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Zahra herself was out searching for the deadly Trio and Tankena. She was disgusted that she had to waste her time like this.

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There had to be a way that she could break free of the control that her mistress had over her. Preoccupied with her thoughts she hadn't noticed that she had drifted close to the city that Jake and his Jinns were in. Too late Zahra started to feel strange then she felt an almost irresistible pull further into the city. Almost in a daze she felt the pull as she drifted toward a human neighborhood. Try as she might she couldn't shake the feeling that she had to go closer that something or someone was there calling to her.

Strange she thought as she ventured nearer and nearer the feeling it was almost as if there were magic. Damn it! Trying to pull back the feeling was far too powerful now. For the first time in centuries she felt a wetness between her legs that she couldn't really remember ever having.

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Pulling harder she felt like she was about to lose her mind. What the hell was this strange feeling? Jake had just finished eating when he heard several gasps in the living room.

Jumping from the table he ran to the next room stopping short at the scene there. In the center of the room was a rather tall female large shapely hips. Rather large breasts, (Jake was no expert but 48 D or E came to mind, and jet black hair, with blood red lips. Even as he watched the female slowly turned toward him then started to pant. "I know not what power it is that you have human, release me!" Then she started to pant harder.

"Release me! I do not know what this feeling is but I do not want it! Release me you human piece of filth!" Jake could only stare at the new comer as suddenly she was ripping all the covering from her body. As the last piece fell away, the female started to blush then grow angrier, especially when her huge tangle of dark curls were revealed between her legs. Finally able to speak Jake told her, "When you are in another's place it is usually best to ask, why." "You will die as slowly as I can kill you bastard!" Reaching out the new comer tried to strike at Jake but could only run her hand along Jake's face tenderly.

"I do not ask a pitiful human for anything! Release me you piece of dung." "As I was trying to tell you, it is your own power that has you trapped here. I could release you all day to no avail." Jake calmly told the distressed Jinn. "You lie, you human bastard! Release me this instant or your death will make almost all before yours seem tame." The struggling Jinn shouted at Jake. Again there were huge gasps though none as loud as Rashala's, "You traitorous bitch!

Betraying the elite!" A small evil smile crossed the new comer's lips. "Ah! One of the bitch whores of the Ever Last Master! It will be good when I feel the last of the life flow from your body I. So! The cold ice queen has melted her heart and hole for a male! Was it good you whore? Did feeling his sex fill you with bastard seed make you feel complete? What a weakling you have become!" Jake was trying to reach Rashala as her eyes and body were glowing in a frightening manner.

"You are hardly one to speak after trying to take the king to your bed! You call me a whore! At least I did not go against all the laws of the Jinn dimension! A weakling? No I think it is you who are the weak one!" "Ha! You haven't the power or." The new comer was saying as Rashala released a titanic blast of energy that shattering the shields of the new comer. Striking the right arm, the right leg and the right side of the face the new comer screamed at the top of her voice.

Then the hurt female fell to the floor an astonished look on the good side of her face. "That should do it. The woman gasped out then slowly vanished. "I'll be back, Ever Last." The woman started. "You will be, those wounds won't heal, I wish that they won't 'til you change.

Enjoy not being whole!" Jake said.


Still slowly fading the female laughed then her left eye flew wide as she felt no healing at all. "You haven't the power!" "There are six grown and three unborn Jinns here that say WE do!" Jake said as the new comer vanished. Finally reaching Rashala she turned and smiled at Jake. "I reacted as fast as I could Master. I hope you are proud of me." Rashala's lips were trembling as she awaited his answer. "I am always proud of all of you. If she was who I think she was then you reacted correctly.

Though as powerful as she is, how?" Jake asked of all of them. "Well Master as you said, with six of us and three unborn she was no match. Though I feel you have an even greater enemy now. Master you really think that the wish will hold?" A suddenly tired Rashala said.

"I believe so after all it was a wish with the power of three of you plus the somewhat added power of two more. Then of course there was the added power of the unborn. If the wish does fade I don't think it will be for a bit. As strong as she is though I am not sure." Jake told all of them. Gen had moved closer as Jake had to suddenly catch Rashala as she fainted.

Reaching into his shirt Jake rubbed the talisman hating to bring the doctor back so soon. Jake explained all that had happened as soon as Hakiem appeared. Nodding he examined Rashala for a few minutes them told Jake she was well, bowing he vanished after whispering to Jake a moment. Jake was staring at the spot where the Doctor had been. What in the hell had that been about? What the hell was everyone out to try and shock him today? Shaking his head he went to Rashala picking her up and placing her on the now huge bed.

Jake felt several behind him as he turned finding that Akeesha, Gen, Rosalinda, Inger, Mary, Amira and now Inger were all watching him with interest. Sighing he nodded to Gen who went past Jake to attend Rahala.

Shaking his head he knew that he had his work cut out for himself in the next few days. This was especially with possibly two or three of all of them being out of commission.

He wasn't sure how long Sheeka would be down, nor Nyrae either. Knowing both of them though they would do all they could to still provide protection to him. Shaking his head he didn't want that as he thought it would weaken their already stressed bodies. The other five watched the conflicting emotions play across Jake's face, finally Amira spoke up.

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Coming forward she bowed to Jake, "My dear sweet master. I think that I speak for all of us when I say we will do all to protect you. I know that my brothers and father will put all they can toward protecting you and my sisters. After all, it would not do to have the father of a royal child destroyed!" Jake could only stare as his mouth dropped open, father of a royal child? "I am no royal Amira. How can this be a royal.?" Placing a finger on his lips Amira moved in to lightly kiss him.

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Both of their eyes flying open as massive sparks flew between them. "As father, my brothers and the council have told you Master Jake. You are the most important being to either dimension. Even father says that he will defer to you at times.


Know that father never goes to anyone, so you see you are very unique." Amira said as she looked at the others there. All of them including Inger, were vigorously nodding their heads. "We know that you are. different Master Jake," came Inger's comments.

"Though as I said I do not think I could ever want you within me, I do find you more than honorable. For what you have done for my Akeesha, I. I believe I would die to protect you!" Suddenly there was a huge gonging sound then a strange fan fare in the air.

Rasmir and the council were suddenly there all their mouths hanging open. "Master Jake?" Rasmir started bowing low as did the rest of the council. "It is one of the last great legends fulfilled! The lover of the man hater has great respect for a male!" Akeesha and Inger both were beside Jake in a flash. "Though Master Jake has given many reasons for either of us to trust him neither of us do trust this council!" Akeesha hissed out at Rasmir.

Rasmir looked at the others and nodded. Turning back to Akeesha and Inger, Rasmir bowed to them both causing several of Jake's Jinns to gasp. "We have made mistakes over the centuries, many we have paid for with loneliness and isolation. Apologizing to the both of you I feel is no different. Though I know not all or many of us wish to apologize for the mistake we made separating the both of you." Akeesha's eyes were wide then they narrowed as she reached out passing a hand over Rasmir.

Then her eyes flew wide as did Inger's. Both bowed to Rasmir causing another gong sound, drawing several gasps from all present. "I and my lover accept YOUR apology.

The others not so much I can feel that your time with Master Jake has changed you for the better. I also feel it is starting to affect the others, not enough yet but it is starting." The rest of Jake's Jinns ran up to hug both Inger and Akeesha. Jake just stood there hoping that maybe now real healing could start. ___________________________________________________ Zahra fell like a rock to the floor as soon as she appeared in the new home of Marie.

Marie was screaming at the twisted, misshapen form of Zahra. "I wish for you to be whole so we can wreck vengeance against those that hurt you!" Marie was yelling.

"Why aren't you healing?" "It was him mistress, the Ever Last Master. He has the power of far more Jinns protecting and powering his wishes than I at first thought.

I felt no less than ten Jinns power." Hanging her head Zahra knew she was at an end as her mistress expected her to never fail. "I was afraid that the bastard had more power behind him than he showed. In order to break the false vision you projected he'd have too. We need the others." Here Marie was deep in thought. "If they saw that you are as injured as you are would they perhaps change their minds?" Zahra was in shock, her mistress wasn't going to banish her again like she had years ago?

"I'm not sure mistress they hate me because they think I abandoned them during the first war. I am not allowed to say why I did what I did, not even to you mistress. To do so would mean my death in an instant." Marie smirked a moment, there were ways to get to the truth though at the moment she still much to do.

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"That at the moment is of no concern to me Zahra. We have to get the others on our side if we are to even have a chance of killing the ass. Contact them again." Zahra grimaced as she nodded, then started to concentrate.

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Thousands of miles away Nuha was relaxing on the panting back of a male she had just finished with. It was too bad she thought that she couldn't screw a few hundred to death, though the council would get involved. Sighing, this one had barely even touch the growing hunger in her vagina. "Still trying to use useless human males I see," came the slurred voice of Zahra.

Snapping her head around Nuha started to smile. "So you finally went against one far stronger than you! I'll have to send them a present!" "We both know who it was. I doubt seriously even you could overcome the power around him.

I was helpless shredding my coverings the instant I saw him." Zahra told Nuha. "Ha! As if the power around him is that powerful! Though I have to admit this is a good look for you Zahra. I take it your evil human bitch mistress still wants our help? Hmmm considering he has done me a great favor I'm not sure I won't send him a gift!" "She does not require you to listen to her, she just wants help ridding the world of him and his bitch whore Jinns that he has." Zahra advised.

Nuha smiled thinking a moment. "I am not about to put the lives of my sisters or myself in peril. Listen to me you pathetic bitch! He has four Jinns that are his protecting him. He has the man hater protecting him as well as her lover. He has the royal princess plus the six oh wait five unborn children protecting him. The king, his sons AND the council are also on his side.

Do you really think I am that stupid that WE would go against that amount of power?" "So," Zahra said trying to smile. "You are afraid of him? Typical!" Zahra said trying to also scoff at Nuha. "Afraid? Perhaps, remember you pathetic bitch! We have survived this long by being smart and not rushing in as your obviously stupid ass did! I am working on a plan which doesn't include you or your evil useless human mistress." Nuha said with an evil smile.

"Even as hurt as I am I could still increase your power Nuha. I know you think you are far above me you are wrong. The leader possessed the dark magic but there is another older magic. It makes the dark magic pale in comparison. I can help you achieve it, if you and your sisters help.

I will leave it at that. Call me when all of you think it over." With that Zahra ended the conversation, now Tankena she thought. Tankena was reclining back trying to rest he'd been trying to raise his power more.

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A few days rest was in order as he'd again lowered his power to almost nothing. Suddenly there was a popping sound nearby as an orb appeared. "Hello Tankena, you are obviously hiding still as I can hardly feel you at all. I am at the recent locations that you were. As you can see I went against the Ever Last Master, it did not end well. It appears as if the power around him has increased. I know you do not trust me, that is fine.

I." Zahra was saying when Tankena voice broke in from somewhere else. "So you rushed in again. I have not the power even with yours to defeat him. Ah! I see you were subjected to the power of his sexuality. You really are a stupid bitch! I will not help you; I am done with that ass. I intend to remain free and as far from him as I can get. Don't bother me again. I have no intention of EVER going near the Trio again! Go away you stupid bitch I have enough problems!" Tankena tried to disconnect though he felt Zahra trying to back track him to where he was now.

Damn it destroying the first image helped greatly making her pause giving him a few seconds to redirect, then she was again closing the gap. Waving a hand he felt the next image implode then he felt her no longer.

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Breathing a sigh he had to be careful the Trio, the Ever Last Master and now Zahra were all looking for him. With a sigh he decided he might have to take this to Master Jake to end it.

Jake was pacing the house trying to formulate a plan with this new enemy when he felt a presence. "I can feel you, whoever you are this isn't a good idea." With a sigh Tankena's image appeared nodding.

"Hello Ever Last Master. I am sure you know who I am. I no longer wish you harm far from it. We both have a problem, a common problem. I know you don't trust me as I do not you.

We both need to meet to discuss a way out of this." With that Tankena was gone leaving Jake stunned but cautious, he had to talk to the others fast!