kitchen. Everett and Mitch were there eating breakfast of eggs and bacon and biscuits, and a plate was shoved into my hands as soon as I walked in. I sat down at the table and began to eat.

Everett looked up and grinned at me. "Good, you're up. Once you're done, Mitch'll get you the keys, and you can bring the girls down four at a time to eat. Be sure to use the leashes… little cunts get the idea sometimes they can run naked out the back door, and it's a pain in the ass catchin' some of 'em!" I followed his directions and found long leather leashes hanging near each cage. I would hook a leash to each girl's collar before I unlocked her chains, and the first four followed me without a problem when I said it was time for breakfast.

They sat a t the table as soon as we entered the room, and as Marsha set plates in front of them, they began to eat as if they were starving. "Don't they get enough to eat?" I asked. Marsha smiled. "When Don was groom, til you came in, he gave 'em each three minutes to eat, and if they weren't done, it was too bad, he'd grab the leash and drag them up the stairs.

They learned to eat fast!" I watched the girls wolfing down the food, and thought… I had eleven girls to feed, and could do it four at a time… yes, they'd have to eat fast so that all of them could have breakfast. But the table could seat up to eight… I told the girls to slow down a bit, that I'd let them have a few extra minutes to eat.

They looked at me as if I was trying to trick them and didn't slow down at all.

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They were finished in less than three minutes. I took them back upstairs and locked them down again, since I had no orders to do anything else with them. Then I looked at the rest. Seven girls… I noticed that a few of the chains were hooked to the wall with padlocks, like the ones on their collars, and tried my keys on those locks, the third key opened one of them, a nine or ten foot chain that was attached to one girl's collar, and I ran it through the other collars and locked it to the last one.

Then I unlocked all of the other chains from the collar end, so that the seven girls were all hooked together. I hooked a leash on the one in front and led them down together. Marsha stared for a moment, and then began setting plates for the extra three girls I had brought.

"Good thinkin'" she said. Mitch poked his head in to see what she was talking about, and came back a moment later with Everett, who stood and watched as they ate. Like the first girls, they ate fast, and were done in minutes. I stood up, and they did also. Everett scowled at me. "You got too many at once… if they all take a run, they could drag you down." I wound the leash around my right hand, and gave a quick tug on it.

The girl it was hooked to was pulled off her feet and went down, and the rest fell on top of her. "Don't think so, " I said, and Everett laughed. "Okay, good deal… Take 'em back up and empty their potties, and then let's get the new girls fed. One at a time with them… they're still a little wild." I took my girls back up the dorm and locked them down, and went back to the basement.

All the caged girls were awake now, and I heard whispering as I approached, but they were silent by the time I got there. Pam was sitting cross-legged in her cage, and I deliberately ignored her as I went to the first cage. As I unlocked the door, the girl inside crawled up to it and waited as I hooked a leash to her collar, another wide metal one like the other girls wore.

Once hooked, she came on out and stood, stretching for a moment, and I took the chance to look her nude body over closely. She was about five foot three, and tiny, with small tits and a perfect little ass. Her pussy showed signs of having been shaved, but there was a short down of hair growing back now, and it dawned on me that the girls upstairs were all clean shaven there. As I looked up at her face, I saw her staring at me, not quite defiantly, but more like she was getting used to being examined and wondered what would happen next, so I reached out and stroked the side of her face.

She flinched, and I did it again, and she stood still for it, so I let my caress drift down her body to her tits and brushed lightly over one nipple, and then the other, and she shivered a bit.

This girl was accepting her role as a sex object, I thought to myself, and I smiled a bit at that thought… and was startled when she offered a sheepish smile in return. "You're very pretty," I told her, and she smiled a bit more, but didn't speak.

I took her upstairs and let her eat, and she kept watching me out of the corner of her eye. When she was done, I took her back and got another girl, leaving Pam for last. One after another, I looked them over and stroked them softly, complimented them, and each time I was rewarded with a shy smile, except for the last two… Pam and the other girl who had arrived that day.

That girl would cry every time I tried to touch her, but she would not pull away… the stripes on her back were still raw and fresh, and I think she expected to get more if she didn't let me touch her, but she could not hold back the tears.

She ate quickly and went eagerly back into her cage. Pam was almost reluctant to come out, and she glared at me as she did so. I told her it was time to eat, and tried to reach out to touch her, and she snarled, "Keep your hands off me!" Quite different from the girl who had leaned on me on the way to the shower just the day before, but I knew she'd had time to think and of course, it was me that got her into this… I suppose it was natural for her to hate me.

As she finished eating, Everett looked into the kitchen. "That the last?" "Yep," I said. "Good. She'll do, just bring her on and come with me." I rose from the table and pulled on Pam's leash, and she looked up at me, terrified.

"Please…" she whispered, "please don't let them do anything to me again…" "Baby, I can't stop it… it's just what you've gotta deal with, now. Now, be a good girl and don't make it worse than it has to be." She got up, reluctantly, but I held the leash tight and there was nowhere she could run to anyway.

We followed Everett down the hall and down the basement stairs, and I thought we were going to put Pam back in her cage, but he turned and went through a door I had only noticed before… and we were standing in what could only be described as a dungeon.

In the center of the room were two pairs of stocks… stout wooden frames that would hold a person's head and arms, so that they could not move, but had to stand in one place. On one wall were shelves that held a variety of implements, such as whips and switches and riding crops… and lots of other things I had never seen before… and along another there were strange pieces of furniture, like big sawhorses or large wooden X's, chairs with straps attached and holes cut out of them… a torture rack… I don't know if Pam's eyes were wider than mine, but they were wide.

Everett had me lead Pam over to one of the stocks, and together we mounted her into it. It was low, and she was bent over a board that extended behind it, so that her ass was sticking almost straight out behind her. Everett motioned to me to have a seat on one of the odd chairs, and watch… so I did. First, he examined carefully her stripes and marks from the whipping the night before, and painted on some sort of ointment to her back.

Then, he looked over her ass, running her hands over it and feeling the flesh as if he was checking the ripeness of a melon. He gave her ass one hard swat with his hand, and she yelped, but that was all.

From where I was sitting I could see that she was trying to turn her head and see behind herself, but of course it was impossible. Another man, one I didn't know, came in and sat down. Everett nodded at him, but didn't speak, and went to one of the shelves and selected what looked like a long thick dildo with straps on it, and brought it back to Pam. She still couldn't see what he was doing, but she felt his fingers as he spread a lubricant of some kind into her ass crack, and I suddenly realized what he was about to do.

I guess my face gave it away… Pam looked at me, and then started to scream, even before Everett had touched her again.


A moment later she screamed even louder as the dildo went into her ass. Everett worked it in somewhat quickly, but not all at once… he basically fucked her with it for a moment, letting it go deeper each time he pushed in, until it was seated all the way in. The straps then went around in front of her and through her legs, and the butt-plug was locked in place. Pam was crying, and Everett went around looking at her face, squatting down to do so. "That's gonna stay there for a day or so… and by the time it comes out, you're gonna be real ready for it to!

And if you try to shit past it, it'll hurt like a motherfucker… so you better hold it!" He stood and began to unlock the stocks, and I went to help and leash her again. I looked closely at the butt-plug, and saw that the straps had connected with metal buckles and hasps, and a small padlock secured it.

She couldn't take it out… it was there til he chose to remove it! Pam was then led over to the big X on the far wall, and was bound by the straps attached to it.

Her back was to the wall, and she faced outward. Everett took down several things from the shelves and showed them to her. He explained each item to her, which is how I learned what some of them were.

A short handle with several flat leather straps attached, he said, was a flogger, and would be used to whip her, although it would not hurt much… it was for beginners, he said. The next thing, he told her, was a riding crop, and its small leather flap would leave some pretty painful welts… he gave her belly a smack with it to demonstrate, and a bright red splotch appeared while she shrieked. Another item looked like a thin rod of some type of wood… a cane, which he snapped against her bare thighs.

Another shriek… and a pair of perfect welts sprang into existence on her legs. He stood right in front of her and spoke as if he were addressing someone of importance. "You, my dear little cunt, are now a slave. In the not too distant future, you will be sold on an auction block, just as slaves have been sold for thousands of years.

Someone, a man or possibly even a woman, will bid the winning price, and you will become that person's property. It is our job to make sure you know what being a slave means. "It means that you are not a person any longer. you are a thing! If you're lucky, you'll be sold to someone who wants a pretty little sex toy for his own… or you may be a whore to entertain his friends or clients. You could be a servant… or you may become a prostitute. Whatever your master wants, you will do… for that is the nature of a slave.

"Some of these buyers want a slave to torture, because it excites them to torture a pretty little thing like you… and they'll do it whenever they feel like it, so here, we prepare you for that by teaching you how to endure, and even enjoy, the pain you'll feel.

This is the beginning of that training for you." Pam was shaking her head and crying and mumbling negatives, but he paid her no mind.

My cock was getting stiffer as he spoke, and when he took the flogger and began to literally beat her face and chest and abdomen, I was enthralled!

Light red welts appeared, and the sight of them made me more excited. Pam was shrieking, but not as if she was in real pain… and I realized I was waiting for those screams, yearning for them… I wanted to hear her scream for real! And then I did, for Everett dropped the flogger… telling her that it was just for warming her skin up… and took up the crop, and immediately swung it against both of her nipples, hard!

She did scream then, and writhed against the cross in agony, but could not turn away from his blows. The crop made a loud smacking sound each time it hit her flesh, and her screams became more agonized each time.

Everett kept this up for nearly an hour, taking short breaks and screaming in Pam's face. "You like that, bitch? Huh? Tell me you like it, you little cunt, tell me! I'll make it hurt worse, if you don't beg for more…" the harangue was continuous, but got worse whenever he took a break from hitting her.

And my hard on was beginning to hurt, it was so intense! The cane broke her. It had met her legs only a few times when she began to plead for him to stop, begging him, and promising to do anything if only he would stop.

"Anything? Did you say you'd do anything?" "Yes, yes, yes, anything, I'll do anything you want, oh god please, I'll do anything…" "You wanna suck my cock some more? Would you wanna do that?" "Oh god, yes I wanna suck your cock, I wanna suck your cock, please oh god please let me suck your cock, just please stop, oh pleeeeeease…" He didn't stop.

Almost an hour later, I helped him take Pam down, and Everett noticed my hard on as I did. Take her back to her cage, and use the antibiotic cream anywhere I broke skin on her, but don't fuck her. You can go get one of the other girls if you want, and fuck her all you want, one of the ones upstairs.

It's getting' close to lunchtime, so be back down here at one and we'll go for the other new girl. I took Pam back and cared for the few injuries she had, listening to her whimper all the time. As I locked her in her cage, she looked at me, tears staining her face, and said, "Please don't let them do that again… I'll do anything you want, I'll suck your cock, I'll fuck you, anything… please…" I shut the cage and locked it, and ran up the stairs to the dorm.

The first girl I saw I grabbed and unlocked and dragged to my room, and she was a willing, delightful play mate…even when I slapped her and began to hit her. She sucked me and fucked me til I was exhausted, and then cuddled up one me, her face and arms and back bruised and sore, and I caressed those bruises, making her wince but she moaned with pleasure each time… and I knew I was home.

I got up about a quarter to one and took the girl back to the dorm. My head was still spinning a bit from the sex, but even more so from the excitement of being able to use her anyway I wanted… and she called me "Master", which the girls were taught to call all of the men in the house.

I guess I just hadn't really thought of myself as "one of the men in the house" until that moment. Another thing that excited me was her delighted willingness to do anything I wanted… even lay there and let me smack her ass as hard as I could, let me slap her when I wanted her to suck harder or fuck faster… I held her mouth on my cock so hard she gagged, but once she got her breath, she dived right back in and kept sucking… I pulled her hair damn near out of her head, making her do the various things I wanted done…and she loved ever second of it!

I asked her how long she'd been at the house and she said she didn't know… the girls didn't get to sleep a lot, the first couple of weeks, and they lost track of time quickly, another part of the dehumanization process.

Everett told me later that that girl was what they called a "third-weeker", meaning she had been there at least two full weeks, and had at least two or three more to go before she would be fully trained and salable. When I got downstairs, Everett was waiting for me, and told me to go get the other new girl. I went down to the basement and opened her cage and she came forward for the leash without a problem, and I took her to the dungeon and waited for Everett.

He came in moments later and asked why I didn't have her in the stock already, then laughed when I said I didn't know I was supposed to. We fastened her in, and she got the same treatment that Pam had gotten earlier, and even though I had just had some incredible sex, I got hard in minutes and was aching by the time it was over. Another girl had been brought in by Mitch while we worked this one over, and I got to watch as two of them went through pain and humiliation… man, what a first day on the job!

When Everett finished with the girl he was working on, he told me to take her abck to her cage, and to get Pam out again and bring her to the living room upstairs. It was past midafternoon, and I had been hoping that I'd get another crack at some pussy… but I did as I was told, knowing I was probably going to get even hotter before the day was over. I was right… When I entered the living room with Pam on her leash, Don and Everett were there with one of the biggest dogs I've ever seen.

I was told it was a German Rotweiler… and it looked like a Saint Bernard with Rotweiler coloring! Long, silky fur was almost dragging the floor, but the dog was beautiful, and I figured it must be a trained guard dog. The thought of guard dogs made me nervous… if things got bad here, I was going to have to try to escape, and dogs would make that difficult. I needn't have worried. The dog was well trained, alright… but not for guard duty.

Everett took Pam's leash as I entered, and yanked it hard, making her fall to hands and knees, and ordered her to stay there, and I was shocked when that huge dog immediately ran up to start sniffing at her ass and cunt. She was freaking a bit, and tried to raise up to look behind her at the dog, and Everett slapped his hand down on top of her head and pushed her back to position, then grabbed her hair and held it tight in his fist.

"What's the matter, little cunt? You don't like our doggie? Well, he sure seems to like you…" And he sure did… he sniffed at her for a moment, then began to lick her pussy and cunt, his big wet tongue slurping noisily… and I got hard again!

This was kinky… and I was enjoying the hell out of it, just watching this pretty young girl get licked out by a dog! Pam was crying, and Everett was still yelling at her. "Oh, you think you're too good for this? Guess whatyou little fucking slut, this is all you're good for… you're just a cunt, and cunts get fucked! That's right, big ol' Kaiser here is gonna fuck the little girlie!

Little slutty girlie gonna get fucked by the big hairy dog!" Pam was begging him to stop, but I noticed that she was breathing hard… and her ass was arching upwards, bending her back so her pussy was more accessible to Kaiser's big wet tongue. Kaiser licked for a few minutes, never seeming to lose interest the way dogs do in porno movies, and then Everett said, "Kaiser!

Achtung!", and the dog stopped licking and mounted Pam the way he'd mount any bitch in heat! Don moved down to make sure Kaiser's big cock found her cunt, and guided it in, and pam let out a squeal of pure panic as the big dog's huge cock shoved in hard and fast! Kaiser's front legs curled in around Pam's hips, and he held her fast to himself while he humped as hard as he could. Pam moaned pitifully a couple of times, and then the moans became more sensual, more erotic, and I almost came when I realized that despite herself, she was enjoying the dog fucking her!

She kept moving her back from side to side, and I saw that she was enjoying the feel of all that fur on her bare skin, and as the dog fucked her, she began to work her ass so that he drove in deeper each thrust! Her face transformed from a look of fear and loathing to one of ecstasy and erotic delight, and she came several times before the dog was through. The scene lasted about thirty minutes, and when it was over, I expected to be told to take her back, maybe even get another girl out, but I was wrong.

Everett shoved his fingers inside Pam's cunt, and they came out sticky and covered in thick white cum… dog cum… and then shoved the in Pam's face. "Lick it, slut!" he demanded, and she didn't even hesitate… this pretty girl opened her mouth and sucked the dog's cum off Everett's fingers without even losing the grin on her face!

She looked up at him after she'd done it, and Everett smiled and told her what a good girl she was… and I swear she beamed in pleasure! While this was going on, I ahdn't even noticed don, who ahd dropped his pants and now shoved his dick into her cunt!

Pam gasped in surprise, but then grinned and began to work her ass to fuck Don just as she ahd the dog! Everett kept his hold on her hair, but she wasn't resisting at all… holy shit, she was laughing and playfully begging for more!

"Oh, yeah, fuck my pussy… fuck me baby… oh, yeah!" Everett asked her, "Oh, aren't you a good girl? How come you're bein' so good all of a sudden?" And pam looked up at him as best she could and said, "Cause I'm a slutty little girlie, and I love it!" Just over two days… and she was getting into it!

I was amazed! Don continued to fuck her and she rode him like w whore… she squealed, screamed and laughed each time she came, and she seemed to keep cumming over and over! The entire time, Everett kept hold of her hair, laughing and enjoying the sight as much as I was… Finally, Don shot his load, and Pam collapsed onto the floor, exhausted. Everett let her lie there for a few minutes, stroking her hair and telling her she ha dbeen a good girl, a good little slut, and that it was okay to rest now.

Then he told me to take her back to the dungeon. Pam, came abck to life then, jumping up onto her knees and grabbing at Everett's hand, begging, "Please… no, please, not that again, I'll be so good, I'll do whatever you say, I'll be your best little slut ever, I swear, please…" But his eyes were cold and his voice was firm as he repeated his command to me, and I took the leash and began to lead her, on all fours, towards the stairs.

She continued to whimper, even begging me to stop it, asking me to fight Everett and the others, she would be my girl if I would, she'd do whatever I told her to do… I led her to the dungeon and fastened her into the stock.

Despite her begging and crying she didn't fight or resist at all. Everett came in a moment later and nodded at me, then took down a bullwhip and expertly left several deep, blood-oozing stripes across her back. I was confused… she ahd been so obedient and well-behaved, I didn't understand why she was being punished, but I didn't ask in front of her.

Instead, I waited til later, after all the girls had been fed their supper (the caged girls got it in bowls this time, served to them in their cages.

They had to eat with their fingers… no silverware) and I was alone with Everett in the living room. "They don't break that fast, Thunder… she was playing at it, pretending to like it all so we wouldn't worry about her, and she could get out of the cage and upstairs.

They all try that, sometime the first few days, cause they think if they can get upstairs, they might get a chance to escape, or get to a phone… something. So, we beat them every day… no exceptions. They have to know that this is their lot in life, they are slaves, nothing more. After a few days of doing everything they can to please us, and getting beaten anyway, they lose hope of ever going back… and that's when they really become slaves, just animals that can talk and obey commands!

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And that's when they're worth the fucking money!" I decided to take a chance. "Can I ask a couple things, about the business?" "Depends on what you ask, I guess," was his reply.

"Well, I was wondering… how much does a slave bring?" Everett grinned. "Gettin' into this, are you? A good slave girl can bring as much as a half a million, if she's sexy and well trained. A boy might fetch half that, which is why we concentrate on the babes." "What about the others… the ones that aren't the prettiest and such?" He stretched and crossed his arms behind his head, relaxed, just talking shop with one of the guys.

"the lowest go for about a hunnerd thousand, I guess the average would be about twice that. We make some pretty good money in this racket!" I did some math in my head and concluded that if two hundred thousand dollars was average, and a dozen girls were sold each month, they were indeed making some damn good money!

And this brought up another question. "Hey," I asked, "how much am I getting now? I was doing pretty good bringin' 'em in…" "How much you make last month offa us?" I told him about ten thousand.

"Well, what would you say to, oh, five times that each month you're with us?" "Fifty grand a month?" I choked out; "Holy shit!" Everett let out a big belly laugh. "Yep… that's where we start everyone out at!

And before you get to wonderin' don't even ask how much I make, and don't ask the others either… some things you don't need to know!" I changed subjects. "So, the girls upstairs… you said I can do anything I want with them?" "yep. Fringe benefit of the job… all the hot young pussy you can stand! You can take 'em to the dungeon if you want, and use the toys, too, or bring in the dogs… hell, take a couple of 'em, or a whole damn bunch, if you want, have yourself an orgy!

They'll do whatever you tell 'em, and they'll fuckin' love you for doing it to them! They're broken, they're slaves, and they know it… all they're doing now is learning how to be good slaves! The more you make 'em do, the better they get at it, and the better they are at doing the shit their buyers like, the happier the buyers are gonna be, and the better the girls'll get treated!" I nodded, understanding the logic. "Okay… is there anything I can't do with 'em?

Should I be using rubbers or anything? Only thing you gotta be careful of is not to get attached to any of 'em… man gets attached to one of these girls, starts to think he's in love or somethin', it fucks him up! They're fuckmeat, nothin' else, and you gotta remember that! As for rubbers, hell, Marsha puts some shit in their food makes sure they don't get pregnant. Ost of 'em anyhow,, once in a while we get an order for a pregnant girl, and then we really make the dough… a special order is worth a million, sometimes more!" "So if somebody wants a girl to be pregnant… we do it here?" He nodded.

Yeah, usually, unless we luck out and get one who's already knocked up just at the right time. That isn't likely, though. And there's all kinds of special orders… sometimes we get an order for a certain girl… it's happened twice since I've been here, or maybe we gt a special order for one of a certain age, and we have to train her just a certain way.

Done that few times." "A certain girl? Or a certain age?" "yep! Had two different cases where we got orders for particular girls… they told us who they were, where they lived, everything about them, all we had to do was snatch 'em and train 'em. Then there's the pervs… they like 'em real young, and we have to go find one that's maybe only six or seven or nine… whatever they want." I must have looked shocked, for he said, "Now, don't get all soft… believe me, once the young ones get here and get a little training, they're even better little sluts than these are!

They flat out love this shit, and they can't seem to get enough of it! We may get an order like that sometime soon, it's been a while, so you never know… trust me, if you like what you've seen so far, you'll like that too!" Would it shock you to know that the very thought of training such girls made me get ahrd again? It was getting late, and there were no "deliveries" expected, so Everett told me I could go on and turn in for the night.

I went up to my room and thought for a bit about all I'd seen and learned that day, and realized that, if the girls truly came to love their slave status… then I wasn't certain that I could see what was wrong with what we were doing… I let go of the philosophical end and got up and went to get a girl from the dorm. In the dorm room, the girls were all awake, sitting there chatting with each other about their favorite parts of training and what they hoped their buyers would be like.

One of the girls had said, just as I got to the door, that she hoped to be bought by a woman, and the other girls all began to laugh and tease her about being a lesbian, but none were rude about it… it was something they all hd to consider, and it gave me an idea.

As I walked in, all of the girls went silent (except for a few snickers), and their heads went down… they were taught to never look at us unless told to. I looked them over, and selected two of them, including the one who had wanted a woman to buy her, and unlocked them and led them to my room.

I locked my door, and unhooked the chains from their collars. I had them sit on the foot of my bed and I looked at them for a few minutes as they did so, heads down, eyes closed. After a moment, I said, "I want to see you two have sex with each other." Since I didn't know their names, and we weren't supposed to use them anyway, I referred to them as "red" and "blond", and they caught on instantly.

They looked up at me and smiled, and the girl who wanted the woman to buy her, a redhead, leaned forward and hungrily kissed the other girl, a blond. I had seen movies where girls had sex with each other, but this was the 70's… such movies were rare then, hard to come by, and most of them were what was termed "soft porn", meaning you know they were supposed to be eating each other, but you never actually saw them eating each other… and I wanted to see it for real.

I was not disappointed! While red was kissing her playmate, she began to caress blond's neck and back, and after a few moments of kissing… damn, that was hot!. she let her head drift down towards blond's chest and began to suck on her nipples, first one, then the other.

Blond was enjoying it, I could tell… and she was touching red's tits, as well, playing with them and even twisting and pinching the nipples a bit. When red came up for air, blond wasted no time getting some tit in her own mouth… and red made some very satisfying noises of enjoyment.

Blond was having a good time, it was obvious, and she slowly pushed red down on the bed. She licked and sucked both of red's nipples, and then let her tongue work its way down her belly, licking and occasionally sucking a bit, flicking her tongue into red's navel and swirling it around… I was enjoying this, and getting very hard again!

And the it happened… blond made it to red's crotch, and I saw her tongue flickinto the folds of red's pussy, and my hardon began to ache from the sheer thrill of what I was watching! I watched as blond let her tongue tease a bit, even moving away from red's pussy for a moment, and then she let her mouth settles on red's clit and began to suck it like a tiny cock!

Her mouth would open and close, and her tongue was moving in frenzied patterns around that sweet young pussy, and red was moaning and squeezing her own tits and moving her hips to make blond's tongue more accessible to her clit. I moved down so I could see better, and I could tell that blond was having a very good time licking that pussy! Red was also enjoying herself, and she came in blond's mouth, a long deep orgasm that shook both girls and the whole bed.

Red leapt up and grabbed blond by her hair and shoved her back, wasting no time at all. She dived down on blond's pussy without even a bit of foreplay, and blond began to moan and writhe in pleasure, grabbing red's hair and hold her head in place.

Good thing she did, too, because blond was bucking like a wild horse! Blond came in a matter of moments, just as hard as red had, and red came at the same time… I was blown away!

The girls fell back onto each other and I stared in amazement. They lay there for a full minute, and then I told them to show me how they could work together to please a man. Blond was the first up, and she hurried to get my pants off of me, as I lay back and allowed her to do the work.

Red moved up to kiss me, and began to caress my chest, playing with my nipples and kicking my lips the way she ahd licked blond's pussy.


I could taste pussy on her mouth and tongue, and the sensations drove me wild. Blond got my jeans off, and yanked my briefs down and off in an instant, then grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. She knelt beside me and licked the head, tasting the fluid that was oozing out, and the shoved her mouth down over it and began to suck me like I've never been sucked before or since!

Red continued to kiss me for a bit, and then began to work my shirt off of me, and I cooperated so she could suck on my nipples. Red then continued down me, and kissed all over my chest and belly while she moved, and when she got down to where blond's mouth was trying to suck my cock off of me, she began to kiss the other girl, and the next thing I knew they were kissing each other right around my cock!

Their mouths began to move in unison, and I found myself being jacked off by two girls using only their mouths… it was incredible! I was nowhere near cumming, thanks to my earlier romp with the other girl, but I knew that these two could push me over the edge if I wasn't careful, so I had them stop what they were doing and ordred red to get on my cock and fuck me.

I think there was a bit of a perverse thrill in making a lesbian fuck me… and she obeyed without hesitation, but I could see a slight hint of distaste on her face. Her cunt slid down on my shaft without a problem since she was so wet from cummng and I was wet from two hungry girls, and she felt great! Blond didn't waste a second… she was out to please me, and I think she knew how much I enjoyed watching the two of them, so she moved her mouth down to where red was riding me and began to lick that stuffed pussy while I fucked it!

Red leaned back a bit to make it easier, and blond threw a leg over my head and suddenly I had soft, bare pussy in my mouth… and I was loving it! Red fucked me for a few minutes and then began to ride faster, her breath ragged and her moans loud, and she came, flooding me with juices from her cunt!

Blond lapped up all she could, and then I ahd red move so blond could get on, and the girl's cunt was so tight I almost thought Everett had missed her… but she slid on and began to rock back and forth, and red moved down behind her and began to lick my balls as I pounded up into blond. We stayed that way for a moment, and I suddenly felt hands grabbing at my ankles, and my legs were lifted up against blond's back… and red began to lcik my asshole, slipping her tongue into it and flicking it back out again… I had never experienced anything like it before, and it drove me closer to the climactic edge, and over it, andI came like I had never cum before… I let myself go soft inside blond's cunt, and when she finally slipped off of me, she turned around and began to lick it clean… and I felt red cuddle up to ma and ask if they could sleep with me tonight.

I looked at blond and her eyes agreed… so I cuddled one on each side and drifted off to sleep. I awoke to the sound of someone screaming, and jumped up. The girls were up just as fast, and I ordered them to stay put as I unlocked the door and ran out, pulling on jeans as I moved.

The screaming was coming from the dorm, and Don got there at the same time I did. One of the girls was freaking out, was all… Don said that they sometimes had nightmares about their first rapes and beatings, and would freak out. I started to go back to my room, since she was calming down, and Don nudged me and motioned that I should go to her.

I sat down on her pallet beside her and reached out to put an arm around her. "Hey, baby, it's ok… what's the matter?" She leaned into me and put her head on my shoulder, then whispered, "I dreamed I went home, and my daddy had a whip and used it on me.

He used to whip me with his belt, and I hated it, and I dreamed he used a whip like master's on me, and then I dreamed… I dreamed he fucked me…" I cuddled her close, and rocked slightly. "Shhh, it's okay baby, it's just a dream. You know your daddy won't be doing that to you…" She pulled back from me and turned her head away and mumbled something.

I couldn't hear, so I asked her what she'd said. "I sad, he used to. It's why I ran away." I looked at her, and understood, or thought I did. Her father had molested her and it had made her want to run away… and she had ended up in an even worse situation. I thought about what to say, and came up with, "that's all over though… your daddy won't bother you again, you're a slave now, and things are different…" She sniffled and I thought I'd said the wrong thing, but I just didn't know what else to offer.

Then, she turned her face to me and said, "You don't get it… I always fought him when he came in my room, and he never actually fucked me, but he'd touch me and stuff… and I always said I was mad, because I knew it was bad, but the truth was I liked it… but I never told him that.

I wish I'd let him fuck me, it woulda been so good if I'd let him." I was speechless… and rock hard. What kind of perverted bastard was I, I wondered, if hearing a girl say she wanted her father to have sex with her could turn me on so much? I held her a moment longer, and then got up and went back to my room. Blond and red were right where I had left them, obediently remaining where I had told them to stay.

I looked at them, and saw that both of them were looking at the bulge in my unsnapped jeans, and decided that I wanted a little pick-me-up. I grabbed blond by her hair, the way I'd seen the other guys do, and told her to suck me off. She didn't hesitate… her fingers grabbed at the zipper and she ahd my cock out in seconds, began licking at the fluid that was oozing from its tip.

Red sat there and watched, since I had not told her to do anything. I looked down at blond again as she took me into her warm mouth, and the heat was wonderful! She looked up at me and her eyes smiled, and a thought crossed my mind… "Call me Daddy, " I said, even though I was not much older than she was.

She pulled off of me and smiled, and said, "Do I do it like this, daddy?" and her mouth went back to my cock. I felt a thrill, and wondered again at how perverted I was, and suddenly realized that I didn't care… I wanted her to continue sucking me, and I wanted to continue the fantasy that it was really her daddy she was sucking… I loved it! "yes, baby, just like that!" Red was watching, and I saw a smile spread slowly across her face.

She was younger than blond, who I would have guessed at about sixteen, perhaps as much as two years younger, and she moved closer and said, "Daddy, can I play too?" Okay, I wasn't expecting that… blew my load into blond's mouth without even realizing I was about to cum! She sucked harder, swallowing as much as she could, and when she'd gotten all she could, she turned around and let red lick the rest off of me.

They kissed, sharing my cum as they did so, and I slowly came back down to earth. I put the girls back in the dorm, and started getting them all ready for breakfast. With the "chain-gang" method, I had them all fed in less than an hour; Marsha was impressed, and so was Everett, and once the cage girls were fed, he told me to bring one of them to the dungeon. I chose one of the girls who'd been there before Pam and her rack partner, and leashed her and brought her out and down the hall.

As we entered the dungeon, there were several men there that I didn't know, as well as Everett and Mitch and Don. Everett took the leash and told me to fetch another girl, and as I turned he said, "Bring the little girl you brought in, it's time to pull her plug anyway!" I went back and got Pam, and led her to the dungeon. She didn't resist this time, but the look in her eyes was pleading. Once there, she was locked into the stocks, and the other girl was already in them.

Everett put on a pair of rubber gloves and stepped up behind Pam and used a key to unlock the chain around her hips. He grasped the plug he's put in her ass the day before, and pulled and I heard it POP as it came out… and Everett did a quick skip-step as Pam's asshole seemed to explode. She was crying and cinching her eyes shut tight as she realized that she had shit all over herself and the floor behind her.

Don told me to get the mess cleaned up, and I went for the supply closet and did it as fast as I could, making sure not to let Pam see my disgust. Mitch was already screaming at her for making the mess, and Everett was laughing out loud at her for not having enough control to hold it in when he pulled the plug, and I could see she was about to have a mental collapse out of shame.

She cried even harder as I took a warm wet cloth and washed her ass and legs clean… and I liked it… seeing her cry like that, knowing how humiliated she must feel… I loved it! Boy, I thought, did they ever pick the wrong guy for this job! As I finished the cleanup, I saw what was happening to the girl in the other stock, and I put the stuff away quickly so I could come back to watch. Don had his pants off, and so did several of the others, and they were converging on the girl.

Don was in front of her and had to slap her to get her to open her mouth for his cock, while one of the other men knelt down and began to lick her pussy. A third was sticking fingers into her cunt, and a fourth was caressing her, rubbing her back and ass, and slid a finger into her asshole as she began to respond to the sensations.

Pam was now getting similar treatment, and Everett was treating her to his own tongue, while Mitch had his dick in her mouth and the remaining man was caressing her, just as I'd seen before. When his thumb slipped into her asshole, it must have hurt, because she yelped, and so did Mitch, as she accidentally bit down on his cock.

He slapped her hard and she went back to sucking, still crying even though she was beginning to respond to Everett's pussy-licking. For the next two hours, these two girls were fucked every way possible… and I learned a few more things I enjoyed, and was determined to try soon!

Each man there except me had a turn in each of the girls' mouths, pussies and assholes, and when they were both worn out from the position the stock kept them in, the girls were removed and led to those odd chairs… and one man got under each chair onto a cushion on the floor, which let a girl's asshole position perfectly for fucking from underneath, and another man spread each girl's legs wide and knelt down to shove a cock into her cunt, and they were getting it from both directions at once!

Both girls were squealing with delight by this time, and every new thing or position only seemed to excite them more.