Jane and Christin La Rouge hardcore sex and sperm share

Jane and Christin La Rouge hardcore sex and sperm share
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Thank you for the comments . even if there are bunch of "haters" out there, as it were. But I'll keep trudging on with the latest installment of this serial. After the first couple stories that were more "origin" tales, this installment will pick up and stand on its own largely. It will read better if you spend a few minutes reading the first few installments, but this one can stand on its own if you wish. I still think you should read the others first, but hey, I'm not a fucking tyrant.

Now that I've lowered your expectations. pretty please read on? :-) ========= It's just like any other day --- I'm a sad, college sophomore, every bit of 6'2" and 175 pounds, though I admit I didn't feel it, riding the city bus home after school.

To myself, I wasn't a fairly reputable specimen of man - I still felt like the 5'1" pile of nothing I was before my growth spurt this summer. Only on this day, I was not riding the city bus all alone back home to my parents house where I could wallow in my nerd-dom. I was sitting in those handicapped seats in the back of the bus, my normal spot, when sitting across from me were three cute high school girls. And they were all staring at me.

Open mouthed. And I was still pretty much leaking blood out of all of my face holes. Yeah, I had just gotten my ass kicked. Yeah, I did it saving these poor girls from that gigantic asshole football player fuckwad that wanted to have his way with them at the bus stop. And though I was happy that my actions distracted that shithead enough to leave the girls alone, I wasn't happy that I lost some teeth and probably suffered concussion in getting pummeled.

All that aside, I had trouble looking my harem, of sorts, in the eye as I sat across from them.

On the left was Jamie, a blonde who was cute in a childish kind of way, I suppose. She was about 5'4", has freckles and cheek length blonde hair pulled back, and unlike her friends, didn't really appear "goth." While she was wearing a Nirvana T-shirt and torn jeans, she had no makeup, no piercings, and didn't really say much. In not looking at her eyes, I tried to spy her rack, and she had a little bit of mounds lurking there but was mostly flat and skinny as a rail.

I surmised she had a bit of an athlete's body hiding under the baggy clothes. In the middle was Jenay, easily the alpha of the group. A light-skinned black girl, she was easily the most animated of the group, and arguably, the hottest.

She was wearing a black lipstick on her black skin to complete a goth look, had a pierced nose with a non-descript ring and several through each ear, and was wearing a skin-tight blue velvet top covered by a black leather trench coat (yeah, it was the 90's). And that velvet top covered up a positively gigantic pair of tits .

easily a D cup or possibly larger. I felt my generous cock hop a bit at looking at those puppies. Then there was the third girl, Lara. Holy shit, she was a fucking goddess. She had jet black hair which was long, to the middle of her back, straight, flowing and bright. It framed a face which was positively gorgeous, though I admit, was overly caked with makeup. In keeping with the goth look, she had painted her face nearly white, had dark reddish/maroon lipstick pierced with a ring off to the left part of her lower lip, and thick eyeliner around her eyes, which were baby blue and jumped off her face.

I thought if she just ditched the makeup and let her normal beauty and striking eyes lead her, she'd be a classic Audrey Hepburn style beauty.

Lara was wearing a baggy Marilyn Manson T-shirt and a trench coat as well, and I have to admit I had no clue what lied beneath her baggy clothes. but I knew she was hot as hell. I looked up to her eyes and saw her crack a smile crooked smile. In short, I was shocked .

and frozen solid with fear. Eventually, somebody had to break the silence. "Don't mind them," Jenay said. Jamie and Lara looked at Jenay's direction. "They don't like to talk when they're in love." "Jenay!" Lara exclaimed. I couldn't help but crack a smile while they all giggled.

Then they winced and looked at me. "What?" Lara got up quickly and moved next to me. "Jenay, you have a rag?" She reached into her backpack. "I have tissues and that's all." She handed what she had to Lara. "What? What is it?" Lara laughed while dabbing my nose with the tissue. "When you laughed, a bunch of blood began to squirt out your nose!" "Oh, man!" I said while she dabbed up my nose.

"And you still need help cleaning up that bloody mouth," she said, lowering the tissue to the corner of my mouth. She looked down at my mouth, then brought those baby blues back up to mine, and she smiled. I can't explain it, but it was the closest I ever had to a "movie moment" in my life. very love at first sight . and I dug it. "You know Anthony," Jenay began, "Our stop is right close to here. Maybe you should just come with us." "Jenay!" Lara exclaimed. "Don't get your pussy lips in a bunch, Lar," Jenay said, her language kind of shocking me.

I didn't know girls talked like that. "He just probably needs help cleaning up before he goes home. Don't want your mom seeing you like that, right?" I looked Jenay straight in the eyes, and she was obviously trying to communicate wordlessly, angling her expression in Lara's direction. Surprisingly, I got it.

"Yes!" I said loudly, almost proud of the fact that I communicated wordlessly with a girl. "I DO need help cleaning up!" I immediately looked over at Lara, and I swear I saw a blush pushing through the creamy white foundation makeup on her face.

I beamed with pride --- and I know I felt myself get hard a little. Before long, the girls' stop came and we began to get off the bus. "We always go to Jamie's house after school," Jenay said.

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"Her parents don't get home until 6." "And why the fuck is that important, J?" Lara asked, still with a half a smile on her face though she sounded angry. "Because IT IS!" Jenay said, also trying to communicate with her girlfriends.

Now looking back, I can tell it was a setup. There were signals there. But I was 19 and clueless. I just went along like an idiot.

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We walked into Jamie's house, and Jenay and Lara were giggling and whispering to each other, and Jamie's walking right next to me, not saying anything. Kind of creepy to be honest. She just kept breathing funny and looking at me.

We got in, and Jenay immediately announced that we should go to the bathroom so I could get cleaned up. "I really think I could do it myself," I said, totally clueless. "No, I THINK YOU NEED HELP!" Jenay said, demanding. "Come on, let's go," she said, angling to her friends to follow. "You heard him," Lara said. "He said he wants to do it himself. Just let him." And I was so confused as to what was going on. "Fine," Jenay announced. "I'll go alone. Go get us some rags then." "I'll help," Jamie said, overeager and walking over with a big smile on her face.

"James, I got it," Jenay said. "Just help Lara find rags. It's your house. You'll have to show her where the rags are." "But you guys all know where the linen---" "Just HELP HER!" Yeah.


so confused. I entered the bathroom with Jenay and she closed the door behind us. She got some tissues and covered it in water. "Sit on the toilet." I sat down and she got in front of me. And of course, my eyes were right at tit level. Jenay's generous, bigger-than-a-softball tits were right there in my face, and though her top didn't show off any cleavage, they were heavenly.

I felt my cock immediately harden. "Eyes up here, buddy," she pronounced, as she continued to wipe my face. After a second or two of silence, she spoke. "So you gonna fuck my girl, or what?" I nearly jumped out of my seat.

"W-w-what?!" "Lara. Are you going to fuck Lara?" "Um, I. Uh." "Yeah." she giggled. "You want to fuck her. Admit it. It's OK, all the boys to fuck Lara." "I don't want to." "Don't fucking lie to me.

You want to fuck her. And let me tell you, it's not often that she wants to fuck a guy back." I really couldn't even process what I was hearing right now. Could she be right? Did Lara want to fuck me? "If she wants to fuck me, why isn't she here." ".Right now? Because she's scared. She doesn't think you like her." This whole thing was really intriguing. and a huge turn-on. I could feel my cock hardening again. so I felt bold.

I looked down at Jenay's tits and back at her eyes again, asking her a question. "So, do YOU want to fuck me?" I couldn't even believe the words came out of my mouth. Jenay laughed.

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"Barking up the wrong tree, dude. I'm more into pussy than you are. I probably have gotten more pussy than you." I was shocked.

A lesbian? A real life lesbian?? "I-I-I've gotten. pussy," I said. "Lots, in fact." She looked at me open-mouthed and shocked, cracking a smile. "You've never gotten laid!?" Of course, I denied. But the truth came out eventually. "I can't believe you're a virgin!" she said loudly, right at the precise time that the bathroom door opened. And yeah, Jamie and Lara walked right in and heard the statement.

"Did I hear right?" Lara said.

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"You're a virgin?" All three smiled at me while I squirmed. And of course, they laughed. "Um. well." "Anthony, it's Okay," Jenay said.

"You're still a high school boy. Lots of high school boys are virgins." What? They didn't know I was in college? What the hell? "Um, I'm in college." They were shocked.

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"You're in college?" Jenay asked. "Uh, yeah." "How old are you?" Jamie asked, finally saying words.

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"I'm 19." And they just laughed -- and seemed to get real excited. "Nice!" Jenay said. "You see that, Lar, a college boy got a hard-on for you!" I blushed heavily at that statement, and admittedly, got even harder. Considering the hard-on comment, that did move Jenay to look down at that, you know, general area. "Holy fucking shit!" she exclaimed, her eyes wide.

"Is that your." At that point, both Jamie and Lara looked down at my crotch. And both of them got wide eyed looks as well. Lara cracked an open-mouth smile that was unmistakably lust. Yeah, they laid eyes on . IT. Despite my nerdy ways, my nearly foot-long growth spurt last summer also hit my cock as well.

And I was ridiculous down there. I knew it. Before my growth spurt, I was an already impressive 7 inches long. Now, that fucking thing got to be about 11 inches when it was hard. And right at this minute, though it wasn't all the way hard yet, the bulge was enough to make a few high school girls hot, at least. "Now I can see it," Lara said, looking deeply into my eyes with those baby blue irises. "You're DEFINITELY 19!" After a pause, Jenay spoke up to cut the tension.

"And Lara, he said he wants to fuck you." Did I say cut the tension? I mean, INCREASE THE TENSION! I blushed heavily and so did Lara. "Really?" she said, flashing a bright smile. Her full smile was so heavenly, a very toothy, yet a girlish and cute, grin, showing off a large mouth that kind of reminded me of Julia Roberts in a way.



" I knew I had to admit. "Yeah. Ever since I laid eyes on you." Of course, Jenay had other ideas. At least at first. "I think she needs to scope you out first," Jenay said, looking again at my crotch. "She needs to make sure she can handle such a. BIG . man like yourself." Then she transitioned to baby voice: "She is such a little, tiny girl." My cock swelled to its full length after that comment. Such a turn-on. And they noticed, watching it pulse to almost its full length while obscenely tenting my pants.

"Ah, well look at that," Jenay said. "Jesus, it just keeps getting bigger! Somebody likes it when little high school girls get dirty, doesn't he?" Wow, what a situation. I wasn't quite sure what to do, and come to think of it, Lara and Jamie didn't know what to do either. My outgoing Jenay, my lesbian pimp, was doing a great job leading us all down the rabbit hole of her choosing.

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And she had a plan. "I think the time has come that you need to show it to us," she announced. "We're all just little girls and we need to see what a BIG grown up man looks like." "Yeah," Lara and Jamie said in stereo.

Shyly, I stood up, my pants still stretched out and yanked down slightly from my elongated cock. I looked at all three girls and it's hard to explain the looks on their faces. Like porn stars on Christmas. Yeah, that's probably accurate. I began to unbuckle my pants and unzip. I took my pants down to my knees while my boxers were still on, and I was shaking a bit.


"How cute, he's nervous!" Jenay said. "Oh my god, look at it," Lara said. "It's so big, it sticks out the bottom of his boxers." "I want to take off his boxers," Jenay said.

"No, I do!" Jamie tried to demand. Lara, strangely, didn't say anything. "Actually, I'd like Lara to do the honors," I said. And she began to blush while Jamie looked sad and Jenay was satisfied, but Lara wasted no time grabbing for my waistband. Slowly and nervously, she began to pull my boxers down, her big blue eyes looking up at me and burning a fire through me. [CONTINUED IN CHAPTER IV]