Prostituta peliroja del nuevo galeon

Prostituta peliroja del nuevo galeon
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The first time I ever saw a vagina was, if I'm being honest, a little weird. For the better half of my life I hadn't even spoken to a girl that I wasn't related to, let alone kissed one or seen one naked, and even the thought of it had become less exciting than it was sort of terrifying.

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I grew up in a small town called Sadie Springs way out in rural country on a now rundown farm that my family got cheap once they abandoned it, and while I did like the privacy it got pretty lonely at times without any friends or neighbors for miles.

Earlier in my life I had heard of the internet but it hadn't made its way clear out near me or even to my school, we were still learning by textbook and not very new ones at that, and by the time I was in high school I started hearing kids talk about city kids having internet on their phones.

Most of us didn't really believe that, the idea of carrying around this internet thing with you wherever you went, but since nobody ever ventured this far out it wasn't like we could really disprove anything so it was a fun fantasy.

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The few friends I had and I fantasized a lot back in those days, about getting out of the dust and into the world where there was some life. I grew up in a place so isolated and dull that you've probably already forget the name of it, so most of the time if any of us locals wanted something we had to just sort of pretend we had it; the internet, computers, video games, movies that weren't older than us, girls.

especially girls, actually. Now, don't get me wrong it's not like Sadie didn't have any women, but even if you counted them it was a bit of a sausage fest, some of the pigs just hadn't been led to slaughter yet.

For every one decent looking girl in my town there had to be a hundred or more so unappetizing that I think I would rather kiss my mother or any of my friends right on the mouth, and in a town that only had a couple hundred people that ratio wasn't the most appealing to work with, so the two girls I had even seen worth looking at were more intimidating than a rattlesnake you just stepped on.

What made it all worse was that one of those girls, who all the guys called the 'beauty two', did the unthinkable and managed to move away in her junior year, leaving just the one to be swarmed day in and day out by nearly every pecker for a thousand miles. Every day of my life felt like it went exactly the same.

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When I would first wake up I would take out a school picture I swiped of the only pretty girl left in school and along with it I'd take out my dick. While I laid in bed so groggy I couldn't quite see straight I would stare at the pretty girl's picture and stroke myself to the thought of kissing her, smelling her hair, and touching her boobs and butt through her clothes; I had no idea what it looked like under there so that's as far as I would ever get before I painted my leg.

Getting cleaned up was usually pretty simple, and the dog would always be hungry right when I got up so I'd take care of her before eating breakfast and getting a ride to school from my dad. Riding to school was never my favorite part of the day, it took over an hour to get there and dad was always pissed about something so more often than not if I wasn't taking it myself I'd have to hear about it the whole way.

One of the few high points of my day was getting to see the pretty girl heading into the school building if I got there early enough, and pretty much the rest of the day was filled with boring classes and hanging out with my friends who were all just as dull as me.

Mom always said life would get better, and good things would come to those who waited long enough, and if it weren't for that groundhog incident she'd be around for me to tell her just how right she was.

The first day of my senior year something was different in my school, something that I can't really remember ever happening in all my years; we had a new girl. Some time over the summer her family had moved way out to Sadie Springs for God knows why, but I'll tell you she was something like I hadn't ever seen before.

If I'm being honest with you, the reason I never told you the names of the 'beauty two' is because the moment I saw this girl I forgot them and they haven't come to me since; this new girl though, her name was Patty. Before Patty moved to town I really thought I had seen the prettiest girls could look with the 'beauty two' and mom, and my bed sheets had more than my share of evidence to back that up, but next to Patty they were all as dog ugly as they made the rest of the ladies in my town look next to them.

Patty was a city girl like nothing any of us had ever seen, with reddish brown hair and the prettiest brown eyes, and from the best I could tell through all the clothes she wore she had a nice set of ass and titties on her something like I hadn't even imagined. I wish I could describe it better, but if you imagined what would happen if you packed the plumpest pig you could find in a lady's wash bag but made it all pretty and nice to look at that's the best way I could describe how she seemed to just want to burst out of her clothes.

Yeah, it wouldn't be hard to imagine I had the heat for Patty something fierce, but unfortunately it was hardly only me with my eyes on her. Ever since Patty arrived at my school there was an uproar amongst the guys and even a good share of the ladies, nobody could even remember plain old whats her face anymore who ended up swallowing a bunch of her mom's pills a couple weeks into the school year.

Things between my friends and I got pretty competitive and that led into some pretty rough patches, from school yard fights to even a fish hooking once it became so tense one of my friends stopped coming to school all together after spending three days with the doctor over a horse knot that I'll admit got out of hand. The strange thing is in all this time fighting amongst one another not one of us actually got up the nerve to talk to Patty, she was just far too pretty and way too shy to ever go that far, and soon we all got back to being friends again just the same as we were.

Every day the four of us, my remaining three friends and I after our fifth got his sister pregnant and had to leave school, would sit in class staring at Patty and talking about how cute she was and how much we wanted to get under all those clothes. Why did she wear so much anyhow?


Patty was pretty but if I'm being honest she always seemed kind of strange. Moving to Sadie probably wasn't up to her so that's on her parents, but the weirdness was in how shy she was and how much she tried to hide from everybody. At first the lot of us just thought maybe we had scared her with all the fighting and staring, but the more that slowed down it didn't seem to change much of anything.

Those other two bland skanks always loved the attention they got and showed off what they could, but Patty was really more of a prude and hid a lot from everybody, hardly ever even talking besides when the teacher asked her a question. After almost a year of being tortured by Patty and having no idea what a pair of boobs felt like we all but stopped even paying attention to Patty.

I mean, don't get me wrong the lot of us smacked our biscuits to her six or seven times a day, sometimes even in the middle of class when nobody was looking, but it had really become just a normal dull part of our routine.


The more I thought about the way my life was going and the closer I was to getting out of school the more it bothered me how little I had actually done so I guess I sort of snapped. Standing up in front of everyone at the middle of lunch I marched over to Patty and sat next to her. The first thing she did was put down her pork nuts and look down at her feet, and to be honest with you I couldn't say I didn't want to do the same with how red my face must have been.

I was absolutely scared out of my mind looking at such a pretty girl so close to me, I thought I had to be crazy for going this far, and I don't know if it was the sound of my friends and the rest of the school gawking or the smell of stale piss down my leg but I reached my hand out to that cute girl and managed to give her a smile.

It was the most agonizing time of my life, but after what must have been five hundred years she looked up at my hand, got the cutest little blush on her cheeks and put her hand in mine. Patty and I started eating lunch together every day, and I had become a bit of a legend in my school.

I can't know for sure but I was told a right good few of the guys in my school wanted to kill me over what I was getting to do that they couldn't, but all I get were a bunch of stares and so many questions I couldn't keep up.

One guy did get me really good with an apple shove, though, and I admit I had to hide how much it hurt for me to sit down those two weeks from Patty, but I did it gladly for Patty. The first good while all we would do was sit there without saying much of anything holding hands, but that was so much more than I ever thought I'd get to do with even one of the landfills nobody wanted that it was more than enough for me, I even got down to shaping the clay four times a day just being happy for what I had.

One thing always bugged me though, why did she wear so many clothes and seem to hide from people so much? Even when we held hands she would wear gloves and hide her face behind her hair. It took me until the last week of school to ask her what was going on with her and if she was alright, and that's when she told me she had something she wanted to talk to me about later that night by the old boot tree. If I were to be honest with you, I was sort of terrified of what she had to tell me while I was sitting out there in the dark.

I had made sure to get to the tree early to make sure the old potato shack was nice for us to spend some quiet time where nobody would bother us, and admittedly to work up my nerves a bit. Just when it had been long enough for me to start to worry I heard the shack door creak open, and standing there in the moonlight was the prettiest girl I had ever seen, Patty.

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Something about Patty was a little different than usual, though. She was still completely covered below the neck by way more clothes than any girl should wear, but it was more exciting than usual, almost like it hugged her body more. What I could see of her cute face was the usual beat red I was told she got from her mom, and as she got closer something about her seemed to change. Patty sat closer to me than she ever had, her head laying against my shoulder and her hand finding its way to mine.

She began to whisper quietly about her life and why she had moved out to Sadie Springs, but before long the boring crap was out of the way and she moved closer to me. She seemed flustered, like she wanted to get something out but she didn't know how, but before I could say much of anything she leaned in and put the most delicious and juicy kiss I could have ever imagined on my lips.

My mind was racing with excitement and confusion, my heart was beating so hard in my chest I thought it would explode, and as I began to kiss back I felt her hefty titty press against my arm. I immediately jizzed my pants so hard my balls shot straight up inside me for a second and as good as it felt it kind of hurt a little as well.

Patty was startled when I started grunting and groaning, seeing a big stain form in my lap and getting redder than her face already was. She apologized and bit her lip, and it was just cute enough to break me out of my panic right before I pissed myself. I assured Patty it was okay and that some of it was probably my fault, but she insisted I take my pants off so we could get them dry.

As my jeans began to unzip a thick load of my gravy squirted out onto her fingers as I let another one out; she froze for a second, her face as bright as a tomato, before she continued to undress my lower half. Dropping my clothes to the ground her eyes fell to my dripping cock and something in Patty changed. Her shyness and shame twisted into a hypnotic, almost animal like gaze, her eyes never once blinking as far as I could see as she began to sniff softly at the air.

Lifting her fingers to her mouth she licked my gunk away from her hand until there wasn't a trace left, and each new drop seemed to send strange convulsions through her whole body. I had no idea why anybody would want to eat that stuff but something about it had my soldier already straight up again and ready for more, and that was about all it took.

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Like a beast Patty pushed me onto my back and shoved my dick into her mouth. At first I started to panic because I thought she'd gone crazy and was trying to eat me, but after a few seconds something started to feel really good and my mind went blank. The cutest girl I had ever seen was completely fixated on my meat in her mouth, her eyes closed while she moaned intensely like a dog eating its first meal in a month, and every part of my body was on fire with a feeling good I didn't know could ever happen.

I let myself go clear down her throat three times before she seemed satisfied, but leave it to Patty for surprises. Just as I thought we had finished Patty ripped a piece of my shirt off into a strip and wrapped it around my head like a blindfold.

I didn't like it at first, but I hadn't liked when she started hogging on my johnson and that ended up being the best part of my whole life.

Something she said didn't make a lot of sense to me at the time as I sat there unable to see a thing. Just what was a cunt and fucking anyway and why was she going to do it to me? I didn't ask questions though, I had learned that she knew what was best for me and she was always right so far. I heard some clothes shifting around a bit, and after a thousand years of agonized waiting I began to feel something warm start to drip on my penis.

The dripping sent shivers down my spine something terrible, and soon I felt what I could only describe as the lips of a cow wrapping me up like an Easter sunday surprise right down to my balls. Patty moaned deep like I didn't know girls could do, and it didn't take me long to realize just what fucking was. We must of fucked for hours in that old musty shack clear until the sun was starting to come up, those juicy bits she had squeezing on my pecker so tight and so long that when I look back after learning more I'm surprised I didn't make twenty babies in her.

What had caught my attention to the sun coming up was that my blindfold had begun to slip, and just as I opened my eyes I finally saw something I had never even known existed before. There, wrapped right around my manhood so tight it's a wonder I never lost circulation, was the most beautiful pink pair of lips right at the back of her knee I had ever seen in my life. Patty's head was tilted back and her eyes seemed shut while she was crying out with a powerful bliss, her leg moving up and down on my dick faster than ever before.

Suddenly what looked like an eruption of love burst from her as every muscle in her body, including the ones around my penis, tensed up like my ass did during the apple shove but in a good way, and that was all I needed to give her one last blast of spunk. I couldn't help but tell her just how beautiful her cunts were and ask if I'd get to fuck them all.

I thought she'd be happy, but the moment she saw I could see again she screamed something terrible, tugged her pant leg down and ran clear out of the shack crying.

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Maybe her shyness caught up to her again when she realized how much of a slut she'd been. Getting dressed back up I decided to head out of the shack and pick her some flowers.

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I had always heard ladies liked flowers, I just never had the nerve to give one any. Maybe this would make her feel better about the fucking we'd done, almost like we were closer to getting married so God wouldn't hate her so much. With the prettiest flowers I could find in hand I started home. I think a skip day was in order for me, I wasn't quite ready to tell the other guys yet.

Shit, I doubt they'd ever believe me. Maybe next time I'd have to get a camera set up before we fuck again.