Hot babe Mandi wildly rides a big hard

Hot babe Mandi wildly rides a big hard
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Two weeks had past since Karrie had the wildest sex expierence of her life. She purposely stayed late 3 times to see if her lover would return. But he did not and she was ready to hang it up as one of those once in a lifetime happenings.

Her boss was on her ass about a project that needed to be done by the end of the week and she was determined to get it in early even if she had to stay until midnight Wednesday to get it done. Then she could cruise on Thursday and Friday with the usual business to take care of heading into the weekend.

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Karrie's work went much quicker than she thought and around 9:00 she was ready to make her final copies and then head home to a hot bath and glass of wine. As she stood by the copier the voice was back.

"Hello again" he said "Don't turn around".

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As much as she wanted to see this man the thought of her last encounter with him froze her and she just placed her hands on the copier. "I though you weren't coming back" She said. "Oh I had every intention to come back to see you." He said and as he spoke the blindfold was once again placed over Karrie's eyes.

Karrie asked several questions in a row but was given no answer as his hands rubbed her shoulders, down her back and across her ass.

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He then turned her around and held her close. He then said " All your questions will be answered in time.

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But not now. But I will tell you that I'm a long time admierer." He then kissed her very gently with just the tip of his tounge brushing hers leaving her weak in the knees. He then took her hand and led her to an office where he shut and locked the door.

He led her to a desk and lifted her up to sit on it. She then felt his fingers fumble with her hair and then brushed her cheeks and across her lips. Like last time she heard that familiar hum of approval.


He kissed her again firmer this time with his tounge deeper and she responded by curling her tounge around his. Karrie then felt his fingers begin to unbutton her blouse.


He slowly pushed her blouse off her shoulders and it fell onto the desk. Her bra was easily removed and his hands slid slowly around her slim waiste and up to her huge orbs squeezing them firmly and flicking her dark hardened nipples making her let out a slow long moan.

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He then layed her back on the desk and he filled his hungry mouth with her huge nipple sucking and nibbling the tastey treat. While running a hand across her crotch and she instantly pushed her pussy up against his hand.

Knowing she was under his control. After getting his feed of her big tits he undid her pants and quickly removed them taking her panties at the same time.

He then backed off and she new he was stripping. He then told Karrie to show him her pussy. She slowly spread her legs showing her swollen pussy lips with her clit peeking out. He then ordered her pull her lips apart. And she did revealing her leaking honey hole to him. She then felt his firm hands make their way up from her ankles, caressing her calves and inner thighs.

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He pulled her up from the desk and kissed her firmly and his fuck finger stoking her clit slowly round and round. As they kissed her hands caressed his firm and hairy chest and made her way down his flat stomach. She was impressed with muscle tone. As he kept with his finger massage on her clit driving her into a frenzy her hand found his huge erect cock at least 9 ot 10 inches of manhood there Karrie thought to herself.

She was brought out of her thought as he plunged his finger deep into her drenched pussy that made her cum as she pumped her pussy walls around those magic fingers. He then pushed her back onto the desk and he grabbed both ankles speading her legs wide as they would go and she felt the large purple head of his monster cock at the entrance of her hot hole. He began fucking her with just the head of his cock inside her while a finger was rubbing her clit. She instantly came from the combination and he could feel her pussy pulling him in as she wanted more of his giant snake.

He then grabbed her ankles and shoved all 9 inches into her as hard as he could that made her wail in ecstacy and her eyes roll to the back of her head.

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After another hard orgasm or two as Karrie lost count. He pulled out of her as the orgasms passed through her quivering body.

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She felt his hands upon her again and he carried her to a couch and layed her down. He kissed her gently as he settled down between her legs and re- entered her. And with the gentleness of big old teddy bear he made love to her. His huge cock slowly pumping in and out of her pussy. His kisses warm and gentle. Her legs locked around his buttocks. As another cum was building in her ravaged body she could feel the head of his cock expanding knowing that he was about to blow his hot juices.

He whispered cum with me Karrie and with that he shot his wad and she came with him as ordered as this man now owns her body completely. Laying exhausted she asked to remove the blindfold but he said no. Our next meeting everything wil be known he promised.

He kissed her gently good night dressed and left. Karrie got up and found her clothes. As she went to the desk for her bra and blouse she found an envlope. She opened it and all it said was Room 17 The Plaza Hotel. Satuday at 8:00. She could harly wait.