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Morena espetacular dan ccedil_ando funk sem calcinha
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"You look like crap" "Yeah, thanks, Will", Brook said, coughing before blowing her nose into a tissue. "Will, I think Brook's going to have to stay home, she's defiantly to sick to go to school today. So get you stuff, we'll leave in a few minutes", Maria said, packing her supplies into her suitcase before putting on a coat, and walking back into the kitchen.

"See yah later, Brook", Will said, kissing her on the lips before following his mom out of the room. "See yah", Brook replied quietly, rolling over on the couch and falling back to sleep. *** As Will sat in the passenger seat of Maria's car, he looked out the window at the gray clouds forming over the city. "I doubt you'll have practice today, there's gonna be one mother fucker of a storm coming in", Maria said, not taking her eyes off the road.

"Yeah, look's like it", Will responded blankly. "You okay? You've been quiet lately?" "Yeah I know", Will replied, "I guess I'm still a little shaken" "I understand, Will.


What happened with Rachel, Blane, and Sam was a lot to take in, I'm really sorry, Will" "Thanks, mom" "And I know that Lynn not being here is also hard" "Yeah, but at least she didn't die", Will said sarcastically. "True", Maria laughed, "But I know that you and Lynn were close, I mean, not having her round has got to be hard too. I know she was one of your close friends" "It is.she was", Will said, still looking out the window.

Maria smiled, "And I know that being a boy means you'll never admit to this, but I know that she was very close to you" "She was", Will said blankly. "I noticed that you're talking to Sierra Garcia", Maria said mockingly, in a motherly way of course, "How do you think Brook feels about that?" "Mom! You know that Sierra's friends with Brook, that's how we became friends in the first place.

Besides, I think she's dating Chucky Harland" "The senior?" "Yeah" "Weird.I saw him with that one know what never-mind that" "Okay?", Will said, a little confused with his mother's answer. *** By lunch time, rain pelted San Diego, and Will looked out the window of the cafeteria, while he sat with Pierce, Haley, and a few other freshman named Drew, Casey, and Becca.

Not paying attention, Will suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around his neck, and embrace tightly. "Will!" Sierra squealed, as she hugged him tightly. "Sierra!" He yelled back. "How's my favorite freshman?" She continued, next sitting on his lap, still hugging his neck.

"Good" "Why don't you hug your big sister!" She cooed, rubbing up against him.

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The other freshman at the table laughed at Sierra's flamboyant greeting, but continued with their own conversation, as Will smiled and sat back in his chair.

Will was happy to be friends with Sierra, not only because of her kind and generous personality, but also Sierra was by no means bad to look at. Being of Mexican decent, Sierra had black, wavy hair and brown eyes. She also had tan skin, and a womanly shape with largish breasts and a round and firm butt, something Will took much notice to. Sierra was also about 5'4" and stood a few inches shorter than Will, who was about 5'8".

As Sierra sat on Will's lap, another sophomore, Lewis Malthus or "Louie", came over to the table and sat down next to him.

Lewis, or Louie, was pretty handsome. Despite being 5'6, 125 pounds, and having a light boyish body, 16-year-old Louie also had swishy blond hair and blue eyes, with a surfer's tan and a blemish free face. But Louie's appearance was a defiant misnomer, for the young-looking teen was, without a doubt, a pot-head.

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Louie also was known to be one tough motherfucker, and on separate occasions, Louie was known to have kicked someone's ass in a fight, though for the most part, Louie was docile, and somewhat weak, benching only about 80 lb.'s, as opposed to Will's 110. "Hey guys", Louie said, sitting next to Will and Sierra, "Will, did Sierra tell you about saturday? Gary's party? Oh man, that was some shit!" Will laughed, as well as Pierce and Haley, who leaned towards the conversation.

"Louie, you where so fucking drunk I couldn't believe it! that was some night" "Have you ever drank?" Louie asked, turning to face Pierce, who shook his head, "What about smoked?" Pierce shook his head again, "Damn!

Your grade is no sheltered!" "Will's been drunk before", Haley chimed in, "Right, Will?" she said, giving him a look. "AH! My little brother's drinking!" Sierra yelled, grabbing Will and rubbing up against him.

"It was once! And I don't know whose party it was!" "Was it the one were Blane got sent to the hospital?" Louie asked, suddenly feeling guilty for his comment after seeing the emerging sadness in Will's eyes, "Oh.sorry, Will" "It's cool", Will said, "And yah, it was that party" "Damn!" Sierra spoke up, "That's one of Tyson Landers' parties! You guys were invited to an intense party!" "His brother Ed was a party animal too!

But he's what, a freshman in college this year, right?" "Yeah", Sierra spoke up, "I remember that he and Blane.oh", Sierra paused, catching herself as she mentioned Blane's name. Haley, seeing that talking about the parties reminded Will of Blane, changed the conversation.

"Did you guys ever drink? Like alcohol?" "Why yes, ma'am", Sierra said happily, "It's part of being a teenager after all! And how old are you, Haley?" "15" 
"Yep, at about that age is when we started", Sierra continued, glancing over at Louie.

Haley thought to herself, "Why don't we ever do things like that?", and then asked, "Sierra, were do you get alcohol from?" "Why?" "Cause.I want to try", Haley said proudly yet nervously. Sierra laughed, then looked across the table at Haley, "Haley, you crack me the fuck up!

I can't believe you want to try that! I mean look at you! Comin out of your shell, Ms. Reynolds!" Pierce smiled but felt his heart race as he glanced over at Haley, "Are you sure you want to?" he asked meekly. "I am sure", Haley responded, "I want to try it, Pierce" "Well listen hear, this saturday, so tomorrow, I'm going to one of Tyson's parties.

If you want to come I'll pick you up" "Okay", Haley said, reaching over and grabbing Pierce's hand, "Pierce, will go with me?" "Uhh.", Pierce wasn't sure what to say, but seeing the look of excitement in Haley's eyes, he sighed, "Sure, I'll go with you, Haley" Louie made a whipping motion with his left hand while making a "whi-cha!" noise as he did.

"Pussy whipped!" He yelled, getting up from the table, laughing as he walked towards the door of the cafeteria and joined a group of other sophomore boys, leaving the building.

Will and Sierra laughed as Louie exited the building, but Pierce scowled. "I'm gonna kick his ass!" "I wouldn't", Sierra warned, "He's a little pretty-boy, but he can kick some ass" "Whatever", Pierce said, taking a sip form his water bottle and sitting back in his seat. *** Brook opened Maria's Mac Book and went onto iChat to see if Lynn was on, and sure enough in a matter of minutes, Lynn showed up on the screen.

"Hey, Lynn" "You okay, Brook? You look sick" "I am, it's just a cold. How's Seattle? Still at your grandpa's?" "Yeah, it sucks!

I have to wait till next semester to get into this one school my parents are sending me to, and till then, I have to work at his frickin store! It's awful! I might be Chinese but I can only take so much of this!" Brook laughed, "Well, not much has gone on around here" "Hows Will doing?" "I don't know, he seems kinda depressed lately. I think he's still processing the whole situation." "Yeah, I can understand that, I mean, it still shocks me whenever I think about the fact we avoided death" "Yeah." "Have you guys done it?" "What?" "You know, sex.

Have you guys had sex in the past few weeks?" "Well, we almost did-" "That's why he's depressed!" Brook and Lynn both laughed, until Brook's coughing broke up the laughter, "Do you think so? I mean, it's not like you would know boys-" "Oh ha ha, a lesbian joke, how classy. Look here, Brook, just make him feel better, I'm sure that just giving him a handy will be enough" "Yeah, well, I haven't gotten off in weeks it seems, I need it just as badly!" "Why don't you just masturbate?" Lynn's response made Brook blush, and she raised her eyebrows in surprise of Lynn's rash statement.

"Lynn!" "What? Everyone does it! I do, Chloe, Samantha, Will obviously. Have you ever done it before?" " I mean.I can figure it out, how hard can it be?" "Well, I'll leave you with that, I here the old fart calling me from downstairs", Lynn said softly, before yelling something in Cantonese and closing her computer. Brook stood up off the ground and laid down on the couch. She removed her panties she was wearing, and reached down to touch the outside of her vag.

"I'd much prefer Will over this", she said to herself, as she put two fingers into her twat, moving them up feel her clit, she shivered, "I really want Will to do this" Brook took both her hands and pulled her panties back up.

She covered herself with a blanket, and took out her cell phone, "Dammit! It's only 1:12!", she sighed, "Wait, today Will has time off at this hour.I need to call him". Brook unlocked her phone and looked at a picture of Will she had taken days before at a pool party at Pierce's house.

She felt a volt of lust mildly surge through her body as she saw him standing shirtless, the water making his lean, swimmer's body glisten in the sun. "I know what I'll do", she said aloud. Going to her contacts, Brook scrolled down to Will's name, and pressed it, calling his cell. Seconds later, she heard him answer it.

"Brook?" "Will, can you do me a favor?" "What?" "Can you send me-uh-a picture?" "Of what?" "Of, you" "What do you mean?" Will asked. "I want a picture of your cock, Will. Can you send one to me?" "I-I-I'm at school, Brook!" "I know!

And I'm at home! So please send me one, just go to the bathroom, take a picture, send it to me, and we can get on with our days" "But, Brook! I'm at school! Can't I just show you it when-"
 "Please, Will?" Brook asked, attempting to sound like a child begging for a stuffed animal. Will sighed, he couldn't resist Brook when she used that voice, "Fine, I'll do it" Looking around, Will stood from his seat in the common area, and walked towards the bathroom in the adjacent hallway.

Looking around to make sure no one was watching, he opened one of the stalls and quickly locked it before sitting on the toilet seat, pants and boxers around his ankles. Will took out his phone and took a photo of his dick, then quickly pulled his pants back up and was about to leave the stall, when Brook texted him back.

"More", was all it said, and Will sighed, as he sat back on the toilet and grabbed his dick, stroking his circumcised. Almost immediately, his 3" flaccid dick began to slowly harden, and his dick grew to his full 6 inches.

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*** Back at the house, Brook smiled as she looked at the picture of Will's erect cock, "That's a good one", she said to herself lustfully. Brook reached into her shorts and rubbed her pussy lips, which had swollen with arousal after seeing the. "Oo", she moaned, feeling her body quiver as she rubbed herself.

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She looked at the picture again, and felt another quiver, as she smiled lustfully at her boyfriend's cock.

*** Returning back to her text messages, she texted Will, and asked, "Send another" Will, still sitting in the bathroom, looked the message and laughed quietly to himself. He switched his phone's camera to video, and set the phone on the ground, as he stood over the phone and began to jack off.

After about twenty seconds of masturbating, he stopped the video, and sent it to Brook. "Hope that'll be enough", he said. *** Brook watched the video lustfully, holding the phone in one hand while quickly rubbing her pussy lips with her other. Feeling herself getting closer to an orgasm, she set down the phone momentarily to grasp one of her tits under her shirt, as she used two fingers to massage her clit, each touch of her most sensitive appendage making her moan and arch her back in pleasure.

She removed her shirt, and continued to rub her left tit, feeling her aroused and erect nipple rub up against her palm, as she caressed its soft skin. Meanwhile downstairs, Brook removed her fingers from her clit and began to rub her pussy lips again, moaning Will's name as she closed her eyes and fantasied about seeing Will's circumcised dick, his newly and neatly trimmed wavy dark-brown hair, his tight stomach and pecks, his strong legs.

She moaned thinking about their first time, and then twitched as she thought about Will touching her tits, fingering her pussy and licking her clit.

"Oh, Will", she moaned, squeezing her breast as she thought about Will caressing them, "Ah.Will.Ah yeas.", She moaned again, thrusting forward as she felt herself orgasm.

"Oh.that was amazing.", Brook pulled her shirt back on and laid back in bed, tired from her orgasm, "I can't wait for Will to get home" *** The rain pelted the city, as Will began to walk out of the school. He would have asked a friend to take him home, but Will had to stay late after his last class today with Mr. Cardona to take a test he had missed last week, leaving Will stranded at the school.

Sighing as he saw how strong the rain was falling, he was about to walk out when he heard Louie call his name. "Will! You need a ride?" Will, not sure what to think about Louie's request, responded, "Sure, if it's not to much trouble" "No not at all", Louie said happily, motioning for Will to follow him, as he walked back through the school, and to the student parking lot in the back. Louie's car was a silver 2010 BMW SUV, which, his father had graciously given his son for his 16th birthday.

Throwing his stuff in Louie's trunk, and climbing in the passenger-seat, Will closed the door to the car and buckled his seatbelt. As Louie started the car, and backed out of his parking spot, he turned to Will.

"So, Will", he said, "Sierra and Marcie told me you and Brook have been around the bush a few times.literally" "Oh", Will laughed back, "Yeah. I guess we have" "You are defiantly different from your boy Pierce. He's kind of a little kid I think" Will smiled, for though Louie was older than him and Pierce by two years, Louie was only about 5'6, while he was 5'8 and Pierce was 5'7.

Additionally, Louie looked young in the face, and could have easily passed as a fourteen year-old. "How far have you gotten?" Will asked, leaning back in his seat. "You can ask, Marcie that.

Or Brook and Sierra. Those three seem to talk all the fucking time", Louie replied, glancing over at Will. "Damn! That kid has grown!" he thought to himself, "He is hot!" Catching himself starring, Louie shook his head and looked back on the road. "So, Will, which road do I turn on?" He asked, hoping to change the subject as he felt a semi coming on just thinking about the freshman sitting next to him.

*** Will ran up to the front-door and waved good-bye to Louie who sped down the street. Ringing the doorbell, Will stood back as Brook answered the door, and pulled him inside, closing the door before pushing his backpack off of his back and pulling his uniform shirt and under shirt up over his head, all the while kissing him passionately, letting her tongue push past his lips and circle his mouth.

Will, enjoying the sudden affection, began to pull Brook's shirt up, when she pulled him into the living-room and threw him on the couch. Straddling his waist, she pulled her shirt off, not wearing a bra, she grabbed Will's hands as he squeezed her tits in his hands.

"Ahh.", she moaned, squeezing Will's hands tightly, "I love it when you do that." "Me too", Will said, Starring up at Brook's beautiful face. Her medium length brown hair falling down and brushing up against her arms. "Will, I masturbated to that video you sent me", She said, bending over and whispering into his ear. Will smiled and moved his arms around her body to embrace her, letting her bare chest rub up against his pecks. "No problem", he whispered back.

"You know, I've been waiting for you to do something to me for days now", She said seductively, standing up off the couch to pull down her shorts and underwear. "Yeah?" Will said, standing up and removing his uniform pants, boxers and dress sox, before lying back down on the couch.

"Why don't we try an old favorite?" "What", Will asked, slowly beginning to stroke his dick, as precum formed at the top of his head. "Lick my pussy", Brook ordered, sitting on the couch and leaning on the arm of the couch facing Will, she spread her legs apart and revealed her twat. Her lips were swollen and wet from anticipation, and she was massaging her tits with both hands, making her nippled once again stand straight and erect.

"Alright!" Will replied, leaning over, he licked her pussy lips, tasting the salty juices that coated them. Brook moaned seductively, as Will vigorously licked her twat, not going inside quite yet, as he felt her ass with both his hands.

Brook wrapped both her legs around his body as he licked her snatch. She arched her back and closed her eyes, moaning, as she caressed her b-cup tits. Using one hand, she placed it on the back of Will's head, making his heart skip a beat and his dick twitch with excitement as Brook next began to thrust forward making more and more of his tongue press up against her pussy.

Will moved his tongue up and down and side to side as he ate Brook out. Next her inserted his tongue a full two inches into her twat, and moved it around, licking every crevasse and curve he could before using one hand to grab a hold of her clit so he could suck and lick it with full force. "OH! Will!" She moaned, suddenly feeling the big moment about to happen again, "OH, WILL! Finish me off, Will!" She moaned, pushing him back, she jumped on top of him and maneuvered his dick into her vagina, moving her hips up and down on his 6" dick.

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"OH! Brook! Yes!" Will moaned, lying back as he put his hands behind his head, "Oh Brook! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum, Brook!" "Me too!" She yelled back, making one more final thrust forward as she and Will both moaned loudly as they reached a simultaneous climax.

"AHH! OH! OH! Brook!" Will shouted, letting his spunk squirt into her twat, as he pulled out slowly, his dick sensitive and tingling from the tight and wet pussy that had engulfed it.

Brook pulled on her clothes and turned back around to face Will, "I'm gonna go clean myself out now, I got my period last week so we might be in the red" "You mean the pink?" Will said jokingly, as Brook rolled her eyes and laughed, walking out of the room. Will grabbed his uniform and threw it in the laundry room before running upstairs to grab a towel and clean himself up.

Wiping the cum and pussy juice from his dick and abs. Looking at himself in the mirror, he flexed his muscles, "Dammit!" He said to himself, "I know I'm strong enough, I just wish I was as attractive as Pierce", he said to himself. Shrugged and walked out of the bathroom and into his room. *** "Hey, Haley?" "Hi, Sierra!" "So about that party tomorrow, do you and Pierce want to go?" "Yeah! We'll be glad to go!" "Alright! We'll swing by your place at around 5:30 tomorrow, Marcie's the designated driver this week, so we'll be in her car if you know what what looks like" "Marcie Frank?

She parties?" "Oh yeah, she does.


I mean-most of the time she's the driver, but she parties" "Wow", Haley said, thinking about Marcie and remembering a mature, upright, and sophisticated individual. "Well that sounds fun! See you tomorrow, Sierra!" "See you too!" ^^^^pretty good, right? Stay tuned for the next story, this one will feature our friend Lynn as she deals with her new life in Seattle, and as it turns out, the next chapter will have some girl on girl action, can't wait right?^^^^ :D