Shy girl sucking and fucking

Shy girl sucking and fucking
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Part 2, Getting Off. Molly was so excited she felt like celebrating, but there was no one to celebrate with. Kent saw in her face something was wrong. "You should celebrate." "I would but." "But you have no one to celebrate with, right?" Molly looked around.

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"I don't make friends to easy these days." "Tell you what, we will celebrate with you." "Why? What do you want?" "Why do you think I want something?" "Everyone does." Molly let her guard down.

Against her better judgment she decided to go celebrate. Little did she know she was being followed. Molly and Kent went out and they had a great time. Molly felt.comfortable with him. She relaxed and was enjoying herself. But it was getting late and she had to go. Kent walked her to her car. "Molly, I really enjoyed myself. I would like to see you again.

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Not just on the track." "I had a great time, but I." "But, you don't trust me." "Yeah, that to." Molly wanted to get to know him as well. It felt as if her body was betraying her.

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And it felt good. "Well I guess we will just have to work on that." he pulled her close and kissed her. Molly had shivers run up and down her spine. Her body felt hot, she was flushed.

She felt a deep yearning coming out from the depths of her. Somehow she felt Kent sensed this because his kiss became more demanding. She was giving into his demands. He pulled her closer and she could feel the hardness of his cock against her. She pulled away, trying to catch her breath. "I have to go" she quickly said and got into her car. "Tomorrow, at the track see you there." Kent said. Molly smiled. "I will be there. I am just getting started." "I bet you are." Kent replied as Molly drove away.

Molly was in deep thought, all the sudden she saw bright headlights coming up from behind her. She glanced back in the review mirror and the headlights were getting closer, real fast. She went to hit the gas, but slammed on the brakes. There was a car sitting a crossed the road blocking her. Everything happened so fast. She was jerked from her car and thrown on the ground.

She hit her head and was a little dazed. "Get up Bitch!" and she was kicked.

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Molly balled up and she was kicked again. "I said get up!" and she was jerked to her feet. Molly now realized who her attackers were.The Brothers. "Why are you doing this Jake?" she got out. She was shaking and in fear of her life. Her sides hurt from being kicked. She hit her head on the ground when she was pulled from her car. She still was dazed. "You embarrassed me at the track, and now you're going to pay. I told you one day Molly and today is the day." Jake growled.

She heard Todd and Joe laughing. "Stay away from me!" she screeched and she tried to run, but someone tripped her and she was on the ground again. Jake dropped over her. "You're going to enjoy this Molly, you know you are." He lowered himself down. "Get off me!" Molly was kicking and swinging. She was screaming at the top of her lungs. Then she felt pain across her face.

"Shut that bitch up Jake." Joe growled as he slapped Molly across her face. Molly felt her clothes being ripped from her body. "Stop, stop please. I promise I won't race anymore." Jake snickered "Race all you want Molly, just know that this is coming every time.

You know you want it. You want to play with the big boys? Let's play." "No, please stop!" Molly screeched in pain as Jake penetrated her.


"There see how much you like it." Jake snarled. Molly closed her mind her body became lifeless. The pain was unbearable. "Save some for me Jake." Todd pushed at him. "You will get your turn, there is enough to go around." Molly felt Jake move off her.


She thought it was over, but she was wrong. "please, please, stop." she choked out but her words were unheard. All she could hear was laughing and voices saying "Give it to her. She wants s more. Ram that bitch!" The night went on, it seemed never ending to Molly as The Brothers took their turns over and over.

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She pleaded and begged, but the more she did the more pain they inflicted. She didn't know if she would live to see the morning. Molly felt her body being picked up and moved. "Is she dead?" She heard Jake's voice roaring with laughter, "No we just fucked her unconscious. I knew she would be willing and enjoyed every bit of it." Next Molly heard was her car being started.

"Let's see what this baby can do." She heard.

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Molly felt the car taking off. She had no idea where she was when the car shut off. Jake jerked her up off the seat. "Listen and listen well bitch.

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I would lay low if I were you for a while. If you go to the cops, I will get to you first and I won't be as nice as I was tonight. I have big plans for you." Jake growled at her.

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Molly shook in fear. Jake throw her back down on the seat and he left. Molly didn't have the energy to move for awhile. She finally had to force herself up.

She grabbed the dash and pulled herself up. She realized she was home. With all her strength and energy she could find. She made her way to the house. It was just turning daylight. For hours she went through the torture of being raped. She crawled inside her house and lay in a heap at the door. She couldn't move another inch.


The pain was unbearable. Realization of what happened was finally catching up to her.