Rough sex and cream for kerry louise

Rough sex and cream for kerry louise
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Dakota followed the girl for two blocks, but he finally got restless. He yelled for the girl and when they were face to face his eyes glowed blue. As time froze her face was locked in a perpetual smile. He read the girls frozen thoughts. Her name was Kelly, she was 18, and soon to be OU College attendee. Her rich chocolate eyes radiated with friendliness as Dakota lifted her blue mini skirt up, revealing her big tight ass, and virgin pussy.

He grabbed her ass then slapped it. A loud smack radiated through the empty, frozen clearing. He did this a few more times then he pulled down the top of her skirt to show her tits. He licked and massaged them for a while, then he pulled down his pants, grabbed her hips, and thrust into her asshole.

Kelly being frozen and all, stared straight ahead that same gaze and smile.

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"Nnngg!" Dakota dug into Kelly's ass cheeks as he pumped her tight asshole full of cum. Frozen time still affected him, just to a lesser extent. Instead of when he came it being frozen in mid-air, he just came for a longer period time. He pulled his dick out of her ass and shot cum all over the back of her skirt and top. He picked her up and spread her legs and thrust his dick into her cunt busting her cherry.

He bounced her up and down his cock until he came again.he filled up her pussy, pulled out, and covered her tits in cum. Then just for a little bit of fun he put her down on all fours with her propped up in the air.

He then went and found the biggest dog he could, a German Shepard with unusually large penis, got him ready to mount Kelly, and unfroze him.

The dog chose to fuck her asshole it's slimy red cock sliding in and out of it as it humped her ass. Then it howled as it pumped her ass full of dog cum.

Then as it got ready to fuck her pussy he unfroze everything. Kelly's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she started to spasm on the dogs red cock. She was experiencing at least three orgasms at once (one from every time she got fucked).

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Dakota stayed there and jerked off until the dog let out another howl and pumped her pumped her pussy full of more dog cum. "Plea. please help me!" Kelly whimpered as the dog walked around to her face. "Sorry," Dakota said, "but I really have to run, ta ta." The last thing he saw was the dog shove it's slimy cock inside Kelly's mouth.

When Dakota reappeared he was back in the stadium. His eyes flashed again and he was 16 years old. He found a 14 year old girl.

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He scanned her mind. Her name was Natalie, she was here with her softball team to play in the championships. She was about 5'5 had about b tits and a small but tight ass.

She was very beautiful for a 14 year old. Most definitely hotter than any other that hes fucked in the past. He grabbed her arm and teleported onto the field.He locked everyone in place with his mind, but Natalie. "Hello Natalie, by now you can probably tell I am not a normal human being." Well that's pretty obvious, Natalie thought. "Yes, yes it is obvious. "How did you know what I was thinking?" She asked. "The same way I know your favorite color is pink, you don't like to wear shoes, and how you meet a boy named Ethan and fuck his brains out every other day in the janitors closet," Dakota replied, "I can read,and control your mind, among many other things." He made Natalie strip naked on the field in front of everyone.


Soon her milky white ass and tits were in plain view of everyone. "Please. Don't do this," Natalie begged. "I am sorry my dear, but I simply enjoy it to much.

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Something about the pussy at your age group is so wonderful, it's always tight and warm," He then had Natalie bend over. He then grabbed her firmass cheeks and thrust.

He began to fuck this 14 year old girl in front of everyone at the stadium. Soon Dakota was nearing his climax, so, he threw Natalie to the ground, jumped on top of her, and shoved his dick into her asshole. She let out a loud shriek of pain, making everyone in the stands cringe, but he didn't stop.

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He continued to ravidly stuff his 15-inch cock into her ass. Then his eyes glowed and Natalie let out a loud moan and started screaming curse words. Pussy juice began to flow onto the field from her cunt, forming a puddle that began to spread.


Her eyes rolled into the back of her and she began to violently shake. "Ahhh!" Dakota grunted as he filled Natalie's asshole with cum until it overflowed. He pulled out and drenched her back and hair in cum as his eyes began to glow again. As he stood Natalie rolled and spasmed in a mixture of cum and her pussy juice. He then phased out away from the stadium.


He would probably visit Natalie again but this time with her friends. A couple days later he was headline news. Of course they didn't know his name. Today he decided to torment Natalie again, this time while her friend ,Allyson, and her little sisters were there.But her parents were not. As Dakota phased into their living room Allyson walked into the restroom, Natalie was heading upstairs into her room and her sisters, Sara and Haley, who were both 10, were playing in the kitchen.

So that is where I'll start, Dakota thought to himself