Old white guy and cute teen with great tits ass Sex with her

Old white guy and cute teen with great tits ass Sex with her
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Introducing the porn junkie I love porn. It is so uncomplicated. So straightforward. Honest, in a way, because it strips you of all the fancy illusions and lays bare the core of who you are.

If you are open to the challenge, it can be a true ally in your quest of unraveling the threads of your life. I cannot deny I am a porn junkie. Truly there is no shame in recognizing what I have become. Porn has got me by the balls. I'll go into cold turkey if I don't get my daily shot of porn. And when I do get it, the world collapses and I float happy like a baby in a never-ending myriad of bloated asses and monstrous drooling cunts. After work, alone in the office, I can spend hours on end on the tip of my seat, hunched forward in front of the computer screen, subtly stroking my dick under the desk while stealing awkward glances over my shoulder to make sure I am unobserved.

There is something soothing in this endless roaming through the dark halls of internet pornography, idly chasing the fulfillment of an urge I find to be as elusive as the meaning of life itself. The porn junkie's wet dream 'Are you charging us overtime for this?' My heart skips a beat. My dick goes limp in my hand under the desk. It was bound to happen some day. 'Well?' She's right behind me. I'm fumbling with the mouse, nervously trying to close the window with the video stream.

Suddenly, my seat is swiveled around violently and I find myself facing Ms. Saunders' thick belly. She leans forward, grabbing the armrests of my chair for support while she brings her red bloated face close to mine. She has bad breath. Ms. Saunders is the manager of the marketing department. Quite a legend within the company. They say she bullied her way up to the management position she holds today.

They say she is tough as nails and that even the senior partners are afraid of her. And who is to blame them. The sight of this fifty year old rhinoceros will freeze anyone's blood, especially if you have her shoving you around with that imposing belly of hers, shouting obscenities at you for all to hear. They say men fear nothing more than a woman in rage.

Ms. Saunders has made rage a way of life. She also has the reputation of being a man-eater. Nobody will talk openly about it, but it is whispered in the hallways that she picks men from among the staff at will, and that most are never heard of again.

'I'm talking to you, Peterson.' I'm too busy trying to stuff my limp dick back through the open zipper. Not an easy job at any time, much less sitting down in full eyesight of company management.

My hands are sweaty and shaking out of control. Ms. Saunders' eyes lower to the frantic action in my lap. I'm about to have a stroke. 'Stop fumbling around with your dick. I asked you a question and I expect an answer.' 'Uhm, I-I'm s-sorry, I didn't mean to…' 'I said stop playing with your miserable dick!' She slaps my hand and I have no choice but to leave my penis exposed in its embarrassing position, peaking out limply from between the toothed edges of my fly.

'Don't you know the company has a policy about internet use?' 'Y-yes, Ms. Saunders, I'm so sorry, i-it won't happen again.' 'You betcha it won't happen again. You understand I'll have to report this upstairs, don't you?' 'Oh no, please, Ms. Saunders, don't tell Mr. Carrington. I… he will fire me.' 'You should have thought about that before using company property for your own perverted purposes.' 'I-I can't lose my job, Ms. Saunders. I just can't.' 'Why should I care?' 'Please reconsider, Ms.

Saunders. I-I'll do anything.' 'Anything like what?' Although her tone is still angry, a strange glow has appeared in her eyes. 'I… I'll do those stats you have been wanting to pull. I know how. I heard you ask Astrid last week and she has no clue.' 'Bob did them for me yesterday, and he'll be running them for me every Friday. It's no good offering me something I already have, is it?' The glow has brightened to a shine.

I'm afraid to interpret it. What if I'm wrong? On the other hand, what do I have to lose? 'Uhm, well, maybe… I could be of use to you in other ways.' 'What do you mean?' She spits the words into my face, quite literally. But her chest is heaving as her respiration quickens, and below the bulk of her belly I see her knees rubbing against each other. Strange how no matter what the size or age, the signs are always the same in every woman.

I'm slowly gaining confidence. 'Well, you know. Whatever your deepest desires may be.' Ms. Saunders suddenly straightens up. Did I assess her wrong? 'And what, according to you, are my deepest desires?' I'm no longer quite so sure.

I'm trembling with fright and nervousness. I wish I were at home, cuddled up before the TV with a bottle of beer and a bag of potato chips.

How the hell did I ever get into this mess? 'I'm waiting.' She has crossed her arms over her broad chest. Never a good sign with her. The room is spinning around me. 'I'm sorry. I should never have … I'll pack my things now.' But Ms. Saunders doesn't budge. 'That's it? You're just going to leave? I thought you were making me an offer?' I look up at her, trying to find a sign of where this is going.

I see none. 'I mean no disrespect. You would never…' 'I would never what?' Why does she keep insisting? 'You know.' 'No, I don't know. What were you offering me that I would never?' I'm getting frustrated.

I feel she's playing with me. 'Sex, OK? I was offering to fuck you so you would not fire me.' In my growing anger, I never see the hand coming down until it is burning on my cheek. I can't believe she slapped me! 'That's for the tone. I may not be your boss but I'm senior management and I demand to be spoken to with respect.' I look up at her, rubbing my cheek. 'I-I'm sorry.

I… I didn't mean to shout at you.' 'Fuck me, huh? Are you such a good fuck, then?' She is a master of manipulation. She has me squirming at her feet and there is not a clue of where she is going with me. 'Well, uhm, I've had some favorable comments.' 'You have? Why does that amaze me?' Her eyes are back on my shriveled dick, which has shrunk into the confines of my fly.

Is she referring to my size? 'It's… you can't tell like this. I've been told I'm pretty big.' 'You are? I don't see how I can believe that.' 'But it's true. It's just… right now… this is so embarrassing.' 'Are you going to sit there whining, or are you going to show me how big it is?' 'B-but I can't just…' 'What?

You can't get it up? Why? Do you not find me attractive?' What I meant was that I can't just start jerking my dick in front of her, right here in the office.

'No. Yes. I do. I find you very attractive. I often think of you.' I overdid it. The hand comes down again and cuts across my face, sending my head swaying in the direction of the slap. 'That's what I am to you? A dirty fantasy?' 'N-no, I didn't mean it like that.' 'You mean you don't fantasize with me? You don't think I'm sexy then?' Damned if you do, damned if you don't. The woman is driving me nuts. What does she want? 'No.

Yes. I don't know. I… it's complicated. I don't know if I can explain it. You might not understand.' 'Try me.' It is true. I have often fantasized with Ms Saunders. It's not just the rumors. It's her intensity, her stance, her overpowering attitude and how she imposes her will.

Her dominant character. She has the subtlety of a rhinoceros and the empathy of a shark. I dream of being possessed by a cold woman like her. To be used and abused by her, to be mangled and mauled to the shape of her irate desires, succumbing in her cold creases, suffocating in the marshlands of her womanhood, to be sucked dry only to be discarded like an empty shell and still be ready and willing to give ever more if such should be her will.

Ever at her disposal for whatever she should desire. But how do I explain this to her? 'I… you are more woman than I could ever aspire. I have always admired you, the way you run your department, how you inspire respect. You never waver. You always know exactly what you want and how to get it. There is such strength in you. Even if I don't have the privilege of working under you, it is my most ardent desire to serve you in any way possible without restriction of any sort or kind, and to do so in more than satisfactory manner.' There.

Was that subtle or what?

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She can take that any way she likes and still be right and wrong at the same time. She's looking down at me, immersed in thought. But something is happening in her crotch, a thin wet patch is darkening the white fabric of her tights where it forms a bulging V between the insides of her thick thighs. I knew it! 'You are good with words, Peterson, but your dick is calling you a liar.' I look down.

The thin role of wrinkled skin has not budged. 'I do not wish to disrespect you.' 'Bullshit! A moment ago you seemed to believe you could impress me with the size of your dick. Yet all you do is talk. I think I'll have you sorry ass fired after all.' 'No, wait. I'll… I wasn't lying.' 'Show me then.' 'You mean…?' 'Yes, of course.

Unless you carry a picture of your wiener in your wallet?' In a way the whole situation is absolutely in line with my wildest fantasies. To be badgered into sex by a rude dominant woman has always been a huge turn on with me, as far as fantasies go.

Yet somehow, now that the real thing is unfolding, I can't seem to get it up. I pull my dick from my fly and start rubbing it gently, but nothing happens.

'What's the matter? I'm not your dream girl after all? Or is this as big as it gets?' 'No, no, it's just… I need.' 'What? A stimulus? Do you want to see my cunt?' I would never have asked, but now that she brings it up I don't find it in me to say no. I look up at her and nod shyly. 'What the hell. Just so you see I'm being fair with you. Drop to your knees.' I get up and kneel down before her.

The wet patch has grown in size. She brings both her hands down to her crotch and pushes the flesh of her thighs apart, freeing the bulge of her cunt from its confinement. Bringing her hands back together, she pushes out her cunt between the outstretched index fingers.

A pair of fat cuntlips is clearly outlined in the drenched crotch pad of her tights right in front of me. 'OK. Here it is. What do you think?' She pushes her hips forward until the soaked fabric almost touches my lips. I breathe in the sweet cunt aroma. I'm not sure if I'm expected to do or say something. Before I have time to make a decision, she hooks her thumbs behind the elastic band of her tights and starts to slowly pull them down. The first thing I notice is that she is not wearing underwear.

As the elastic band crawls slowly south, a thick bush of curly black hair pops out from beneath it, tickling my nose and lips. The smell becomes stronger now. Below the bush, a patch of coarse shaven skin appears, then the thick fold of her shaven cunt. The outer lips are puffy and swollen. She looks a bit like a plucked chicken down there, right down to the fragile whiteness of the skin, which seems almost transparent.

When the padded crotch of her tights peels off her cunt, a pair of thick brown inner cuntlips sag down in its wake, seemingly pulled by several strings of a slimy transparent substance that stretch between the cloth and the crease of her cunt. The slimy strings snap when the tights are pulled further down, swinging back and forth before they thin out and drip down.

A particularly thick string swings so hard it lands across my lips, from where it slowly slides down over my chin until it drops to the floor. 'Sniff it. Tell me how nice it smells.' Her hands are back circling her cunt and puffing it out into my face. She does this by joining her hands by the index fingers and thumbs, catching the base of her cunt between them. Pressing inward makes the inner cuntlips pout, like a thick-lipped mouth preparing to kiss. 'I don't hear you sniffing.' I sniff noisily, drawing in her thick aroma through my nostrils until I am dizzy.

There is something else besides cunt smell. There is the muffy smell of entrapped sweat and a bitter trace of stale piss. 'Does that make you horny, sniffing my cunt?

Does the smell excite you?' Before I have time to reply, she draws back and looks down at my crotch, where my swollen dick is twitching nervously, dripping pre-cum.

'You like that, huh? Here, have some more.' She thrusts her hips forward again. This time, her fat fingers pull her cunt wide open, exposing a strange landscape of soft pink bubbles of flesh lined by two brown ragged ridges. It glistens in the overhead light and somehow seems to be alive. Along with the aroma of fermentation, a peculiar heat emanates from its depths with such palpable intensity that I can feel it burning on the skin of my face.

I have the distinct sensation that it is breathing. I imagine it is a large mouth, the lips quivering with lust. I feel the irresistible urge to kiss it. It is drawing me in, sucking me into its promise of warmth and love and bliss. I close my eyes and slowly move in for the kiss of my life, ever closer, ever nearer… Not what I bargained for I never get to kiss her cunt. A thick warm stream explodes on my lips and my mouth is flooded with the salty taste of piss.

I pull back in surprise, but my back bumps into the chair behind me. There is no escape from the hissing cataract.

Her piss is shooting out from between her fluttering cuntlips with such force that I feel it like a prying finger all across my face. Ms. Saunders is still holding her cunt wide open and she is hosing me down like a fireman, waving the cascading stream up and down my body, from my face down to my chest and my dick, then up again. She is laughing while she watches me getting soaked in her piss. When the stream lets down, she pulls my head into her trickling cunt by the hair and pumps the last squirts right into my mouth.

'Better men than you have kissed my cunt, shithead. What made you think you I'd let you? You have to earn my cunt.' 'I-I'm sorry, Ms. Saunders. I… it was stronger than me.' 'Well, you'd better think twice before trying to pull a stunt like that again.' 'I-it won't happen again, I promise.' 'I'll let it slide this time. Anyway, you seem to have enjoyed my piss shower.' Her eyes are on my pulsating cock. If I touch it, it'll explode. 'I know just how to award you for your tribute to me.' My heart starts pumping wildly when she turns around and bends over, puling down her tights.

Her broad ass is up in the air, the fat ass cheeks parting to reveal, deep inside her ass crack, her brown wrinkled asshole. The inside of her ass cheeks is of a darker complexion, making the packed flesh look soft and tender. Thin black hairs cover the bottom of her ass. I am close enough to see the wide black pores where the skin is rougher. Ms. Saunders steps out of her crumpled tights and without straightening up, shuffles backwards towards me, straddling my legs.

She looks back between her legs to check her position, than she squats down. I knew this was coming. One look at my fully deployed equipment and she has melted to the core. I lever my penis to an upright position, ready to plunge into her glory hole.

Finally, a dream is coming true. Ms. Saunders never spears my waiting cock. She halts her squat at about medium height. I am looking right into the cleavage of her huge ass, where her asshole is now rhythmically pumping in and out, as if it were breathing. I wonder what she is up to now. The answer comes in the form of a loud prattling sound, which coincides with her asshole suddenly pushing outward and fluttering in the passing wind. Then a pungent shit odor hits my nostrils.

While I ponder on the purpose of this odd display, her asshole bulges again and another fart sputters out. This time a small lump of fecal matter squishes out and after dangling for a short few seconds from the swollen rim of her anus, it drips onto the tip of my cock. There is no sign that she has noticed her little slip-up, and in a bid to spare her the embarrassment I move to spoon it up with my index finger. Just then the dam breaks and a thick stream of brown mushy shit flows from her asshole and splatters onto my penis, balls and underbelly.

Poor Ms. Saunders is all I can think. There is no way I can spare her the embarrassment now, other than to lie still and catch her steadily flowing shitty load in my lap so it won't smear the carpet. The penetrating sour shit stench is unbearable, but it is the least of my worries at this time.

I feel sorry for her, and guilty for getting her into this awkward situation. The steaming pile on my groin soon collapses and I have to use my hands to scoop up the mushy chunks that slide down the side of my hips and try to distribute them evenly on my stomach. I'm not sure how long I can keep this up, and Ms. Saunders seems to be making no effort at all to detain or divert the avalanche.

Finally, her shit stops flowing. Two more wads flap with a dull thud into my lap, then she straightens up and turns around. 'There, fuck that!' Here eyes are gleaming.

She steps up to my side and grabs my tie. I am pulled forward by the neck and my face bumps into her hip as she reaches behind her to wipe her ass. She inspects the tie after each wipe and folds it upward for clean wiping surface, crushing my nose ever harder against her hard flesh.

When she is done, she releases my crumpled and shit-smeared tie and dresses. All this time, I am too dumbfounded to react. Again she has managed to fool me. I know now that the shit shower, like the piss shower before, was plain on purpose. While the drama was unfolding before my eyes, my thought process somehow became warped by the outlandishness of the situation and the only explanation I was able to come up with was that of an accident. I never realized that in reality the humiliation was on me, until I saw the look of satisfaction on her face when she turned around.

Now I don't know what to think or feel anymore. 'You can go now. I'll let you keep my present so you can enjoy it in the privacy of your home, just make sure you don't spill any of it on the carpet on your way out. I'll decide tomorrow what to do with you.

Report to my office at ten sharp.' She watches as I pull up my boxers over the smelly mound of shit in my lap, tuck in my shirt and close my trousers over it. I get up carefully and grab my coat. The soft shit is sagging in my pants and I shuffle to the door with my legs pressed tight together, holding the bulge up with both hands. I can feel chunks of it slide down my leg.

I decide to take the stairs rather than the elevator. While the movement does not make it any easier to keep the shitty load from leaking, I most certainly do not want to run the risk of bumping into anyone in my present situation. My shoes are soaked in shit by the time I get to my car and I'm leaving a shitty trail behind, but at least the garage is empty.

I race home in record time with the window down, wondering how I will we able to remove the shit stain from my seat. Once inside the apartment building, I run into Magdalene on the stairways. Just my luck, the elevator must be out again. She lives two floors above me and we dated for a while, a couple of years ago.

Between boyfriends, she occasionally comes to my apartment late at night, for a hearty talk and some good time. I lower my head and rush past. There is no way she can not have noticed the state I'm in, but I don't look back.

In my apartment, I go straight to the bathroom and step into the tub. I lie down before carefully removing my pants and boxers. Although most of the shit has traveled down both my legs, a considerate amount of it is still packed on top of my genitals. Lying there, alone at last, a strange feeling beholds me.

Ms. Saunders' shit is still warm and covers me from ankles to belly button. The smell is horrendous. Yet I am neither nauseated nor horrified.

There is something soothing in the warm pressure on my skin. It is almost as if Ms. Saunders were here with me. When I close my eyes, I can feel her engulfing me with her broad ass, sucking me into her asshole head first.

I float happily around inside her rectum as in a warm nurturing womb. I feel like I finally belong. Returning to reality, I make a surprising discovery.

All this time, from the moment Ms. Saunders displayed her cunt for me, my dick has not slackened in size nor firmness. Right now it is twitching in my lap, breaking through the layer of shit in which it lies immersed.

I cannot resist the temptation. I grab it with my right hand. Shit squishes between my fingers as I rub my dick softly. Immediately, my hips start jerking and I explode in the most intense climax I have ever had in my life.

Thick globs of cum shoot up to the ceiling and drip back down onto my face and chest. What is even more amazing, when my body finally relaxes my dick never lapses, it remains as hard as ever.

I close my eyes and float on a cloud of happiness. I fall asleep with a faint smile on my face. One surprise after the other I feel warm and cozy when I wake up the next morning, despite the fact that the temperature in my apartment has dropped to the low fifties.

The shit on my body has dried and caked, and small brown flakes scurry down as I get up. I take an extensive shower and douse myself with deodorant, yet I can't quite seem to get rid of the shit smell. I guess it has encrusted itself in my nose. I shave and dress quickly, then leave for work without breakfast. Back in the office, I walk straight to my desk without greeting anyone and get to work. The foul shit smell seems to be hanging around me like a cloud.

None of my co-workers appear to notice anything, though. Not even Mrs. Catnip, the freight cashier, crumples her nose as she will invariably and ostensibly do every time she catches me ripping a silent fart - when she approaches me with a report request. At three minutes to ten, I report with Sara Pennington, Ms. Saunders' secretary. She is a dull young thing, mocked by most of the men in the office because of her plain looks and exaggerated shyness.

'Ms. Saunders, Mr. Peterson is here to see you.' Ms. Saunders' voice croaks back over the intercom. 'Have him wait for a minute.

I'm in the middle of something.' Sara looks at me with her typical sullen look. 'Ms. Saunders says you wait here for a minute. She's in the middle of something.' 'Thank you.' I sit in one of the uncomfortable chairs in front of Sara's desk. Half an hour goes by, then the door to Ms. Saunders' office opens and Mr. Wordsworth, manager of the finance department and my immediate superior, steps out with a grave look on his face.

My heart skips a beat. He stops in front of me and opens his mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. He shuts it again and seems to be regrouping his thoughts.

'I hope you know what you're letting yourself in for, young man.' Then he struts out. My first thought is that she must have told him of my transgression. Mr. Wordsworth is my mentor in the company and he looks upon me as a son. Ms. Saunders' account must have distressed him severely. On the other hand, I can't quite figure out his remark to me.

Ms. Saunders has not stepped out of her office. I look at Sara, but she is painting her finger nails and pays no attention to me. After another twenty minutes, Ms. Saunders is on the intercom again. 'Tell Mr.

Peterson to step into my office, please.' Sara get sup and opens the door for me. 'Mr. Peterson to see you, Ms.

Saunders.' There is a strange glee on her face when I walk past her. Does she know something? Ms. Saunders' office is large. There is a sitting area to the right with a black leather couch and matching armchairs, and a round conference table to the left. Ms. Saunders' desk is in the back in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling window with a view of downtown Manhattan.

'Ah, Peterson. Sit down.' Ms. Saunders is sitting behind an enormous oak wood desk, leaning back in an oversized black leather executive chair. I take a seat in one of the visitor's chairs, sinking back into the soft leather. 'I just spoke to Wordsworth. He wasn't very happy of course, but in the end he agreed.' 'W-what did he agree?' My dismissal of course.

He can't have been happy with it, but Ms. Saunders has a lot of clout in this company. 'That you join my team for the new marketing project. I have you on loan for a period of three months.' 'I-I don't quite understand…' 'I'm starting a new project, and I need a finance person to crunch the numbers for me.

You're the man. It's all been arranged. Mr. Wordsworth just can't say no to me.' 'I-I'm overwhelmed.' 'As you should be. You'll be working for me now. As we speak a desk is being set up for you in the area next to my office. You will report exclusively to me, as my financial and personal assistant. Sara will go through the details with you.' 'W-what will that entail?' 'Well, for starters you will draft a financial proposal for the project.

You know, financially justifying the viability of the project, setting up a cost picture, that sort of thing.

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You'll be managing the project's finances in its initial stages and monitor its expenditures. You've done that before. And of course I will assign a few off-curriculum tasks to you as well.' 'Off-curriculum? I-I'm not sure I understand.' 'Oh, nothing to worry about.

From what I saw yesterday, I think you'll enjoy that part of your job description. You can start by bringing me a cup of coffee. Black, two sugars.' My head is spinning. I expected none of this. 'Come on, get going. I have a busy schedule today.' I get up hesitantly and leave her office to go to the cafeteria, where I pour her coffee the way she requested it. Sara waves me past without formality, but I knock before entering the office again.

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I set the cup on the desk before Ms. Saunders. She looks up from the newspaper she's reading, first at the cup, than at me. Then she sends it sailing across the room with a sudden lash of her left hand. I have to step aside to avoid getting scalded by the flying drops of coffee. The soft carpet keeps cup and saucer from breaking. 'Where's the milk?' 'I-I'm sorry.

You said black.' 'I always have condensed milk in a little dish with my coffee. Everybody knows that. And use a tray. What kind of lousy service is this?' 'Right away, Ms. Saunders. I'm sorry.' 'And bring something to mop up the mess you made.' Sara looks at me with the same glee as before when I scurry out of the office with the cup and saucer rattling in my nervous hands.

She could have told me! I hurry back with fresh coffee and a side of milk on a serving tray. Ms. Saunders is on the phone when I step in. I place the tray on her desk and with a rag soaked in soapy water proceed to clean the stain in the carpet where she threw the first cup of coffee I had brought her. Luckily the carpet is a dark blue. I return the rag to the cafeteria and when I'm back in the office, she has already hung up.

'Is that the same cup you used the first time?' 'N-no, Ms. Saunders. I took a new one from the cupboard.' 'Good.

Step around the desk. I'll need a foot massage.' The off-curriculum tasks are beginning to become clear to me. I think personal servant would be a better description. Yet I do not complain. Twelve hours ago, I was on the verge of being fired. Ms. Saunders swivels around and raises her left foot towards me as I come to her side. I get to my knees and place it on my lap.

She is wearing a dress and no panties today. I remove her moccasin and am immediately engulfed in a cloud of sour foot odor. Ms. Saunders is on the phone again. 'Sara, punch me through to Mr. Carrington.' I start massaging the sole of her foot with my thumbs. A former girlfriend taught me. 'Not like that. Use your tongue.' I look up at her, dumbfounded, but regain composure quickly. I guess after yesterday, nothing should surprise me from this woman.

The phone rings and Ms. Saunders starts talking with Mr. Carrington, the general manager and one of the senior partners. I lower my head towards her foot and start licking hesitantly. It is damp and hot and tastes of sour sweat. Without interrupting her conversation, Ms. Saunders shoots an angry look at me and kicks my nose with the ball of her foot, then thrusts it hard against my lips. I take it she expects more vigor, so I broaden my tongue and lap up and down her broad sole.

By shifting the position of her foot, she guides me to the spots where she requires special attention. After a while, she withdraws it and wiggles her toes, then inserts her big toe into my mouth. I suck on it like a baby on his mother's tit.

With amazing dexterity, she snatches my tongue between two toes and presses them hard together. I slither my tongue to and fro between her toes, then pass on to the next.

When I am done, she withdraws her foot and pushes the other one in my face. My tongue is dry and raw as sandpaper when I finally finish. Ms. Saunders has hung up and is reading through some mail on her computer.

'You're going to have to work a bit on your foot licking skills if you expect to last in my service. We'll take that up later. Right now I need to go. Follow me.' She gets up and steps through a door beside her desk. It is a bathroom with a closet along one wall and a washbasin, a toilet and a bidet along the other. Behind the glass door on the far end I make out a shower. 'Kneel down on the floor behind the bidet. In time you will learn not to make a mess, but for now we'll have to do it this way.' I'm not sure what she is planning, but I wring my body between the wall and the back of the bidet.

There is little space so I have the bowl of the bidet between my folded legs.

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Ms. Saunders straddles the bidet from the other side and gathers her dress around her waist. She is wearing white cotton briefs which go all the way up to her belly button, where the elastic band dents the white flesh of her enormous belly.

She reaches between her legs with one hand and pulls the crotch of her briefs aside, exposing once again her shaven cunt with the bushy toupee. Hooking the leg opening of her briefs with her pinky and ring finger, she spreads her cunt with both hands. 'Draw closer.' I lean my upper body forward until my face is at an inch of her shiny cunt.

I remember the impregnating cunt smell. She pushes herself up to her toes until her cunt is hovering above my mouth. 'Now open your mouth. I know you like this, so I don't want any histrionics or manifestations of false pride. The way you deal with this will determine your future with the company. I can still have you fired.' I open my mouth and wait. Her belly tightens as she starts pushing. I know exactly what is coming, but sit tight.

She is right, the whole concept of serving as a human toilet arouses me. It is not completely new to me, as I have watched videos on the internet of women both pissing and shitting into men's mouths. I feel my dick grow in my pants while I wait expectantly. It painfully pulls my pubic hairs as it pushes its way up my boxers, but I dare not adjust. It takes her about half a minute to produce a thin stream, which trickles onto my chin and down my neck into my shirt.

I quickly adjust my position to catch it in my open mouth, but then her piss starts shooting out in a straight thick line and I have to move upwards to keep from getting soaked. There is a hissing sound from her cunt and a gurgling sound in my mouth, rising in pitch like a glass of water being poured. I swallow as fast as I can, but it is impossible to keep up with the forceful stream. My mouth soon overflows and her piss is flowing down my chin and cheeks into the bidet below me.

Ms. Saunders pisses for over a minute. When the stream finally lets down, she shoots three successive squirts of piss into my mouth and steps back. 'You can clean me now. Use your handkerchief, toilet paper gives me the hives.' I pull out my hanky and start wiping her cunt. Before I get to the end of the first wipe, she slaps me across the head with such force that I almost lose my balance. 'Softly! Don't you know women are extremely sensitive down there?' I carefully dab her cunt, around and inside the cuntlips.

When I'm done, she pulls the crotch of her briefs back over her cunt and straightens out her dress. 'You have a lot to learn. You will know I'm not a patient woman, so we'll start your training today. I expect fast progress.' 'Yes, Ms. Saunders.' I wonder how she plans to conduct the training. 'Now go move your desk first. Ms. Pennington will show you your new location. Then report back to her for further instructions.

She will explain your new duties to you and familiarize you with the project.' 'Yes, Ms. Saunders.' My legs are numb and I have a hard time getting up from behind the bidet. I wipe my neck and tie with my handkerchief while I wobble out, but it is still wet from wiping Ms. Saunders' cunt. A manual for effective hands-on training Sara shows me my new desk.

It has already a new computer installed. I start to move my stuff. When I am done, it is noon and Sara has left for lunch. I go to the men's room to freshen up and brush my teeth, then I take the elevator down to the company restaurant on the ground floor.

My co-workers inquire about my new assignment. The official details fail to satisfy their curiousity, but it is all they get out of me. When I'm back on the sixth floor, Sara has already returned from lunch so I report to her as instructed. She pulls a thick file from the filing cabinet behind her and hands it over to me. 'We'll go over these in Ms. Saunders' office. She'll be out for the afternoon, but she has authorized me the use of her office. We'll be undisturbed there.' We sit at the conference table in Ms.

Saunders' office. For the next two hours, Sara outlines the project for me. We go through every detail, especially the financial side of it. She fills me in on my responsibilities and hands me a sheet with a timeline. 'That's it for the project. As for your other duties, Ms. Saunders has asked me to outline those for you as well and start your training.' 'Excuse me?' I can't believe she just said that, but she ignores the incredulous look on my face.

'Now don't start making yourself any illusions. Whatever transpires between us is exclusively for the purpose of your training. I do not do this by choice. I am merely following instructions from my superior.' I have known of Ms. Saunders' man-eater reputation for some time now, but I never imagined the scope of it. No wonder nobody talks openly about it.

What surprises me most, though, is that shy Sara, the prototype of the wallflower, is not only in on the whole scheme, but obviously also an active part in it. Who would have thought? 'What I want you to understand is that I'm only doing my job. I don't particularly like you so nothing of this is personal. Is that clear?' 'Y-yes, sure, Sara.' 'Just to keep things clear between us, you will abstain from addressing me by my first name.

I may not technically be your superior, but Ms. Saunders' orders come mostly through me and we need to establish a relationship of respect. So from now on, I will be Ms.

Pennington to you.' 'Yes, Ms. Pennington.' 'Good. Let's start then. Ms. Saunders expects her first coffee of the day at eight sharp, when she arrives. Have it ready so you can bring it in to her as soon as she steps into her office, along with two donuts and the newspapers of the day. The donuts you will buy on your way to work, I will pay you back from petty cash at the end of the month if you have the invoices. She'll have only Doolittle's, one chocolate with sprinkled with rasped coconut rasping and one with strawberry jam filling and powder sugar.

The coffee you prepare in the cafeteria, she likes it strong with two lumps of sugar and condensed milk at the side. The newspapers you get in the mail room, they are marked with her name. Serve all on a silver tray as you did today, with plenty of napkins. You may want to write this down.' 'No, it's OK, I'll remember.' 'There had better be no slip-ups. She is very set in her ways and not forgiving.' 'I understand.' 'She'll have her second cup of coffee at ten sharp, unless she's at a meeting upstairs.

No donuts, just coffee and milk. The same at three on the afternoon. If she has visitors, you will ask them what they want and serve them too.' 'No problem.' 'Her daily foot massage is of utmost importance.

She will usually have it at ten when you bring her the second coffee, but that may vary. Offer it at ten, if she's busy she will tell you to come back at a later time. Make sure you offer it, she doesn't like having to ask for it.' 'OK.' 'She's very peculiar about her foot massage.

I understand you did not do very well at it, so I will instruct you in the way she likes to receive it. Step over here, please.' Ms. Pennington gets up and seats herself on the leather sofa. She signals me to kneel down before her. 'Take the left foot and place it in your lap. The order is important, don't forget that.' 'I won't.' 'Now slowly remove the shoe and place it beside you.

It is no secret that Ms. Saunders has a slight foot odor problem, but you are not to show affliction in any way or form.' Slight, my ass. I nod. 'Place your left hand in the nook of the knee and slowly lift up the leg until the foot is at the height of your chest. Yes, like that. Make sure you don't lift it any higher than that, she'll kick you silly.' I have no doubt she will.

'Now place your tongue flat against the skin right between the heel and the ball of the foot, and start licking upward and outward.' She motions me to follow her instructions. 'No, make it a slow long lick from the inside to the outside, always upwards.

Yes, that's better. Widen your tongue and apply more saliva, if you lick it dry it gets raspy and she hates that. Good. Again. And again.

Now lick along the outer rim, always from the heel upwards until you reach the little toe. Yes. Do it again. Now tilt your head and lick downwards, from the upper outer side into the valley before the heel. No, more to the inside, where it is soft. Do it again. Yes, that's better.' Ms. Pennington's foot is slender and far more graceful than Ms.

Saunders', but she is flatfooted so it is hard to determine where her heel starts. 'Now, very important, the toes. Don't suck on them unless she specifically tells you toe. She usually doesn't like that. Lick around it, up, then left, then right. Start with the big toe. Good. Now take it into your mouth. Don't suck. Just take it into your mouth and close your lips around the base. That's it, hold that for a second.

Now press your lips together and slowly move upwards, without sucking. Make sure to move your tongue left and right over the underside of the toe while you slowly pull back.' The muscles of my mouth and jaw are cramping. I never imagined how thorough and demanding a foot massage can be.

'Before you move to the next toe, flick your tongue between the first and the second toe. Yes, push it through, that's good. Now withdraw and push it back in again.

Do it again.' I look up at Ms. Pennington while I follow her instructions. She is leaning back into the sofa and her eyes are closed. Personal or not, she seems to be enjoying the training. I spend a full hour licking Ms. Pennington's feet, until she is satisfied that I can do a full round without instruction nor correction.

My jaw, legs and back are hurting when she finally allows me to get up. 'Another daily chore is cunnilingus and ass worship. Pay good attention, this will make you or break you as a personal assistant.

Ms. Saunders expects quick progress in this area. She'll dump you and find someone else if you don't live up to expectations.' I wonder who the last guy was and what happened to him, but I dare not ask. 'Before we start, I want you to know that I expect the highest standards of hygiene from you. You will brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with a disinfectant before every session with me, as you will once you start serving Ms. Saunders in this way.

Immediately after Ms. Saunders uses you for worship or toilet duty, you will follow the same procedure. Is that clear?' 'Of course.' 'Do you have toothpaste and a mouth disinfectant with you today?' 'Yes, I always have both in the office.' 'Good. Go brush and rinse now, then come back.' When I return, Ms.

Pennington is sitting in Ms. Saunders' chair. She signals me to join her behind the desk. A pair of flowered knickers lies crumpled on the floor.

Ms. Pennington reclines the chair in an almost horizontal position and spreads her legs, pulling them up and hooking her calves behind the armrests. She pulls up the front of her skirt. Despite her plain looks, Ms. Pennington has an amazing body. Her skin is porcelain white and unblemished. She has a slight tummy but her waist is slender.

Her hips are narrow. Her legs are long and elegant and quite muscular. Why would she hide such a beautiful body beneath long skirts and wide blouses? 'OK. Kneel down between my legs. While you do so, do not touch my legs or any other part of my body, nor the chair.

If you need to support yourself, lower your hands to the floor. Keep your hands down at all times, unless I specifically instruct you otherwise.' I drop to my knees as instructed. Her thin ass is imbedded in the black leather of the seat, close to the rim. Her cunt is thin-lipped and hairy. Beneath the blond bush that surrounds her cunt, the outer lips are spread wide, pulled apart by the spreading of her legs. Inside, two thin rosy inner labia stick straight forward, slightly separated, as if they seek to embrace me in greeting.

Beneath her cunt, the bottom of her ass bulges outward. The ass crack is slightly separated at the top and I can see the soft wrinkly rosebud of her anus inside. It is rosy in color, as her cuntlips, and ringed by thin blond hairs.

'Now draw closer until your lips are at about an inch from my pussy. Don't touch it yet. Breathe on it. A woman likes the soft warm touch of breath on her pussy lips. A little closer… Yes, that's fine.' Ms. Pennington may have been very adamant on my personal hygiene, but she does not seem to hold the same standards for herself.

While I draw closer, I see buildups of a whitish grime around and inside her cuntlips. A foul muffy smell emanates from her cunt that I find highly repulsive. I don't think she washes very often. 'Ms. Saunders likes men to sniff her cunt. She has a very peculiar smell down there, rather intense, so it may give you a hard time. Again, if the smell affects you do not show it in any way or form. If she asks you, smile and tell her she smells nice.

Make it convincing. Let her hear you sniffing, move your nose up and down her pussy crack without touching and inhale deeply through your nose. Hold your breath in for a while, then slowly exhale through your mouth. Do it.' I do as I am told, but is difficult to keep a straight face, let alone to smile. I don't mind Ms. Saunders' cunt smell very much, it is fragrant but somehow inviting, arousing.

Ms. Pennington's cunt smell is downright nauseating. I wonder if she knows. 'Depending on her mood, it may help if you close your eyes and moan slightly while you exhale. She likes that, it flatters her. Don't overdue it though, she'll kick you if she thinks you're enjoying it too much.

And don't do it if she's in a shitty mood, she gets erratic and irrational and absolutely unpredictable. The slightest thing can light her fuse.' I look up at Ms. Pennington while I continue to sniff. I can barely make her out through the bush on her pubis that rises high in front of me. She is looking down at me to see if I pay attention while she instructs me.

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I nod between sentences. 'Now kiss the inside of my thighs. Be careful not to touch my pussy with your cheek. Women like to be teased. Men usually go straight to the bulls' eye, but women like to build up to the moment. More than the act, it's the promise that triggers the excitation, in a very subtle and exquisite way. Do you understand what I mean?' I have no clue, so I shake my head. 'It's the teasing. The expectation. It makes us very hot.

You can make a woman cream by just kissing her around the pussy without ever touching it. It drives us crazy, to feel it so close yet not quite there. I don't know how else to explain it. It's like… you know that eventually it will happen, and while you wait for it you anticipate how it will be.' I remain in the dark, but I nod. I kiss the inside of her thighs, slowly traveling my lips through the valleys and crests.

'Kiss the bottom of my ass. You have to tilt your head a bit so you don't end up with your nose in my pussy. Remember that my pussy is still off-limits. This is all part of the teasing stage. Yes, right there. Don't come near the cleavage yet, just kiss the fleshy part. Good. Now move back up on the other side. Yes, that is nice, that's a nice spot, right there in the dent between my pussy and my thigh. The skin is very soft and sensitive there.' The lower rim of her spread cunt is overflowing with a thin trickle of a viscose liquid.

I move back down to lick it up. 'No, continue upwards. Go around in circles. Mind your chin, you're touching.' My chin inadvertently dips into her open cunt, and comes out sticky with slime. 'You're getting careless. If you move to the pussy too soon, it breaks the spell. I can't tell you enough how important that is.' 'I'm sorry, Ms. Pennington. It was by accident. It won't happen again, I promise.' 'OK, let's move on, it's getting late.

Now very slowly place your lips on my cuntlips. Do not touch me with your hands. As Ms. Saunders' cunt is somewhat thicker, it will be closed. She will spread it for you if she wants you inside, if not you just place your lips on the face of her pussy. Plant a soft kiss on the cleavage. As my pussy is spread, kiss the rim of the outer labia, without touching the inside.

Now move down along the rim, kissing, then move back up on the other side. Good. Move to the middle and take the inner labia inside your mouth.

Slowly. No pressure, the lightest touch. Deeper. Yes, like that. Hold it there. Now with my pussy lips inside your mouth, insert your tongue slowly between them. No, don't pull back. Do it again. Take the pussy lips in your mouth, now slowly press your tongue between them. That's better. Push it upward over the top, but bypass the clitoris.

No!' She sits up and pushes my head back. 'I said don't touch the clitoris. That is way too soon. Remember you are still teasing. The teasing stops when the woman loses her patience and pulls you inside her.' I repeat the maneuver, taking care to bypass her swollen clit. 'Better. Now move your tongue down the outside and come back up through the middle.

Mind the clitoris. Over the top, then down the other side. Yes, just like that. Draw an eight with the tip of your tongue.

Make your tongue broad on the upstroke, then make it hard and thin when you go over the top. Withdraw your lips now and make your licking movements longer and broader. Every time you lick upwards, you can come closer to the clitoris.

The focus will shift more and more to the upstrokes, they will be slow and detained, with increasing pressure. The downstrokes will be swift and down the middle. You can add some variation by missing an upstroke and inserting your tongue into the vulva instead, flicking it in and out a few times and then lapping upwards again.

Don't do that when she is close to climax, though.' While I am following her instructions, her cunt juices are flowing freely. Yet on the outside, she seems unaffected by my tongue work. Her tone is factual and she doesn't miss a beat. 'Another variation is to let your nose precede your tongue. Tilt your head downwards and stick your nose into the ass cleavage.

Then move your head upwards and stick your tongue out. Slide it through the furrow opened by your nose. When you get to the clitoris, let your nose bump over it and keep moving upwards until it emerges over the top of the pussy. Yes, like that. Notice that your tongue is now right on the clitoris. Follow through the movement. You can also twist your tongue around the clitoris and flick it a few times before you move your head down again and start another stroke.' This is not the first time I get to eat out a cunt, but I never realized there are so many nuances to take into account.

I'd just lap away at it until something happened. 'You can also suck in the inner pussy lips, including the clitoris, and whirl your tongue through them, then flick the clitoris, or close your lips over the clitoris and suck on it.

Hmm, yes, that is nice. Keep doing that.' Suddenly her hands are on the back of my head. Her hips start to grind up and down, almost imperceptibly at first, then with ever larger strokes. Her breathing has quickened. Although she seems close to losing her composure, she makes an effort to continue the instruction.

'When a woman… is close to… climax, it is time to decide on… uuuh… one specific… action. You must be… very perceptive to identify… which… aaaah… of your actions gets the… don't stop… keep doing that… no, the other thing… yes… uhm which of your actions… gets the best… response…' Her eyes are closed now, and she is slowly fucking my face. I am flicking my tongue around her clitoris every time she pushes her cunt down towards my mouth.

She uses my nose for direct friction to her clit on the upstrokes. 'That's what will… aaaah… drive her hooooooooo…' Her body freezes in mid move. She is pulling my head hard into her cunt, which is spurting waves of cum fluids into my mouth. She keeps me in that position for about half a minute, until she relaxes. 'As I was saying, that's what will drive her climax home. Any questions?' I straighten up and look at her.

Apart from a peculiarly bright shine in her eyes, there is nothing that indicates that she has just climaxed.

When I shake my head, she gets up, straightens out her dress and steps to the door. She does not put on her briefs. 'I'm going out for a cigarette now. We'll resume your training when I'm back. In the meantime you can log on to your computer and check your mail.' She holds the door open for me, then locks it behind her.

I ask her if I can join her for a cigarette and she agrees. We walk down the fire stairway and leave the building through the back door, which gives out a yard that is used by the smokers, as smoking is not allowed inside the building. I offer Ms. Pennington a cigarette, light it and then light my own. We puff away in silence until she turns towards me.

'You know of course that I didn't really come. I faked it, so you could get an idea of the full picture.' Didn't cum, my ass. I nod my head. 'You're not my type. Nothing personal, you're just not. It's all business, so don't get any ideas in your head.' 'I understand. I won't.' 'Ms. Saunders is your boss and I'm just training you for her, that's all.' 'Don't worry, I perfectly understand.' 'Good.' We are silent for a while.

A question is burning on my tongue. 'Can I ask you a question?' 'What about?' 'How did you… I mean, how did this all start?' 'Did what start?' 'You know. Ms. Saunders, the things she does. There's rumors, but I never paid to much attention to them.' 'What rumors?' 'Ms. Saunders, what she does with men. How does she get away with it?

And why are you helping her?' 'It's complicated. I've known Ms. Saunders forever. Way back when she was still with Salisbury's. I was her secretary there. She brought me into the company shortly after she was hired. She had something going with one of the senior partners, that's how she got in. She's been working her way up since then.' 'Do the senior partners know what she does?' 'You're asking a lot of questions.' 'I'm sorry.

I don't mean to pry.' 'That's OK, it's no big secret anyway. Yeah, they know. They've all been involved with her in one way or another. Some of them still are. Don't ask me who, I won't tell.' 'Why does she do it?' 'It's who she is. It's in her system. She enjoys it. I guess she has a thing with power. She's very strong-minded and she loves to exert power. She likes to be in control. She never lets it interfere with her work though.

She's had outstanding results. Everybody knows that. What she does is just one of the perks that come with the position. It happens in every company, in one way or another.' 'How did you get involved in her activities?' 'I'm her secretary. She trusts me. We go a long way back. She knows I'm devoted to her. She has never had any secrets for me.' 'Do you enjoy it?' She stubs out her cigarette in the sand tray. 'Enough talking.

Let's get back to your training.' We return to the office. It is close to four. I wonder how important my role in the marketing project really is to Ms.

Saunders. Up to now, the training has mainly focused on what she called my off-curriculum duties. 'Ass worship is another of Ms. Saunders' favorite activities. It helps her relax, and at the same time it gives her an enormous sense of power.

It is important that you understand that, it will help you to perform it with the right level of subtlety and respect.' She's in training mode again. 'There are several positions in which she likes to have her ass worshipped. She may sit on your face, or you may be kneeling behind her while she's standing, talking on the phone. When she needs to read through some reports, she will sit on the couch and pull her legs up, and you will be either lying on the floor pushing yourself up on your arms, or lying on the couch and accessing her from the side, if she is leaning on the armrest.

The position she takes when she requests ass worship from you will clue you on the position you will assume.' Mental pictures rush through my mind as she describes the different positions. Maybe I should write something down, I'm digesting a lot of information in a very short time. 'I'll show you the couch position today.' She gathers her skirt around her waist and sits down on the couch. She proffers her right elbow up on the armrest and rests the side of her head on her upturned hand, leaning over to the right.

When she pulls up her legs against her chest, her ass sticks out sideways. She signals me to lie down on the couch beside her. I do so, face down. My legs stick out over the armrest on the far side of the couch. My face is inches from her spread ass cheeks.

She has a thin ass that spreads easily. 'You may want to turn your head sideways, so your face is aligned with the ass cleavage. That will give you better access.' I follow her instructions. My nose is now at the height of her wrinkly asshole and my mouth is facing her pouting cunt. The curly cunt hairs tickle my chin and lips. 'You start ass worship by introducing your face into the ass cleavage. Make sure your nose is pressed against the asshole.

Smell is a very important aspect in ass worship.' I draw closer and wedge my face into her ass crack, as she instructed. Her asshole exudes a sweetish smell of musk and mushroom. 'You will notice that my behind is fairly accessible. Ms. Saunders' is of course a lot bigger and it will not spread open when she pulls her knees up.

She may spread it for you, else you will lift up her upper buttock with one hand and introduce your face. Once you're inside, you can let go.

Remain in that position until she gives you instructions. It is important that you do not move. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, so she feels your respiration.' She reaches behind her with her free arm and adjusts the position of my head. Then she shoves me in deeper. My airways are obstructed, but I manage to take in a minimal airflow.

The air I breathe is warm with her body heat and fragrant with her ass aroma. She holds me in position for a few minutes. 'Depending on her schedule and her mood, she can keep you in this position for up to an hour, sometimes more. Do not move for any motive. If you cramp easily, you should practice this and other positions at home until you can handle complete motionlessness for over an hour.

I must warn you that Ms. Saunders suffers from flatulence, so she may rip an occasional fart. Don't flinch, don't withdraw, don't complain. Do not acknowledge it in any way. If she asks you if her farts bother you, say 'no' or 'not at all'. Don't hold your breath, she'll notice it and interpret it as repulsion.

She does not like to feel rejected. You are to take what she gives you without flinching. The slightest sign of repulsion gets her mad. Do you understand that?' The muffled 'yes' from inside her ass makes her laugh. 'On some occasions she may ask you to kiss or lick her ass.

You never start right on her anus. Embrace her ass with both hands and start kissing the buttocks. Start on the bottom of the right or left buttock and work your way up the fleshy part. Do not come near the ass cleavage yet. Plant a trail of kisses from the bottom to the top, rounding the cleavage at the tip of the sacrum and then work your way down again. She has a big ass, so you may apply some pressure or she will not feel you. Yes, that is fine.' Ms.

Pennington's ass is small, but I know that with Ms. Saunders' I will have a lot more ground to cover. 'When you're back at the bottom on the other side, stick out your tongue and place it against the bottom of the pussy.

You will notice that in this position it sticks out between the underside of the thighs, just below the ass. It may be less accessible in Ms. Saunders' case, but it will still be there. Make sure your tongue is wet with saliva, Ms. Saunders hates a raspy tongue up her ass.

Push it in between the buttocks from below and start licking upwards. Do not spread the ass at this time. You will not be able to reach all the way inside as you can with me, at least not the first time. However you will achieve greater depth with every lick, especially if you apply sufficient saliva. Once you reach the asshole, lick around it.

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If she is in the roman position like I am now, you may have to lift her buttock again to get some space to work with, if she doesn't do so herself. Make circular motions and spiral in to the middle. Once you're there, make your tongue hard and place the tip right on the slit of the anus. Yes, exactly like that. Now apply a little pressure. Not too hard, you'll not slip in easily. Unless it has recently defecated, the asshole will be tightly shut so you have to soften it up.

You will do so by pressing the tip of your tongue inside as far as it gives, and then making ever wider circular motions with it. You will feel how the anus slowly relaxes, and you will be able to push your tongue in further.' I am following her instructions as she issues them and obtain relatively easy access to the inside of her asshole.

As I push it all the way in, I suddenly recoil. 'Now that is exactly what I told you you should never do. Don't ever flinch, no matter what happens, no matter what you feel. You sensed something in there, didn't you? What is it?' 'I-I'm not sure. Something hard.' 'Yes, something hard. I've been saving it up for the next training session. It's a turd, OK.

Nothing to it. You'll be chewing on it before long. Now get back in there.' I return to my position and stick my tongue back into her asshole. The turd is still there.

'Don't be afraid, it won't bite you. It is a harmless ball of shit. Explore it with your tongue.' I move my tongue around it. It is hard and pointy. When I push my tongue up between the turd and the soft wall of her rectum, I find no end to it. Suddenly it moves. I pull my tongue out in a hurry.

Ms. Pennington slaps my head and pulls me back in. 'I clearly told you not to flinch. Ms. Saunders will kick your butt across the hall if you do that with her. I had a bowel movement, that's all. I'm not shitting yet, OK. It's just that with your tongue up my anus, my body thinks it is shitting but it isn't. If you draw back one more time, I will end the training session right here and I will report you to Ms. Saunders. Is that clear?' 'Yes, Ms.

Pennington.' 'Good. Try again.' I move back in. The turd has retreated into the depths of her rectum, but I can still reach it.

While I continue to tongue her asshole, it slips down again with a sudden movement, but this time I am able to control my reflex. 'OK. Now pull out your tongue and suck on the anus. Don't worry, everything is under control. I know I am dilated but you must trust me. This is an essential part of ass worship and it is important that you get it right.

Sucking the anus will reap you a fart or two from Ms. Saunders, possibly wet ones but certainly not more than that. That should not dissuade you from sucking as hard as you can, though. The ass sucking is a special pleasure Ms. Saunders indulges in but she doesn't like to shit on the couch nor on the carpet.

Neither do I, so you have nothing to worry about.' I suck hard on her asshole and the turd sags dangerously low, but does not exit. I am relieved when Ms. Pennington finally pushes me away and gets up. 'You'll have to work on this some more, but we'll do that tomorrow. It is getting late and I still have to prepare you for toilet duty. You don't mind putting in a little overtime?' 'No, I'm used to it.

Overtime, I mean.' 'Yeah, so I've heard.' I could bite my tongue. She knows everything. 'OK, let's step into the bathroom. I know Ms. Saunders already used you over the bidet. We'll do it without safety net. Mind that you will lick up anything you spill, so be careful. The reason why you have to learn being a toilet without a safety net is because there may not be a bidet or a toilet available in the all places the urge to urinate or defecate overcomes her.

She just doesn't like to hold it up, so you will have to be prepared to take her without spilling, anywhere she decides to use you.' I wonder in what places Ms. Saunders will require toilet service from me. Images of her calling me into the management meeting cross my mind.

'Again there are several positions, both for urinating and defecating. She may squat over you while you're lying down, either facing you or with her back towards you. She may make you kneel before or behind her and do it standing up. The place and the moment will define the method. She will always let you know how she wants it. Let's start with the squatting position. I know the training manual calls for urination instruction before defecation, but the ass worship loosened my bowels so we'll reverse the order.

Lie down on your back right here and open your mouth.' I do as I am told. 'Never make Ms. Saunders ask you to open your mouth. You know exactly what she's going to do so you should be ready for her.' I nod. Ms. Pennington is towering high above me. She turns her back to me and straddles my head.

I am looking up her long legs beneath her skirt. The bottom of her ass is in the shadows. She squats, gathering her skirt around her waist as she comes plunging down. Her ass spreads wide and comes to a halt less than a foot from my face.

I hope she didn't notice me bracing myself for impact. 'Ms. Saunders may or may not squat all the way down. If she does, lock your lips around her asshole. This ensures less spilling and you will be less exposed to the smell, but if she tires she will sit down on you hard to take the strain off her knees and legs, and that can be painful for you.' Her asshole is hovering over my mouth. It is dilated and the tip of the turd is sticking out. While Ms. Pennington talks, it slides slowly downwards.

'If she defecates from a higher position, make sure your mouth is positioned exactly beneath her anus.

She has no visibility of her exact position and don't expect her to adjust. It is your responsibility to catch her turds as they come falling out. Mind that turds don't always slide out in a straight line. They may curl sideways or even upwards. If it is a long one, you may have to move your head from side to side to catch a zigzagging turd without having it pile up on your face.' As if to prove the point she just made, Ms. Pennington's turd is curling to the left as it works its way out of her asshole.

It is a light brown in color and shines in the overhead light. I move my head beneath the broad underside of the curl and have to widen my mouth considerably. It sags down and smears the corners of my mouth as it slowly slides inside. Ms. Pennington has fallen silent above me, grunting from time to time as she squeezes her dump into me.

The smell is foul but worse is the taste, bitter and sharp. Nothing like I have ever tasted. I suppress a gag reflex. My mouth suddenly fills up as the end of the turd slithers from her asshole and drops completely in. A sigh of relief slips from Ms. Pennington's lips. 'No sooner have you taken in the first turd, you start to chew. Ms. Saunders is not a patient person and she will not wait for you to be ready for the next one.' Nor will Ms.

Pennington. Already her asshole is dilating and the tip of the next turd is pushing out. Chewing is harder than it sounds. The taste of her shit is horrendous and only gets worse when I sink my teeth into it. I'm having a hard time with the gag reflexes, but somehow manage to chew the turd in my mouth into a mushy mass and force it down my throat in three tortuous swallows. Already the second turd is pressing against my lips. It is curling to the right and I catch it sideways just as it drops from her pumping asshole.

It smears my upper lip as I pull it in with my tongue. Ms. Pennington is looking at me between her legs. 'How are you doing down there?' It is hard to speak with a full mouth. I want her to stop, so I shake my head from side to side. 'Not so good, huh? Don't worry, you'll get used to it eventually.' She starts pushing again and a third turd starts its downward journey.

I am still chewing and swallowing frantically as it flaps right across my lower face. I give up completely while she piles a fourth and fifth on top. When she is done, she gets to her feet and looks down at me, laughing. 'Oh my, if you could only see yourself now. Don't move, I'll be right back.' She leaves the bathroom and comes back with a digital camera in her hand, clicking away like a professional photographer, catching me from all angles.

'Peterson, the human ice cream cone. Ms. Saunders will enjoy these.' I am unable to protest as my mouth is full and caked shut, and I dare not move as Ms. Pennington has instructed me not to spill anything on the floor lest I lick it up. Although I am not particularly happy with my picture being taken in this situation, I am more worried about my breathing as the warm pile of Ms.

Pennington's turds is slowly sagging down under its own weight and progressively closing my airways. I draw in air through my nose and start chewing on the shit inside my mouth. As I free my mouth, I take deep breaths and push the remaining turds in piece by piece with my fingers. It takes me twenty minutes to ingest Ms. Pennington's load. When I'm finally done, she squats over my face again, this time facing me. 'You'll have to learn to eat more quickly.

Ms. Saunders will not wait as patiently as I while you finish up. We'll work on that. I realize I fed you a bit much. I didn't go the toilet this morning when Ms. Saunders told me I would be training you, and I've been holding it back all day. But then, Ms. Saunders' dumps are usually considerate. She has an enormous appetite.' While she speaks, she starts to piss.

I have forgotten to open my mouth, so the first trickle spatters on my lips. 'You must learn to be more attentive.

You know what's coming when I am squatting over your face. I can talk and pee at the same time. Be ready next time.' I nod, careful to keep the streaming arc of piss within the boundaries of my open mouth. It is not easy to swallow with my mouth open. Her discharge is more moderate than Ms. Saunders, both in volume and in duration, and I manage to keep up with the flow.

The warm liquid, even if salty, is refreshing after the dry shitty meal. When she has emptied her bladder, Ms. Pennington gets up and hands me a pile of paper towels. 'Here, tidy yourself up a bit before you go to the men's room. Ms. Saunders will not allow you to wash up in her personal bathroom and she will not give you paper towels either. If you cannot manage to eat her without smearing, better have a handkerchief ready. Go now. Brush your teeth and rinse while you're at it, and hurry back.

You still have to finish up.' I wipe my face as well as I can. Ms. Pennington does not allow me to flush the used paper towels, so I work them into a ball and take them with me. Luckily the office is as good as empty at this time. Ms. Pennington is standing by the window when I return. She takes me back into the bathroom. 'Another reason why you must procure to be a clean toilet is because Ms.

Saunders does not like toilet paper and you will be asked to clean her. I can assure you she will use your tie or the sleeve of your shirt to wipe herself if your mouth is not tidy. If she urinates, you will lick her dry. If she defecates, you will lick her ass until it is clean. If she does both, she will always urinate first and then defecate, so make sure you dry her before you receive her defecation. Don't ever touch her pussy with shit on your mouth or tongue. Should she not give you time to dry her pussy before defecation, or should she defecate before she urinates, use your handkerchief instead to wipe her pussy.

She will not give you time to go rinse as I just did.' 'Yes, Ms. Pennington.' 'Now clean me up. I am tired and want to go home.' She lifts up her skirt and dive under it to lick her cunt dry. She bends a bit at the knees and pushes her pelvis forward to make access easier. When I'm done, she turns around and bends over. The inside of her ass is smeared with thick streaks of yellow shit and I feel like I'm getting a second helping. When she is finally clean, she turns around again and hands me her flowered briefs.

She leans on my shoulders with both hands while I help her step into them and pull them all the way up. Then she instructs me to lick the floor clean as well while she gets her coat and her handbag.

We're the last to leave the office. My first fuck-up The next morning I come in at seven and go through the project file. It is expertly put together. Someone has been doing a great job with this. I wonder who. At five minutes to eight, I go to the cafeteria to prepare Ms. Saunders' coffee. At eight sharp, I follow Ms. Saunders into her office with the coffee, the condensed milk and the donuts I bought on the way to work on a tray. I am nervous to the point of trembling.

I can't shake the feeling something is amiss. 'Peterson. What the hell is this?' 'Uhm, your coffee, Ms. Saunders. With condensed milk by the side, the way you like it. And your donuts.' Ms. Saunders presses the speak button on the intercom. 'Ms. Pennington, could you step in for a minute, please?' Ms. Pennington comes in and stands behind me. I turn to her, but she doesn't acknowledge my presence.

She is wearing a grey suit today, with straight trousers and wide lapels on the jacket. 'Ms. Pennington, did you commence Mr. Peterson's training yesterday as I instructed you?' 'Yes, Ms. Saunders. We covered all the items you listed.' 'Did you instruct Mr. Peterson on my morning coffee?' 'Yes, Ms.

Saunders. We went over that extensively.' Ms. Saunders pushes the tray under Ms. Pennington's nose so hard she recoils and almost stumbles.

'Then where the fuck are my newspapers?!' The newspapers! I forgot to stop by the mail room on my way up. I knew something was missing. Ms. Pennington is perplexed. She looks at the tray in her face, then at me. 'I… I told him. I was very clear on that point.' 'Did you not beg me to let you do the training? Did you not say you could handle it?

I told you, make him take notes, and make him read what he wrote down to make sure it's all there.' 'But I told him. He said he didn't need to, that he would memorize it.' 'Memorize, my ass. They never get it right. That's what the whole fucking training program is all about!' 'I-I'm sorry, Ms.

Saunders. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again.' 'Sorry won't do. Get the crop.' 'Oh no, Ms. Saunders. Not the crop. I'll do anything…' 'Oh, you will do anything, I can promise you that.

You're coming home with me tonight and I will go to town on you. I deserve that much. But now you must be punished.' Ms. Pennington transforms before my eyes into a little girl. Her shoulders droop, her head drops and she starts to snicker.

'P-please, Ms. S-saunders. N-not the c-crop.' 'I'm not going to ask you again. Get the crop. Now!' Ms. Pennington shuffles into the bathroom and comes back with a riding crop, which she hands over to Ms.

Saunders. Ms. Saunders taps the desk with the tip of the crop. Ms. Pennington is silently whining while she unbuttons her pants and walks over to the desk. She doubles over, resting her elbows on the desk and lowering her head between her arms. She is trembling. Ms. Saunders steps behind her and pulls down Ms. Pennington's pants, exposing a pair of Minnie Mouse briefs.

She inserts the crop vertically into the briefs in line with Ms. Pennington's ass crack and levering it against her crotch, pulls them down just enough to expose Ms. Pennington's shuddering white buns. 'What are you looking at?' I am so fascinated by the scene unfolding before me that it takes me a few seconds to realize Ms.

Saunders is talking to me. 'N-n-nothing.' 'Do you think this is for your benefit?' 'N-no, of course not.' 'Pull down your pants.' 'W-what?' The leather loop at the tip of the riding crop hits me squarely on the mouth. 'Your pants! Down! I want to see your dick.' I reluctantly unbutton my trousers. The crop lashes painfully across my upper arm. 'Don't stall. Show me your dick. Now.' My pants crumple around my ankles. When I pull my boxers down, my insipient erection hooks behind the elastic band and whips into view.

Immediately, it is sent reeling by successive lashes by the crop. I cover myself with my hands and double over, but there is no escaping the whizzing rod as it whips through the air in a crisscross pattern.

'I knew it! You sleazy bastard! You're enjoying this, aren't you? Come here. Get onto the desk. Right here.' Ms. Saunders slides aside the tray with her coffee and taps the desk in front of Ms. Pennington.

I bend over to pull up my trousers, but the crop lashing across the back of my head freezes me in mid motion. 'No! As you are. Kneel on the desk and put your dick into Ms. Pennington's mouth.' Ms.

Pennington's head shoots up. There is disgust in her eyes, but she says nothing. I stumble onto the desk and kneel before her. Ms. Saunders hooks the crop beneath Ms. Pennington's nose and pulls it upwards. Ms. Pennington lifts her head, closes her eyes and reluctantly opens her mouth.

The crop is now tapping my balls. I shuffle closer and with both hands stuff my limp cock into the gap between Ms. Pennington's large pearly white teeth. 'The balls too. The whole deal, put it in there.' Ms. Pennington needs a little prodding with the crop under her chin to make her spread her jaws a little wider. She is whining audibly and contorting her face while my hairy balls scrape past her teeth.

Ms. Pennington's mouth is warm and wet. Her accelerated breath caresses my balls. I feel my cock stirring against her palate. If I don't control myself, I will soon be popping her eyeballs out from inside. I fail to understand the purpose of this new setup, but Ms.

Saunders seems pleased with herself. She steps back to contemplate her work with a smug look on her face. 'Oh my, I keep surprising myself. OK, here goes.' She returns to her position behind Ms. Pennington's trembling ass. The crop rises in the air and swooshes down with a speed that beats the eye. It is when the sharp snap of leather against naked skin reverberates in the air that I understand. Ms. Pennington's body stiffens as hit by lightning. Her teeth dig into the flesh at the base of my genitals, extracting a frightened shriek from my lips.

Ms. Saunders explodes in gleeful laughter. 'Not so exciting now, is it?' The rod slices the air again and Ms. Peterson's teeth snap shut again, sending an electric wave up my spine. I am sweating profusely. Ms. Saunders keeps whipping Ms. Pennington's ass until she collapses, pulling me off the desk by the genitals. I have to scramble not to fall on top of her.

I land at Ms. Saunders' feet. My nerves are shattered and I tremble uncontrollably. 'What a sorry lot of sissies you are. Get out of my sight, both of you!' Ms. Saunders kicks me in the back. Ms. Pennington spits out my tortured genitals and gets up. She dresses quickly and makes for the door. I rush after her, struggling with my pants at knee height.

'Ms. Pennington.' Ms. Pennington freezes with the doorknob in her hand. I am zipping up. 'Yes, Ms. Saunders?' A whining heap of misery just a moment ago, it is amazing how fast Ms. Pennington has regained her composure. 'I trust you will take care of Mr. Peterson's punishment for me?' 'Yes, Ms. Saunders.' 'Have Mr. Peterson bring in coffee for five in a thermos and a box of cookies. I am expecting the Co-Mart delegation in fifteen minutes, in the meantime I will not be disturbed.

When the delegation arrives, show them into my office. Later I'll have lunch with Mr. Hansen. I will see you two in my office at two sharp.' 'Yes Ms. Saunders.' Ms. Pennington instructs me to get the coffee and cookies, then heads to the bathroom.

Without looking up when I enter, Ms. Saunders gestures me to place the tray on the conference table. I close the door behind me. Ms. Pennington has not returned. At a loss, I seat myself at my desk and log on to my computer. I am halfway through my mail when Ms. Pennington plants herself in front of my desk.

Paying the price 'Follow me.' The look on her face is frightening. I follow her to an unoccupied wing of the building where formerly the dispatch center was housed before they moved it to the new warehouse facilities.

She takes me through the former print room into a large file storage room that I didn't know existed. It is bitter cold inside. The metal racks are mostly empty, just the odd carton box here and there.

Ms. Pennington locks the door with a key, then turns to me and shoves me against the wall with a violent thrust of both her arms. I scramble to keep myself from stumbling. My back hits the wall hard and the wind is knocked from my lungs. 'See what you got me into?' She is hissing the words under her breath. Rage is fuming from her eyes. 'I told you to write it down. But no, Mr. Einstein here thinks he needs no notes. I'll make you pay for that, Peterson.' She steps to the wall rack in the back of the room and pulls out a large metal box from the bottom shelf.

She puffs and groans as she lowers it to the floor. It is secured with a large padlock, which she opens with a key from her key ring. There is the sound of metal against metal as she rummages through the box, the contents of which I am unable to make out as she is squatting before it. She gets up and walks back to where I am still grabbing the wall for support. She is holding two handcuffs in one hand and a long thin bamboo cane in the other.

'Get your clothes off!' 'W-what are you going to do?' The cane whips across my right thigh and I jump, electrified by the burning pain. 'Get your clothes off!' 'B-but… it's c-cold in here.' The cane explodes on the side of my head. 'Get your clothes off.' With trembling fingers, I undo my tie and unbutton my shirt.

I hesitate at my boxers, but she my hip with her cane and they come off in a rush. I stand before her naked, shivering. She throws me the handcuffs. 'Put these on. One on each wrist.' Prodding me in the side with the tip of the cane, she directs me towards a small high window in the corner of the room. When I am standing beneath it, she orders me to raise my arms. She fastens the handcuffs to the iron bars that protect the window from intruders.

'Spread your legs.' I obey, trembling both from cold and fear. She steps up to me so close her breasts are pressing against my chest. Her mouth is over mine and she is breathing into it.

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There is a trace of garlic on her breath. Suddenly I feel her warm hand on my groin. She cups my balls, stroking them lightly, then lifts my shriveled dick and rubs it against her belly. Her tongue is outlining my lips while my cock slowly grows in the palm of her hand. She pulls the foreskin back and starts to jerk me off with long slow strokes. My nervousness dissipates as a glowing warmth takes hold of my body, emanating from my groin.

Suddenly, Ms. Peterson steps back and the cane slashes across my erect penis. A sharp pain shoots through my bones as my burning dick sways left and right. The second blow is against my balls and I cry in pain. 'Scream all you want, nobody is going to hear you.' Ms. Pennington whips my genitals until my dick has shrunk to a shriveled knob of glowing red skin and my balls have swollen to twice their normal size. 'That's for not obeying me when I told you to take notes. Now turn around.' I turn my face to the wall.

I can hear the cane swoosh as it slices the air just before cutting into the flesh of my ass cheeks. I can hardly suppress a scream. Ms. Pennington works my ass for over five minutes. I press my lips against my upturned arm to muffle out the sound of the air exploding from my lungs with every lash.

She is panting when she finally steps back. 'And that's for the whipping I had to take for you.' I wonder how much of this I really have to take. It is true I like my job and I need the money badly as I am deep in debt. But I feel the whole thing is getting out of hand and I am not sure how long I will be able to handle the strain. Behind me, Ms. Pennington is rummaging through the metal box again. I turn my head as far as I can to sneak a peek.

Ms. Pennington is fastening a huge strap-on around her waist, over the trousers of her suit. She spits on it and distributes the saliva over the length of the shaft, then comes walking back to me. There is a smirk on her face when she notices me watching her. 'And this is my commission. Bend over.' Hesitantly, I bend over as far as my strapped arms allow me.

I have no doubt about what is coming now. I have seen strap-ons on the internet and I have seen how they are used. I tried it once on myself with a Coke bottle out of sheer curiosity, but abandoned cowardly soon after I got painfully past my sphincter and the bottle started to fill up with a sudden rush of diarrhea. Ms. Pennington is standing right behind me. She knocks her knees against the inside of mine which makes me suddenly lose my stance and sag further down.

Before I can straighten my knees again, I feel the thick knob of the strap-on sliding in between my spread buttocks and pressing against my asshole. Ms. Pennington grabs my waist with both hands and without restraint pushes forward. My rectum is penetrated by the first three inches of the rubber phallus while a sharp pain shoots through my guts. The air is knocked out of my lungs and I have to concentrate to get my breathing going again. Ms. Pennington withdraws slightly but only to gain momentum for the second shove, which drives the rubber up my ass to the hilt.

My legs buckle under me and for a while I am hanging from my arms which remain shackled to the window above me. My body rocks back and forth as Ms. Pennington fucks my ass with a vengeance. With each forward thrust, the air is forced from my chest. I can feel the tip of the strap-on kindling unknown nerves deep inside my body.

My asshole soon dilates which makes the shaft slide more easily and less painfully in and out, but her constant thrashing into me creates a queasy feeling in my gut. Ms. Pennington grunts like an animal every time she thrusts forward and slaps my ass every few strokes. In an attempt to take my mind off the ordeal, I think about today's and yesterday's events.

I am totally confused as to my own reaction to what I have been going through. Although most of what I have been subjected to has been either painful or humiliating, somewhere deep inside me I feel a strange attraction for the women who have been imposing their will upon me.

Even the whipping I received just a few minutes ago and the ass thrashing I am currently taking, none of which appear on my favorite sexual activity list, stir an unknown and deep feeling of arousal in me, manifested by the gradual swelling of my dick. My bodily reaction is beyond my understanding. Ms. Pennington withdraws the strap-on from my ass and finally unties the handcuffs around my wrists.

I drop to my knees, exhausted. Ms. Pennington's shoes appear below me and my head is suddenly jerked up by the hair. I am staring at the tip of the shit smeared strap-on which is still attached to her crotch. 'You soiled my cock, you bitch. Suck it!' Ms. Pennington pulls my head forward and the strap-on bumps against my lips and slides off the side over my cheek. She grabs my head with both hands and pulls it back again.

'Open your mouth! I'm going to fuck your mouth like I fucked your ass, slut.' She aims the tip of her phallus at my open mouth with adjusting movements of her hips, but it keeps wobbling up and down and she ends up ramming it against my chin.

After two more unsuccessful attempts, which leave my face smeared with my own shit, she finally manages to penetrate me. She pushes it in all the way to the back of my throat but pulls it back when I gag.

'Suck it, bitch.' Her hips start to grind back and forth and she is fucking my mouth as she said she would. She is looking down at me, grinning. It is obvious from the look on her face that she is drawing great satisfaction from seeing her cock slide in and out of my mouth. My own cock is hard like a rock between my legs, twitching against the cold floor.

She doesn't seem to notice. After a while Ms. Pennington withdraws the strap-on from my mouth and loosens the straps. She motions me to get up and hands it to me. 'There's a broom closet behind that door. Wash it and bring it back to me.' I open the door she points out to me. It is empty, but there is a concrete washbasin at the far end. I wash the strap-on and dry it with a paper towel from a dispenser that hangs precariously at an angle.

When I return to Ms. Pennington, she is standing in the middle of the room, naked from the waist down. 'You're a mess, Peterson. You'd better take a shower.' She points to the floor in front of her and I kneel down before her.

I know exactly what she has in mind. She spreads her blond cunt and starts pissing immediately. The thick stream hits me square on the forehead. She adjusts her hips and hoses my face down for over a minute. When the stream diminishes, she aims it at my mouth and I gulp down her warm piss. She finishes in a series of squirts, shakes her cunt with both hands not unlike we men do after urinating, and turns away to dress without cleaning herself or asking me to do so.

I remain on my knees in a broad puddle of piss, my skin soaked and dripping. 'I'm going to lunch now. Dress up and report to me at two o'clock. Ms. Saunders will be expecting us and she doesn't like to be kept waiting.' She unlocks the handcuffs from the iron bars where she had me shackled earlier, stuffs her tools into the metal box, locks it with the padlock and places it back on the shelf.

Then she leaves the room, the hollow clicking of her high heels fading slowly as she strides through the abandoned wing. I wash up in the broom closet, get dressed and leave the office building for a stroll through the park.

I am not hungry and I need time by myself. Put to the test At two sharp, I am back at Ms. Pennington's desk. She knocks on Ms. Saunders' door and walks in. I follow close behind. 'Ah, Ms. Pennington and Mr.

Peterson.' She gestures us to sit down.


'OK, let's start with a clean sheet. How did the rest of the training go yesterday? Did Peterson get to fine tune his toilet skills?' 'Well, uhm, time was short but we managed to practice both. Mr. Peterson had considerate difficulty with the ingestion of solids, but he was able to keep it fairly clean.

The floor, at least. I sent you some pictures to your private mail.' 'Yes, I was just looking at those. Hilarious. I'm a bit worried, though. You know how I hate shit-dipping my ass. Do you think he will be able to swallow a complete load?' Ms. Pennington thinks for a while. I guess that on the one hand she doesn't want to commit to something she isn't completely sure of, but on the other hand she does not want to say no, as that would mean admitting failure.

'Hmm, I think he will. As I said he was very cooperative and he did manage to swallow it all in the end.' 'Are you sure?' A short silence. 'Yes.' 'OK, this is what we'll do.

Why don't you two give me a little demonstration and if it all works out as expected, I will use him myself.' Ms. Saunders leads the way into her private bathroom and sits down on the closed toilet bowl with her arms crossed over her chest. Ms. Pennington pulls down her pants and briefs and signals me to lie down on the floor.

I lie down on my back and open my mouth, as Ms. Pennington has taught me. Ms. Pennington squats over my face with her back towards me.

Her lean ass is above my face, her cunt spread, the thin cuntlips dangling down inches from my mouth. She lowers her ass and with one hand between her legs stuffs her cuntlips between my lips. I guess she wants to make sure not a single drop spills on the floor. I can sense she is nervous. Her ass cheeks are trembling against my temples. It takes a while before she manages to relax enough to piss. I feel a few drops of piss dripping onto my tongue, followed by a thin trickle.

Soon, the trickle thickens to a stream that makes her cuntlips flutter against the inside of my mouth. I know she is holding back as hard as she can, allowing me to swallow her without difficulty. It takes her two minutes to empty her bladder into my mouth.

A single squirt finishes the job. Ms. Pennington lifts her ass and I proceed to lick her cunt clean. One down, one to go. When I'm done, Ms. Pennington tilts her hips forward and her ass cheeks slide along both sides of my face until her asshole is touching my lips.

I lock my lips onto her shitter as she has taught me. I brace myself for her discharge. I am anxious to do a good job on her, as I do not want a repetition of this morning's events. Ms. Pennington's asshole is pumping between my lips while she is grunting above me, but nothing happens.

After a while, a thin fart sputters into my mouth, but that is all. The toilet bowl creaks as Ms. Saunders gets to her feet. 'Lift your ass. I want to see how he eats your turds.' Ms. Pennington lifts her ass off my face, careful to keep it aligned with my mouth. 'You haven't started?' 'No, but it's coming. Any second now.' Ms. Pennington's asshole has swollen to a large purple blob of shiny flesh.

She moans and grunts while she pushes with all her strength. Suddenly, a small oblong ball of shit shoots from her asshole straight to the back of my throat. I almost choke on it, but manage to pull it back into my mouth. It is small enough to let it pass whole, but I chew on it for a while before I swallow it for Ms.

Saunders' sake. 'That's it?' 'I-I'm sorry, Ms. Saunders. I went late last night on Mr. Peterson and I didn't go this morning as I usually do, to save it for his training. It seems it hasn't come down yet. I could try again in a little while if you like.' 'No, I don't have time for that. Remember you're coming with me this afternoon. We're going to the cabin by the lake and we're leaving early. We'll be spending the weekend there, so we'll need to pack a few things.' 'Yes, Ms.

Saunders.' Ms. Pennington sits her ass down on my face, crushing my nose. 'OK, I guess I'll just have to take a chance, then. I really need to shit now.' I hear the rustling of clothes, and then Ms. Pennington steps off me. Ms. Saunders straddles my head. She is naked from the waist down. Her skirt and briefs are in a heap beside my head. Her enormous ass looms high above my face. The fat flesh of her ass cheeks is packed close together and wobbles as she adjusts her position above me.

She has her back turned towards me. 'You're cleaning my ass if I get shit-dipped, you hear? And you're eating anything he drops or can't handle.' Ms.

Pennington doesn't answer. I imagine she can't be too happy with the proposition. It is clear her faith in me is not too great. 'Did you hear what I said?' 'Yes, Ms. Saunders.' 'Good.' Ms. Saunders' ass comes plunging down. She doesn't squat, like Ms. Pennington did. She lowers herself on all fours on top of my body instead and then sits her ass down. My face slides in between her ass cheeks, which are wet and slippery with sweat.

'Don't make that face. You trained him. It is only fair that I should hold you responsible for any shortcomings.' 'Yes, Ms. Saunders.' With my face wedged into Ms. Saunders' fat ass, I have trouble breathing. I dare not protest, though, as I don't want to inflict any more punishment on Ms.

Pennington, so I lie still. Leaning forward on her arms, Ms. Saunders lifts her ass and works herself to her feet, then squats down over my face again.


She is now on hands and feet. 'You, Peterson, spread my ass. I hate getting smeared.' I wring my arms from between her legs and place my hands on her massive ass cheeks, spreading them slowly apart. Her puckered asshole is already pumping. She lowers her ass to an inch of my face. While she does so, a thick stream of mushy shit shoots out of her asshole.

Luckily I am following the movement of her ass with my open mouth, remembering what Ms. Pennington taught me yesterday. A thick wad of soft shit splatters into my mouth and fills it to the brim. It is warm and fluid like porridge, so I can start swallowing it down without having to chew on it first. I'm halfway through the first wad when the next one comes flowing out of from her asshole, accompanied by a sputtering sound.

I quickly open my mouth but can't avoid that part of it splatters on my chin. The third and the fourth flow out in rapid succession and fill up the tight space between my face and the bottom of her ass. It's official, Ms. Saunders just got shit-dipped. 'Shit!!! I knew this would happen. Shit! Shit! Shit!' I can imagine Ms. Pennington's face now. I feel sorry for her. She worked really hard on me yesterday and I am letting her down. I gulp down the shit in my mouth as fast as I can and start lapping in the shit that accumulated on my face with my tongue.

At least nothing has dripped to the floor, as far as I can tell. Shit keeps flowing from Ms. Saunders' ass, but the stream is thinner and slower now and I manage to gulp it down immediately. When she is finished, Ms. Saunders gets to her feet, seeking support on the bidet.

The bottom of her ass is smeared with a thin layer of brown mushy shit. She turns around and looks down at me, then at Ms. Pennington. 'OK, we'll talk about it later. Get to work and we're out of here.' I can see from the look on her face that Ms.

Pennington has resigned to her fate. She drops to her knees behind Ms. Saunders and starts to lick up the shit with broad laps of her tongue.

There is no hesitation, no grimace, she just works her tongue methodically over Ms. Saunders ass until it is pristine clean.

Then she spreads it and dives into the soiled crack to continue the cleansing there. It takes her no more than two minutes to finish the job and not once does she complain.

I have the distinct impression that this is not a first for her. I should have know from the rich details she provided me with during the training concerning Ms. Saunders' service requirements. Ms. Saunders turns to me.

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'Get up and wipe the shit from your face, Peterson. I expect a first draft of the financial proposal for the project on my desk first thing Monday morning. I know it's a lot but you have all weekend. I'm going to take a shower now and then we must be off.' I wipe my face with my handkerchief and go straight to the men's restrooms. Luckily I have the place to myself. I get my toilet utensils from my locker.

I wash with water and soap, brush my teeth, rinse and spray myself with plenty of deodorant. When I return, Ms. Pennington is cleaning her desk. As soon as Ms. Saunders emerges from her office, Ms. Pennington grabs her coat and handbag and rushes out after her without a word.

All things considered Later that night, alone in my apartment, I sit in front of the TV but I'm not really watching. I have just jerked myself off to two successive climaxes of incredible intensity. I never went limp after the first one and the second one was even more intense. I thought I would never stop ejaculating. Now I'm just staring at the tube.

The events of the last two days have affected me to the point of changing my whole outlook on life. Until the day before yesterday, I was quite content with my quiet life.

It was lonely, but it had its compensations. I was my own man and didn't have to answer to anyone. I could never shake the feeling that there was something important missing in my life, but I drowsed my restlessness with internet porn and the occasional uneventful lay.

I was sure I could get by like this. Now I realize just how much I have been fooling myself, and why I can't go back to that life. I can never be my own man. I'm adrift if left on my own. Unable to give myself direction, I need someone to provide that direction for me.

Someone like Ms. Saunders, who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. I also realize why I am so attracted to her and why I am aroused by her outbursts and her abuse, both physical and emotional. It is her unbounded power. I feel warm and cozy under her tyranny.

I feel needed. Here is a woman who has taken on the burden of breaking out of her traditional role and carving her own path in life. It takes bravery and strength to do that. She may not consciously accept it, but she needs people like Ms. Pennington and myself to lean on when she weakens, to feed her with energy when she tires, to suck dry when she lapses. I long to be part of her, to be absorbed into her cold being, to be sucked into her lonely wanting world and answer to her secret yearning.

She does not have to love me, not even like me. She never will. But it is enough that I love her. It fills me to be able to shower her with my unconditional love, to fill her heart's desire whenever she feels the need for it, whatever the need she feels. Women like Ms. Saunders are like animals, their needs are on a most primitive level, never consciously acknowledged but always present.

Like animals, they take what they need when they need it, they consume it and then move on. Their prey becomes part of them, it becomes their strength and their power, it lives in them forever after. It is my resolve that I long to be Ms. Saunders' prey, to be consumed by her for as long as she has a use for me. I don't care what happens during the weekend, when she is with Ms. Pennington. I don't care what happens in the following weeks, when I finish setting up the project.

I don't care what happens in three months when my loan term expires. All I care is that I have been given a chance to serve her and that this is the greatest fulfillment I could ever hope for in my life. With this thought in mind, I fall asleep.