One cock is not enough for hot milf

One cock is not enough for hot milf
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It's a boring Saturday night, the kind with nothing to do, no where to go, and nothing on TV. It's a warm night, I'm 17 years old and wearing nothing but shorts. Been a while since I have seen my girlfriend since she got home from being out of town for a week just two days ago. I haven't had a chance to see her yet and I was feeling kind of horny.

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No one was home, and going to be home till the next day, so I figured this would be the best time to call her. I reach over for the phone and dial her number, she picks up after a couple rings and says she will be over in a minute.

I get up from the couch and walk down the hall to my room.

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I open the door and walk in and begin to clean up the floor of my clothes and other stuff that has gathered in the time I haven't had my girlfriend in there. Just as I finish picking up the last item in the room, I hear a knock on the door. I walk down the hall to the door and open it to see my girlfriend. She is beautiful 16 years old, 5'6'', light brown hair to just past her shoulders, beautiful light brown eyes, perfect lips, thin, perfect formed breasts, a great ass, and perfectly toned athletic legs.

I smile at her and say "Hi Pamela, come on in." She smiles back at me with her wonderful smile and replies "Hi sweetie, thank you." She walks in and kisses me softly on the cheek "I missed you while I was away, couldn't wait to come back home." I closed the door and wrapped my arms around her and kissed you gently on the lips "I missed you too." I walked her to my room, watching her ass as she walked.

I closed the door behind us as Pamela sat down on my bed with her legs crossed. She is wearing a short tight T-shirt that exposed her stomach with no bra, like always, a skirt that went half way down her smooth thighs and her favorite flip-flops.

I couldn't wait to get her out of everything she was wearing.


I walked over to the bed and sat down next to her. She smiled at me with her "so what u want me to do this time" smile and I knew she was going to ask what her smile meant. I smiled at her and before she opened her mouth I said "I want a blowjob." She loved to give me blowjobs, so I knew she wouldn't argue at all.


She replied in her sexy voice "Anything you want baby." She then leans in towards me and kisses me gently on the lips while sliding her tongue into my mouth. While I begin to play with her tongue with mine, I move my hand to her smooth thigh, and very slowly move my hand up and down it.

She stops kissing me and slowly takes her shirt off, exposing her perfect, firm breasts.


Watching her strip always turned me on, and she knew it. She then moves her hand down and plays with her skirt, showing at first that she doesn't have panties on.

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She reaches out for my hands, which I always liked when she did, and then uses them to very slowly pull her skirt down and expose her freshly shaven vagina.

With Pamela manipulating my hands as she pleases, my six and a half inch penis started to have no room in my shorts. Pamela, seeing the tent form in the shorts, knew I was ready for her. She lays me back on the bed and moves down my body, and very slowly begins to unbutton my shorts. She moves even slower with the zipper, being careful for my penis. She then, with one easy motion that she got good with, pulls both my boxers and shorts down exposing my penis. Pamela looks up at me eyes and gives me a sexy smile as she takes my fully erect penis in her hand and slowly strokes it.

I continue looking into her eyes as she leans down and slowly moves her tongue along the shaft of my penis.

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She then slowly moves her tongue in a circular motion around the tip. I moan slightly while she does this, like it always makes me do, and lay my head down onto the pillow. She stops licking the tip and slowly lets my penis enter into her warm moist mouth. I move my hand onto the top of her head as she begins to move her head up and down on my penis and moving her tongue all along the shaft of it. I moan at the feel of her tongue going along my penis and lift my head to watch her again.

Seeing her bob up and down on my penis drives me crazy, she knew it and loved it. "I love you Pamela." She looks back up at me and does the best smile she can with my penis in her mouth. To tell me she loves me too, she takes most of my penis out, till only the tip is still in, and sucks on it hard while flicking and moving her tongue all along it. I moan quite loudly from the pleasure of this and I'm glad that no one is home but just us two.

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I lay my head back down and know ill be close to cumming if she keeps doing that. She knew it too and didn't stop till I told her to. Then she began to suck my whole penis again. Pamela then began to lick slowly while sucking a bit hard, knowing I was close to cumming in her mouth. She did this for just a moment longer before I had to tell her "Baby, I'm cumming" I feel my whole body begin to tense as she focuses on the tip of my penis again with her tongue, urging me to cum into her mouth.

She loved the taste of it and wanted it badly. I moan loudly again as Pamela stops her movements with her tongue, and I begin to cum load after load into her mouth. She moans while taking it all while swallowing when it gets too much for her. She licks up the rest of the cum on my penis, she savors it while smiling at me, then makes a final swallow.

I smile at her from the pleasure she just gave me as she then moves up my body, making sure her firm breasts are making contact with my chest, and kisses me firmly on the lips.

She lets her tongue slip past them and plays with my tongue. I lay her onto her side while moving onto mine and pull the blanket over the two of us, "Thank you baby." She smiles at me brightly and slowly stroks my cheek with her thumb, "Anytime hun" Then turns while putting my arm around herself.

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I hold her close to my body and we both begin to fall asleep, waiting to finish in the morning &hellip.