Attractive Teen Eden Sinclair Giving Blowjob and Tries Anal

Attractive Teen Eden Sinclair Giving Blowjob and Tries Anal
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CHAPTER 1 The great bear savaged as it ate the young king tearing his stomach up and clawed him ripping him to bloody shreds. Later when he had calmed down the bear took human form again the rage had subsided and he looked at his prize as had been promised by his new goddess the dark goddess of love and lust Laure standing there smiling in that strange but rousingly tight and shining attire, Barak walked quickly over to where Ce'Nedra stood screaming and crying at what had just happened and grabbed her arm not too harshly but still the petite princess squeaked in surprise.

Laure spun a divine spell over Ce'Nedra causing her to gain a little curves, "Since the boy tried to steal my wife I claim you Princess Ce'Nedra as my prize." Barak declared and all Ce'Nedra could do was gasp in terror mixed with what almost felt like expectation, and started walking towards the royal bedchamber.

"And throw that in the troll pit." He boomed gesturing at Garion's remains, as he was still angry, he would calm down eventually for now though he was going to enjoy his prize.

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. The line of Rivan kings was finally and irrevocably broken&hellip. .

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Barak manhandling a crying and struggling Ce'Nedra towards the royal bedroom, Ce'Nedra couldn't understand why the usually kind Barak had suddenly gone completely mad along with almost everyone else, all because Torak and this goddess Laure had joined forces and according to Belgarath and Polgara changed the fates completely Both the ancient sorcerer and his daughter had gone off on their own and all this when Laure had appeared and declared herself sole divinity of the West.

Barak kicked open the door to the bedroom and threw her on the bed and started unbuckling his trousers. "Barak, please don't do this. It is wrong." Ce'Nedra pleaded, Barak who had just managed to take off his tunic could barely control the sexual urges he felt now, somewhere there was a pang of guilt as he knew he was responsible for the death of his young friend when Laure forced him into his bear form and savagely killed Garion and Barak's own wife Merel, and for a short moment he regained some of his wit as he realised that he had a daughter close to Ce'Nedra's age, but that didn't stop him from having one rock hard erection that was the only thing that kept his unbuckled trousers from falling down.

Tears still rolled down her beautiful face, their new goddess had done something to the petite princess she had more curves and her breasts looked more firm&hellip.or was it the dress that looked tighter or was it simply the fact that Barak felt as if he had just ingested some Nyissan drug to cause him to only want one thing of her right now, to fuck her to cum inside her or all over her.

He also thought of his wife that he had found Garion kissing which had made it easier for the new goddess to manipulate him into a feral rage and killed both of them.

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Ce'Nedra couldn't help but gaze the mighty Cherek lord up and down his chest was like a barrel of muscles and his arms looked more like tree trunks, she could not explain it but it was very hard to tear her eyes from this half-giant of a man and almost against her will she looked upon the tent like formation at the man's groin, she could only imagine how large the Cherek lord's thing must be to produce such a&hellip.She blushed.

"What am I doing? NO I cannot." She thought and tried to reign in her raging emotions but a small voice in the back of her head started whispering, "He is powerful looking is he not?


And he deserves you more than that farm boy." The voice whispered and Ce'Nedra all of a sudden felt warm and wet between her legs she wavered and with tears still falling down her cheeks she carefully moved closer to Barak that closed the remaining distance and gently embraced her, stroking her long and thick not to mention perfect copper coloured hair, Ce'Nedra as she pressed slightly up against the almost three times larger man she could feel his erection poking against her abdomen and it strangely inflamed her entire body, she could feel her will losing as it was clearly betrayed by her own body as she touched the cloth hiding the erection.

Barak felt the little princess touching his erect cock and his body stiffened, and he gently cupped her beautiful face in his massive hands and bent down Ce'Nedra did her best to meet him and their lips touched and soon they were kissing, "She is ready, take her now." A voice whispered in his head and he carefully picked her up and put her down on the bed and lying down while using his arms as support as to not crush down on her he started intensifying the kiss at the same time as he started unbuttoning her dress, she tried to resist but her will was quickly eroding as her body gained ground as she tried to rise up, "Barak, please this is wrong." She pleaded half-heartedly between panting breaths making her breasts heave with each shuddering breath, Barak rose slowly and Ce'Nedra sat up, He removed his trousers and let the last of his clothes fall to the floor and Ce'Nedra couldn't do anything but stare at the massively erect cock and Barak in all his physical glory stood before her, he was panting too but a feral kind of pant.

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"Don't worry Ce'Nedra, I know it will feel real good real soon. Don't worry, I'm going to fuck you like a slut." He boomed huskily and came closer and Ce'Nedra whatever resistance she may have had vanished at that point as her body and her own desires for him took over and though she tried to stop him from getting closer she touched his massively muscled chest but realised that she didn't really want him to stop, she wanted him to continue.

Her beautiful flaming copper red hair lay spread on the covers. He kissed her pink lips and started working his tongue inside her mouth and she responded with her own tongue as he continued taking off her dress and only stop kissing her to start licking her small but stiff nipples, Ce'Nedra moaned and then Barak lifted her up unto the bed proper and continued fondling her entire body and she tried caressing his muscled abs.

Laure fingered herself as she watched the red bearded man prepare to start fucking his prize and the girl moaning in pleasure, Laure knew that Dryads could take a lot of cock in their pussies since they had to be adaptable to just about any male they could find, and so was Ce'Nedra.

Laure was going to have a lot of pleasure from this, she had made sure to make the girl more ready for the fucking she was going to get, increasing her lust and also making sure that there would be decreased pain as she wanted this to be fully enjoyable for the girl as well.

Barak now hooked Ce'Nedra's legs at his waist and started prodding at her pussy opening, Ce'Nedra panting and held on to the covers as she looked at him seductively all resistance completely gone as she submitted to Barak's and her own lust, she bit her lower lip and stared at him expectantly. Barak felt with his cock head just at the entrance and felt the girl was very wet and then he thrusted his cock inside the petite young princess shattering her hymen, deflowering her and of course with that destroying her virtue.

"Ooooohh!" Ce'Nedra cried out but it didn't hurt as much as she thought considering how large Barak's cock was that should have split her in twain but didn't and somewhere in the lovers minds there were those little voices that tried to tell them to stop what they were doing but those voices were weaker and getting weaker still as Barak impaled the beautiful princess by inching his large cock further inside her aching tight pussy and she screamed not in pain but pleasure, "Aaaaahh!" Ce'Nedra screamed as she was wracked by orgasm, and she trembled as if an earthquake of sexual pleasure hit her and she was no longer sad and though she was sobbing they were sobs of pleasure and happiness, it was as if they were fated to be together.

Barak continued to fuck his beautiful little princess impaling her on his massive cock grunting and growling like a beast he cared absolutely nothing how wrong this may have felt before, now it felt just right…more than right he had loved her like a father would a daughter and for some reason that spurred him on even more, now he loved her with an intensity and animalistic ferocity he could not explain as he started fucking her in earnest by driving his 13 inch cock all the way in almost afraid he was going to hurt his little slut but… "Ooooohhhh." Ce'Nedra cried out in ecstasy as her lover fucked her harder, driving her to even further heights of continual orgasm as her hands fondled her lovers sweaty chest.

"Fuck me harder!" She screamed and Barak lost almost all control and started thrusting into her and with each powerful thrust making his aching balls slap against her butt while her small but beautiful breasts wobbled she was mewling in wild ecstasy and he was growling and grunting and he temporarily lowered to claim her lips one more time and their tongues met outside only increasing their lust as Ce'Nedra opened her perfect mouth moaning while clawing his chest as if to mark her territory, "Ooooh, yessss.

I'm yours.


Cum inside me Barak, fill me with your seed!" She screamed as the orgasms that made her breasts quake and she wrapped her legs as firmly around his massive waist as she could. "Soon my princess, soon." Barak grunted, he could feel himself nearing his climax as her tight pussy kept clenching his cock despite the severe stretching it must have given her.

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And then with a feral roar Barak used the bed as support on either side of his petite princess and drove his cock in one final thrust all the way inside into her cervix and then stream after stream of hot cum blasted her womb as Ce'Nedra orgasmed one final earth shattering time. Oooohhh, ooooohhh, uuuuhhh." She sobbed happily and moaning blissfully as her lover continued cumming filling her fertile Dryad womb with his potent Cherek seed.

Barak kept cumming inside her until he was completely drained roaring all the time and then he collapsed beside her drenched in sweat. Ce'Nedra put her head on his chest crying and he held her in his arms as she now kissed her way up his hairy chest and throat until finding his lips and they kissed passionately and then looked deep into each other's eyes, Everything just felt absolutely right…no everything felt perfect.

"I love you." Ce'Nedra sobbed happily, "I love you too, my beautiful little princess." Barak responded and they kissed again tenderly and happily as they had truly admitted their love and lust for each other… Somewhere in the great Citadel of Riva other screams of pleasure and happiness could be clearly heard… And outside the citadel in the large troll pit the trolls that were kept there found the remains of the young former and last king of Riva there and started eating him as trolls were not of the picky kind… The fates had been clearly changed but only one entity knew anything of what the future would hold for the peoples she had taken over from the other gods.