Sex stories 2019 xxn ptit felle

Sex stories 2019 xxn ptit felle
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Naughty You've had a long day, wasting away at the computer as you feverishly try to finish a research paper. You rub your eyes and stretch, cracking your spine as you do so. A pair of warm, soft arms envelop you, and your body stiffens in shock. "Hey. . " Her voice makes your cock jump slightly in your pants. You go to spin the computer chair around, but she stops you: "I don't want to interrupt you.

Just thought I'd give you some company." You smile and continue to work, her hands gently caressing your shoulders. Even though she claimed not to want to interrupt, she's certainly doing a good job of distracting you. Her hands unbutton your shirt, and you stop typing. "No.

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Keep typing," she teasingly orders. She pulls your shirt off just enough to bare your shoulders to her touch. Starting gently, she kneads your tense muscles, sending shivers down your spine. The last thing you want to do is type the paper now, but she insists that you continue working. The more you type, the deeper the massage goes. It is starting to get increasingly difficult to focus; your fingers skip keys, typos run rampant. You type out, "I need to fuck you." She giggles and keeps massaging your shoulders.

To torture you more, she begins to run her lips down the curl of your ear. Your breath hisses through your teeth, but she stops when you stop typing.

"I didn't say to stop." "Fuck," you mutter and make a haphazard attempt to finish the sentence. You haven't even gotten to the verb and she's already repeating her process: lips dragging down the curl of your ear, tongue teasing the lobe, the very tip flicking against your skin. "Aljgaoignng" is all that appears on the computer screen.

She laughs - a low, sexy laugh - at your frustration. "I don't think that's proper English." You run your hands through your hair in frustration. Your cock is so hard it is starting to strain against your pants. She's not touching you, pushing you further towards the point of turning around and just taking what you want. You begin to type again, and so her torture begins again.

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Using the heel of her hands, she rolls circles against where the base of your neck meets your shoulders. You moan, rolling your shoulders against her ministrations.

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You know she's smirking as she leans down and kisses softly the back of your neck. The shivers shoot down your spine again. Her soft kisses are making your dick hurt for attention, your fingers curl on the keys. "Ppplleeaassee." "You're not finished yet." You type quicker, not giving a shit about typos, bad grammar- hell it doesn't even have to be a full sentence anymore. You are just desperate to finish the paper.

She slides her hands down your chest, drawing small circles with the tip of her tongue on your jaw. You're breathing hard, trying to blink away the clouds of the desire, but you can hardly see straight anymore. You bang the side of your fist onto the desk. She gasps and bites your earlobe teasingly while dragging her nails carefully up your inner thighs. "Bad boy," she practically purrs.

You rest your head in your hands, breathing hard and trying desperately not to rape her. You only have one more page, but it may as well be a 100 mile road you have to walk.

You begin to type, just praying to make it through to the end. You know you have a great prize at the finish line of the marathon. Her hands are pulling you to the brink of sanity, kneading your shoulders while leaving kisses along your jawline.

She gently sucks your earlobes, giggling as you twitch beneath her touch. You are only a paragraph from the finish line, and her hands are sliding up your shorts, teasing the skin under the fabric. Your cock is leaking pre-cum as her fingertips graze it through the fabric.

You type the final sentence, feeling her nip at the thin skin of your jawline. Her fingers touch the head of your cock just as you dot the last word. You save and spin around, nearly having a heart attack at what's behind you.

She's wearing a red plaid school skirt that's so short it doesn't cover her ass. A pair of black lace boy shorts peaks from beneath the pleats. The red lace of her push up bra is poorly hidden underneath her nearly transparent white shirt that only has one button attached, keeping the shirt closed over her breasts.

To complete her look, her long dark brown hair is gathered into two messy pigtails, one on each side of her head.


On her feet, she wears knee high white socks with black 5 inch pumps. In short, she's a naughty, dirty school girl come to play. You stare at her, not daring to pinch yourself for fear this is all just an amazing dream. Her taut abs and perky breasts are at the perfect level for your feasting eyes, and your fingertips are itching to play with her diamond navel piercing that sits against her tan skin.

She bites her bottom lip, making you want to lunge forward and throw her onto the bed. Twirling one of her pigtails, she puts her fingertip into mouth, hips uneven and feet turned in as if she really were only a young, innocent school girl instead of a wanton temptress. You swallow audibly, and she giggles. "Hey there," she says in a innocent, school girl tone, "watcha doin'?" You grin, loving how far she's going with the act.

"I'm just sitting here doing some work," you answer, "but some naughty little girl keeps distracting me." "Aaawwww, who could that be?" You grab her ass and pull her, stumbling, towards you. "OH! Are you supposed to touch me like that?" she squeals. You begin to massage her ass beneath her skirt, noting her quickened breathing.

"Well that all depends. Does it feel good?" She nods, biting her bottom lip. "Mmmaaayybbeeee." You pull apart her ass cheeks, sliding your fingers between her legs to tease her. Not breaking character, she squirms against you, whimpering, "TTThhhaaattttt.

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mmmmm . feels good." "Then if it feels good, is it bad?" you say, rubbing your cheek on her abs as you tease her through her panties. "I.

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I. don't - " she gasps as your fingertip circles her clit. Her wetness has soaked the delicate lace and is practically dripping onto your teasing fingers. You kiss her right above the waistband of her skirt, allowing your tongue to slide quickly under the fabric. She arches against you, letting out a whimper.

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"Ttthhhiiisss. this . iissss.bad," she coos. You stop. She whines, pushing her pussy towards your face. "Don't stop!!!" "But you said it was bad," you joke, only sliding a fingertip across her wet lips.

"I don't care," she whines, grinding herself on your hand. You reach up, undo her shirt, and unclasp her bra. She pretends to cover herself, but you kiss her stomach and gently remove her arms from hiding her breasts.

Her pink nipples are hard, and you pull her shirt to bring her closer to you. Rubbing her pussy through her panties, you suck each nipple into your mouth, sucking gently and earning low moans from your naughty girl. She shakes against your hand, getting closer to cumming, so you slow down your movements, torturing her for earlier. She whimpers again, beginning to beg, "Ohhh pllleeaseee don'ttt stop." You pull her panties to the side, and use the tip of your tongue to flick her clit.

She gasps loudly, grabbing your head and pulling it closer to her wet slit. Dragging your tongue slowly, you run the tip from her tasty hole up to her clit. She can no longer form intelligible words, just gasping and occasionally able to get out, "YES." You swirl your tongue around her pussy, teasing her by sticking the tip in, just far enough to make her gasp and beg. Finally, you use your thumb to rub her clit as you tongue fuck her.

She screams and cums hard, her nails digging into your scalp as she holds you captive. She pants, trying to catch her breath, as you stand and drop your pants. Her eyes go wide, and she still doesn't break her role. "What's that?" she asks quizzically.

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Your 7 inch cock sticks through the fly of your boxers, begging for attention. You smirk and answer her, "It's a lollipop." You see her trying not to laugh at your cheesy line, but it's working nonetheless.

She drops to her knees, stroking your dick with her hands, admiring it as she asks, "Like an all day sucker?" This time you both laugh openly, but you quickly change your laugh to a groan as she begins to lick the head of your dick. "Mmmmm, tastes better than an all day sucker," she moans, the vibrations running through your body. You place your hand on the back of her head, encouraging her to take your shaft into her mouth. You hips instinctively flinch in the wet warmth, wanting and receiving the tightness of her trained mouth.

Grabbing her pigtails, you begin to fuck her mouth as she kneels like a willing pet. She grabs your ass cheeks, pulling you further into her mouth as you pick up speed, and she massages your balls. She stops you long enough to lick each one with her tongue, earning a groan and a desperate grasping of her hair from you. You pull her up to her feet and bend her over your desk, not even bothering to undress either her or yourself. You flip her skirt up over her pert ass and spank her once.

She lets out a squeal of pain and approval, shaking her ass for more. Ripping the lace that dares keep you from her pussy, you slide your dick between her legs, coating it with her cum. Without any formalities, you slide your cock into her tight cunt. She lets out a loud gasp as every inch forces its way into her, and she begins to shake as you rub her clit. You begin to fuck her hard and fast, alternating between slapping her ass and grabbing her tits while your left hand rubs her clit.

She whining and whimpering, each stroke earning you a noise of pleasure. You put her right leg up on the desk, opening her up further so you can slam into her. Your nails dig into the soft skin of her ass as you fuck her harder and harder.

You feel her pussy clench around you as she cums, screaming and digging her nails into the desk beneath her. You slow down, withdrawing all of your length except the head and then slamming the entire 7 inches back into her.

Your left hand holds her against the desk by the back of her neck as your right slaps her ass. "You've. Been. A. Bad. Girl." With every word, you give her a hard stroke and a hard smack on the ass. She continuously moaning, mouth open and hands curled against the desk. You grab her wrists and hold them behind her neck, making her even more submissive to your hard strokes. You balls hit her clit, and she cums again, tears running down her face in pleasure.

You stop torturing her and begin to fuck her fast again. It's your turn to cum, and you have an idea to 'punish' her for being so cruel earlier. You get closer and closer to cumming- her pussy's so tight so almost think twice about your punishment - and at the last second, pull out. She turns around, confused, and you push her to her knees. Holding her by her pigtails, you jack on your cock fast and hard, "You deserve to be punished for being such a naughty girl." Her eyes go wide as you begin to cum, each stream hitting her cheek and lips.

She licks what she can, and puts her clean cheek against your thigh.


You stroke the back of her head, both of you exhausted. She quickly wipes her face, swallowing every drop. You pick her exhausted body up and lay her on the bed.

She looks so innocent, you can hardly believe what just happened. A kiss on the cheek, and she beams up at you, "I'm a very good girl, aren't I?" You teasingly spank her, "No, you're very naughty." "Awwww.

but you like me that way." As you fall asleep, all you can think is that you'll wake up in a few hours with her sucking your cock and - "SHIT!! That stupid fucking paper."