Horny latina babe gets her cunt fucked

Horny latina babe gets her cunt fucked
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SELF CONFESSED COCK SLAVE Ever since I was a young girl I've been fascinated with cocks, I love the way they look and feel big ones, small ones, old ones, young ones and oh boy do I love being fucked.


Just the thought of a yummy hard cock makes my pussy feel all hot, tingly and juicy. It all started when I was in my early teens, I would lie in bed fantasizing about some imaginary lover touching my body, teasing my nipples with his tongue and finally fucking me with his big cock. (I had not actually seen one in real life, but knew what they looked like from the porno magazines I'd accidentally found in my parent's bedroom).

I would open my legs and slowly rub my finger across my clitty making my body shudder with sheer pleasure, I would slide a finger from my other hand into my wet pussy and bring myself to an orgasm. One night I was in fantasy land when my hairbrush fell off my bed giving me quite a fright, bending down I picked it up looking at it with renewed interest.

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I lay back, my heart pounding as I slowly ran the bristles softly over my nipples; I had to stop myself crying out from the wonderful feeling it gave me. I moved it down between my legs and started rubbing the handle over my pussy; I was so turned on as I slowly inserted it into my now dripping hot pussy.

I worked the handle in and out of my pussy making myself cum again and again while fantasying about my lover's cock fucking me hard and wild as I played with my clitty. That night was a new sexual experience and the first time I had cum in unison with both my clitty and my pussy. I was hooked; I loved the feeling of being fucked and was always on the lookout for big objects, fruit and veggies to fuck my pussy with I was well and truly a cock slave.

Although I fucked myself silly every night my first sexual experience was nothing I could have ever achieved on my own. There is no substitute for body contact, the kissing, the touching; the passion was incredible, but that cock was totally mind blowing.

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It was as if it had a life of it's own, standing big and strong almost majestic, when I touched it I knew I would worship cocks for the rest of my life.

I was with a young guy that I had a serious crush on, he was kissing and fingering me at the same time but I wanted his cock inside me, I had dreamt of this for so long. I opened my legs and as his cock slid into my hot wet pussy, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

I got fucked good and hard and still to this day don't know how many times me made me cum that night. I felt so wonderful after that night, I wanted men to notice me, admire me, want to fuck me so I started dressing a lot sexier, and teased men just to see their reaction.

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I would sit opposite them on the train teasing them, crossing and uncrossing my legs knowing they could see the top of my suspender stockings and glimpse at my sheer or lace panties. I would get such a rush out of seeing them squirm, trying desperately to adjust their pants without making it obvious to accommodate their growing cocks.

One evening I had to finish a report at work, and by the time I managed to catch the train it was very late.

I found a quiet spot to sit and had just started to relax when a very good looking man walked over and sat opposite me, play time, smiling at him I uncrossed my legs giving him a view of my white lace panty.

Looking straight at me he responded by brushing his hand over his cock, I licked my lips and hitched my mini skirt up just a tad further exposing the top of my suspender stockings, he continued to watch me while he rubbed his now hard cock. I put both feet on the floor and opened my legs so he had a good view of my lace covered pussy and gently ran my finger over my now very hard clit. I was getting so excited and I wanted to see his cock so badly so I lent over and asked him to show me, he slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his big throbbing cock, oozing with precum which he rubbed over the head of his cock.

God I felt as if someone had opened a tap in my pussy as I felt myself getting very wet, seeping out onto my panty. I put my finger under the crouch of my panty to feel how wet I was, I moved my finger over my clit gasping my body tingling with pleasure as I watched my mystery man stroke his cock for me. He smiled and told me to relax as he lent over and slowly removed my g-string, I was mesmerized as he lifted it to inhale the sweet smell, running his tongue over the crotch to taste the sweet nectar that had seeped out of me.

As my mystery man looked at my now naked pussy I slipped two fingers deep into myself while I played with my clitty, he caught his breath and started wanking hard and fast as I edged closer to an orgasm. Watching him wank for me was such a turn on I exploded, feeling wave after wave of pleasure flow through my body as I came, when I had regained some form of composure he told me to watch as he wanked his cock for me. He started to cum, shooting white gooey sticky yummy cum on the floor between my feet, when he finally stopped I told him to stand up and move closer.

I lent forward and ran my tongue over the tip of his cock tasting him and cleaning away any excess cum that had dribbled down his cock, I gently put his cock back in his scants and zipped him up. Looking out the window, I realized that my stop was next, I stood up, kissed him on the cheek and told him to keep my g-string and hopefully we would meet again someday. I stood on the platform smiling at him as the train pulled away, and yes I often lie in bed masturbating about that evening and wonder if we would have cared had anyone been watching us I don't think so.

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As I've said before, I just love cock and often look at men and wonder what their cocks are like, especially at the gym you know the saying 'body builders have small cocks' not true. One evening my flat mate was working late so I ended up at the gym sitting talking to one very hunky guy. This specific evening he was due to lock-up and didn't want me waiting outside in the dark, so we sat and spoke about different exercises basically just passing the time, he was telling me how good a sauna was after exercise and I admitted that I had never had one.

Well to cut a long story short, we ended up in the sauna in only our towels, it was hot very hot, our bodies glistened with sweat and he commented on how sexy I was.

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Our conversation turned to a more sexual level and I noticed he had a hardon, I slipped the towel off my body and sat naked in front of him.

He removed his towel and sat in front of me with a raging hardon stroking his cock, and just watching him was driving me wild, my hands moved over my body down between my legs. He walked over to me cupping my breasts in his hands and teasing my nipples with his tongue as I played with my clit, he then moved over me so we were in a 69 position, I took his cock into my mouth as he nibbled on my huge clit.


I was in heaven I had a huge cock in my mouth and boy do I love sucking cock, he ran his tongue along the slit of pussy driving his tongue deep into me; I was going wild with desire. I swallowed him deeper into my throat sucking him as if my life depended it, while sucking my clit and fingering me he picked me up in the 69 position and carried me to a bench where he gently put me down, never removing his fingers from my pussy.

As he moved his fingers twisted and turned inside me, I started cumming and he started to finger fuck me fast and hard, I was in another world, I came hard, my body shook so violently he had to hold me so I wouldn't fall off the bench. We sucked, fucked and drove each other crazy on every piece of equipment, counter, floormat that we could find, we were oblivious to the world outside.

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When he wanted to cum knelt down sucking him deep into my throat, tickling and sucking the head of his cock, licking down the shaft. Sucking his balls into my mouth, licking back up the shaft, and taking him back down my throat sucking him while he fucked my mouth, I could feel him pulsing, getting ready to cum.

I love the feel of hot cum; he shot his hot cum over my face and in my mouth. I collected all his cum in my mouth greedily trying not to miss a drop, I then leant forward slightly to let it spill down my chest rubbing all that yummy hot sticky cum over my breasts. My gentle giant lifted me up and carried me to the shower, softly washing my body, soaping, rinsing and kissing every inch of me.

Taking the sponge from him I started washing his gorgeous body, licking and nibbling watching as his cock was getting hard again, kneeling down I took him into my mouth, sucking him softly and slowly, licking and teasing him.

He lifted me up until my legs were around his waist and holding me against the wall he rammed his cock deep into my pussy I was impaled as he fucked me with long hard deep strokes.

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I screamed for him to fuck me and literally begged him to fuck me even harder. He carried me out of the shower and sat on the bench, still impaled on him I fucked him as orgasm after orgasm flowed through me, he then turned me over so I was laying on my back and stood over me running his hands over my body.

He inserted three fingers in my pussy and started to finger fuck me hard and fast. I nearly bounced off the bench when he found my g-spot, and was out of my mind thrashing around, but he just held me down and kept fucking me.


I screamed as I started squirting, my juices exploding out of me with such force, my body convulsing with the intensity of my orgasm I almost passed out. He was so turned on he shot cum over my breasts, watching me as I rubbed it into my skin.

We were both shagged out as he once again carried my trembling body back to he shower where he slowly washed and dressed me, and yes we went back to his place where we continued to play sex games, sucking and fucking all night. I called in sick the next day even cock slaves need to get some sleep. That my horny friends are just two yummy crazy sexcapades I'll reveal to you today, but I will leave you with one thought. The older I get, the hornier I get so watch out men, if you happen to be sitting at a bar I will show you my pussy and if you're wanking in your car and I walk passed you can be sure I WILL STOP AND WATCH.

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