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Akane Hotaru lovely Asian doll hard
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"Evenin' lass." Moments after Tegan returned to her room to towel off, Angus appeared in the doorway, apparently having arrived home and had time to change while she'd been showering with Brandon as he was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt rather than his suit. "Hey Angus." She casually continued drying herself while Angus leaned against the frame ogling her. "What's up? How was your day?" "Och, fine, just fine." There was a long silence while Tegan finished drying herself off then hung up her towel, adjusting her damp hair then turning to face Angus, a hand resting on her cocked hips as she stood before him, almost defiantly as she waited for him to make a move on her.

"Y'might want tae get dressed, lass. Nawt that I object, but you might. We're goin' shopping." "Shopping?" "Yeh 've done yeh research into what you'll need to be an effective dominatrix, aye?" "Oh, yeah.

I have actually." "Ah figured. So I thought I'd accompany you to a nearby adult emporium so as we can get the items yeh'll need." "You're getting the tab for this right?" "Aye, ah'll sort it out." "Alright then." Tegan went to her clothes rack and took off one of her light dresses. Even though it was evening the weather was quite mild and she didn't want to feel too warm.

She picked up a pair of panties and Angus interjected. "Ah'd be obliged if yeh skipped those. Just fer my amusement?" Tegan pursed her lips thoughtfully then shrugged, putting them back in the drawer.

The last time she'd left the house without underwear on she'd accidentally given some local delinquents a peek under her dress and drawn some unwanted attention until Trevor intervened. At least this time Angus would be with her, and he was sufficiently intimidating that she wasn't worried about getting into trouble should the unfortunate occur again. She slipped into the dress and zipped it up at the side, careful to keep the zip away from her skin, then adjusted the fit to ensure it properly covered her chest in spite of the extreme plunge of the neckline, before sliding her feet unto some lightweight sandals.

"Are we going now?" she queried. "Ready when yeh are." Angus stepped backwards out of the doorway, gesturing towards the front of the house. As they walked through the living room together Angus called out to the others "Jus' takin' tae slut for a walk." And Tegan playfully slapped his arm.

For some reason Angus' blunt vulgarity was hard to be offended by.

Maybe it was the accent. A half hour drive in Angus' aging SUV later, they arrived in a quiet area. The usual stores were closed but typically the adult store was open. Garish pink signage with black lettering extolling the delights found up the narrow staircase it framed shone like a beacon to the local perverts. Tegan eyed the doorway with some nervousness. "I've never been in a sex shop before." "It's nowt to worry about. I know the owner, decent bloke, said he'd cut me a deal. Yeh don't have tae be a total degenerate to sell rubber dicks." "But it helps?" Tegan finished, smirking.

"…Aye. It might." "Does he know? Y'know, about…" "Our arrangement? He doesnae care about people's little peccadilloes, he's seen it all." "That's not a no." "He may know we're involved. A casual arrangement, not exclusive. Nowt other than that." "Hm.

Ok, well, let's go in before I chicken out." She popped the door and slid out, careful to ensure she didn't snag her dress on anything and accidentally expose herself, not that there was anyone else in the street at the moment anyway. Angus likewise stepped out and locked the car, meeting Tegan at the stairs and escorting her up into the store.

The inside was not the seedy sex dungeon she had expected. The store was brightly lit so as to better display the wares in their packaging. Most of the floorspace was given over to an impressive array of toys and costumes, with a surprisingly small section for DVDs and magazines with a couple of guys browsing it. She supposed there wasn't much market for them anymore given anyone could access anything instantly on their phones.

In a back corner a doorway was sectioned off with a "No Admittance" sign slung across it. As she turned to take it all in she finally noticed the front counter just inside the door, where a man sat on a stool leafing through a battered-looking novel. Presently he looked up from his book and nodded to her and Angus.

"This your friend, MacGyver?" He said, bypassing introductions in a rough British accent. He was stocky like Angus but his fitted t-shirt made him seem more muscular. Dark-skinned and seemingly African in appearance but Tegan was socially aware enough not to presume he hailed from that continent. His head was shaved and it suited him well. Tegan glanced sideways at Angus. "MacGyver? I thought your last name was-" "A joke, lass. Ah tried tae fix a car with improvised materials and it failed spectacularly.

Tyrone here never let me live it down." "And my name isn't Tyrone neither," the man added "No story behind that one. He just calls me that because I'm black and he's a piece of shit." He turned to Tegan and offered his hand over the counter.

"Simon." "Tegan." Tegan admitted, taking his hand. Simon turned his hand so his hand was below hers, as if he were going to kiss the back of it, but didn't actually do it. She assumed this was some kind of show of deference to her, though she didn't understand it. "Nice to meet you Simon." "Oh I bet Angus here told you all kind of horrible stories about his friend the pornographer on the drive over." "Actually he said you were a decent bloke." "That's exactly the kind of shit I'm talking about." Simon pointed accusingly at Angus "You can't go filling the poor girl's head with that kind of nonsense." "Ach." Angus waved his hand dismissively "yeh'll live with the shame I'm sure.

Now my friend here is here tae browse yer wares. She wants to liven things up, take a bit of a lead role in the bedroom. If yeh take my meaning." "Whips and chains et cetera? I follow." Simon waved at the section with the costumes. "Outfits, cuffs, crops, other accessories over there between the vibrators and the inflatables. Let me know if you have any questions." Angus and Tegan walked in the direction indicated, pressing together to pass another man browsing the section, Angus putting his arm protectively around Tegan's waist and pulling her in towards him, almost possessively.

Tegan was unsurprised when he gave her an opportunistic squeeze on her ass once they slipped past, and didn't react. She was very conscious of the fact she wasn't wearing anything under her dress and the sexual nature of literally everything in the store. She wondered what the men around her would think if they knew, or if they were already picturing her without her dress on, or if they noticed her at all. Turning her attention to the shelves she looked at the items on display, trying to ignore that the majority of the corsetry and costumes seemed to be deisgned with a bustier woman in mind.

She took down a couple of different crops and slapped them thoughtfully against her palm, glancing at Angus out of the corner of her eye as she did so to gauge his reaction. To his credit, he wasn't giving anything away. After a few minutes of browsing Angus touched Tegan lightly on the shoulder. "Ah just have to check something with Simon, yeh'll be ok here by yourself?" "You'll only be like twenty feet away." Tegan replied chidingly "What could possibly happen?" Angus smirked at her and walked back over to Simon and Tegan turned back to the merchandise.

There was a red vinyl corset she thought would fit and accompanied by some fishnet stockings would be rather striking. A crop was definitely in order, as well as some more lightweight toys meant for tickling. She passed over the cuffs noting they already had several pairs at home but opted to buy a length of soft rope that could be fun to play with.

She hadn't really figured out the details yet but seeing the options in front of her was giving her ideas as she added smaller items to a nearby basket. There were some high-heeled half-boots that she felt would add some height and maybe make her intimidating act a bit more believable and as she bent over to pick them up she felt a heavy slap on her ass, standing upright with a surprised yelp which had all heads turn momentarily in her direction.

She slapped his arm again when she realized it was just Angus, having crept up on her while she shopped. "Don't surprise me like that!" she rebuked in a loud whisper. "Aw, don' be like that lass." Angus said gently.

"Did yeh think some random creep had taken advantage?" "I'm just trying not to draw too much attention. I'm the only woman in here, in case you hadn't noticed." Tegan glanced nervously around.

"Aye, I had at that." Angus said as he put his hand on her chest and slid his hand under the flap of material covering her left breast. When she didn't resist or say anything he slid his hand over her breast, gently pinching her nipple between two fingers. "Don't." Tegan said, softly. "Are yeh sure?" Angus queried. Tegan didn't immediately respond.


She glanced around to see if anyone was paying them attention, which they weren't. Angus continued to grope her tit under her dress. "We… we shouldn't. Not here." She said, trying to keep her voice to a whisper. "Why not?" "They'll see." Tegan nodded her head in the direction of the men on the other side of the store.

"Does that really bother yeh?" "Our arrangement is supposed to be a secret." "Yeh don't know these people, they don't know yeh." Angus pressed as he used his hand to push aside the flap of fabric to begin to expose her breast.

Tegan grabbed his wrist to make him stop, but she didn't pull his hand away. "C'mere." Angus said. Slipping his hand from inside her dress he took her by the wrist and dragged her through the curtain at the back of the store, disregarding the no admittance sign.

As her eyes adjusted to the low light she realized they were in a narrow corridor rather than the back office she'd expected to see, all the walls and floors were painted black and there were several doorways along the wall on one side. "What is this place?" "Privacy." Angus said simply as he led her through the closest open door. Inside was a small booth with a bench against one wall and a small flatscreen monitor with a remote control in a holster next to it.

The lighting in here was even worse. "Is this a peep show booth?" Tegan asked, mollified by her new surroundings. "Aye, sort of. Guys can come in here for a little alone time, usually if they want to try out a new movie. It's nowt as popular these days what with tae internet 'n' all." He gestured at the wall opposite the door.

"Sometimes there's a live show on tae other side o' tae glass. One-way glass." "The sign said no admittance." "Aye, tha's for tae hoi polloi. Nae friends of Simon." Angus pushed Tegan against the wall and slipped his hand under the skirt of her dress, running his fingers up her thigh until he found her crotch with his hand, cupping her sex.

She knew he would feel the heat radiating from her, knew his probing fingertips would find her already growing wet. She was going to let him fuck her in a grimy porno store peep show booth, and she was going to enjoy it.

Angus pressed up against her, pinning her to the wall with his body. "Ahm cashing in my win." He murmured in her ear. Tegan took a moment to realise what he meant.

The bet. She shook her head. "You don't have to." "Aye lass, ah do. Because ahm nae gonnae fuck yeh in here." "You want me out… out there?" "Nae. Yeh'll stay in here." "I don't understand." Tegan said, though she didn't really believe that.

Understanding was beginning to dawn on her. "Simon, he runs a private club. Very discreet. Members all properly vetted and regularly screened." Angus paused to let that sink in before continuing. "He hosts a variety of different events, sometimes here, sometimes elsewhere.

At this location, these booths also double as glory holes." "Glory…" Tegan stared at Angus is disbelief "You want me to…" she couldn't finish the sentence. "Aye. Sometimes Simon might get a local working girl tae do it. Sometimes just a volunteer." Angus paused "They're usually paid well, fer each guy." "I'm not some streetwalker." Tegan spat. "Ahm nae suggesting yeh are, lass." He stroked her hair and she turned her head away from him in resistance.

"But yeh do presently owe me. Second, Simon will cover our little shopping trip…" "That you said you'd pay for!" Tegan growled, cutting him off. "That ah said ah'd sort out, and ah am." "By trading me like a cheap whore." There was a long silence where Angus didn't respond.

Tegan felt offended and ashamed. She struggled to believe Angus would just expect that she'd sink so low. She wanted to push him away, walk out of the store, and find her own way home.

But something kept her from doing so. "Ah see this isnae gonnae work out." Angus took a step back. "Maybe I pushed yeh too far." "Oh, you think?" "Ah'll go tell Simon to move to plan B an' we'll slip out quiet." "What? Plan B?" "Aye, he always has a plan B. He calls in the backup girl, we pay for our goods and we leave." "Just like that?" "Jus' like that." Angus pushed the door open and stepped out. "Wait." Tegan was shaking. It took her a few seconds to realise, as Angus stepped back in and stared at her blankly, that it had been her that said it.

She realised that despite how much she hated Angus for pushing her to this, expecting this degrading act of service, she was seriously considering it. "If I were to do this, and I'm not saying I am, what's involved?" Angus took a while to respond. "Yeh'd stay in here, by yehself.

The men would enter the side booths, an-" "I understand the mechanics of a fucking glory hole, you prick. I mean… how many? Those three guys out there? Are they all clean?" "Aye, they're clean. Vetted by Simon. But it would be more." "How many more?" "Maybe ten.

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Maybe fifteen in all. It depends who actually shows." "Fifteen?!" Tegan repeated incredulously. "Aye." There was another long silence. "And what do I get out of this?" "Some free toys. A little extra cash. Ah no longer have my free pass. Yeh have an experience like you never imagined." "I want more." "What?" "I want the prize from the bet. I want a free pass to make you do whatever I want, as if I'd won the original bet. Same terms." Angus considered her for a long time, then shrugged.

"Deal. So yeh'll do it?" "I'm still thinking about it." Tegan seethed. "What are you getting out of this?" "Well ah plan to be one of the blokes on tae other side of the wall fer a start." Tegan rolled her eyes.

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She hadn't even considered he'd put her up to this and also be one of the patrons. "Ok, but I meant bigger picture. Does it get you off thinking about it? Knowing it's me, specifically?" "Aye. Very much so." There was another long pause. "Give me five minutes." Tegan said.

"If I haven't come out in five minutes, send in the first guy." ---- Tegan bolted the door from the inside and paced in the tiny box when Angus had left. She couldn't believe his fucking nerve. When he won his free pass from her she expected him to make her do something weird and humiliating, maybe in public. Worst case scenario he'd try and fist her like Brandon had. She never considered he'd offer her up like some common prostitute to suck off a bunch of random guys she didn't know.

And some of them had seen her already and knew it was here in here! They'd know it was her. A dozen times she nearly threw the privacy bolt and walked out and a dozen times she stopped herself.

On the other hand, this was a challenge. A month ago she couldn't have imagined being here, doing this, but the idea of going through with it was, she had to admit, thrilling. What if she walked away? She could always try again later, but in that case, why not do it now? She inspected the hidden glory holes on each side of the both. It was narrow enough that theoretically she could sit in the middle and comfortably reach each side with her hands.

The holes were concealed behind sliding panels that latched on their respective sides for privacy to reveal a generous hole that could accommodate any conceivable girth. She supposed that if one of the men were to look through the hole he would be able to see her face, but not if she stayed close to the wall. There was a dimmer switch which she tested and found she could turn the lights down a little but not all the way.

Maybe that would be enough to preserve her anonymity? She sat down on the bench and opened both panels from her side, then picked up a sealed bottle of water from a small stockpile on the floor to take a sip in the hopes of settling her nerves. She buried her face in her hands. She wasn't going to leave, was she? She was going to stay in here and service up to fifteen guys, most of whom she'd never seen before, whose names she would never know.

When that thought ran through her head she felt a twinge in her cunt, and knew that she was going to go through with it. ---- Barely seconds after her five minutes had passed the panel to her right opened and she looked up to see a circumcised black cockhead advancing towards her through the portal.

Simon, it had to be. His shop, his club, and the principle of rank hath it's privileges. Of course he'd want to go first. After a moment of hesitation she wrapped her fingers gently around the semi hard shaft and felt it respond to her touch.

She'd never been with a black guy before.

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Not that she had any objection, it just hadn't happened in her limited sexual history. She ran her fingers along the shaft and over the head, examining it in detail as it slowly swelled to size.

She estimated it was about Angus' thickness but a little longer, though not as impressive as Trevor's. Well, enough reminiscing. That wasn't what anyone was here for.

She leaned over and brought her lips to the head of the cock, wetting it with her saliva using her tongue. The taste was nothing unusual she imagined dicks in general didn't taste different to each other, though again she had a limited pool of experience to draw from. An extra inch of probably-Simon's cock slipped between her teeth as he presumably pushed up against the wall, making sure his entire length was protruding through the flimsy barrier for his own pleasure.

She drew back and licked up and down the sides a few times, using her hand to stroke him. Eventually when she was ready she took him in her mouth again and began to bob her head. She took as much of him into her mouth as she could but had to gradually ease into it. The possibility of deepthroating did not seem realistic. She made sure to use plenty of saliva to lubricate the shaft as she vigorously stroked him with her hand, trying to focus most of her attention around the sensitive head, occasionally drawing back to suckle at the fleshy section underneath before resuming her efforts to accommodate him in her mouth again.

It was difficult to get a rhythm going with a cock protruding through a wall like this but the man on the other side seemed to take matters into his own hands somewhat and began gently thrusting to match her bobbing motion, which she took as a positive sign.

She continued to let her hand do a lot of the work on the shaft while her mouth worked the soft head, her warm, waiting mouth receiving his throbbing member. She fell into a rhythm that seemed to work to match the pace set by the man, and relaxed into it, almost trancelike. Suddenly there was a banging noise just above her head and she realized her partner was pounding on the wall to send a signal. In this situation that could only mean one thing: she'd completed her objective and was about to receive her reward.

In a moment of panic she realized she had not really planned this out. Naturally she was a swallower, when she gave head she usually liked the guy and was happy to let him cum in her mouth and swallow it. But right now she was accommodating a complete stranger and- Her train of thought was derailed by a loud groan from the other side of the wall and a hot load of semen that splattered against her tonsils.

In her panic she'd hesitated so long that the decision was made for her. Reflexively she swallowed and kept pumping the cock in her hand, a second aftershock spurt leaking down her chin as she drew back for a breath of air.


Then, as soon as her mouth was no longer warming the cock it retreated back through the hole. She reeled back in surprise. She couldn't believe what she had just done. Assuming that was Simon and that wasn't a safe bet she'd gone from meeting him to swallowing his semen in the space of about half an hour. Even with Trevor she'd used protection. As she processed her thoughts she heard a sound behind her and realized there was another cock waiting for her attention.

As she expected, they were alternating sides. She wondered how long he'd been waiting for her, if he'd been watching her through the hole until she was done. She didn't recognize this cock so it couldn't have belonged to Angus. She wondered where he'd inserted himself into this marathon of anonymous fellatio.

Would she reaalise when it was his turn or would he simply get lost in the noise? In any case the cock in front of her now was hard and ready to go. Either because of voyeurism or anticipation, he was at full attention. After wiping her chin with the back of her hand she leaned over and took this one in her mouth. It was the smallest she'd seen in a long time. Not to denigrate men on their size, but he was both shorter than Angus and thinner than Brandon.

She accepted him in her mouth easily, the head of his cock nestling comfortably on the back of her tongue when she engulfed him to the base. She used just her mouth and tongue and lips to service this one, bracing her hands against the wall to keep her rhythm as she bobbed back and forth. She applied suction each time she backed off so that her cheeks were drawn inwards by it, and she knew the pressure around his glans must be immense.

It wasn't long perhaps three minutes before the banging on the wall happened again and she held position, using the tip of her tongue to massage the underside of the cockhead as if she were trying to rapidly dissolve a pastille and she was rewarded with another burst of hot cream that flooded across her tongue. She took him to the base one last time as she swallowed, his mouth giving his shaft a final hug, before she withdrew and turned to face her new challenger.

The next few went by nearly as smoothly. They were all of average size and stamina. Sometimes she would use her hand to give her aching jaw and tongue a break but she always aimed to finish them in her mouth.

By the time she gulped down the fifth load she was horny beyond belief. As much as she had resisted the idea of participating in Angus' insane proposal, she couldn't deny that a small part of her had always wanted to say yes to it. She knew she wouldn't be here now if that was not the case.

While sucking the last guy she'd hiked up her skirts and was strumming her clit as she worked the shaft in front of her. She attributed her lustful moans to the fact that number five was the shortest stint yet, and hoped he had it enjoyed it as much as she was.

When she turned to face challenger number six she saw an eye at the hole watching her instead of the cock she expected.

"Show me your pussy" came a gruff voice from the other side of the wall. She shook her head no. "Just a tit then?" She tilted her head coyly then straddled the bench and pulled aside the fabric from her little breast, pressing her chest to the hole.

Flat-chested though she was, she expected that she had enough tit-meat to protrude through to the other side, not to mention her large erect nipple. She felt his fingers stroke her skin and play with the hard nub and moaned as she circled her clit with her fingers. Then she felt his lips close over her nipple and his tongue hungrily circle it, and let out a gasp of surprised pleasure. Reaching back behind her neck she untied the loop holding the strips of fabric covering her chest and let them fall away, leaving her bare from the sternum up, then unzipped the dress at the side so that her dress now barely clung to her.

Presently the warm mouth left her nipple and she felt something else touching her, and realized her partner was rubbing his cock on her nipple. She drew back from the hole and the cock followed through, fully erect and already dripping precum. Average sized, but this one was uncircumcised, the first time she'd encountered a foreskin in real life. The foreskin was nearly fully retracted and she took a moment to gently play with it.

She knew the foreskin was particularly sensitive but she didn't know how potentially delicate it might be and didn't want to harm it. She gently squeezed his knob, feeling the skin slide back and forth, the glistening head twitching at her touch, until she felt comfortable enough to take him in her mouth as well. She mainly focused on the head, exploring the extra piece of skin with her tongue while she let the stranger gently thrust into her mouth, trying varying levels of suction.

Through a wall it was hard to get feedback from her partner, but he seemed to be enjoying basically everything she tried. After a couple of minutes he banged on the wall and she pushed her face up against the wall, taking him deep as he thrust into the tight o of her lips. Her tongue detected that his foreskin had now fully retracted behind the glans and that seemed to make it feel like it had increased in size, like sponge swelling with water, just before another jet of cum drained down her throat.

Tegan gently bathed his cock with her tongue as she swallowed reflexively to send his load on it's way, and drew off gently.


His foreskin had begun to recover his now shrinking head and she gave it one last gentle suck before he pulled out. She took a moment to sip from her bottle of water to try and clear her sticky mouth as the multiple loads of jizz were making her mouth feel quite dry, as penis number seven slipped through the hole. It was, unless Tegan was very much mistaken, attached to Angus, the big walking prick that had gotten her into this situation.

He was already hard, presumably at the idea of subjugating her in a seedy sex shop. As much as she was enjoying herself she was still bitter.

Not angry, but felt like Angus deserved some retribution for his manipulation before he received a reward. Stepping off the bench for a moment she let her dress fall to the floor. With her back against the wall she knew anyone in the booth behind her couldn't see her and she turned up the dimmer, properly illuminating the booth. She heard movement in the booth behind her and assumed a new player had entered the game. If he was peeking through his hole he'd likely only see Angus' dick dangling through the hole.

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She leaned over and gently caressed Angus with her hands, a light grazing hand-over-hand motion from base to tip to coax him to full hardness. Then, she stopped.

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Glancing at the hole by her ass she saw an unfamiliar eye peeking through, trying to get a look at her and see what was going on. She covered the hole with one hand, then stopped stroking Angus. After a few seconds his cock withdrew and she could see him peering through the hole at her, presumably confused. When she was sure she had his full attention, she uncovered the other hole and stuck her finger through, making a beckoning motion.

Taking the hint the other man put his dick through the hole and she took it in her hand, gently stroking it, feeling the heft, encircling the girth with her fingers. This one was a little longer than average, comparable to Sam's. Tegan stepped over the bench with her leg then, while making eye contact with Angus, straddled the stranger's cock and nestled it between her labia. She used her fingers to hold it in place up against her body and slowly moved back and forth, letting him feel the warmth and wetness, smearing her juice along his shaft while Angus stared fixedly at her pubic mound, watching her stimulate the stranger.

After a minute of teasing, she pushed back against the stranger's shaft, indicating he should back up. When he took the hint and retreated she lowered herself onto the bench, bracing her weight on one arm as she used her other hand to guide herself and line up her own pussy with the glory hole and spread her pussy to expose the glossy pink interior.

The stranger required no additional encouragement. Presented with her soft pink target he pushed his cock back through the hole and directly into her body. In her heightened state of horniness, the sensation was bliss, and she let that show on her face just inches from the hole that Angus watched her through. Completely anonymous sex, the only people that would know she got fucked bareback by a total stranger were her, and Angus, and she doubted Angus would ever tell.

In the narrow booth there was barely room for even her slight frame but she kept her back arched, letting the hole frame her face from Angus' perspective as the stranger built up a rhythm and pounded her cunt. She braced her hands against the wall to keep her ass pressed against the wall, feeling the buttplug inside her move around as the cock slid easily in and out of her slick little tunnel.

She bit her lip, her face flushed as she moaned and gasped with pleasure. Occasionally she'd open her eyes to look into Angus', trying to read his face. She wondered how he felt about her taking back control from him. Maybe he had always planned for it to go this way and was loving it.

She didn't know. In this moment, she didn't care. As her moans grew, she knew her new friend probably wouldn't last much longer and hoped she would peak before he did. She didn't really intend to repeat the process with anyone else this show was just for Angus, to torment him, tease him, no matter what it meant might happen later.

She reached between her legs and found her clit with her fingers, rubbing herself in small circles to ensure the job got finished.

She stroked herself to the very precipice then held there, whimpering with need until she heard the banging on the wall that signaled her partner was close. She allowed herself to release, her vaginal muscles twitching and gripping at the cock inside her as if to draw him deeper. She felt him burst inside her but continue thrusting even as her pussy filled with his seed, the obscene squishing sounds as he kept pumping, making her overflow, their combined fluids leaking down her thighs.

As her orgasm finished she felt him withdraw from her with a squelch and she sank onto the bench. Pangs of guilt and shame began to set in, but also feelings of satisfaction. Shame was something that, she rationalized, came from the outside. And if there was anything to be ashamed of, it was a secret.

It wasn't going to keep her from finishing the job ahead of her. Speaking of which, Angus, apparently pleased with her little show even though he couldn't see anything other than her face as she got drilled from behind, had taken the opportunity to present his junk again, threading it through the hole to brush against her cheek. She straddled the bench facing Angus, feeling more of the stranger's cum seep out and pool under her pussy.

She took a moment to lower the lights again, notionally preserving some kind of modesty from any other potential voyeurs as she took Angus in her hands again and then into her mouth. She felt very relaxed as she blew Angus, maybe the familiarity, maybe the fact she had just been fucked to completion, maybe after serving six other dicks in a row she was feeling like a pro at this glory hole thing.

She took him deep in her mouth, letting him into her throat, and used a steady rhythm. He remained still and let her do all the work as she bobbled back and forth, making a right with the index and thumb finger of both hands which followed her mouth on each up and down stroke. It didn't take long for him to cum.

She wondered if watching her face had driven him to the edge or if he'd been jerking himself off. Either way, he was ready to pop with very little effort and did so without warning her, in clear breach of the established gloryhole etiquette.

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His spunk squirted into her mouth and she drew back, pumping him with her hand and letting the second and third spurts rain down over her chest. She was in a perverse mood and nothing was phasing her at the moment. Once Angus was finished cumming she gave his cock one last squeeze to milk it from him and collect the last dribble on her fingers. As expected, Angus put his eye to the hole one last time and she made a show of licking her fingers clean, wondering if he could see his cum on her chest in the dim light.

With that done she turned her back on him. Another cock awaited. She repeated the process, having developed a pretty decent system if she did say so herself for sucking men off through a hole in the wall. She still wouldn't consider herself a blowjob expert, but she'd certainly had enough practice at this point. She found herself always using one hand in conjunction with her mouth.

Despite having just come, she found that she couldn't resist touching herself, playing with her sticky pussy with her free hand. When the ninth cock had left its deposit in her mouth she was moaning with pleasure again. With the tenth, another black guy, this one thinner and longer than the first one, she managed to take his entire length down her throat and made a game of seeing how long she could take his full length while frigging her slit, her moans resonating through the stranger's meaty rod.

She'd pull back panting for air then repeat the process. She came a second time when he shot his spunk directly down her throat and fell back, feeling dizzy and a little queasy.

The eleventh cock was another average sized one. Beginning to tire she leaned against the wall and pumped it with alternating hands, occasionally wetting the knob with her mouth or spitting on it from above. If the man was disappointed by the lack of oral he didn't show it. Maybe handjobs weren't that uncommon at glory holes, she had no way of knowing. She lifted her chest to his cock and used her free hand to rub her nipple around the tip, wondering if he would even guess at what the hell she was doing, without being able to see it.

Maybe he did, and that was enough to tip him over the edge, as he picked that moment to signal his climax. Tegan held him against her nipple as his cock twitched and his watery jizz pulsed out directly onto her areola and flowed down her chest onto her ribs. She dutifully sucked the tip clean before releasing him from her hand, then took another mouthful of water as she turned to face contender number twelve.

She reached over and began to stroke it as she swished water in her mouth to stop it being so dry. She didn't know how many more were ahead, Angus had indicated anywhere from twelve to fifteen in total. She was on the home stretch but still had to pace herself. Taking him deep into her mouth she let him do some of the work, thrusting between her lips as she let drool build up in her mouth to keep him lubricated, and found herself using her fingers on herself again.

The bench was sticky with her juices and the cum she'd been leaking as she moved around but she was indifferent to that at this point. She found herself wishing she'd picked up a dildo to use on herself while she was in here, as even after coming twice she was still feeling frisky and contemplated letting one of these strangers have her pussy again. That would beat a dildo but she felt uneasy at letting it happen so quickly and easily.

Gradually the cock using her mouth started to take shorter strokes so that the flared part of the glans was just grazing back and forth between her lips and she tasted the musk of precum. He hadn't signaled her but she was familiar enough with male sexual behavior that she could tell he was getting there.

She pushed more saliva to her lips with her tongue to keep them wet and after a few more seconds the cock pulled from her mouth completely so that it only just protruded from the hole. Free of her orifice it began to spurt, his goop deflecting off her lips and running down her chin. Apparently he had an aversion to cumming in her mouth, maybe he just wanted to do it on her face instead, but she couldn't imagine why that would be.

Was it still as hot if he couldn't see it happening? She wiped her chin with the back of her hand then turned to check the other hole. There was a short delay before the next cock was presented to her. It was long and thin, like Brandon's but it was another uncircumcised one.

As she leaned over and started to stroke it with her hand, her attention was diverted to the hole she'd just serviced as the next eager candidate presented himself. This one, on the other hand, was a monster.

So far the variety of penis she'd seen this evening had ranged without close proximity to average, give or take an inch, and varying girths. But the one she saw now was easily the biggest she'd seen, including Trevor. At her best guess, eleven inches long and maybe two and a half inches across.

It had been awhile since school but that would put his circumference at almost 9 inches. Her immediate thought was I need that inside me, immediately followed by inwards humiliation and horror at her wantonness. Was she going to do it again, just because she had the opportunity? Was she some kind of size queen now? The dick in her hands flexed, reminding her of its existence as the person attached to it seemed to be confused as to why she had stopped doing anything.

She took it in her mouth, working it slowly with her tongue and lips. She tried to put the thought out of her mind but it kept pressing back in. It would be so easy. No one would know. Unable to resist any longer she stood up from the bench and straddled it again, keeping one hand on the first cock so the poor guy didn't think he was forgotten, gently stroking his foreskin as she pressed her ass against the wall again and started to lower herself until her pussy lips were resting against the huge cock behind her.

She began to move her hips, trying to get him to understand he had a chance at some pussy, if he wanted it. She felt it twitch it response and move back and forward a couple of times before retreating. Wasting no time she balanced on the bench and presented her slit to the hole in the wall, using her hand as a guide to make sure she was lined up correctly, then spread herself with her fingers.

She felt another finger touch her from the other side, pushing into her sodden hole and then delving further to rub her clit. Ok, if he wanted to explore her with his fingers for a moment that was fine.

She bent back down and took the other cock in her mouth again, using her lips and tongue to stimulate the foreskin before easing it back over the head, exposing the entire sensitive bulb to her warm mouth. She bobbed her head gently, easing him deeper as she settled into position. Conveniently, if she kept her body straight, her lips could almost reach the base of his shaft while her ass was pressed up against the other wall, which was perfect for her current purposes.

She moaned as she felt the finger enter her again, joined by a second, then withdrawn, then she felt something else touch her. Without a doubt the thick object pressed up against her spread pussy now was the man's cock, apparently more than willing to take her up on her offer. She knew with her petite frame that she had a relatively small vagina, maybe compared to taller women.

She knew that might present a struggle. But she also didn't care. She worked the dick in her mouth with more vigour, another moan escaping her as she tried to imagine what that thing would feel like inside her. Then, she didn't need to imagine. She let out a startled squeal, muffled by the man in her mouth, and jolted forward inadvertently deepthroating him as the man behind her started to press inside.

She braced her hands against the wall and pushed back, resisting the urge to pull away, whimpering as the massive tool parted her fuck tunnel. The Monster, which was the name she was giving to the huge-pronged freak of nature in the booth behind her, maintained a steady pressure. With each passing moment she was sure she couldn't take another inch, but also didn't want him to stop.

She kept working the one in her mouth, moaning and whimpering, as a bid to keep herself focused and let Monster have his way with her. Eventually a pressure deep in the pit of her stomach told her that he'd bottomed out, his fat knob buried as far as it would go, pressing against her cervix.

The pressure through the wall between her vagina to her rectum made the plug sit in a way that made her feel impossibly full. She contemplated taking the plug out but decided against it. Her legs quivered and she released the man in her mouth for a moment while she caught her breath, stroking him with one hand while still bracing against the wall with the other.

Slowly, Monster began to move. Her ass was pushed back against the wall as he pulled out, the tightness of her cunt wrapped around him making him drag her with him. When he was halfway out he pushed back in, a steady jab that she had to brace against the wall again to absorb. She quickly took the front man in her mouth again so she could use both hands, and for a while she stayed that way, spitroasted in the tiny booth as Monster slowly thrust in and out, the force pushing and pulling her body so that her mouth advanced and retreated on the prick on her mouth at the same pace.

With every downstroke she whimpered, with every upstroke she moaned. Then suddenly the pace changed. Monster, apparently having decided he'd warmed her up enough, was now ready to actually fuck.

Tegan came as soon as he started to thrust properly, and she could barely conceive why. She wondered if that was just her conditioned response to stress. She let out a muffled groan as her orgasm swept through her body, making her hips shake.

Now that Monster was plowing her, her entire body shook back and forth with the effort, and the shaft in her mouth simply glided in and out of her throat as she kept her head tilted back.

She put her hands below her and gripped the sides of the bench, holding on for dear life as she was sawed back and forth between the two men. At that moment all she could feel was her pussy, stretched to capacity, and she hated and loved it both at once.

She heard banging on the wall close to her head moments before yet another musky load of goo flooded her mouth and ran down her chin, too preoccupied to swallow. The cock withdrew to be replaced by another and she simply plugged it in without breaking rhythm. There was no time for introductions. Was this fourteen including the one that was burying itself in her cunt?

Fifteen? A mixture of drool and semen glistened on her chin, and her eyes glazed over. Eventually, despite her lack of effort, or perhaps because she simply let him fuck her throat while she moaned uncontrollably, another load was dumped down her throat. The sensation was enough to trigger another orgasm which caused her to collapse on the bench. She threw one arm out to brace against the wall again, keeping her pussy pressed against and aligned with the gloryhole.

She wasn't going to let Monster, with his huge, painful, wonderful, unrelenting cock beat her into submission. Swiveling her eyes upwards at the hole by her face she realized no one had replaced the last guy and wondered if she was done.

Was Monster her final challenge? Was she actually at the end? Well, not yet she wasn't. She lay there moaning and panting, her legs shaking again. Was another orgasm on the way or was this the aftershock of the previous one? She'd lost track. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of feeling like she was being hollowed out by some excavation machine, banging on the wall signaled the end. The thrusts became more arrhythmic and staggered, and then with one more mighty push that made her cry out in pain he forced his length up against her, bruising her cervix one last time.

She felt his cock pulse and flare and then boiling hot ejaculate hit her womb like a cannonball. He pulsed again and she could feel it flowing out of her, as there was simply no room left in her ravaged hole for anything other than Monster. She felt Monster pull out and sagged onto the bench in a mixture of exhaustion and relief.

She could still feel fluids leaking from her and cooling in the air of the room. The way she felt right now she wondered if her cunt was just some sloppy cavern, ruined forever.

She knew from a biological perspective that was ridiculous, but right now she wasn't one hundred percent sure she could even walk.

She lay there for a long time, though she wasn't sure how long. Had she dozed? Eventually there was a knock at the door that startled her. "It's Angus." She reached weakly out and unbolted the door without a word. Angus opened the door and stepped inside, crouching down by her. "Yeh ok lass?" Tegan didn't answer, staring off into space. Angus gently caressed her cheek and pushed some stray hairs out of her face. "Simon says yeh did great." "Oh. Good." Tegan murmured.

"Yeh ok?" Angus repeated. "I don't know." "Are yeh still made aht me?" Tegan shook her head. "Yeh want to go home?" Tegan nodded. "Let's help yeh get dressed." He took her by the arm and gently helped her sit up, picking up her dress from the floor.

He helped her step into it before standing her up and pulling it up her body, securing the strap around her neck and retying it, adjusting the fabric to cover her chest, which mostly covered up the traces of cum that had made it onto her body instead of inside her. She felt her insides squish when she pressed her legs together, and a fresh tickle of semen ran down her thigh.

Angus carefully zipped the dress up at the side, then took her by the shoulders to survey his work. "Pretty as a picture." He smiled comfortingly. "Might need tae wash yeh face though." "No. I'd rather not." "Why's tha'?" "Because I'm sick of hiding what I am." Tegan said, then she pulled aside the flaps of fabric to expose her nipples, twisting them over so they wouldn't slip back, then slid her hand into his.

"Let's go."