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Introduction Im a 15 year old boy who lives in england i have blonde hair and am quite muscular.

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My cock is about 6 1/2 inchesi dont know if thats big or not.My sister is 14 and has 36C tits and a soft butter like ass.Id always found her attractive. Chapter one It all started when i was home alone in the house because my sister was at a friends house. I was on the computer surfing the net looking for porn, as per usual when i started to watch an incestuous movie of a girl sucking her brothers cock in their garage, when my cock started to grow hard in my jeans, it got so uncomfortable that i had to take it out and jerk it i slowly started to slide my fist up and down my hard dick i was so engrossed in what i was doing i missed the part when the brother shot his cum into his sisters waiting mouth, i thought about doing that with my sister i came hard thinking about my sisters hot mouth over my elongated shaft.

I was cleaning up the cum stain off of my sisters duvet, which i used to cum into many times before, when i heard her coming through the door of our house.


I panicked when i heard her coming up the stairs. i quickly ran out of her bedroom into my own and sat down on the bed, got some school books out and pretended to be doing some homework.

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"Hey James" She said as she was walking past my open bedroom door "Hey Chelsea" "Wotcha doin?" "Just Some homework" "Okay cool, Whens mum and dad gonna be back?" "err they said they'd be back before eight" "Okay then see you later" "Bye Sis" "Bye Bro" God She was so hot i'd gotten an erection just being near her, i couldnt stop myself from thinking about her naked, even though she was my sister she was just too hot to not think about her naked, id just started to jerk off when my sister barged into the room and then immediately walked back out, embarrased about what she'd just witnessed.

Chapter two Neither me nor chelsea spoke to each other over the next few days because of what she saw. I was so embarrased, every time we met in the hallway i turned bright red and tried to run away but every time i tried id see her smile because of what she'd made me feel like.

Over the next day or so it was she who broke the silence. "Its Okay you know" "what is?" "You jerking off, everyone does it.

Even me!" "You, You Masturbate?" "Yeah, like i said everyone does it." "Thats good of you to try and make me feel bet." Id been cut off mid-sentence because chelsea interupted me by saying something that really shocked me.


"Im not trying to make you feel better, i want something in return for not telling our parents" "Like what?" "I wanna suck your cock" "What!?" "I. Want. To.

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Suck. Your. Cock." "ok im not dumb you know" "so will you let me?" "Yeah if you want to you can suck me off, But on one condition. you have to be naked aswell as me" "What?" "You Naked" "Let Me think about it" "ok but they are the rules, if you want to suck my big long hard cock then you have to be naked aswell as me" "ill give you my answer tomorrow, after i've slept on it" "Ok" Chapter Three I awoke the next morning to a strange yet nice sensation on my morning wood, i slowly open my eyes and a glorious sight is beheld in front of me, My sister, Naked, sucking my cock.

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Ive never felt so good in all my 15 years on this wonderous world. Theres no better a sight than seeing your 14 year old sister sucking and licking your 15 year old hard dick. Then i felt something wet, something strange and realised id just had a very vivid wet dream.

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Yes a crappy wet dream which is nothing like the real thing adn is crap. I got up and stripped the sheet and went downstairs to put my sheets into the washing machine and i couldnt help but look into the bathroom as i walked past and saw my little sister naked in the shower, oh how wonderful the sight was of my 14 year old sisters pussy wet and glistening in the cascading water coming from the showeri couldnt believe what i was seeing, my cock was hard almost instantly, little did i know she knew i was there watching her untill she said: "Like what you see bro" "Uh yeah, your so hot" "Thanks BIG bro" Obviously taking notice of my quite alarmingly large dick "Well who wouldnt be big with a little sister as sexy as you leaving the door open while they shower" "Well thank you, and to prove how grateful i am.


come here baby" as i slowly walk towards her in the shower as she watched me walk over to her eyes intently staring at my hardening dick, i could feel my cock getting ever harder as she stared at it wobbling from side to side. "So what did you have in mind baby" "Well i thought about what you said last night and my answer is yes, yes you sexy fucker" that was the first time id ever hear her say anything even partialy rude in my entire life, i watched intently as she got on her knees and started sucking my dick.

It felt so good, i knew i couldnt last much longer. Being the gentleman that i was i said: "Is it alright for me to cum in your mout?" "Hell yeah baby, ive been waiting for this for years, you know i had a crush on you" "really cuz i have a crush on you" with that i started to spurt my cum into her hot waiting mouth, i could hear her gulping down my cum ' Gulp, Gulp, Gulp, Gulp Oh god it was so sexy hearing her swallow my cum i thought i was never going to stop cumming, but finally i did and she finally licked my cock clean and started talking to me dirtily.

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"God your cum was so tasty, we've gotta do it again" "Hell yeah, But Can i fuck you know?" "Of course baby, i cant wait to feel your hard cock in my hot, wet, tight, virgin pussy" with those words still ringing in the air i slowly placed the tip of my cock on the slit of her wet pussy. "Be gentle with me James you know im a virgin" "Ok but i cant believe a sexy girl like you would still be a virgin" "well i just havent found the right guy to pop my cherry with" with that i slowly and softly pushed my cock into her pussy an inch at a time and eventualy came across her hyman stopping me from entering her cunt.

I slowly pull back and harshly push forward and break her hyman causing her to bleed a little bit. "Are you ok Chels?" "Yeah it just hurt at the start but now it actually feels good, Keep going bro" As i slide in and out of her slick teenage pussy She starts to shake and convulse as i begin to realise she is having an orgasm and thats pushing me over the edge as i start to shoot my cum into her womb.

"Oh god, i can feel you spurting into my pussy, it feels so good" "Oh James, Oh James, Yes, Yes ,Yes" Eventually my dick went soft and slipped out of her pussy. "We should definately do this again Chelsea" "Oh Baby im yours whenever you want me, Any Hole, Any Time, Any Place. Im yours and only yours" "And whenever you want my cock you can have it baby" To Be Continued.

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