College Couple Shoots An Awesome Homemade Porn

College Couple Shoots An Awesome Homemade Porn
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"This is your captain. I ask that everyone fasten their seat belts we will be landing in Rutland, Vermont in five minutes." he said and I fastened my seat belt again. When we landed we carried our bags off and went to the car rental counter. "Welcome to Rutland." the girl said. "I just need you to fill this out." Taking the form, Derrick filled it out and we were given the keys to a jeep four by four.

Going out, we found it and tossed our bags in the back seat and I got the directions to the ski lodge out. "Not to far away." he said and I nodded. "Want to eat here in town or there?" "Let's wait." I said and he nodded. Twenty minutes later, we reached the lodge and I saw how beautiful it was.

Parking by the office, we went inside and checked in.

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"Welcome." the owner said. "We have your reservation right here. Your cabin is out the door and down at the end. Meals are served here in the lodge all day from five a.m. until ten p.m. The slopes close at dark for safety reasons." "Thank you." I said and Derrick took the key. Together we went out and got back in the jeep again and he drove down to number fifteen.


Taking our bags, we went up to the door and he unlocked the door. "Wait." he said and took the bags in and then came back and scooped me into his arms and carried me inside as I laughed. "If anyone saw that, they would think we are on a honeymoon." I said and he laughed. "All part of your cover." he said. "Although I do like the part about what honeymooners do." "So do I." I said and he went over and built up the fire as I locked the door.

Looking around we saw that there was only one bedroom with a thick down comforter. "You know back on the bus, it is going to be impossible to spend any one on one time." "I was just thinking that. We better get our fill this week." he said and wrapped me in his arms. "Derrick." I said quietly as he kissed me. "What sweetheart?" "Would you teach me everything about making love?" I asked.

"Absolutely." he said. "What do you want to learn?" "Everything, all the ways to do it." I said quietly and he looked down at me. "I wouldn't even mind if you were rough with me because I know that you love me." Seeing the look in my eyes, he pulled me down on his lap on the bed.

"Abby," he said quietly. "Are you asking me to rape you?" "It wouldn't be rape from you." I said. "I am giving you free reign to do whatever you feel like doing to me. I want to experience everything from you." "It won't take away what was done to you." he said. "I know that, but it will make it more bearable so that the nightmares go away." I said quietly and he saw the tears in my eyes.

"All right, I will let go of my control with you on the condition that if I am really hurting you and you change your mind you tell me. I will stop." he said and I nodded. "I promise." I said and he gently wiped the tear off my cheek. "All right. Now since this looks like a honeymoon suite, let's check out the rest of the place." he said and we went back into the main room.

Exploring the lodge, he found a bunch of video tapes with porn on them. "These might be good for a few good ideas." "As long as it isn't gang bangs." I said and he nodded.

Seeing it was getting late, we walked up to the lodge and had supper together. Seeing that it was fairly empty, we took our time and finished most of a bottle of wine together. "Good night." the owner said when we finished and put our coats back on.

Wrapping his arm around me, Derrick walked me back to our cabin holding me close to keep me warm and from falling in the snow.

"You have had to much to drink young lady." he said to me when we took our coats off. "What are you going to do about it?" I asked him with a sexy smile.

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"You are going to find out." he said and turned on some music. Wrapping me in his arms, he held me as we danced. Moving his hands over me, he pulled the tail of my shirt out of my jeans. "Did you bring any of those sexy dresses?" "No." I said and looked up at him.

Leaning down, he covered my mouth with his and pushed his tongue deep in mine. Wrapping my hands in his hair, I held him close and he quickly unbuttoned my shirt. When he pushed it off my shoulders, I let it fall one arm at a time and then unbuttoned his shirt.

In just a couple minutes we were both in our underwear and he held me back at arms length. "Definitely don't need the sexy dresses." he said and pulled me roughly into his arms. Kissing me hard, he held me tight against him and then pushed me down to my knees. "Try and suck it." Pulling his underwear down, I saw that he was only half stiff and kissed the head of it. While it was still a little soft, I managed to get the head in my mouth and wrapped one hand as far around it as I could.

Reaching around him, I played with his butt and then his balls.


Immediately he filled up in my mouth and I tried to pull back off it but Derrick put his hand on my head and started pushing me forward.

"This is called a blow job, oral sex for guys. If you get it down your throat, it is deep throating." Barely able to get half his ten inch length in my mouth, I licked and sucked on him for a while. "Pull off, I'm going to cum." he gasped and I tasted the start of his orgasm and swallowed what I could as the rest ran out of my mouth. Gently he took his shirt and wiped my mouth and chest where it had dripped.

"Now I am going to have oral sex with you." Taking my bra and panties off, he knelt down in front of me and kissed my stomach and then down lower. Wrapping me in his arms, he lowered me to the floor on the bear skin rug and put my legs up on his shoulders. Feeling his breath against my lips, I shivered a little and he spread my legs wide. Holding them wide, he began licking between my lips and then sucked my clit into his mouth.

Pushing his tongue inside me, he kept licking and sucking me as I felt an orgasm building. Feeling my legs quiver, he softly bit my clit and I cried out as I orgasmed. For several minutes, he kept going and I was in constant orgasms, bucking wildly against his mouth. Shoving his tongue deep inside me, he rubbed his nose on my clit and I exploded in his mouth. Exhausted, I bucked a few more times and he gently lowered my legs to the floor and then moved up to my mouth and kissed me deeply.

Laying down beside me he pulled me on top of him. "Sit on my mouth. While I eat your pussy, you can suck me. It is called 69." he said and I straddled his head. Holding onto my hips with one hand, he played with my breasts with the other as I leaned forward and took the tip of his dick in my mouth again. Driving me to another orgasm, he felt his own building and I tried to swallow as much of him as I could until he exploded, flooding my mouth and throat.

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Choking a little, I pulled off as he continued to eat me and I swallowed the cum in my mouth. Feeling both of his hands on my breasts, I covered his hands with mine and pressed down on them.

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Immediately he began squeezing and kneading them harder and I started having multiple orgasms again and exploded all over his mouth and chin. Lifting me up a little, he licked the length of my slit and then probed my anus with his tongue.

Rolling it, he pushed through and began tongue fucking my ass as he brought a hand down to my clit. Suddenly I cried out as a massive orgasm shook me and he gently moved me off his face and turned me. Slowly I slid down over him and gasped as he rubbed against me.

Plunging deep, he lifted me with his hands holding me up and I braced myself with my hands on his chest. "Let it go." he whispered to me and felt my muscles clamp down on him again like a vice as another massive orgasm swept through me.

Immediately he pulled me completely down on him and exploded deep inside me. Rolling to the side, he laid me on the rug and moved slowly inside me. "I want to do something. Promise me, you will tell me to stop if I am hurting you." Completely exhausted, I nodded, enjoying the feel of him inside me to much. Slowly he pulled out and lifted my legs.

Dipping a finger inside me, he pulled it out and then gently pressed on my anus. Taking one of my hands, he put my fingers on my clit and I started rubbing it gently.

Pushing a finger inside me, he moved it very slowly, watching my face for any sign of pain. Using both hands, he put three fingers inside my pussy and pumped them, pulling some of his cum out and letting it drip down on his other fingers.

Slowly he worked a second finger in my butt. Seeing the discomfort in my face, he stopped moving them to give my body time to get used to it. Very slowly he started moving again after a minute and I bucked against his hands as his fingers in my pussy hit my G spot.

When he was all the way to his palm in my butt, he slowly pulled his fingers out and pressed his cock into the opening.

Feeling me arch away, he rubbed slowly and pushed in a tiny amount at a time. By the time he had his head worked inside me, he was barely able to hold his orgasm and stopped moving to let the feeling pass. Pulling his fingers out of me, he gently pushed my hand out of the way and began rubbing and pinching my clit with one hand and reached up to my breasts. "Spread your legs more." Opening my legs as far as I could, I felt the pain ease a little and he started moving again.

Immediately he felt his orgasm building again.

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Wanting to be completely inside he pushed a little harder with each thrust and was buried completely inside me as we exploded together. Milking himself dry, he felt himself go soft and slid out of me.

Laying down beside me, he looked in my eyes. "That was a piece of ass." Gently he kissed me and I laid my head on his shoulder. "We are going to get cold here. Let's go shower and then to bed." Together we got up and he caught me as my legs buckled a little and carried me into the bathroom where there was a shower and a large round tub.

Turning on the water, he filled the tub and found some bubble bath and put it in.

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Lifting me into the tub, he sat down with me on his lap and we washed each other. As we explored each others bodies with our hands and wash cloths, I felt him growing hard again. "Just how many times can you do this?" I asked. "Let's find out." he said and I smiled. Sitting me down on his cock, he went all the way in on the first stroke and moved me slowly over him.

"How many times can you?" "I bet I can keep up." I said and rubbed my hands over his nipples. "Oh," I gasped as another orgasm rocked my body. "Did you like it when I was in your ass?" he asked. "Some, it hurt a little bit." I said and he nodded. "There is a better position for that but you have to be relaxed." he said and leaned his head down and caught a nipple in his teeth.

Over and over he brought me to higher levels of pleasure and then pulled out of me. "Lay down on your stomach on the edge of the tub." Laying on a towel, I felt him move behind me and he pushed inside me and pumped again a few times.

Pulling out, he lined up with my ass and pushed inside. "With me behind you like this, it is called doggie." Slowly he pushed deeper up my ass and came almost immediately. When he was soft, he slid out of me and turned me around in his arms. "I love you." he said and kissed me. "Was that better?" "Yes." I said quietly and wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. Feeling the water getting cold, we got out and dried each other. Going to the bed, we laid there in each others arms, kissing and cuddling.

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Several more times we made love slowly and fell asleep in each others arms.