Teen riding dildo good in pantyhose

Teen riding dildo good in pantyhose
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Marina awoke with the sunlight in her face, streaming into the window through her chocolate colored silky hair, shimmering in on her young ,18 year old perky tits.

she loved to wake up with a bright new day ahead of her.

she smiled a little as she heard her sister's giggleing with her mother and father down the hall. her smile faded though as the sleepy cloud lifted from her mind and she remembered the war. this was not a happy time for her family.

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things were hard. she got up and walked into the kitchen where the discussion had grown more serious. her father was telling her mother that the union army was not far off and coming their way. he wanted to find a place to hide his daughters and the valuables.


he expected it would be tomorrow before they would need to take that action. That evening as Marina lay in bed, she heard voices and then a loud bang.she crept from her room to the stairs to see what was going on.

as she looked over the railing she saw her father speaking with some very tall and big men. there were 8 of them. then she noticed the uniforms and the colors on them. "oooohhhh" she gasped,"the union soldiers are here!" she ran to wake her sisters and they fled down the back set of stairs and hurried out through the kitchen door.

just as Marina thought they were gonna make it to the hidden cellar in the barn, 2 more soldiers rounded the corner and ushered them into the house. when they came in the room the girls were shocked that a soldier was maliciously fucking their pretty mother. he had laid her out on the floor and spread her legs wide, her pink pussy taking in all of his hard cock.

"are you getting wet?" the soldier asked her. "yes you like that don't you whore? look at your husband watching me fuck you.

watching you enjoy it "he told her. Marina's mother was so overcome with her shame she couldn't even look her husband in the face. her husband wanted to fight for her, but was being held at gunpoint. it was so hard to watch his wife getting fucked so thoroughly. the soldier called one of his comrads over and said "put your cock in her mouth and see how she likes that." as the second one put his cock in her face Marina's mother refused it.

she was reprimanded with a slap in the face and a hard shove into her hot pussy. "ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh" she cried.

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she was starting to like this soldiers cock inside her, making her so wet and hot. "tell me you like it slut"he said "yes i like it" "now tell your husband bitch !tell him you love my cock inside your nasty cunt" she looked over at her husband with one cock in her mouth and one in her wet oozing pussy and saw the pain in his eyes, "i like his cock inside me" she said to him around the bulging mouthful of cock as a tear rolled down her face.

the soldier that was fucking her grabbed her by the arm and threw her to the side, "now you will suck the cocks of all my friends while they wait for their turn with your daughters." Marina pulled her sisters close to her as the soldier walked toward them.

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"what is your name girl?" he demanded. "Marina" he looked at her younger sister with her blonde curves and young lithe body. her green eyes were wide with fear, that made his cock hard for her, "and your name?" "Naomi" she replied shyly. "i want you 2 to come over to the fireplace, leave the other here"he said.

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the girls did as they were told. he pulled up a chair and sat down.

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"now Marina, i want you to kiss Naomi with your tounge. Marina leaned over and slowly ran her toungue into Naomi's hot, slick, mouth slowly caressing her sister's toungue with hers.


she felt a fluttering in her stomach that was very strange to her. "now play with her tits and her with yours" he told them. Naomi and Miranda both caressed eachother, exploring the other's beautiful perky milky breasts. the soldier felt his prick harden. he pulled it out and began to stroke himself. the other soldiers had lost interest in the girls' mother and were fixated on the 2 young southern belles that all of them intended to ravage before the night was through.

the first soldier grabbed their mother up by her hair and shoved her down on his dick. gagging her as he shoved his long shaft down her throat.

"now girls lick and suck eachother" he commanded. Marina dipped her head and licked around her sis's pink little nipple.

Naomi sucked in a breath at the pleasure that brought to her. Marina sucked her nipple into her mouth. Naomi melted into a long line of moans as Marina lowered herself to Naomi's virgin pussy.


she ran her finger up between Naomi's pussy lips feeling the wetness there. she spread Naomi's cunt wide open, exposing her clit. she ran her toungue from the bottom of her pussy hole to her clit, stopping and suckling there, then running her toungue in small circles around it. Naomi lifted her hips screaming "ooooohhhhhh yes!" Marina then put a finger into Naomi's pussy fucking her sister with it.

"yes you like that don't you whore? you are a little slut aren't you?" the soldier asked Naomi as her mother sucked his cock.

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"yes i like it" Naomi wailed as she began to feel her first orgasm take hold of her.Marina inserted a finger into Naomi's asshole as well. fucking both holes hard and fast as she could, sucking her sister's clit, feeling her cunt muscles tighten around her fingers, tasting her cream. Naomi grinding her pussy agianst Marina's toungue, helping to take herself over the edge."yes sister, don't stop!

oooooooohhhhhh yes! i'm going to cum! yes yes yes yes!" Marina sucked and licked and lapped up her sister's stream of cum not stopping until Naomi quieted her sqealing and all there was was her heaving little body on the floor. Marina crawled up beside her sister and laid her head on her breast and held her. the soldier got up and walked over to them. he picked up Naomi's legs and drug her back to her other sister. "and your name?" he asked the third sister.

there is plenty more, if this one gets good ratings i will add the rest of the story. it's probably already too long!