Dreier nach der Sauna

Dreier nach der Sauna
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This is not a true story always wanted to make one so i am.NO real names just made them up One night daughter Marie was bored and just got a new laptop and was happy that she didnt have to use her dads all the time.

So she got on the internet one night and was playing some games when a chat room popped up since her dad didnt know what she was doing and really didnt care.So she click on it to see wat is was Marie being 16 and never been on a chat didnt know what to do so she look and seen all the people talking and thought this is a way to meet friends.She goes and click make account on the chat room and tells things about her like she is 5'3 weights about 112 and long brown hair and stuff she likes to do and has to lie about her age so she puts down 19 but is really 16.So she goes and adds a pic of her but the flash makes it to where u can see her face,she adds it on there and starts talking to people.


In her dad's room he is on the same site looking looking for people to talk too he is a divorced man looking for some women to talk too. He was 6'2 about 145 in his late 30's,no grey showing muscle built and had a picture of him on there but the flash made his face not show.

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So you think a dad and daughter would not meet but you never know what will happen on chats. So after a few mins on being on there the dad gets tired and goes to bed. The daughter sees his name on there before he logs off and adds him to her page because he seems cool and lives in the same area.She writes him a message but it shows he is offline now. So she closes her computer and lays down the next few days she gets on but that dude never does.Then one night when she goes and kisses her dad and lays down and gets online sees that the man gets on at the same time and she clicks on his name and writes <lilgirl1010>hi i see you live close to me so i thought i would add ya.

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The man sees the message and writes back. <bigman23>hey cool nice to meet you.

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<lilgirl1010>thanks 4 adding me tell me about yourself now. <bigman23>i am 6'2 145 and i am 38 divorced,have a daughter that is 16 and love sports. <lilgirl1010>cool nice i am 5'3 112 i am a single and sporty and looking for friends to chat with.

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After that they had several more sessions.They start talking about more and more about theirselves and tell secrets about themselves and they feel really close and like they know each other.She goes on and tells him that she fancied older guys,not the one her age and likes to get to know him more.He says sure and that he was tired and was going to go lay down.He gets off and lays down and so does his daughter.

The next day the dad stays in from work and daughter didnt go to school so they can talk more but in real life dont know it is eachother still.So they talk about and hour and she is so sleepy she gets offline. That night when the daughter goes to bed his computer stops working and needs to check his emails,so goes to her room and looks for the laptop and finds it takes to his room open it and sees that she was on the same chat as his and sees that her name was the same as the person he was talking too.He says no and looks again and sees it is the same he clicks on her pictures again and sees now that does look like his daughter and turns off the computer and goes to bed.He lays there trying to sleep and realized that he had gotten a boner thinking about what he has done but trys to shake his thoughts about talking to his daughter like that away.Does not work he keeps thinking about her pictures on the website one of her half-naked and thinks that he never realized how cute his daughter was till now but never wanted to think about having incest at all.

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So for the next few days,he does not get on the chat site till no night he was really bored and she writes him out of nowhere,where u been i miss talking to you and goes on about all this stuff.He gets turned on again and trys not to write it but can not control it writes can i see a full body shot of you and does and she replys:yes and does he sees that it is really his daughter.closes the site and goes to his daughter's room and tells her that it was him she was talking to and she starts crying because she thought she has meet the one and he holds her and she cries she sits there thinking about the nude picture of her and grabs her boob and says i thought i meet the right one too and kisses her and back away and says no we cant dad but he has over controled now and strips her down and starts making out with her and unzips his zipper and makes her suck his cock and she starts out first not doing it and then finally does and he starts fingering her and she gets wet and he pulls out of her mouth and pulls up her night shirt and looks down and pulls her lil body up and eats his sweet young daughter's pussy, after a few seconds tastes his younger daughter's sweet juices.She looks up at him and says daddy fuck me i dont wont to be a virgin no more.He looks up and says ok and get on top of her and his dick hitsher warm cunt,he slides his dick in slowly and he breaks the hymen.Then he pushes all the way in and she screams a lil but over the next few seconds starts to love it and asks for more.So he jams his dick into her pussy she moans and screams a lil saying daddy i love you.

He starts fucking her slowly but picks up speed in time and she moans and screams and craws his back waiting more and more and more he a man that has never failed to pull out does and shots a load deep into his daughter's cunt.He falls down on her breathing hard and really fast and she kisses his nose and says i love you daddy i am so happy you are my first daddy.

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