Sexy brunette teen Elizabeth Anne

Sexy brunette teen Elizabeth Anne
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Coming home, I shut the door a bit harder than I'd meant to.

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It was a temptation to just drop everything in the hallway and sprint down to the basement, but I resisted. Taking a few slow, deep breaths, I made myself calm down, telling myself I had the whole evening alone and there was plenty of time. Placing my coat on its proper hook by the door and leaving my snowy boots on the mat, I made my way upstairs.

Once my bedroom door was shut, however, I couldn't resist stripping immediately. I examined my nude body in the full-length mirror on the back of the door. I didn't look bad for my 30 years. My skin was still soft and radiant, my body still slender, breasts plump and looking just as they did my freshman year of college. I might've had to dye over a few grays, but otherwise I still appeared young and blonde as ever. I'd taken to looking at my own body a lot since my husband left- it was a confidence-boost to remind myself what he was missing out on.

But the full-length mirror wasn't the only new addition to the house since he'd left. At this point I couldn't wait anymore. I wrapped myself in my short, silk bathrobe and hurried down the stairs and towards the basement door.

My fingers trembled as I opened it. As I began descending the steps, the source of my excitement came into view. It looked like an ordinary potted plant. Standing four feet high, it's stalks were a bit thicker than usual, but to the untrained eye it was otherwise unexceptional.unless you watched closely enough to realize it was moving slightly. I'd been left quite a bit of money when my parents died, but this beauty had still cost a pretty penny, and I'd had to raise it from a seedling.

I'd done so diligently, carefully following every instruction because I knew, when it was ready, the care and even the money would all be worth it. My excitement over the months grew as the plant did while I waited for it to mature. Too long I'd been cooped up in this big house alone and sexually frustrated, and conventional toys just didn't cut it anymore. Today, finally, the plant was ready. I reached forward and stroked one of the stalks without hesitation.

Instantly it lost its appearance of stiffness and curved, tentacle-like into my touch. The plant was almost an animal, you see.

According to the manual, it has instincts, even thoughts. And, most importantly, it can connect with the thoughts of its owner. The plant and I had spent many months building our connection, and I could feel it carried great affection for me, as I did for it.


Lovingly I stroked its tentacles and they began secreting a thin fluid which I knew served as both lubricant and a strong aphrodisiac. I leaned forward and pressed my lips to the tentacles surface. Tentatively I ran my tongue along the shaft and felt it shudder with pleasure. It tasted exotic and slightly sweeter than I had expected. I brought my mouth to the tip of the tentacle and wrapped my lips around it.

The plant liked it. I had to show that I was willing to be good to it first before I asked it to pleasure me. I ran my tongue along its surface and began pulling more into my mouth before letting it slide back out, pausing a moment around the slightly thicker head to suck before taking it back inside.

In my mind I sensed the plant's pleasure. But the aphrodisiac was absorbing quickly into my system and I felt myself growing wetter. The plant knew I was craving its touch. It was eager to oblige. I slid the tentacle from my mouth, giving the tip a final flick with my tongue, before sliding out of my robe and tossing it aside.

I had already positioned a table nearby which would place me at the perfect height to give the plant access to my body.

I climbed on and lay with my knees bent and legs spread, inviting the plant in. Slowly I felt one of the tentacles brush my thigh, and from the touch it sensed what I wanted it to do. It moved down along the incline of my thigh and laid itself very lightly against the outer lips of pussy. I bit my lip in anticipation and urged it further.

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The tentacle shifted side to side and borrowed between the inner lips and began stroking up and down, sliding the length of its slick shaft against my slit. It applied pressure and small shockwaves of pleasure ran through me as the tentacle, slippery with a mixture of its sweet secretion and my own juices, slid along my swollen clit. I moaned slightly and bucked my hips, wanting more. The plant obliged. Suddenly the length of the tentacle was removed and I felt its head press against my opening.


I bucked my hips again, encouraging it further, and it pushed the tip of the shaft inside of me, just far enough to touch my g-spot. I groaned with pleasure as the tentacle began pushing forward, moving slowly, teasingly deeper within my body. I wanted it to never stop, to keep pushing until the whole length of the tentacle was deep inside me. Unfortunately it only go so many inches before it was forced to stop, and I whimpered. Then the tentacle pulled out to where just the tip was left and began pushing again, a little bit faster.

Soon it was moving in deep, even strokes. At my unspoken request a second tentacle began rubbing along my clit and the combined pleasure of the pressure on my clit and the thick tentacle moving in and out of my pussy was sheer heaven. The only thing that could make this better. Before I could control the thought the plant had already made its move to oblige. When I felt the tip of a third tentacle pressing against my ass my eyes flew open in shock.

All tentacles stopped, sensing my fear, and my lower regions screamed at the sudden halt. No! Don't stop! I sensed the plant was confused.

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It had clearly seen the desire in my mind; why then did I react with fear? I tried to convey as best as I could that the image was merely an old fantasy of mine, but something I had never actually tried, nor had intended on trying.

It didn't understand. Why did I say no when I clearly wanted it? It would not hurt me. And in the face of such innocent and inescapable logic, I gave in, because I knew it was right. The plant would not hurt me.

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But I needed to go slow. The shaft in my pussy was removed, though another continued circling my clit. I felt the head press once again against my ass, with a little more insistence this time. I was nervous, but tried to relax my muscles as best I could. The pressure increased and, quite suddenly, the head pushed itself inside. It was a completely new sensation, but not unwelcome.

The plant had the ability to make its tentacles thicken or thin as necessary, and the one inside me now did not have the girth of that which had been in my already-experienced pussy. The tentacle began wiggling, circling in order to get me prepared for what was to come. Slowly I relaxed, and as I did it began pushing its length deeper inside me.

The sensation sent chills through my body, and again I found myself wishing that it would never stop, that it would keep moving deeper and deeper inside of me. Slowly it came to a halt and the retreated, pulling back until I felt its head tug a bit at my opening from the inside, and a small moan escaped my lips. The plant struck up a building rhythm of moving in and out of my ass, and I found that the sensation paired well with the pleasure I was receiving from the tentacle playing with my clit.

Gradually the shaft thickened and my body stretched until it was able to thrust in and out of me with ease and no small amount of pleasure. But this hadn't been my fantasy, and the plant knew what I wanted. The second tentacle returned, its head pushing inside of my pussy, then the shaft. Before I was aware of it, both my pussy and my ass were full of tentacle, both moving quickly in rhythm as another pressed ever harder against my clit.

I moaned louder as the shafts thrust deep inside me, moving faster and thrusting harder all the while. More tentacles began grabbing my legs and sliding me closer, wrapping around my waist, until I was supported completely by the plant, and it was in complete control. A fourth tentacle slid into my willing mouth. I was moaning uncontrollably as the plant thrust harder into all my holes, fucking my brains out.

My whole world became the intense pleasure of the three long shafts moving in and out of my body, bringing me closer and closer. Suddenly all the tentacles expanded to their fullest thickness inside of me, stretching my insides as they drilled into me, sending me over the edge. I came harder than I have ever come in my life- the orgasm ripped through my entire body, and my screams were muffled by the thick shaft filling my mouth, which was now flooding me with a warm, sticky-sweet substance.


Slowly the tentacles removed themselves from my body, though one continued to slowly and lovingly stroke my clit, prompting a shudder each time as my orgasm subsided in a haze of pleasure. The plant, also satisfied, lowered me gently to the ground where I lay panting, trying to catch my breath and regain some sense of reality, though the only thing that was clear to me was that the plant had been the best purchase of my life, and excitement for the many eventful days to come.