Cute irl sucks dick on cam

Cute irl sucks dick on cam
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In an old underground warehouse, location unknown. A secret and brutal fighting tournament was being held, for glory and money. Everyone who thought he stood a chance surviving to the end, entered. The crowd was rowdy, loud, and wanted to see a good fight.

Everyone had their favorites, but they all just wanted to see action, blood, and even death.

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Their wishes were certainly being fulfilled. A black guy, barely out of his teens, but very muscular and quick, picked up his opponent in the air, with both hands, placed him on his shoulders. With a confident smirk to the ecstatic crowd, he tensed his muscles a bit, then leapt up in the air, and came back down, springing to his feet.

The opponent, a middle-aged white man with a beard, came down hard onto the broad and firm shoulders of the young fighter.

A cracking sound was heard, and the crowd went wild, cheering, whistling, and urging the fighter to finish the opponent off. Each man and woman had a different idea how should his opponent die. Even those that were respected individuals to the outside world, clamored for brutality in an animalistic frenzy.

A particular girl in the crowd didn't demand anything, though, as she just cheered the amazing feats of strength preformed by the black competitor. She was having a hard time concealing something.the fighter had been arousing her since the first time she saw him. As a daughter of a rich man with connections, she could get in to watch. A year before, she saw this handsome fighter lose only by the decision of the crowd, in the quarter-finals, after both he and his opponent were alive, but too battered and exhausted to fight.

This time, he was facing the current champion. Her fluids were slowly leaking during the dominant display of the fighter with African blood.

That would change, when the fighter pulled his unfortunate opponent slightly up, and from behind, using both hands, twisted the champion's left arm with a kimura armlock, which was followed by a drawn out crunching sound, and a desperate scream. The girl was in awe of the display, and her pussy leaked harder. But, as pleasing this was to her, and the rest of the crowd, it was not the end.

The now evident victor hooked his right arm under the neck of his victim, pulling the body up. He held his neck like that, in a tight vice, and the crowd went mad, knowing what would the poor champion's fate be. With a confident, but also sadistic smile, he looked over the crowd, at one moment it seemed he was looking right where the girl was.

Her heart was beating fast, and her opening was leaking. The black guy's muscles were tensing, pulsating in short intervals as he tried to end the fight.

With one final pull upwards on the neck, it snapped loudly, for everyone to hear, and all the spectators burst in a frenzy, hailing the victor's strength and brutality.

When he broke the neck of the former champion, he smiled, showing how much he enjoyed all of this. Flexing his muscles, he greeted the crowd, and went to rest for some time, before the next fight. But the girl couldn't hold it. She had to haste, to the toilet, to cum there in peace. The images were so intense, she just had to. As her liquids flowed down, she thought.would it be possible to meet the fighter, at least once? He might not live the next fight, so she had to take her chances.

In truth, she dreamed of being broken, like the champion. To be dominated, totally. She knew where the fighters' area was. She just needed to gather courage, and go.

After a few minutes, the decision was made. She cleaned the mess up, and went to find the young fighter who made her go crazy. The young girl walked slowly down the corridor in which the quarters of every fighter were located, turning her head in all directions, trying to find the room with the handsome and exciting African fighter.

She was not having the best of luck in doing this, and looked quite lost, after some time. She was afraid to ask for directions, but her lack of orientation bugged her a lot. All of a sudden, someone poked her right shoulder. The brunette jumped up, startled greatly by this, and turned around. An even bigger shock came: it was the African fighter himself! ˝Were you looking for someone?˝, he asked her, a noticeable African accent showing itself. It took the girl a while before she managed to get her thoughts straight, and reply: ˝Yes, a certain fighter.˝ She blushed slightly as she wasn't willing to admit that she looked for the very person in front of her, but she was very excited and happy to have met him.

The fighter replied, with a subtle change in his voice:˝You're a fan of someone's?˝ A short affirmative nod answered his question. He smirked, and said: ˝Come to my room.I know you were looking for me.˝ The girl flinched, surprised that the black fighter figured everything out.

˝B-but how.did you know?˝, she asked, puzzled by the turn of events. ˝I'm the only fighter in this part of the corridor that is still in the tournament.˝, he replied, staring at her with a confident look.

The girl's face expression changed when he explained this, her eyes bulged slightly. She said:˝Oh, I get it. My name is Lily.˝ Her breathing was erratic- she was excited, and turned on by the sight of this muscular African male. ˝You can call me Jake.pretty girl.˝, he said in a slightly seductive voice that also revealed his fierce nature. Lily blushed intensively, and her body started to tingle, as they came to Jake's room.

Jake opened the door, and Lily followed. The room was very large. On one side, there was a simple bed, along with a desk, and a closet, and on the other, training equipment. The entire room reminded of Africa. Trophies of animals, a tiger skin rug, some ritual masks and spears. Lily looked around, wide-eyed and with open mouth.

˝This is.fascinating.˝, was all the girl managed to say. Jake smiled, and motioned her to sit on a chair close to the training equipment. As she did so, he asked teasingly: ˝What's a young, frail girl doing here, watching dangerous fights? Aren't you scared?˝ Lily replied:˝I like watching strong competitors fight with everything they have. I like the excitement, and the uncertainty of the battles˝ As she said this, a small trail of liquid went down her panties.

The thought of Jake taking her was too much to resist.

˝Well, you chose your favorite well, Lily. I will dominate everyone else that's left.and win.˝, Jake said, flexing his muscles while throwing a glance at the floor. Lily barely noticed it. Jake looked around, seemingly showing curiosity, and then, he spoke: ˝I didn't know you liked me that much, Lily.

But I'd love to take you how strong black guys are.˝, Before Lily could process his words, he resumed: ˝I smelled your wetness. You're dripping, too.˝ He smirked, after surprising a shell-shocked Lily.

Lily looked around in confusion, and then brought her head down, looking at her panties, and the floor. She was indeed dripping slightly, and she could smell her scent. Ashamed and caught, the young girl just blushed, gaining redness in her cheeks. She did fantasize about being taken and broken by Jake, but to be found out like this was embarrassing. She spoke shyly, muttering: ˝I got aroused watching you fight and destroy all those guys and. wanted to meet you.

I thought I could control myself, body is going crazy when thinking about you.˝ As she was talking, looking mostly at the floor, she didn't notice Jake do something.

When she finished, and looked upwards for a brief moment, she saw him stand in front of her, with no clothes on except his tight black briefs. A large bulge was sticking out of them. Lily gasped in shock, caused by what Jake did.and the possible size of his ˝treasure˝. She eyed his muscular body carefully, trembling as she did so. His smirk seemed to make her lose any resistance, and she started taking her jacket off, and the young black stud said, teasing her with a dominating voice: ˝That's want it.

strip.˝ He stared at Lily the whole time while she was taking her clothes off, which made her leak more fluids, which dripped into a puddle on the floor. When she stripped so that only her white bra and panties remained, Jake picked her up, and lied down on the mat, close to where the training area was. Jake immediately ripped her bra off with one hand while using his mouth to lick and nibble at her neck.


The girl moaned quietly, opening her mouth from the pleasuring shock she got. And it got better. Jake sucked one boomb while roughly groping the other one, moaning hornily as he did it. She was pinned under him, and he used this position to slide his left knee between her legs, to rub her groin.

Her moans became very vocal when this happened, and her body wriggled under his assault. A grunt, uttered in confident satisfaction followed, and Jake removed her panties, tossing them aside. The black fighter kept rubbing her now exposed cunt, becoming rougher with his knee while sucking her breasts, switching from one to another every so often.

Lily began pleading for more, soon after: ˝Oh.more.yes.So good, Jake.˝ her breath was short, full of excitement. Jake liked hearing her, and he groaned, in lust and satisfaction. Then, he grabbed her hips, turned her upside down, and put his head between her legs.

Before Lily could adjust to the sudden change in position, Jake began eating her out, lapping at her with his tongue really fast. Lily began literally screaming in pleasure, flapping her arms about as she was being driven crazy by the skilled black youngster. He was creating so strong sensations within her, she was close to getting a very strong orgasm. ˝Jake.I'm gonna.cum.˝, she tried to warn him, but he just moaned, lapping faster and even nibbling at her clit.

That paid off, as lily's body became stiff. She screamed loudly, and kept up at it for at least 10 seconds as her pussy exploded, sending juices into Jake's accepting mouth. He drank everything he could catch, and licked up anything left on his chin. Barely breathing after all that amazing stuff Jake did to her, Lily sputtered: ˝Oh. body is what you want to me, you handsome black hunk.˝ Jake smiled at her, sensing she completely gave herself to him now.

He lied on top of her again, and repliedwith a dangerous look on his face: ˝Good girl. I know what you want.˝ He started kissing her, to which she replied by wrapping her arms around his torso, pulling him in. But while he was exploring her mouth, hie knee started hitting her pussy hard and fast.

Lily moaned into his mouth, surprised at the feeling. But she didn't break the kiss. She moaned louder and louder, which turned Jake on, making him squeeze and crush her breasts without mercy, increasing the roughness in his treatment of her body.

With each kiss, a brutal knee-strike came, and Lily moaned and screamed in pleasure, bucking her hips upwards, into him. She wanted it rough, and he gave it to her. In a matter of minutes, Lily exploded again, twitching on the mat, under a messy puddle. Jake roared like a beast engulfed by pleasure caused by her screams. He took his briefs off, and before Lily stood a thick, long pole of pleasure and domination. She drooled, when she saw it point at her.

Jake quickly snapped her out of her trance, ordering her in a gruff voice:˝Get up.time for some pain.˝ She complied, getting up. On the ceiling of the training part ot the room, were steel bars. Jake came above her after going across the bars, gripping them with his hands.

In one motion, he closed his legs around her neck. As she moaned, surprised by the position she found herself in, he sneered: ˝Like my cock? Choke on it, slut.˝, and adjusted his legs, followed by a thrust of his cock in her mouth, which was already opening. When it was inside of her mouth, Jake tightened the grip of his legs, grunting.

He was hanging from a steel bar above Lily, in the perfect position to break her neck with his legs, and with his rock-hard cock in her mouth. The fun was just about to start. Lily groaned in depraved pleasure as her mouth was being abused by the thick, long pole of Jake.

He held onto the metal bars above with ease, while swinging his body back and forth, so he could face-fuck the girl that gave herself to his power. His face radiated with complete dominance and confidence, and his grunts showed his pleasure, as he sped up, slowly tightening the hold of his legs on Lily's neck.

˝That's it.suck it, slave. Suck it harder, and I'll choke you with my legs.I'll give you pain, just like all those fighters.˝, he gave her incentives to please him more and more, humiliating her in a taunting tone.

She moaned and sucked as fast as she could, flicking her tongue across the tip of Jake's steel rod. Soon, he was on the edge of cumming, and with a sadistic, pleasured look on his face, said to Lily while starting to choke her out: ˝Time to feel the power of an invincible black stud.unh.faint, bitch!˝ His dick started twitching in her mouth, and it started filling her with his cum, which contributed to her loss of oxygen.

When he emptied his load in her, his legs squeezed around her neck like chains, and she fainted rapidly, her hands hung freely, while her head slumped downwards. Smirking, Jake came down jumping, to grope the body of the girl he knocked out. A few hours later, she wakes up, to find out Jake is looking at her with a slight smile.

˝T-that was.wonderful, Jake, my black master.˝, Lily says, still trying to regain her bearings. ˝Good.because I'm going to break you, little white girl. You want it, don't you?˝, Jake asked her teasingly, then grabbed her left arm, locked his legs around it, laid down on the mat, and began pulling with his arm. ˝Scream if you want it broken.˝, he said, almost whispering.

Lily started moaning and screaming very soon, as her left arm was extended beyond what was possible without damage and pain.

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Jake teased her by making strong pulls of the arm, just to cause her pain, without breaking the arm. But soon, he couldn't hold it back any more. His legs tensed up, and he pulled back on the arm with all of his power. A sick crunching sound came out, followed by Lily's pained screams, when she realized the young black fighter had kept his promise.

He himself grunted and moaned in sheer pleasure. Causing pain was turning him on. He was hard again, showing full length. ˝Time to break your cunt with my cock, Lily.and somethin' else, too.˝, Jake threatened. Lily groaned in excitement, hoping for more pain. The black stud had something in mind, just for her.

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He grabbed her by the ankles, and turned her upside down, then put his cock inside of her hot, wet pussy, and set himself into position, locking her ankles tight with his arms. ˝I will fuck you so fast and hard you'll be dizzy for minutes and minutes.

But when I cum, I'll break your ankles at the same time. Enjoy it, slave.˝, Jake explained everything, and after a surprised Lily gasped, he began ramming right into her, making almost animalistic moans, groans and snarls with every rapid thrust he did into her.

The small brunette soon began asking for more, enjoying in the almost painful thrusts of the dominant fighter. ˝So tight, white girl.ungh.yes.I'm gonna pump you full, and then snap your ankles.˝, grunted Jake, pleased that she was asking for it, harder, faster, rougher. Just like he wanted to do it. He shook the floor with his thrusts for several minutes, slightly twisting her ankles from time to time. ˝Please.abuse my body, you sexy black me.break me.˝, Lily pleaded as she was nearing her orgasm.

Jake smirked, sped up his thrusts as much as he could, going up and down from a sitting posture every second. With a series of lewd, horny grunts, he made his final thrust, sitting on Lily's ass with his, thus spiking her with his cock. He released everything he had after primal grunts came out, and then, two sick cracks were heard. Lily came instantly, screaming in both pain and pleasure. Her orgasm lasted quite a while, and was incredibly powerful.

Jake just laughed when he saw how much of a mess Lily made. Not giving her time to regain her composure, Jake took her right leg, fell to the side, as his muscular legs locked around it. He gripped with both hands, then said: ˝Good white slut.

I'm gonna break your leg now.

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No mercy.˝ Lily moaned again, sensing pain was going to come again. Jake pulled the leg towards himself, and after screams of pain and suffering, the knee popped. With a silent sound, Jake acknowledged the moment, and then, using his tightly inter-locked legs, twisted the crippled extremity. The following scream was music to his ears, loud and long-lasting. Jake smelled something, too. The girl had come, again.

Somehow, she said, through all the pain: ˝S-so painful.and g-good. T-thank you.Master Jake.˝ Her voice was shattered and cry-like. ˝Good girl, Lily. Time to die.this black hunk will kill you with his muscles.


But first, you're my toilet, white girl. Open wide.˝, Jake commanded, leaning her against the wall so he was on her knees. She opened her mouth obediently, and Jake came to her, shoved his dick in her mouth, grabbing her head.

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He then pulled it so that his entire member, along with his balls, fit into her mouth, after some jaw adjusting.

Holding her head like that, he asked her: ˝Wanna feel a sexy black killer piss in your mouth? Lick my king-size balls if you do, slut.˝ His order was sharp, and his gaze focused at her. Soon, he began moaning and groaning. Lily wanted it, and licked his balls lustily. With a sigh of relief, he began. A strong stream flowed into Lily's mouth, which she drank without hesitation. Just in case, Jake held her head tight, so not a drop would be wasted. A series of ˝Unh!˝'s came from him, he was making everything seem like sex sounds.

He did get pleasure, from emptying himself into a human mouth. Soon, his stream became smaller, and finally, stopped. After a groan, he petted Lily's brown hair, and praised her: ˝That's it Lily, you loved it. Loved drinking my cum.and piss.˝ Then, he flexed and stretched his muscles, getting ready to kill his fan girl off.

The thought of the execution method made him hard again. Picking her up by her neck and legs, he first lifted her up and down like weights. When he felt his cock become rock-like again, he said: ˝I'm gonna break your spine now, Lily. I want to cum when you die. Feels so damn good.˝ He placed her already crippled body on his shoulders, bending it slightly around his neck, with her facing forward.

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A few shouts from the black fighter to channel the energy, and then he jumped high into the air, coming back down soon after. Hearing the first crack nearly made Jake lose it right there. But he managed to hold it. He set her on his shoulders so that she was bent around his neck with her arms and legs dangling forward.

Jake used his arms to fold her body tighter, and then, both the hands holding her neck and legs squeezed inwards. The following snap set Jake off, as he began spurting on the mat, literally popping a boner during the execution. He squeezed harder, to try and get more bones to snap, although the initial snap killed her, disconnecting her neck and the rest of the spine. He held Lily on his shoulders until his dick stopped twitching, and then, dropped her body onto his knee, to get one last sadistic joy out of his fan.

After a long kiss he gave to the dead girl, Jake began cleaning the cum off the floor, having satisfied his sadistic sexual instincts. He hoped there would be more willing victims.