Two white horny babes are sharing one giant black penis

Two white horny babes are sharing one giant black penis
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I was vaguely aware of the bed rocking. Rosie sometimes wakes up horny and, not wanting to wake me because I'm not a morning person; she'll use one of her toys. It wasn't Rosie though; I had my arm around her still.

The soft moaning wasn't hers either, but it did stir my loins. Surely the Viagra should have worn off by now, but here he came, creeping up between my belly and Rosie's bottom as we spooned on the bed. Rosie stirred, pushed her bum closer to my hardening cock, enveloping it with her warm cheeks and humping it gently.

"Morning, soldier" she whispered to me as the moans became louder and the rocking more pronounced. On the other side of the king size bed, Sheila was trying to be quiet as she came, burying her face in John's shoulder to muffle her cries. Rosie was touching herself, she removed her finger and placed it on my lips, I kissed it, inhaling her and John's scent from last night's frolic.


"Reach into my drawer and pass me the big pink one. The thin silver one and the lube too" she whispered conspiratorially. I did as I was told and handed her the toys. She lay on her back and inserted her favourite vibrator into her pussy, groaning as she did so. She flicked the switch and started fucking it as I moved to her breasts, caressing and sucking her stiff nipples with my tongue. John and Sheila shifted on the other side of the bed, turning over towards us so Sheila could ride him, pushing his cock deeper into her, making her gasp as she took control and abandoned any pretence of keeping quiet.

She glanced at Rosie, eyes closed as she played with the vibrator, her short, sharp breaths announcing her approaching orgasm.

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Both women came in a cacophony of lustful moaning that made my cock ache, yearning for a taste of pussy. Rosie came down from her orgasm. Sheila was still impaled on John's hard member, resting her hands on his chest, bent slightly forwards. Getting up on her knees and grabbing the slim, silver vibrator, Rosie covered it with lube and gently placed it at the entrance of Sheila's anus.

Sheila recoiled slightly, earning a satisfied moan from John as her cunt muscles tightened around his cock, then she relaxed and allowed Rosie to insert the vibe slowly into her bum.

She gave Sheila a few moments to get used to the strange object, then she turned it on and started fucking her arse with it. John, excited by the vibrations through the walls of her vagina, started moving under her, Rosie kept up the pace as her friend started moaning, enjoying the sensation of having both holes filled. The vibrator was tapered at the end so it couldn't get "lost", so when Sheila straightened up, bucking harder on John's cock, Rosie let go of it and looked at my penis, standing proudly to attention as I stroked it.

I shuffled closer to her on my back and she mounted my straining cock, facing Sheila. Sheila was in the midst of another intense orgasm, John trying his best to hold off his own as She slammed down onto him, grinding her pubis into his groin he could hold it no longer and exploded into her.

She screamed "YES!" just once and then let out a long, satisfied breath as his penis continued to pump into her. Rosie, only just getting started, reached her hand over to Sheila's face and brushed her cheek lightly. She pulled her head closer and kissed Sheila on the lips. A long, lingering kiss that, as I felt Rosie's pussy spasm around my cock, intensified. As her orgasm closed in and the women seemed to be trying to devour each other, Rosie came hard. They broke the kiss as Rosie threw her head back, screaming "Yes, yes, yes, fuck, harder, fuck, YES!", I flooded her womb with cum.

The release triggered another orgasm for Rosie and we collapsed in a sweaty heap. The aroma of our juices permeated the room and I inhaled them deeply, savouring Rosie's familiar smell and the new one's we'd created.


John got up to use the bathroom and Sheila removed the vibe from her bottom, the batteries nearly flat. "That was sooo good!" Sheila exclaimed.

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She lay facing Rosie and kissed her lips lightly. "I don't think I've ever cum that hard before". Rosie caressed the other woman's breasts, lost in thought until her thumb rubbed across Sheila's hard nipple. Sheila was looking at Rosie with a lust so obvious it could have burned through the mattress. Rosie took Sheila's nipple in her mouth and flicked it gently with her tongue. Sheila responded, reached out and rubbed Rosie's nipples tentatively at first, then becoming bolder, stroking her breasts.

Rosie came up for air and Sheila kissed her lips, moving slowly down her neck towards her breasts, down through her stomach to Rosie's glistening pussy. Sheila had experimented with girls before.

There was one memorable moment at Guide camp with four of them in a tent, but it was nothing like this.

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Rosie's alluring scent was intoxicating as Sheila licked the length of her slit, tasting both mine and John's cum mixed with Rosie's juices, her tongue delved into Rosie's folds, flicking her clit. Rosie arched her back as her friend's tongue explored her vagina, she held her breath as her pussy was massaged and Sheila's fingers joined in.

I moved behind Sheila and fingered her wet cunt.

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A million miles away, the sound of a shower ceased and the sound of water running from a bathroom tap started. In the bedroom however, the sound of Rosie and Sheila cumming was all there was to hear, both women screaming obscenities as they panted and writhed on the bed.

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Still turned on, Rosie wanted to return the favour, Sheila however, needed cock! After watching and listening to these women cumming, my penis was hard and ready.

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I lay on my back as Sheila impaled herself on me, gliding effortlessly into her slick cunt. Rosie took her place at my head, lowering her pussy to my waiting mouth and pushing her hands into my chest as Sheila arched backwards, holding my calves as she rocked herself on my hard penis. Groaning softly and on the verge of cumming, I felt the weight shift on the bed, Sheila leaned forwards and I felt a sensation I've only ever felt one time before.

John's cock entered his wife's anus slowly. Her muscles tightened around my member as his penis slid into her, only a hair's breadth away from mine.

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As soon as she was used to the pressure she started moving, fucking me slowly as John took her arse. John came first, his cock firing sperm into Sheila's bowels, Sheila responded as her orgasm took over and I flooded her cervix as Rosie ground her pussy into my face, driving my tongue deeper into her musky depths. I gasped for air as Rosie got up, my face beet red as we all disconnected and relaxed on the bed. Looking at the clock, we were astonished to see that it was nearly midday.


Rosie went to shower in the en-suite. I passed Sheila a towel and she went off to the master bathroom, taking John with her. "I've showered already" he protested, "But this is dirty now and I want it clean for later!" She replied, leading him by his limp penis to the bathroom.

I joined Rosie in the shower.

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"That was unexpected" I said. "Not really," Rosie said dreamily as the water bounced off her magnificent breasts, "I was kind of hoping that something would happen.

Didn't think we'd get her to try anal so soon though. She's been putting it off for ages. Took it rather well though I thought." I agreed and, when everyone was showered we made our way downstairs. We hadn't bothered dressing, the curtains were closed and we were all comfortable with each other's bodies. I kept stealing glances at Sheila's bosom.

Though not as big as Rosie's, they were still a nice size and her nipples were like sexual barometers, the slightest arousal and they sprang out, so hard that you'd feel compelled to suck and tease them. They were hard now.

John was in the kitchen helping Rosie with lunch. Naturally he had to touch and caress her as often as he could. How many times do you get the chance to fondle a naked woman cooking lunch while your wife is in the same house? He massaged her pussy from behind, Rosie gripped the edge of the counter and leaned forward, John manoeuvred his cock into her waiting pussy and started pounding her for all he was worth.

I'd moved in front of Sheila, knelt down and started to suck on her nipple as Rosie started cumming. My cock sprang to life at the sound of my wife's moans and Sheila lay back. She'd been playing with her pussy as she heard John coaxing my wife into another fuck and I entered her with no resistance. Her nails dug into my back as she came, her heels hard against my butt cheeks as she drained every last drop of cum from my balls. We lay, embracing on the couch, as John and Rosie brought our lunch in; their hair in disarray and semen running slowly down the inside of Rosie's thigh.

Sheila reached out and ran her finger up it, scooping up John's cum and licking it from her finger. "I think that's enough!" she said, "I feel properly fucked now!" We chuckled and carried on with our day.

Sheila and John returned home. We visited each other often and played together when Bea wasn't with us and Sheila was in the mood. She was getting noticeably bigger with each passing month, then, in April, Sheila gave birth to Melissa. Her looks were that of her mother's, Beatrice said she looked like her when she was born.

John's name is on the certificate though, as I am on Beatrice's, and that's all that matters to us.

Both our daughters are loved and cared for as if they were our own, which they might well be. There was such a cocktail of competing sperm in both our wives when they conceived that there's only one way to know, and that isn't happening while we're around.