Boyfriend cheating on his girlfriend

Boyfriend cheating on his girlfriend
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I got into the truck when you picked me up and you pulled me close to you in the seat.

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I had to straddle the gear shift and every time you shifted your hand would linger. with every bump your hand would brush the sensitive inside of my thighs. my short skirt sliding up my legs as the drive seemed to drag on. I look over at you and you have a look that tells me you are feeling the same thing.

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We get to the beach and you find an access road, pull onto it and find a perfect spot to park. Parking the truck on the beach, you get out and climb into the bed, laying a thick blanket down in the back of the truck, you take my hand and pull me up behind you. The teasing that you did during the dr1ve has me wild with wanting you. Standing in the back of the truck now, you pull me close and wrap one arm around my waist and the other you put behind my neck and pull my mouth to yours for a burning kiss.

Your lips touch mine and my breath catches in my chest, your tongue persuades my lips to open to your probing and I feel my knees go weak as my tongue meets yours.

I lean into your body and can feel your desire growing. Knowing that I can hardly stand any longer, I put my hands on your chest and push away slightly, breaking our kisses. I tell you that I need to sit down and you bring me to the front of the bed where it meets the cab of the truck and we sit there together looking at the water crashing against the shore. I am leaning back against you and you pull my hair to one side and start to kiss my neck, running your lips and tongue up and down my neck and shoulder.

I shiver from the sensations that you are causing on my body. I want you so badly but I will hold on a little longer. I turn around and get up on my knees, as I put one leg on either side of your thighs, my skirt won't allow for me to do it without hiking it up a bit. Pulling my skirt up to my ass cheeks, I have enough room to straddle you now.

As I sit with my hips against yours you can feel the heat radiating from the most intimate part of me. Through the thin material of my skirt I can feel your body coming alive. I reach under your t-shirt and pull it off of you, I want to run my hands all over your body, I want to feel every inch of you.

Leaning in and pressing my lips to yours, you willingly open your lips for my tongue to explore.

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You reach up and put your hands on my hips, pulling my shirt out of the waistband of my skirt. Running your hands inside my shirt, up my sides, your hands brush the curves of my soft supple breasts and I moan as I feel your fingers brush my sensitive nipples.

You feel them straining against my bra, longing for your touch. You reach around and unclasp my bra with one hand, my breasts fall out and immediately you start to massage them. Your rough hands feel so good against my soft skin, you find my nipples and start to run your thumbs across them and they are so hard now.

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I reach down and run my hand across the front of your crotch. feeling your hardness it makes me want to touch that part of you. You pull your lips from mine and wrap your arms around me and pull my body to you. Kissing my neck, collarbone, working your way down to my breasts. You take first one nipple into your mouth then the other, causing me to cry out. Rubbing my hips against yours, I can't take much more. I reach down and unbutton your pants, as I unzip them your cock stands at perfect attention for me I reach for it, wrap my hand around it, and start to run my hand up and down its length.

Pre cum oozing out the end, I take my finger and wipe it off and stick my finger in my mouth… I suck my finger clean.

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Watching me suck my finger into my mouth has made you want me even more. You take your hand and slide it under my skirt, between my thighs and search for the center of my desire.


Finding what your fingers are searching for, you slide your middle finger into me, it slides right in as I am nice and wet. I want you so bad.


You slide your finger back out and then slide two back in. Your thumb finds my clit and I scream with desire, it echoes everywhere.

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I grab onto your shoulders and beg you not to stop. You pump your fingers in and out of me, rubbing my clit, pulling my mouth back down to yours; hungrily you take possession of my lips and tongue. I start to grind my hips against your fingers and you slow your movements. You pull your fingers out of me and bring them to your mouth to taste my juices. You reach down and lift your hips, careful not to displace me, you start to slide your jeans down your thighs to your knees, reaching behind me and taking them down to your ankles and then completely off.

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You slide my shirt off my shoulders and I can smell my intoxicating scent still lingering on your hand. I lean back and start to unbutton the buttons on the front of my skirt and take it off. I want to feel your body against mine. All of you.

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Grabbing my ass and pulling me closer to you it spreads my legs even further and I can feel your hardness pressing against my clit now. I can feel it pulsing.


I sit up slightly and grab your cock and run it back and forth across my slit, covering the tip of it with my juices. I place it at the entrance to my womanhood and look into your eyes and beg you to take me. As I take your lips with mine your tongue invades my mouth as you slide your hard member into me.

With your hands on my hips you raise me ever so slightly and lower me back down, back onto your hardness, filling me with your every desire. Capturing your lips with mine as you move me up and down on you, I kiss you so sweetly, passionately, hungrily. I can't stand it anymore. I take your hands and pull them up to hold above your head as I start to ride you. Slowly at first. moving my hips up and down and back and forth, still holding your hands above your head.

I lace my fingers with yours and release your hands from my grip, I want to feel your hands on my body, touching, stroking, and loving, You release my fingers after kissing the tips of each one and put your arms around my back and your hands on my shoulders to pull me even harder onto you as you thrust deeper into me. You suck my breast into your mouth and twirl your tongue around my nipple and cause such erotic feelings to course through my body. You put your finger on my clit as I continue to ride you.

I can feel my body is about ready to climax. I start to ride you a little harder and faster as you play with my clit, your mouth now suckling my other breast. My whole body starts to shake, my muscles contract around you as my juices cover you. You continue to slide in and out of me. Growling low in your throat you pull me to you and coax my lips to open to your probing tongue.

As our kiss deepens the movement of your hips gets more hurried. I can feel your rigid cock throbbing, wanting release. I run my nails down your chest and brush your nipples, hearing you growl again I know that you are so close. You thrust into me and I meet your thrusts and as I clamp my muscles tighter around you I feel you grow inside of me. You pull your lips from mine and bite on my neck and grab handfuls of my hair as you release your hot seed inside of me, driving it as deep as you possibly can.

I stand up and our juices drip out of me onto my thighs. I look over at the water and invite you to take a dip with me. I run to the waters edge and oh it is so cold.

but I dive in, followed by you. As I emerge from the water, you are there, grabbing a hold of me and kissing me deeply. I wrap my legs around your waist as I feel weightless with the water.

Already I can feel you growing hard for me again. You carry me out of the water and back to the truck, making love to my mouth with your tongue. Promises of the rest of the night.

under the stars.