Stunning shemale with tattoos swallows big black cock in POV

Stunning shemale with tattoos swallows big black cock in POV
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As I pulled into the parking lot I thought what a beautiful December day for a round of golf. There is not a cloud in the sky and the sun is warming the air to that perfect balance where it is neither too hot nor too cold.

I had been invited by a friend of a friend to play in a charity golf tournament to raise funds for a private elementary school so I was looking forward to a full day of golf followed by a dinner and awards banquet. I am just an average golfer so I was not expecting to win any golf awards at the banquet but I still expected it to be a fun outing. Now most golf tournaments that I have play in are usually all guys but two words, fundraising and school, seemed to have brought out the volunteer moms which definitely added a new element of interest to the day.

I hand off my clubs to be put on the golf cart and head over to the check-in area which is under an open air canopy. To the left there is a table for the coffee, juice, bagels and donuts. To the right is the table for check-in and across the front of the room were a couple of tables selling raffle tickets, school paraphernalia and other items to raise funds, each staffed by a couple of volunteer moms. This is definitely going to be a novelty having so many women around at the golf course.

I'm definitely checking out all the volunteer moms. I headed to the coffee table after checking in. As I approached the coffee table I see Heather. She is wearing a pullover collared shirt that shows nicely the curved shape of her breasts pushing out against her shirt reminding me that they are firm and make me think of how they fit perfectly in my cupped hands.

She leans forward to get some sugar the top of her shirt falls open and I see the naked rise of her breasts and how their shape changes from the pull of gravity before they disappear under the material of her shirt. My gaze caresses the exposed cleavage and soft sides of her breasts the word delicious comes to mind, making me think of how much I must caress, lick, nibble and suck on her soft breasts right there.

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Her jeans are skin tight showing me her hips. Her waist is narrower than her hips and her stomach is flat, my hard on is raging in my pants. I said " Hi " as I reach for a cup and it was as she looks up at me, she smiles and said, " Hi.

Beautiful day for the golf tournament isn't it?" I held her gaze as I answer back, " Yes it is. You don't get many days where the weather cooperates this perfectly." I paused for a moment and then said, " Are you riding on the cart with my group?" I see a little blush coloring her cheeks but her smile just lit up.

Her touch on my arm lingered for several seconds after she took her hand away I still feel the warmth of her skin on mine which is intriguing.

I see my friend and his buddies had arrived so I headed over to them. I was introduced and we walked back over to the coffee table and talked as we drank our coffee.

Just as we finished, one of the volunteer moms, which just happened to be the wife of one of the guys in my foursome, motioned us over to the raffle table and told us that we needed to buy some raffle tickets so they can get those new computers.

The thought of Heather is swirling through my head as I played golf. It was on the fifth hole that I saw her again as we caught up to the snack cart. There was a backup at the tee so Heather and I got the chance to talk and do a little more flirting. As I said goodbye to head up to the tee, her eyes held mine then she reaches out and touches my arm as she said goodbye.

We caught up with the snack cart again on the fourteenth hole. I look up behind her and see a bungalow being vacated and the door is left ajar. Heather looked at the bungalow then back at me with a smile and I nodded my head yes. Heather casual walked away towards the bungalow. I slipped away from the snack cart, I walked in and locked the door behind me.

Heather laughed as she wrapped her arms around me, holding on as I leaned aganist the door. She hummed softly, nibbling on my neck as I stood there. I growled softly as she continued to nibble on my neck, I gently pushed her away from me and pulled her over to the couch. She smirked at my growl, then she chuckled softly. Nipping at her thumb, I pull her closer to me, I smiled up at her, running my hands over her legs and backside.

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Heather returns my smile, her body reacting to my touch, to my closeness. She murmured softly. " You make me do realize that, don't you?" she asks, emotion flashing in her eyes. I smile softly, " You make me happy too, Heather." I tug her down for a kiss. She returned my kiss, lightly nipping at my lip. Her lips moved to my neck, pressing her lips against my skin. I pull back and cupped her chin in my hand gently so she would look at me. " I understand there will be nights you are not with me and I'm cool with that." I look at her seriously.

" My ex-wife will not become between us in any way." I let go of her chin and kiss her fiercely. " You're stuck with me, Heather. The only way you are going to lose me is if you tell me to get the fuck out." Heather met my eyes, her own filling with unknown emotions. She gasped as I kissed her, returning it and pressing close against me.

" Good to know," she murmurs, " but it's not going to happen," she said, smiling softly. " Glad to hear that," I murmured as I brought her back down for another heated kiss, letting my hand run over her body.

" You have no idea how much you've come to mean to me," she whispers, her hands shaking slightly as she slids them down my chest. " At first, it was some silly little crush, and then I got to know you.and then I got to touch you," she murmurs, her lips at my neck again. She nips at my skin as her hands slid under my shirt, humming softly at the feel of my skin beneath her hands.

" Promise you won't leave," she whispers, her tongue darting out to taste my skin. I growl softly at her touches, my hands sliding up under her shirt. " I won't leave, Heather.not willingly." I drew her shirt off over her head and leans forward to bury my face into her cleavage. " Your marks are fading," I mumbled. " You need new ones." I turned slightly to bite her breasts hard enough to leave an impression of his teeth. She drags her nails down my chest as I buried my face against her cleavage.

" They are.and I do," she said softly, moaning and pulling me closer as I bit her. " mmm mmmm.aaaaahhhh.aaaaaaaahhhhhh.mmmmmmmm." She rocks against me, something about me leaving my marks on her waking up something primal in her. Lightly, her nails scratch at the back of my neck as she watches me. Reaching around, I quickly unhook her bra freeing her breasts.

" Fuck, I want you so bad, Heather," I purr against her skin. My hands become rougher on her. I stood her up so that I could unbutton her pants and tug them down along with her panties. " God, you are fucking gorgeous, Heather." I murmur as I look up at her. " I'm yours to take," she moans. She arches her back, pressing herself against me. A soft whimper left her as my hands become rougher, and she bits her lip as I had her stand. She steps out of her pants and smiles down at me.

" I'm glad you think so," she said softly. She steps closer to me, her eyes flashing with lust.

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I growl as I run my hands up her legs and then around to cup her ass. I lean forward to nip hard at her hip. " Tell me what you want," I murmur. " Tell me what you want me to do to you today." Heather smirks slightly, a soft hum leaving her when I nipped at her. " I want you to make me come, handsome," she hums softly.

" I want you to make me scream again and again. I want you to fuck me and possess me and leave no doubt in my mind that I'm yours," she said, her eyes darkening.

I nip at her hip again as I growl at her words. I stood up, towering over her as a predatory look came into my eyes. " Oh you're mine. I will not share you with anybody." I yank my shirt off and move my hands to my belt. "" I growl as I discarded the rest of my clothes before following her. She feels the wetness pooling between her legs at my growl, feels it even more at my look.

Catching her breath, and biting her lip, watching as I stripped. She took a step toward me, wanting to touch me before I growl out my order. " Anything you want," she whispers, making her way to the bed. I wait for her to climb onto the bed and stalked after her very reminiscent of a lion. I crawl on the bed and continue to move towards her until she is pressed against the headboard.

Growling softly I pull her legs wide apart and thrust into her hard. " So fucking tight," I groan as I set a hard pace, not giving her body a chance to adjust to my size. There was a bit of defiance in her gaze as I backed her against the headboard, and she bits her lip as she fought not to smirk. A soft gasp left her as she feels the headboard, and she whimpers when I pulled her legs apart. A scream is torn from her as I fill her in one hard thrust, her back arching from the headboard.

" OMG.JOHN.OOOOHHHH.AA AAAAAHHHHH." She wraps her arms around me, keeping her legs spread wide for me as she begins to move with me, cries leaving her each time I thrust into her.

I adjust the angle of her hips slightly. I smirk at her cries as I thrust hard into her. I couldn't hit her any deeper than I was but it didn't stop me from trying. " My baby girl," I growl. " I love how you take me, I love hearing you scream for me." I bit her lip hard before I claim her mouth as my animalistic nature starts to come more to the surface.

" Yours," she whispers, her nails digging into my shoulders, her legs hooking over my hips. She feels herself falling fast toward the edge and moans as I bit her lip, tasting the barest hint of blood when we kiss. She is as rough as she can be with me, her nails digging in, scratching as her hips rock against me. She loves the way I took her, loves the marks I left on her. It wasn't very long before a scream left her, her release washing over her causing her muscles to clamp down on me.

" OH GOD.YEEESSS.YEEESSS." Growling in satisfaction as she screams out her release, I increase my pace. I tore my mouth away from hers and start to kiss and nip down her neck. " Talk to me.tell me how it feels," I urge right before biting down where her neck met her shoulder, shaking my head a bit as I did so.

Her hand slips to the back of my head, pressing me closer against her. " I love the way you fuck me, John," Heather moans. " No one fucks me as good as you do. No one stretches me and fills me like you do," she murmurs. " I love wearing your marks." she cries out again as I hit a sensitive spot, her nails digging into my shoulder again. I gnaw on her neck until I broke skin. Her words causes another growl to slip from me.

I raised my head to look at her. " I'm going to fuck you every which way today, baby girl. I'm going to claim every inch of you, including that gorgeous ass of yours." I abruptly stop to slowly withdraw from her.

I reach over to place a pillow between her head and the headboard. " By the time I'm done with you, you won't be able to walk straight or sit down." I growl again as I slam back into her with enough force to move her forward.

I withdraw again only to repeat the process over and over, each thrust becoming harder and harder. A moan left her, her eyes flashing with lust and other emotions at my words.

" aaaahhhh." When I stop and withdraw, she cries out. " No.don't stop," she begs. A sigh left her as I reach for the pillow, and a flare of excitement races through her.

She screams in delight as I slammed into her, causing her to hit against the headboard. " OOOHHH.YYYEEESSS." She grips the sheets beneath her, her head thrown back in pleasure as I quickly push to towards another release.

There is nothing sweet or gentle in the way I took her. My thrusts are brutally hard, my fingers bruising her flesh where I grip her hips.

I look at her, my eyes wild and the smile I give her is like one would give their prey. " Scream, Heather. Scream for me." I demand, each word accentuated by a hard thrust. " Now!" Her hands are on my arms, fingers digging in harder with each thrust. She can only take what I was giving her, not really having a choice.

She cries out with each thrust, and the look I was giving her awoke something in her. Her eyes darken even more, and at my demand, she screams out my name, " YES.JOHN.OH GOD.JOHN.YYYEEESSS," her nails digging in and piercing skin as her release tore through her, her body shaking and jerking from the intensity.

" That's my baby girl," I purr as her muscles clenched around me. I growl not ready to give into my own release yet and after bringing her back down I withdraw completely. I got up and moved her so that her ass was at the edge of the bed. " Hold your legs as far apart as they will go," I demand as I sink back into her with a growl. I slid my hands up her torso to her neck where I gently squeeze, watching her carefully. Heather's cries faded to soft moans and whimpers as I brought her back down, and her hands slid up, arms wrapping around my neck.

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She gasps as I withdraw, suddenly feeling very empty. She bits down on her lip, doing as she is told and moaning with pleasure as I fill her again. She watchs me as she feels my hands at her neck, another soft gasp leaving her as I gently squeeze.

Her eyes darkened again, she didn't flinch, trusting me completely. Running my thumbs along the front of her throat, I smirk at the look in her eyes and how they darkened.

" Like that Heather?" I whisper as I squeeze a little bit harder before releasing. " I love how you will let me do anything to you," I thrust hard into her again. " I could seriously hurt you," I growl, ".but you trust me, don't you, baby girl?" I squeeze as she starts to cry out. Her reactions and trust in me turning me on more than ever before. She didn't have a chance to reply before I squeeze a bit harder, her eyes darkening even more.

She moans at my thrust " oooohhh.aaaaahhhh," her hands sliding up my arms again.

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" I trust you," she whispers, crying out as I thrust into her again and again. She feels my hands tighten on her throat again, and the soft moan caught in her throat. Her hands lightly squeezing my arms, letting me know that she is okay. " Good girl," I growl as my thrusts start to get faster and rougher. " I love how you let me fuck you." I drive as deep as I can get into her as I squeeze her throat intermittently. I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold on much longer at the rate I was going.

" Come for me again, Heather," I whisper as I squeeze harder than before. It is getting more difficult to keep her legs spread for me, and she feels herself start to slip again. " John." she whispers, her words getting cut off as I squeeze again. She bits her lip, her nails biting into my skin as her breath cuts off. Her nails dug in even harder as her orgasm hit her hard and fast, her legs wrapping around my waist as her body jerks against me.

Instead of screaming, she gasps as pleasure courses through her. Her orgasm snaps my restraint. I thrust wildly into her, easing up on her throat just enough so she wouldn't pass out. With a strangled cry, I give one last brutally hard thrust and spilling my cum into her.

I let go of her throat as I brought them back down. I move to lie back down on the bed and tug her up with me. " You do realize you're in trouble for not keeping your legs spread apart, don't you Heather?" I purr softly with a smirk. Heather screams as my release triggers another of hers, and her legs tightened around me. Again, she whimpers as I withdraw, only to smile softly as she ends up curled up against me.

She purrs softly, looking up at me. " I couldn't help it," she murmurs softly, leaning up to press a kiss to my jaw.


" Then again, I can't say that I dread trouble from you," she chuckles softly. I arch a brow at her as the predatory look returns to my eyes.

" Oh really now?" Before she can react I had her flipped over onto her hands and knees. " No coming until I let you, Heather." I growl softly as my hand landed on her ass. " You will not like the consequences if you do." I warn as I brought my hand back down again and again.

She shivers at the look in my eyes, and the next thing she knew, she was on her hands and knees. She bits her lip and before she wonders what I was going to do, My hand landed on her ass. She cries out, the pain and pleasure mixing. " Can I at least move?" She asks, looking over her shoulder at me, crying out each time my hand came down on her. " You can move all you want, just don't come, baby girl." I growl. I kept bringing my hand down on her ass, the inside and back of her thighs.

" I love how red your skin is turning but it's not enough.not yet." I murmur with a smirk as she cries out for me. Heather rocks back against me, moaning and crying out at each spank. Her skin tingling where my hand came down and pleasure and pain mingling within her. " Then give me more," she said, her voice hoarse from her cries. " Please, John.John." I ached to be buried inside her but I wasn't going to give that to her yet.

I suddenly thrust two of my fingers roughly into her with a growl. " You are so fucking wet, baby. You like me spanking you like this don't you?" I purr. Pulling my fingers back out I spanked her. I run my nails over her redden ass. She is getting closer and closer to her release, and when I thrust my fingers into her, she moans " aaaahhhh.aaaahhhh," biting her lip as she fights back her release. Her muscles gripping me, and she knows I can tell how close she is.

She whimpers softly, knowing she wouldn't be able to hold on much longer. " I do.God help me, but I do," she moans suddenly feeling empty when I withdraw my fingers. " So close, baby." she whispers, her back arching and causing her ass to raise higher as my nails run over her skin. " Come for me Heather." I demand with a growl.

" Then I'll reward you with my cock." As pleasure begins to surge through her, and she bits her lip, whimpering as I push her closer to the edge. It didn't take much more for her to screams out my name, pleasure raking through her body as her release spreads through her. " OH GOD.JOHN.OH JOHN." I can't describe the rush that went through me as I made her come like that. Her screams are like music to me and I know that I was addicted to her.

I pull her towards the edge of the bed, on her hands and knees and stood behind her. I slowly ease myself into her with a moan. " uuuuhhhh.aaaaahhhhhh." I grab her hips and start thrusting lightly into her, knowing the slow pace torments her. Her body is shaking as I pull her to the edge of the bed, a moan " oooohhhh.mmmmm," slips from her when I continue easing myself in and out her. She pushes back on me, loving the feel of my hands on her.

She bits her lip as she fights to keep up with the pace I set, wanting me thrusting harder into her. She looks back at me, her eyes dark and filled with emotion.

The look she gave me is my undoing. I hold her eyes as I start to thrust harder into her, my fingers on her hips digging in." God, you feel so fucking good, baby." I groan. This beautiful sensual woman had wormed her way past my defenses after my recent divorce from my sixth wife and I know now that I will never give her up. Heather cries out in pleasure as I thrust harder into her, desire and heat flaring within her.

" I love you, John," she moans softly. Her hands curling into the sheets as she rocks back against me, taking me as deep as she can. I reach forward and fisted her hair. Using my grip on her hair I pull her back on me as I thrust into her harder. I love how she took everything I gave her and still wants more. I love how I didn't have to hold back with her. I growl her name as he become more animalistic, more primal in my taking of her and it shows in my rough and wild thrusts.

" Heather.Oh God Heather." She jerks against me when I pull her back by her hair, adding to her desire. Her cries grow in frequency and volume each time I thrust into her harder and harder. When I growl her name, " Heather " a shiver goes through her causing her muscles to clamp down on me as I push her towards the edge of release again.

" Fuck, John." she moans, her voice hoarse from her cries. She grips the sheets harder, her body on the brink of orgasm. " If you insist, Heather," I purr. I let go of her hair and push her face down to the bed. The position put her ass higher into the air for me. I growl as I grab her hips to hold her still as I thrust wildly into her. A noise left her as I push her down onto the bed, a shiver of excitement going through her. Her cries are muffled by the bed, and still, her scream is heard loud and clear when her release finally hits.

another cry left her as another orgasm hits her before her first had subsided.


" OMG.OH GOD.AAAAAHHHH.AAAAAHHHH. I didn't let up as her orgasms hit. I'm lost in the feel of her at the moment. I pull out long enough to plunge my fingers into her, coating them with her honey. I slammed back into her as I start to work a finger into her ass. " Oh yes, Heather, I'm claiming all of you today," I purr. Heather whimpers as I withdraw only to moan as my fingers plunge into her.

" ooooohhhh.mmmmmm." She moans softly only to scream out when I slammed back into her. Words were beyond her as I work a finger into her ass, and she only relaxes against me, lost in everything I was doing to her. " aaaahhhh.aaaaahhhh.YYY EEESSS.YYYEEESSS." Purring in satisfaction as I feel her relax I work another finger slowly into her and finally a third finger.

I know that I had to stretch her good if she was going to be able to handle me due to my size. As I thrust into her I would withdraw my fingers only to thrust them back in as I pull back. I keep moving my fingers, trying to keep my patience. She is moaning, " aaaaahhhh.aaaaahhhhh.mmmmmm," rocking back against me over and over as I stretch her.

Combined with my thrusts is already building her up towards another release, and she bits her lip, her nails biting into her palms. At that moment, she knew she would do absolutely anything for me.

" Come for me, Heather," I demand as my fingers got a little rougher, spreading them to stretch her further. I thrust even harder into her. " Come for me and then beg me to fuck your ass." She whimpers as she feels me stretching her more. When I thrust harder into her, it was enough to send her spiraling over the edge, my name leaving her on a scream.

OH JOHN.JOHN.OOOHHH.JOHN." She bucks against me, causing fingers to drive in deeper, and she is lost in a wave of pleasure. " Please, John.please fuck my ass. I want you to claim all of me. Please, baby.I need you," she begs. " I love the sound of you begging me," I growl as I withdraw from her completely. I press my cock against her rosebud and slowly start to work myself in. Even with all the stretching I had done before it was slow going as I didn't want to hurt her.

" Fuck," I groan, ".so fucking tight." Soft whimpers and moans left her, "aaaahhhh.mmmmmm " and she fight to keep still, knowing I was going slow for a reason. Another shiver went through her, and she moans again, turning her head to the side.

" feel so good," she whispers, biting her lip as she slowly rock back onto me. Finally I had myself fully sheathed in her and I moan softly.

" That's my good baby, taking all of me like that." I know she is probably as stretched as she could be at the moment. When she rocks back against me I couldn't help but growl and start to thrust lightly into her.

I reach down to pull her hair so her head tilts back. " You're mine, Heather." I growl, " Don't ever forget that." She gasps as I pull her hair, tilting her head back, and a shiver of desire went through her. " Only yours," she whispers, moaning as I moved with her. " Always yours, John.only one I want," she murmurs, overtaken by the emotions warring within her and the sensations I was giving her.

I give her hair another hard tug. " No man can fuck you like I do, fill you like I can, satisfy those urges like I will," I growl. I feel her body relaxing more and I thrust slightly harder. " Talk to me baby, I want to hear how it feels." My pace increases slightly as I start to get lost in the feel of her, in the way she feels and the sounds she is making for me. I'm keeping the animal in me at bay by sheer force of will, wanting to make sure she is fully ready for when I let it loose on her.

Heather's eyes close in pleasure as I tug on her hair hard again. She rocks back against me, emotions flowing through her. " There's no one but you," she moans, finding it difficult to talk as I increase my pace. " No one does to me what you do." Another moan slips from her lips. " I love the way you fuck me, the way you use me for your pleasure.

I love that you don't hold back and you push me past my limits.I love." She cries out as a bolt of pleasure went through her. " one gets the responses from my body that you do." I groan softly, " aaaahhhh.aaaahhhh.

That's because no one understands your dark urges like I do, one but me can fulfill you the way your body craves." I feel her body relaxing more and I growl as I withdraw only to plunge back into her, not as hard as I wanted but harder than before. I reach up and rake my nails all the way down her back and ass. " God, your ass feels so fucking good, baby," I groan as my thrusts become harder. " No one ever will," she moans softly.

A scream was torn from her as I thrust hard into her, " OH FUCK.JOHN " and she moans again at the feel of my nails dragging down her skin. " aaaaahhhh.aaaaaahhhhh.mmmmmm." She rocks back against me, meeting my every thrust.

Her body tightens as I thrust harder into her, and she moans softly, " mmmmmmmmmm " her sensitive nipples rubbing constantly against the sheets. She feels herself spiraling closer to the edge, almost overwhelmed by sensations. " Let go for me Heather," I whisper, clenching my jaw. My control is at the near end of my restraint and the way she keeps moving against me is making it harder for me to stay in control. I withdraw almost completely only to thrust back into her hard, wanting to make her scream again.

As she rocks back against me, hitting me right between her movements and her scream causes my control to finally snap. " FUCK ME. YOU FUCKING BASTARD.FUCK ME HARD.JOHN." The animal in me came roaring to the forefront and with a large growl, I grab her hips and yank her back on my cock so I was buried as deep as I could get in her. " Fuck," I growl as I pull her up by her hair so she is on her knees. The way I continue to take her is primal, my hands rough on her tits, my teeth digging into the back of her neck.

She couldn't move as I thrust wildly into her. She screams out as I thrust back into her hard, pushing her forward. " FUCKING BASTARD.FUCK ME.FUCK." She continues rocking back against me, cries leaving her as she tumbles closer. " Oh, God," she cries out, whimpering as I pull her up by her hair.

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Her arms wrapping around my neck, holding her flush against me as I became even rougher on her. When her orgasm hits, she screams again, my name falling from her lips as she feels me claim her over and over again. " OMG.JOHN.YYYEEESSS.OH GOD.YYYEEESSS.JOHN.I'M YOURS." I damn near roar when I feel her orgasm and it pushes me fully over the edge.

I pull out and push her roughly back down on the bed face first. Spreading her legs apart, I slammed myself back into her ass, pinning her to the bed with my weight. Wrapping her hair around my fist I pull her head back to look into her eyes.

" Mine," I growl crushing her lips with mine. The kiss full of teeth and and tongue, the metallic taste of blood mixing in as my teeth cut her lip. After one final vicious thrust, this time I did yell " HEATHER.YOU ARE MINE," as I explode spilling my seed into her. Heather cries out as she fell onto the bed, moaning as I slammed back into her. She is flat on the bed, and another cry left her when I pull her back by the hair.

The look in my eyes woke something up inside her, and at my growl, a shiver went through her. She returns my kiss, moaning at the taste of blood mixed in me. She came again, her cry lost in my kiss before my own release hit.

She collapses back onto the bed, her breathing heavy as I bring them both back down. I was very gentle as I withdraw from her and roll off of her. I was panting and my body is covered in sweat. Never before had I let myself go that completely. I pull her into my arms and kiss her forehead. " You are amazing, baby," I whisper as I look at her, emotion shining in my eyes. She gives me a weak smile as she curls up against me, her hand curling against my chest.

" If you say so," she chuckles softly, looking up at me with love shining in her eyes. Her voice is hoarse and her throat is raw, she was happier than she could ever remember. " I hope I didn't truly hurt you," I whisper. I got up, giving her a sweet kiss. " I'll be right back." I walk to the bathroom and turn on the shower.

Once the water is hot enough to my liking, I came back to pick her up into my arms. I stepped into the shower with her and chuckles. " Better than the first time we were in the shower together, hmmm?" " didn't hurt me. Not in any way I didn't enjoy, at least," She smiles.

She hummed softly as she returns my kiss, reluctant to let me go. Her eyes flashes when I came back, and she couldn't help but smile at me as she wraps her arms around me. " Much better. At least the water's not ice cold," she laughs softly. Setting her gently on her feet, I lathered some soap on my hands to start washing her. My touch is surprisingly gentle, in stark contrast to just a few moments before.

" You've got some bruising on your ass and thighs," I murmur. Heather's eyes drift closed at my touch, and she fights to stay on her feet. My gentle touch is sweet, and it meant more to her than anything else would have. She smiles at my words, her hands sliding up my chest.

" I won't be able to sit comfortably for a few days, will I?" she asks, a smirk tugging at her lips. " Probably not and hopefully you won't be able to walk straight either," I smirk down at her. My hand drifts down between her legs, wanting to give her one last orgasm before we were through. I quickly find her clit and circle it lazily with my finger, my smirk growing as I watch her.

" John." She breathes, her arms circling my neck. Desire flashes in her eyes as she pulls me closer for a kiss, her leg hooking over my hip. "Y ou enjoy driving me insane, don't you?" she whispers before moaning. " aaaaahhhhh.mmmmmm." " Do you want me to stop?" I whisper with a chuckle, already knowing the answer. I continue to circle it before finally rubbing it directly. " I do love to watch you fall." " Please don't stop," she begs, pressing herself against me.

She keeps her gaze locked on me as I continue to tease her, causing soft moans to escape her. " ooooooohhhhh.oo oooooohhhhhhh.mmmmmmmmmm.aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.mmmmmmmm." She pulls me down again for a hungry kiss, crying out as I press against her clit, pushing her closer. It didn't take much longer for her orgasm to rush through her, causing her to scream out my name. " OH.GOD.JOHN.OH JOHN.JOHN." Once we were done cleaning up in the shower, I carried her back to the bed and she hums softly, slipping her arms around me.


She presses soft kisses along my jaw, smiling when I laid her down. " You have no idea how much you mean to me," she murmurs softly, curling up against me. " We need to get dressed and leave. Heather, I will send a limo to pick you up tonight. Be ready by 7pm, I have a huge surprise for you."