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Nude gay man in the shower black straight xxx Brian has already
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David Jones laid on the floor in immense pain. He'd just been hit by a car, which wasn't an experience he'd particularly enjoyed. It was his own fault though, since he'd crossed the road without looking.

As he laid here on the road, he wondered what would happen to him. He couldn't move, and he felt like death was certain. But how would his family cope without him? David was 42, and he and his 39-year-old wife Samantha had two children, 16-year-old Jack and 14-year-old Molly. His wife had a well-paying job, so they'd be fine financially, but would they cope emotionally? How would the kids react to losing their father?David's train of thought was interrupted, however, by the feeling of a soft hand on his, which instantly took away his pain.

The hand pulled him to his feet, where he saw that it belonged to a beautiful girl, who was wearing pure white robes, with large wings protruding from her back. "What's happening?" David asked her. "Look around you," the girl replied.

David did so, and he saw a large crowd gathering around, looking at the floor. "Someone call an ambulance!" Someone shouted. David looked down, and he didn't like what he saw. There, laying on the floor, was him. He was badly injured, but it was definitely him. "What on Earth…" David said, before he looked down at himself. Unlike the version of him that was laid on the floor, he was totally naked, yet no-one seemed to be paying attention to him.

"Figured it out yet?" The girl asked him. "Am I-" "Dead, yes," the girl said bluntly. "Didn't your parents ever teach you to look both ways before crossing the road?" "Are…are you an angel?" Another nod from the girl. "So what now?" "Well, now I take you to await judgement." "Judgement?" "Yes. God will examine your life and decide as to whether or not you have lived a good life or a bad life. If you've lived a good life, you'll be admitted into Heaven, where an eternity of indescribably amazing bliss awaits you." "And if I've lived a bad life?" David was dreading the answer.

"Then you'll be cast into the fires of Hell, where an eternity of indescribably horrible agony awaits you," The girl replied, apparently un-phased by this. "I was afraid of that." "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be fine." "Really?" "I have no idea.

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I was just trying to re-assure you. Come on." The angel led David through an infinite void, to what appeared to be some sort of waiting room, like one at a dentist's office. In it, there were people of all ages, naked, and sat waiting.

"Please take a seat, and make yourself comfortable," the angel said to him. "It could very well be the last bit of comfort you ever know." "And then what?" "You'll eventually be called in for judgement. Good luck." "Wait a second, I-" David shouted, but the angel was gone. He looked around at all the faces of everyone around him, all of which looked very sad, apparently thinking about what was awaiting them.

He took his seat in line, next to an old-looking man. "Hey," David said to him. The man didn't look at him. "You okay?" "I'm going to Hell," the old man said sadly. David noticed he had a strong German accent. "Don't be like that, maybe God will have mercy," David said.

Wow, he felt weird saying that, what with having spent his entire life as an Atheist. "You don't understand. When I was young, I was a guard at a concentration camp." David was shocked by this.

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"I was convinced what we were doing was right. But since then…I've spent my life trying to make up for what I did.

To try and atone for every innocent life I've taken. I've never forgiven myself, and now I'm worried that God won't either." "It sounds to me like you've more than made up for what you've done," David said, trying to assure him. One by one, people were called in to be judged.

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Finally, the man who was before the ex-Nazi was called in. A few minutes later, they heard a loud scream, followed by a shout of "Next!". "Oh my God, this is it," the old man said, almost in tears.

"Good luck," David said, as he went off. While David sat waiting, he wondered about his own chances. He'd never believed in God, and from what he'd heard, God didn't take very kindly to that. He'd always tried to live a good life, but would God see it that way?

Or would he be more concerned about his lack of belief in him. "Next!" It was time. David stood up, and walked through the door.

Through it he found a room which was almost completely empty. On his right, he saw a beautiful gateway, glistening with holy light. On his left, he saw a dark, flaming door, through which he could hear loud screams of pain. "David Anthony Jones," said a female voice.

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David turned to see a large, golden throne, on which a man in lavish robes was sat. He looked incredibly wonderful, simply radiating magnificence. Next to him stood a beautiful woman in pure white robes with a golden trim, who was holding a large ring-bound folder.

"Born January 23rd 1973 to Alfred and Sylvia Jones. Married Samantha Sanderson on August 18th 1996. Became a father to Jack Thomas Jones on November 4th 1998, and Molly Amelia Jones on May 3rd 2000. Died on February 21st 2015 due to a collision with a speeding car." "What is this?" David asked.

"Please don't interrupt," the woman said politely, before turning back to the man. "Notable sins include cheating on his wife with the teenage intern at his office back in 2005." "Care to explain?" The man asked.

"Well…I…" David stuttered. He had no explanation. It had been a moment of weakness that he'd never repeated, but which he'd deeply regretted for many years, and which he'd always kept secret from his wife.

"I thought not. What else is there, Amia?" "Well Lord, there's little else worth mentioning," The woman replied, reading from the file. "Just your standard human sins. He didn't believe in you." "Please, I'm sorry for it all," David said, getting on his knees, about to cry. "Please don't send me to Hell." "Crying won't get you anywhere," The man told him. "What about good deeds, Amia?" "Oh there are plenty of those in here, Lord," Amia replied.

"After he realised the mistake he'd made in cheating on his wife, he made a promise to himself to try and be the perfect husband to her, and he's mostly kept that up. He does lots of charity work, loves his kids dearly, and generally tries to be a good person." "What do you recommend?" God asked her. "I recommend that we send him straight into Heaven," Amia replied.

"But he decision is yours to make, Lord." There was a nerve-racking silence, as David awaited the decision of how he would be spending all eternity. He'd never been so nervous in his life…or afterlife. "I have made my decision," God said in his big, booming voice. "Heaven." In his 42 years of existence, David had never been so relieved.

"Very good Lord," Amia said. She handed God a form, which he signed, and handed back to her. She then looked at David. "Please come with me, sir." Amia took David's hand, and led him to the gate to Heaven. "Go on, in you go. Claim your eternal reward." "Wait," David said. "That old man who came in before me…what happened to him?" "His sins, much like your own, were forgiven, and he was admitted into Heaven," Amia replied. "Now off you go." David smiled, and looked towards the gate.

It looked so beautiful. It was calling to him. He walked towards it slowly, knowing that this was where he belonged. Back on Earth, Samantha Jones was sat on her sofa, trying to get through to her husband.

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He was late home, and he wasn't answering his phone, which wasn't like him. ------------------------------- "Mom, where's dad?" Molly asked her. "I don't know, I can't reach him," Samantha replied. "I'm worried about him." Samantha's worries were then briefly interrupted by a knock at the door, but they then returned to her when she opened it, and saw two police offers stood there.

"Mrs Jones?" One of them asked. "Yes…Oh my God, what's happened?" "Mrs Jones, your husband has been in an accident." ------------------------------- "Amia, I think that's enough for today, I wish to rest," God said after David walked into Heaven.

"Very well Lord, as you wish," Amia said. God waved his hand, and shifted himself into the large hot tub of his Holy Palace, where two angel girls kissed and fondled his almighty body. "Let me tell you Amia, I'm getting tired of all this," he said. "Lord?" Amia asked, confused. "When I got this job, I loved it, but I think recently I've started to tire of it all.

All this power and responsibility." "Would you like me to fetch more angels to comfort you?" "No no, I'm fine with these two beauties. But listen Amia…I'm considering retiring." "Are you sure Lord? You are very good at your job." "You're just saying that." "Lord, I would never lie to you." "I know, I know…Amia, I want you to put together a list of possible candidates for my replacement." "As you wish, Lord. Would you like me to begin now, or would you like something else?" "No no, don't do it now.

Go home and be with your husband. In fact, take tomorrow off too. You work too hard." "Very well Lord, I shall." Amia bowed, and left God's chambers, thinking about what God had said. Retire? Well, she knew this day would eventually come, but honestly, she'd expected him to last another few billion years at least.

She was glad he was allowing her to assist in choosing his successor though. Most Gods just chose someone by themselves, without consulting her about it. Of course, they were free to do that, but she so wished they wouldn't.

She was God's chief archangel, and personal assistant, and it was her job to guide his almighty hand in the running of the universe, something which many Gods simply didn't allow her to do. As Amia walked through the halls of the palace, everyone she encountered got on their knees as she passed.

She outranked every single one of them, so they wouldn't dream of not bowing in her presence. "Lady Amia!" One of them shouted, running up to her. "I was wondering if it would be possible to arrange a meeting with God to discuss the possibility of having my home planet moved to prevent it being incorporated into-" "I'll make a note of it," Amia said, interrupting him.

"But God has an extremely busy schedule, so don't expect an appointment for a long time." "Thank you Lady Amia," The angel said, before bowing and leaving her.

Amia returned to her home, a large mansion which would have put all Earthly homes to shame. "Welcome home Lady Amia," said one of her angelic servants as she arrived. "Would you like me to get you anything?" "Have a bath prepared," Amia replied. "Is Achré home yet?" "Yes my Lady, I believe he is in his study." "Good," Amia smiled. ------------------------------- As David walked through the gate to Heaven, he was bathed in a glorious white light, which felt absolutely wonderful.

When it cleared, David saw that he was in a beautiful field. He was completely naked, but he did not feel ashamed. He looked down at his body, realised that he was young.

He had the body of his teenage self again. "Hello there, David." David turned to see two beautiful, naked girls, sat on a tree stump, staring at him. Their bodies were perfect, exactly as he would have liked them. His cock went instantly hard at the sight. "What is this?" He asked them. "We're your reward," One of the girls said seductively. "Well, part of it. You can enjoy us for as long as you want, and then go off to enjoy something else." The two girls then got up, walked over to him, and began kissing and cuddling him, fondling every bit of flesh they could.

"But I'm married," David protested, moaning as they pleasured him. "David, this is Heaven," the second girl moaned. "There are no rules here. Everything you desire will be yours." In order to demonstrate this, the second girl moved her kissing further down his body, before reaching his swollen cock, and sliding her mouth over it.

"Oh God…" David moaned, making-out with the first girl while the second sucked him. "This is incredible…" "And it's never going to end," The first girl moaned into his mouth. David came quickly, in what was the most powerful orgasm he'd ever experienced. To his surprise, his cock didn't soften afterwards, and he still felt ready for more, which the girls gave to him.

The two girls swapped roles occasionally, but he never went more than a second or so without a mouth on his cock. Every orgasm he had was longer and more pleasurable than the last, giving him more pleasure with each shot of cum than the total sum of every orgasm he'd ever experienced on Earth. The girls sucked David to dozens of orgasms, more than he bothered to count, before they laid him down on the grass, which felt softer and more comfortable than anything he'd ever laid on.

"Why did you stop?" David asked. "Why, so we could fuck you of course," the second girl giggled, before kissing him. The first girl then climbed on top of him, and started riding his cock. This felt even more incredible than the blowjobs had, the girl's pussy feeling as though it had been crafted specifically for his penis, as it caressed every single nook and cranny on it.

He could definitely get used to this, he decided. ------------------------------- Amia was woken up the next morning by the feeling of her husband Achré moving out from their tight embrace, which involved having their wings wrapped around one-another. Amia instinctively started to get up too, before Achré stopped her. "And where do you think you're going?" He asked her.

"I'm getting up for work?" She replied. "Oh no you're not. God gave you the day off, so you're taking the day off." "Achré, I've got so much to catch up on, I can't afford to take a day off." "Amia, babe, you're overworked," Achré said, before kissing her.


"Get some rest. You deserve it." "Oh fine, if you insist," Amia relented. "But I'm blaming you if the universe explodes while I'm laid here." "I'm sure the universe will be fine.

Now I'm gonna go shower and head to work. Those sinners won't torture themselves." "Fine, I'm just going to lay here and try to go back to sleep, despite every fibre of my being telling me it's time to get up for work." "You do that. Love you." "Love you too." Achré was the archangel in charge of Hell. His job involved making sure that everything in Hell went to plan, with everyone receiving the punishment they deserved.

He loved his job, probably more so than Amia loved hers, but even he wasn't this reluctant to take a day off. After Achré had left for work, Amia laid there trying to go back to sleep, but she just couldn't manage it. Eventually she just decided to give up. She got out of bed, put on her angelic robes, and went to her study to work on the list of candidates that God had requested.

This was always a long an arduous process, sorting through quintillions upon quintillions of candidates to find a list of people she believed would be suited to become the next God. There had been enough bad ones in the past that Amia was keen to ensure this new one was good. When David had finished fucking the girls, which took a very long time to happen, the 3 of them laid cuddling on the grass, the girls kissing and fondling him while he just laid there, happier than he'd ever been in his life.

To his disappointment, one of the girls moved off of him. "I have to go now sweetie, but my friend here's gonna take care of you," she said.

She gave him another passionate kiss, before she left. "Where's she going?" David asked the remaining girl. "Lady Dorothea has summoned her, and you don't ignore a summons from Lady Dorothea," the girl replied. "Who's Lady Dorothea?" "The archangel Dorothea is in charge of Heaven. It's her job to make sure that everyone's eternal reward is as blissful as possible." "Can I meet her?" "I'm sorry, but Lady Dorothea is a very busy woman." "But you said I could do anything here." "Almost anything.

Now then, would you like me to show you around Heaven?" "I guess so, Miss…" "Luna. There's no need for the "Miss". Particularly as I'm married." "Married!?" David exclaimed.

"Don't worry, my husband has no problem with my job. In fact, he does the same job." "I'm more surprised by the fact that you have a husband. You don't look much older than my kids." "Well, I think you and I would both prefer this to if I actually looked my age." "How old are you?

If you don't mind me asking." "Well, by the years you use on your home planet, I'm…17 quintillion, 234 quadrillion, 34 trillion, 789 billion, 544 million, 128 thousand, 619 years old." David was shocked. "No really, how old are you?" "I cannot lie to you, David.

That is my age." "But that's impossible. Nothing's that old. The universe isn't even that old." "And your point is?

This current universe came into existence 14.6 billion years ago, but who said it's the first? Or even the millionth?" "This is all so weird…" "Passing into the afterlife is a strange process.

That is why I am here. To greet you, and ease your entrance." "So what now?" "Well, that tour of Heaven is still available, if you want it." "That would be good, thanks." ------------------------------- "Lord…" One of the angel girls in his hot tub whispered in his ear seductively. "What would you like us to do to you?" "Just keep cuddling me," God replied. The girls looked surprised. "Are you sure Lord?" The second girl asked.

"Would you not prefer some…"other" form of comfort?" "You girls know I love your "comfort", but right now, I'm just not in the mood," God sighed. "Have you displeased you, Lord?" The first girl asked. "No no, quite the opposite," God replied. "It's just…girls, this is all becoming too much for me. Funny, when I took this job, I couldn't understand why anyone would ever want to give it up.

Now I can definitely see it." "Well we will support you in whatever decision you make Lord." "I know you will, and that's why I like you both." ------------------------------- David held Luna's hand as she guided him through the plains of Heaven.

As he looked around him, the landscape was the most beautiful he had seen in his entire life. Everything was infinitely more beautiful than anything on Earth. He could see many people, all naked. Many of them were having sex, some were playing games, and some were just lounging around, enjoying their eternal reward.

All of them, David noticed, looked extremely happy. "This place is wonderful," David said. "That's the idea," Luna smiled. "There is no sin here. Nothing is taboo. If you desire it, you shall have it. Heaven is of course infinite, places being created as the blessed wish for them, but many people choose to spend time here in the plains, and enjoy one-another's company." "What's that big building in the distance?" "Oh, that is God's Holy Palace, where the Lord resides in his reign over all of creation.

That is one of the few places where you are not permitted to go.


Even we angels cannot enter without the Lord's permission." "It's fine, I'm sure I'll be quite happy here," David smiled. "Oh you will, I promise.

Incidentally, should you wish to tell a superior angel that I have done a particularly good job at making your eternal reward as rewarding as possible, it would be appreciated." "Trying to score points with the boss?" "I'm trying to get a promotion. I like my job, but I've been in this position for more than 600 trillion years now. I'd like to move up a bit." "You're really that old?" "Well no, I'm 17 quintillion, 234 quadrillion, 34 trillion, 789 billion, 544 million, 128 thousand, 619 years old, like I said before.

It's really not as old as you think. I may look like a teenager, but to be honest, that's basically how old I am by angel standards. Eri, the girl who greeted you with me, is much older than I am." "Are all angels that old?" "Well no, because that's not how maths works. You see, angels all start off as mortals. We are chosen by God to ascend to the ranks of the heavenly hosts.

Except for Lady Amia. She is the only "pure" angel, who has never been a mortal." "Who's Lady Amia?" "The woman you saw helping God to judge you.

She is God's chief archangel and personal assistant. It is her job to guide God in the running of the universe." "How much guidance does God need? I mean, he's God." "More than you would think." "Luna…what would have happened if I'd gone to Hell?" "You know the intense pleasure that Eri and I gave you?

Imagine that, but as pain. Now imagine it getting infinitely worse every second for all eternity. Or rather, don't imagine it, because it's not a nice thought." "No, I guess not…" A few days later, God was sat in his Holy Palace, relaxing, when there was a knock at his door. "Enter!" He shouted. Amia walked in, and got on her knees, bowing her head before him. "Stop it Amia, you know you don't have to bow to me." "Yes Lord." Amia stood up, holding her clipboard.

"I have completed the list of candidates for you." "Very well, let's hear it." "Well, there's Karone Dellos from the planet KO-35.

There's Duke Grenlock of the planet Tara. There's Professor Magnus of Delta VI. There's Alison Azimuth of Fastoon. There's-" "Tell me Amia, are all your recommendations taken from amongst the living?" "Yes Lord." "Has the new God ever been chosen from amongst the dead?" "Yes Lord, but it is not commonplace.

Did you have someone in mind, Lord?" "I've been watching a few people. That last soul we judged. What was his name again?" Amia conjured up some papers and flicked through them. "David Anthony Jones, Lord," she replied. "Yes, him. He seemed like a good man. Someone who could be a good leader of the universe.

With your guidance of course, Amia." "Of course Lord. Whomever you choose, I will serve loyally. Though if I may ask Lord, if you do choose this man, how do intend to transfer the powers? The last time a blessed soul was appointed as God, he was very reluctant to leave his afterlife to reign." "I shall return him to his mortal life. I will alter time, so as to make it so he survived his injuries, and I will make it so that he does not remember his time in Heaven." "Do you wish for this man to be God?" "I do.

But Amia, I do not wish for a traditional transfer." "How so, Lord?" "Well, rather than introduce yourself to him right away, I wish for you to leave him alone for a while, to discover his powers on his own." "Lord, forgive me, but is that wise? He could cause great harm to the universe." "Harm which he could then easily clean up with a mere thought.

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And I trust that when you do introduce yourself, you will be able to easily begin your guidance." Amia stayed silent. "You do not agree with my decision?" God asked her. "Lord, as your advisor, I am advising you not to do this. The new God will require an advisor right away to help him come to terms with his powers." "Amia, please have some faith in me. I am sure that this new God will be far from the worst." "If this is your will Lord, then I shall obey, but I do greatly disagree." "It is my will." "Then your will be done." ------------------------------- Author's message: Chapter 2 is going up immediately after this, so I'll post a long author's message in that.

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