Nathan Hope and Craig Daniel in hot anal pounding fun

Nathan Hope and Craig Daniel in hot anal pounding fun
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That morning I took a long hot shower. I couldn't shake the memory of Heather dominating me like no BBW has dominated me before. I also kept thinking that I really needed to get my sunglasses but I was worried that it was going to be awkward.

Since it was Friday and I could wear jeans I really didn't put to much thought into what I was going to wear. I got dressed, packed the kids up and dropped them off at daycare/school. As I was pulling away from the school I gave Heather a call. No answer. Shit I thought, I really need those sunglasses or I am going to go blind with the sun today.

I tried her number a few more times on the way to the office but no luck. About 10:30 I was sitting in a meeting with my VP and a few Directors and my phone went off. Realizing who it was I politely excused myself to take the call. Me: Hello? Heather: Hey baby, I saw you called? Me: ya, I was just hoping to grab my sunglasses on my way to the office this morning. I could hear a voice in the background but couldn't quite make out what they were saying Heather: Hang on a second… I could hear a commotion, it sounded like Diane but I couldn't really tell.

Someone grabbed the phone. Person on phone: Listen, you need to come get your sunglasses. Can you do it in the next hour?

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Me: who is this? Phone: Its Diane sweetie. You need to come get these glasses now, we have things to do and places to go.

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Me: Ok, well I am in a meeting until noon, can I come for 12:15? Phone: NO! be here in 30minutes! And with that she hung up. Fuck.


I thought to myself, how the hell am I supposed to get out of this. I walked back in the meeting and sat down. I whispered to my boss. "Sorry, but one of my kids is sick and I need to run out and pick them up and drop them off at my folks place. Do you mind if I run out?" No worries.

I've got this covered. And with that I took off to get my car. I arrived at the hotel about 15 minutes later and made my way to the room. I knocked on the door. Waited… no answer. I knocked again. The door opened a crack.

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An arm extended out and pulled me in, slamming the door behind me. Heather quickly locked the door. Heather: I am very sorry. Diane is really pissed about last night. Me: What do you mean? Heather: I can't explain, here are your glasses. I will text you sometime ok? Me: "uhh…" I was cut off as Heather quickly kissed me and started to open the door. "Wait one god damn minute!!!" yelled a voice from the washroom as the door opened.

"Don't you dare go anywhere" Heather tried to get the door opened and push me out as Diane charged out of the washroom, grabbed me and pulled me back in. "You piece of shit.

How dare you sleep with one of my girls! That wasn't the deal" she yelled as she threw me on to the ground. Me: What the hell is going on here.

I just came for my glasses Diane: No, you slept with my girl last night. You owe me atleast $150!!! Me: excuse me? Diane: What, did Heather not explain to you what her job is? She is a fat dominatrix, she works for me!

NO FREEBIES! Pay up or youre not leaving. Heather: Mistress, please come down. He didn't know and that's my fault. Don't make him pay Diane: Quiet bitch, he is paying, or he is paying the price Me: I don't have any money; I can't even get some out of the bank… Diane: WHAT… like hell you can't. She screamed as she came across the room.

Diane grabbed me by my arm and pulled me up. She pushed me into the bedroom and threw me on the floor. Diane: Heather! Get in here and get him ready Heather timidly entered the room and pulled me up. She took one of those black straps with the red ball and put it in my mouth. It was so friggin tight. Then the two of them put me on the bed and hand cuffed me to the lamps on the wall. I was freaking out. I was scared out of my mind. Diane grabbed heather and forcefully kissed her and said, "get my tools servant".

Heather disappeared for a few minutes then returned with a blue gym bag. She handed it to Diane and sat on the bed. Diane: Smother him… NOW! She screamed. Heather quickly climbed up on the bed and lay on top of me. Her stomach was on my face. I could hardly breath. I also couldn't see anything.

Eventually heather got off me… I could breath! There standing at the foot of the bed was Diane. She looked possessed. Her and Heather slowly undressed me. I was helpless, I couldn't even scream.


Diane: You want a free fuck big guy? I'll give you a free fuck! Heather remounted my face, this time smothering me with her pussy. I could feel Diane crawl onto the bed. Someones hands grabbed my ankles and lifted them into the air. I tried screaming, no luck! How could I?

my mouth was plugged and this big girl was straddling my face. Within seconds I felt Dianes slender fingers caressing my ass and putting some type of lube on to my anus. I knew exactly what was coming. I tried my best to relax cause I didn't want it to hurt bad. Diane pressed what felt like the biggest plastic cock of all time against my anus and immediately started penetrating.

I tensed. I couldn't help it. Heather was pushing down harder and harder on my face as Diane went deeper and deeper.

Eventually she stopped and didn't move. Heather climbed off and removed the strap from my mouth. "shh… stay quiet" she said as she grabbed my cheeks. I nodded and she remounted my face this time putting her clit right on my lips. I tried my best to focus on her pussy and not the lady trying to destroy my ass with a fake cock. As I started to lick, Diane started to thrust. Eventually the pain turned to pleasure. Heather was grinding her clip on my face as Diane was pumping away on my ass.

I was essentially deaf and blind. I couldn't see anything due to a BBW on my face and her thick thighs pressed against my ears After god knows how long of going to down on my ass Diane slowly pulled out. Heather continued to hold my legs up in the air. A few seconds later I felt Diane apply more lube and the head of the cock pressing back into my anus. This time I pushed back against it. I've been fucked before and enjoy anal sex from time to time.

I figured in this situation, with Heathers soaking wet pussy on me I'd let this broad fuck my ass. It didn't take long and we would going full speed again.

A few minutes after that Heather slid down off my face to my chest. I could hear kissing. I was getting really turned on at the thought of both Diane and Heather making out. That was until diane appeared next to the bed. Diane: Clean this… she said as she forced it in to my mouth.

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What the hell was going on. I thought. Who the hell is fucking me?? At this point Diane motioned for Heather to get off. As she got off all I could see was this buff, built black man towering over my ass. I immediately tensed up and tried to fight it. He grabbed my legs and held them while diane climbed on my chest to keep me down while I cleaned her strap on.

Heather came next to me and whispered… "Its ok sweetie. Just let him finish and I'll take care of you. Its just Diane's way of getting you back" She kissed my cheek.

Diane: Since you like free sex with my staff so much, I thought you'd enjoy this smart guy. Darnell is going to show how we roll around here" He immediately started pounding my ass like it had never been pounded before.

To my amazement it actually felt pretty good and I was getting quite the hard on from it. Darnell had stamina like I had never seen before. I can't even guess who long he went for before he erupted inside my ass.

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Glob and glob of his steaming hot cum were filling my ass. I could feel it smoshing around has he plunged his cock deep inside me. He stopped and pulled out. He came up and slapped his MASSIVE meat right onto my face. Diane: Clean it so he can be on his way. I obliged.


Partially because I had no idea what she would do to me if I refused. Once Darnell was clean him and Diane left the room. Heather climbed up next to me, uncuffed me and kissed me. Heather: I am soooo soooo sorry baby. I never meant for any of this to happen Me: who the fuck are those people Heather: Diane is my boss and Darnell and I work for her Me: like escorts?

Heather: yes, kinda. Its hard to explain Heather kissed me again and we cuddled. She was starting to fall asleep.

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I gently rubbed her back for a few minutes until she was gone. I slid off the bed and gathered my things. I quietly left the room.

To my surprise Diane and Darnell were still in the other room Diane: Where are you going? Me: back to work. Diane: I hope you learned something today kid… don't mess with my business Me: I never meant to… I had no idea, I swear. Diane: Don't worry about. Just don't let her fall for you… I won't be happy about that Me: OK.

Uh… I'm going to go now Darnell: Hey man, you did good in there. Not many first times can take me like that Me: That's not my first time. I said as I smiled and walked out of the room.