Incredible lesbians like to share sex toys

Incredible lesbians like to share sex toys
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How beautiful A Jade can be Chapter 1 "All right Mark, its your first day of work…only too damn many before the end of the school year." Mark Banderbuilt muttered to himself through clenched teeth as he stepped onto the wet pavement of Tammy L. Wright High School. "A Ford Prius, " he thought.

"38 years old and I'm driving a Ford fucking Prius." Any man knows the Prius is the queen of all chick cars. Any dude caught dead in one, metaphorically had his dick cut off and granted the stamp of a Grade-A bitch. Due to economic hard times Mark and his wife, Janis, had no choice but to trade in one of the family cars…unfortunately neither agreed to part with their cars, especially not Mark in his classic '67 Shelby GT500 so appropriately dubbed "Eleanor".

Janis and Mark solved the problem as they did all their conflicts. 2 out of 3 coin tosses later and Mark was sulking in his kitchen chair as his wife made the arraignments to sell his car. As if it weren't bad enough to have to drive the Crimson Red Fag-mobile to a high school full of observing ridiculing teenagers, he had the highest tenure despite his modest age and his boss (the principle) wouldn't settle for anything less than a up and front spot at the schools entrance…right past his Fag-mobile.

Mark slammed the door shut. With a scoff and click of his heels Mark turned to enter the newly renovated high school. A car door shut behind him, whirling around to try and see any recognizable faces at the ungodly hour of 6:30A.M., he saw only one, his son.

In his overflowing distain for the school he nearly forgot his son was riding in the back. 17 years old and already his son was at a modest height of 6'1inches, nearly as tall as he was. "Go sit in the cafeteria until breakfast is served, then get to class on time no dallying in the hallways, make sure your pants are up and don't let one of these girls distract you understand?" his son never looking up answered low but clearly "yes sir." Mark never admitted it but he was embarrassed by his son.

Tall but puny, he was so skinny and geeky always wearing the same jacket that hung around his knees his hair slicked back which wouldn't be unusual if he wasn't half black.

Shifting his bookbag on his shoulders Mark couldn't help but think, "Who in their right fucking mind brings a book bag on their first day? No wonder girls don't pay any attention to him." Jayson started his way past his father halted by his hand clenching his shoulders. "Remember Jayson, first impressions are lasting impressions, be respectful to your teachers, friends, and any other faculty or student understand." "Yes sir" with that Jayson shuffled his way to the cafeteria to sit alone in his corner as he always did.

Sighing at his pathetic excuse for a son, Mark, headed into the office to sign in for the first of many days to come. "Good Morning Mark welcome to another school year at T.L.W.S.H." Forcing a seemingly convincing smile on his face Mark managed to look his boss in the eye. "Good Morning Fredward, I'm looking for another great year with ripe minds to instill, but only under your tutelage." "Kissing ass on the first day.

I like it you might be V.P. next year." For the first time in a week Mark had a genuine laugh with his good friend. Heading out the door Mark noticed the school secretary walking through the door. Desperately trying to climb the steps to his room before she noticed, he stumbled dropping his lessons plans to the impressively sparkling ruby stained floor.

"Oh Mark I tell you where would you be without me to help you stay organized?" Giving her a look over, especially at her breast loosely swinging in her blouse he responded, "Jasmine you're a saint." The two finished filing the lessons plans together and Mark headed for the steps, he paused then shouted "JASMINE, I THINK IT'LL RAIN TODAY, YEAH RAIN HARD AT THAT." Instantly the secretary turned as red as his fag-mobile putting her head down, when she managed the courage to look up Mark was gone.

Heading to his classroom Mark couldn't hide the smile plastered across his face. He loved teasing Jasmine about the nickname that referred to how wet she got when he touched her but more so he loved recalling last year when he fucked her pussy so hard he thought he should have assault charges brought against his dick.

Yea he cheated on his wife, the bitch wasn't grateful anyways. Besides it was so worth sliding that whore across his bosses desk.

Ripping her pantyhose and squeezing that pink pussy that drippled her wetness across his fingers. The mere thought was cock-stiffening, just thinking about how his lips sucked on her pink nipples how his tongue slid through his teeth from one nipple to the next before he managed to ram his 7inch cock deep in her freshly shaved dripping pussy. Damn he did a good job on her and fucked her several times after too, each time leaving a different stain in his bosses office where his cum slid form her pussy onto the desk…or chair…or floor…or wall.

After a moment of fumbling for his golden key he unlocked his room door and flicked on the lights. A buzz was heard above his head and he admired the spotlessly cleaned room as it was illuminated.

Free of scuffs on the floor from the impossible number of Nike's that treaded across it during the school year. Relinquishing his thoughts Mark sat down to peruse his syllabus for the year.

Chapter 2 In the cafeteria Jayson watched as the buses pulled in he watched as his silent sanctuary was bombarded by teenagers each screaming to the person next to them over pointless gossip. "Sup fucktwad?" Jayson broken from his trance glared at the girl who now sat next to him, she was pale like a wannabe out of a twilight movie. Her hair long and stringy overly jetted black by her constant dying. She was skinnier than an Olsen twin and stood around 5'6.

They made out several times before and he even got to feel her A-cup breast. But like all good things in life that came to and end during her lesbian phase, which she was now over, but still wouldn't restore their previous relationship.

"Sup Bitchzoid." Miranda smiled through her cinnamon bun filled teeth and opened her mouth to show her partly processed food. That's when he saw her. The Asian chick no one took the time to befriend when she arrived at the end of last year's school year. She had to be about 5'1 93 pounds and her hair was in a long ponytail that tapered between her shoulder blades.

She had on a pink tank top and jeans that hugged her latent almost curves. The outline of her body was exquisite she was thin not frail, short, toned not muscular, and had the most beautiful tone of yellow skin that he had ever seen. As she headed in his direction Jayson stood directly in her path obviously ogling her. As she came by she must've noticed him because she gave an awkward smile and gentle wave. That's when he noticed it.

Unlike most Asians she didn't have dark brown eyes, her eyes were a beautiful hazel-green shade and her scent made his cock twitch. Completely ignoring Miranda, Jayson slowly stalked the girl moving through the hallways in his best batman impersonation.

She arrived at room and entered, he lingered in the hallway for 10minutes but she never came back out. "well at least I know where her first period class is" Glancing up he noticed the time in bright green letters on against the ruby walls. 8:08. but class started at 8:10. There wasn't a way he'd ever look like more of a dork so he didn't care as he raced down the hallways never letting the asian girl leave his mind as he arrived at his class door in record time…8:10.

he grabbed a chair in the front row which was mostly empty. Jayson didn't care he liked to be in the teachers face. School went on and Jayson went to the rest of his classes but he never saw the girl again. After school was out he got in the driver seat of his dads fag-mobile and pulled up to the side entrance. moments later his dad came shuffling out.

He slid into the passenger seat and directed him home. "Oh is that how we get home? No shit I must've forgot I only lived their for 17 years" Jayson thought but he didn't have the balls to utter them to his father. The next few weeks sucked camel nuts for Jayson, he made A's on everything he did, continued to have no friends, and worst of all he still didn't see the asian girl. At dinner Mark talked about how dumb the kids were and how he shouldn't be paid so low to baby-sit imbecile children.

Jayson had just cleared his plate and started for the hallway when he overheard his dad telling his mother that there was this particular girl who bothered him, always answering questions in chemistry that she doesn't know shit about just cause she's from fucking China or Vietnam or whatever.

Jayson waited until 2a.m. to steal his dad's laptop log on to the teaching account and pull up his class roster.


He skimmed the names until he found the one that sounded most foreign…Jade Heiyu…her bio said she was 15, a sophomore, 102lbs, and Japanese. He couldn't be sure if she was the asian he saw but there weren't too many in the school and he had to take a chance to see her. The next day Jayson offered to help his dad with teaching the students because his classes were pointlessly easy. Mark agreed and he followed his father to his classroom.

8:10 struck and the bell rang precisely. "Good Morning Class" "GOOD MORNING MR. BANDERBUILT" the class mockingly sung in perfect unison. Jayson skimmed the class and didn't see any asian girls. He regretted his decision and at that moment the girl came bouncing in the classroom handing in her tardy notice and sitting down not paying any attention to Jayson.

Her hair was down today and it graced her body especially the way it fell over her shoulders cascading to her collarbones.

She was wearing high top pink sneakers a pink shirt with a huge white heart in the middle and GOOD LORD a skirt. It wasn't a mini skirt but whenever she laughed she slightly opened her legs.

Between them was not visible which annoyed him but his imagination was more than capable enough to imagine what was between those yellow thighs.

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"Here, this is today's lesson you know it well enough to teach it, I'll be back before the end of class" and just like that Mr. Banderbuilt left his class in the hands of his 17year old geek frail Senior of a son. After a mental pep talk Jayson stood in front of the class with worksheets. "My dad said to do these" "NO ONE GIVES A SHIT FAGGOT" someone shouted from the back of the room. The class erupted in laughter, he slung his head put the papers on a table went to his fathers chair and logged on to his computer to do his own research.

He couldn't bear to look up and catch Jade laughing at him. After 20minutes Jayson recovered and was deeply in his history research paper when a tiny voice broke his concentration. Jade stood before him and she asked him something.

But she was so beautiful and she wore no makeup excluding eye shadow. She blushed, "why was she blushing?" Jayson thought. "Um, well do you know how to do this?" she asked eagerly Jayson blinked through his glasses then connected the dots… "Oh yea its easy I can help no problem" he stood to allow her to sit, again she blushed. As he leaned over to explain valence electrons he fought desperately to keep his eyes from traveling down her shirt.

"One look won't be so bad, just stare for a second get it out your system and help her" He thought and so he did. But her bra was more exposed than he thought. Yellow with blue and pink hearts scattered across them. Her breast bounced lightly whenever she shifted in the chair in confusion. At one point her nipple was half exposed and one chocolate brown nipple slid from its beautiful yellow prison and he made a high pitched squeak.

When she looked up he nervously stepped back and toppled to the ground. Another eruption of laughter from the class followed. As Jayson sat up he saw Jade swivel in his direction and surprisingly she wasn't laughing "Are you ok?" "Yea let's finish" as she pivoted her foot to swivel back to the desk her legs were momentarily wide open. She had on tiny yellow panties with pink hearts all over the edges and a large blue heart dead in the center, he was almost sure he saw the outline of her pussy and a puff of dark black-brown hair through the sheer blue heart above her yellow pussy lips.

He scurried to his feet and leaned over to help her this time to hide his major hard cock.

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He pretty much gave her the answers and that afternoon when he got home he raced to his room locked the door and jacked off twice but it did nothing for him.

His dick was still hard and all he could see was Jade standing before him in her matching yellow heart covered bra and panties. He couldn't wait to pin her down and slide his dick over her thighs. To pull them apart when he licked her stomach to kiss her neck and and curl his tongue against her pussy.

He couldn't wait for Jade to scream his name in Japanese when his tongue tickled her clit and slid warmly between her legs sinking into her pussy… "What the fuck is wrong with me? I'm never gonna fuck her unless I rape her" he angrily but honestly muttered to himself and yet he thought about it "Unless I rape her" the words played over and over in his head.

"Am I seriously having a dark fantasy about this?" he thought about it and decided he'd do it. "I'm never gonna get any pussy anyways.

I minus well take it; and if I get caught I'll kill myself wouldn't be the first time I've tried" with that he set the plans in motion. It wasn't hard getting all the information he needed on her. He just snuck on his dads computer again got her home address and home number but only one name was in for Parent/Guardian, this was good that means she had a single mother and no overprotective father to find him and kill him.

He drove by her house several times a day to check passing activity. His predictions were right; it was just she and her mother. No siblings no father. After a week of building confidence collecting a crowbar, small pocketknife, tape, rope, lubricant, condoms, and oils he saddled them up in a duffle bag and drove off in the fag-mobile early Saturday morning. He parked 1.5miles from her house at a park, got out in his jogging suit to reduce suspicion pulled the bag from his trunk and started his jog to her house.

He didn't hurry cause he knew she was a cheerleader and practice wouldn't be over until 2 and her mom worked the weekends at the firehouse, which meant she wasn't coming home at all. As soon as he reached the edge of her lawn he pretended to fall and roll down the hill incase anyone saw him on their property.

He dove in the bushes and went to the back door. He pulled out the crowbar but heard talking from inside the house. His heart pounded he began to tense as his sweaty hands fought for a grip on the crowbar. The talking continued, that's when he realized a t.v. had been left on when the girl apparently left for cheer practice. He looked for the source of the sound and saw it was through a barely cracked window a few steps over.

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He tried to pry it open with his fingers but it didn't budge. He slipped out the crowbar and gave it a firm push. It creaked loudly and was afraid that someone might come to the back of the house to check.

If they caught him running away they'd call the police…his choice was made for him he gave another hard push and the window shot open loudly he scrambled inside and pulled the window down to the exact same height he found it. The house wasn't what he expected. He expected asian ornaments all over the house but he couldn't so much as find a Buddah Idol. He went into the bathroom in hopes of finding towels in case he needed Something besides tape to shut her up.

He accidently knocked down the garbage can and out came three tiny tubes. He picked one up and saw that it was originally blue but looked purplish. "This if fucking great I go through all this trouble and she's on her fucking period" he tossed the tampon into the trash and noticed a wine bottle.

"She doesn't seem like the type to drink" he whispered. He looked around and deduced that he was in her mother's bathroom. He walked around upstairs until he found another he looked in the trash and found nothing but price tags he peaked under the counter and saw a box of tampons unopened. A smile crossed his face "No way she's on her period" "Hey Mama I know you can't answer now but I'm letting you know I'm home and I'm going to nap for a while incase you call I'm so tired coach really made us workout anyways I love you call him later see you Monday Byeeeee!!" Jayson's heart pounded.

She was in the house and he didn't even hear her get dropped off or walk in. he frantically searched for a hiding spot in the bathroom but there was none. He dashed out into the hall found what was her room and hid in her closet leaving it open so she wouldn't be suspicious. He saw her come in and as she did he slunk back against the wall pressing his back to it trying to become more invisible.

She rummaged through some drawers and disappeared from the room…a few minutes later the shower clicked on and he thought about running. "I can't leave through the front door someone will see, and if I go through the back the door won't be locked anymore, and if I go through the window she'll hear." Jayson cursed at himself knowing he was screwed.

His choice was made for him he had to rape her besides there was no way he'd get out of her without someone knowing. She came bouncing in the room. He peaked out the door and saw her standing there dripping wet and naked. Her back was too him and he saw her ass small but plump. Water rolling off her over her shoulder blades down her back sliding in different paths over her ass. Someone continuing down her legs coiling around her thighs and resting at her feet.

The rest curving under her ass to her pussy.

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She was playing with her hair in the mirror and in her reflection he could see her breast perfectly, her breast were a solid B-cup and her nipples were perky and full swollen and chocolate brown with red spots one her yellow breast from her shower.

His dick stiffened when he saw a bead of water roll down her breast and drop from the edge of her nipple which was a perfect half-dollar. Unfortunately her pussy was blocked by the dresser but he was hard enough to shoot a whole through the wall. Her yellow wet naked body nearly made him moan just by staring at her. She turned and began to walk towards the closet he sat back held his breath and reached for the tape.

"FUCK ME SIDEWAYS," he left the bag in her mothers bathroom. He was terrified didn't know what to do. He was skinny pathetic weak and pointless. These thoughts boiled in Jaysons head and he uttered two words "Fuck it" he saw her freeze, she must've heard him, she stared at her door.

He stood up pushed the door open and lunged at her. Jade turned to run but was caught by her wrist Jayson immediately brought his hands up to her mouth and held it firmly over her mouth. Jade tried to scream kicking and thrashing fighting with all her might until she was exhausted. Jayson threw her on her bed climbed over her pinned her to the bed took his shirt off and leaned close. "Listen Jade, I won't fuck you I swear I'll just do a few things and we'll get along just fine ok?" "Why the fuck are you doing this to him I'm the only person that ever gave a shit about your gay ass" Jade spat threw her teeth Jayson smiled "I see you don't get it" Jayson kissed her deeply when he finally broke their kiss she stared at him blankly and confused.

"Look Jayson, I don't know what you thinking but her can't do this I'm 15 my mom and dad will be home soon I won't say anything I swear but you gotta go now just g—" "Your lying, and for that you've gotta be punished." Jade tried to protest but her lips were meet with Jayson's. He kept her hands together with one of his as he allowed his other to slip down to her face he held her while he kissed her, she was tense and wasn't kissing back at all she felt numb and didn't move while they kissed.

Annoyed Jayson slid his hand down to one of her breast…she moved. He took his fingers and grazed her nipple with the tips of his fingers allowing more and more of his fingers touched her nipple as he moved his fingers around. He squeezed her nipple and she bit his lip, he pulled it hard far away from her breast and allowed it to snap back against her chest and she moaned. Jayson kissed his way down her neck taking her nipple in his mouth letting her hands go.

she instantly slapped him and leapt from the bed. He regained his composure grabbed her ankle and dragged her back despite her screams for help. Out of anger he slapped her ass hard enough to leave a huge red hand print against her yellow ass. She screamed in pain and fell silent.

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Angry Jayson leaned to her face pushed his hand against her stomach and stared in her hazel-green eyes. "You want me to rape you don't you? You want me to fuck you until you scream to shove my dick down your throat and let you die choking on it huh?" through tears she whispered, " I just want you to leave me alone" "I was going to but you fucked that up with your stunt," his hands inched down her stomach to the small tussle of dark brown pubic hair shaved into the cutest landing strip of any fifteen year old ever.

She tensed and locked her legs "I'm sorry I'm a virgin please don't do this I'll date you I'll do whatever I won't tell just don't do this" With a smile Jayson wedged his fingers between Jade's thighs. Slipped a finger over her clit and pushed down on her pussy. His dick pressed against his pants fighting to break free. He moved his hand between her tight yellow thighs and squeezed her pussy firmly in his hand, Jade let out a low shriek and she clutched her carpet.

He contiue to squeeze her pussy tighter and tighter using everything he googled. He finally gave in to her desires and pushed two fingers between her lips. She moaned and he dug his fingers deep in her pussy sliding them between her walls inside her pussy up and down in and out faster and faster until her legs fell open and Jayson had control over her body. Ever so often he'd slide his fingers from her pussy to massage her lips and trace the edges of her pussy with his finger tips before plunging them between her lips.

He fingered her sliding his hands up and down those yellow thighs and back between those soft lips until her pussy tightened and tried to push his fingers out. He refused and slammed his hand into her pussy. With that slam a wave of cum shot from her pussy and she squirted against his chest soaking his jeans as she kicked and thrashed on the bed.

When she stopped her face was red and she held herself closing her legs fast and rolled over on her side.

When Jayson leaned over to touch her she flinched. With his new found confidence he didn't wait to see if she was ok he turned her on her back and grabbed her thighs. She was trying to keep them closed…he wasn't having that.

Jayson used all the muscles he never used before and forced her legs open. He licked both thighs thoroughly before before kissing her pussy. Jade pushed against his head trying to get him away from her pussy but he bit down on her clit and she screamed and let go of his head. "I'm sorry that was mean let him lick it for you" Jayson licked Jade's clit sucking on it kissing on nibbling on it moving his way to her lips tugging and pulling on them with his teeth sucking her clit in his mouth and spreading her lips to lick her pussy clean.

Jayson licked every corner of Jade's pussy getting every ounce of cum from between her legs until he made her orgasm again. He couldn't help it he loved the taste of her cum and he loved making her do it.

She fought hard to stop herself but it only made her cum harder. When she did cum he grabbed her hips pulled her pussy to his face and ate her until it dribbled down his chin.

Jayson unzipped his pants dropping his boxers and pants together his dick was a surprising 8inches. When Jade looked down she gasped, first at his size then at the fact that he had it out.

"Jayson&hellip.what are her doing?" "Jade you may not be good in chemistry but you sure as hell aren't dumb" Her eyes widened "Noooooo…YOU SAID YOU WOULDN'T" "I know…its called lying" Jade tried to fight with all her might but she was too weak from her orgasms.

Jayson opened her legs and put his black cock on top of her wet pussy. He never fucked a girl before so he wasn't sure how it was going to go…he didn't really care either. She tensed her body and held her breath. He grabbed her waist and slid his cock over her pussy grinding his head against her clit as she moaned. He slid his cock up and down over her pussy until he dribbled pre-cum all over her tiny tight virgin yellow pussy.

His dick wanted to be comforted so he pushed the head in a bit. "Wait I really am a virgin" "Jade trust me, I won't hurt you" "Ha!, trust you? You just raped me" she smiled a genuine smile at Jayson "Not yet I didn't" he said looking into her eyes Jade looked at the head parting her virgin lips then back at the man raping her and whispered "Go for it baby" she wrapped her legs around his waist and dug her heels in his side.

He got about 3 inches inside before Something blocked his way, he knew what it was and so did she. He eased out a bit and forced his dick through her hymen she screamed and he held her for eternity then she spoke "Fuck me baby" He slid his dick in another two inches until he reached her cervix.

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Slowly he slid it out of her wet sopping pussy and pushed it back in faster and faster. Until his dick was nothing but a blur inside her wet pussy. His dick was long and hard his body was surprisingly toned for such a skinny guy. He actually had rippling muscles they were small but definitely ripped. His abs were tight and his biceps to die for. Her breast were soft and nipples were hard her pussy was dripping and his dick enjoyed every second it plunged in and out of her lips every moment it slipped between those yellow lips he inched closer to cumming.

Finally he did shooting string after string of hot sperm into her stomach which made her cum. Her pussy squeezed around his dick and she came on him both of their cum mixing and sliding out the side of her pussy down his dick and both their thighs. They lay there, for hours. He finally sat up and asked her.

" Do her want to be his girlfriend." "Well you came in me and didn't wear a condom, if I'm pregnant I have to be…so yes you bad bad rapist." They both laughed and held one another.

Chapter 3 The next morning they ate breakfast and she prepared for her shower but before she could Jayson grabbed her and sat her down on his leg. He rocked her on his leg as her jeans got wet.

kissing her and grabbing her ass pushing his chest to hers and already she could feel her nipples stiffening under her bra. He could feel the heat from her pussy, he could shimll the wetness as it trickled from her lips into her panties dampening her jeans as he pushed harder against her. He wrap his arms around her to hold her for a bit kissing her before sitting back and she ran her hands along his back. he looked in her eyes as she slide his shirt off him and tossed it to the ground.

he let her run her fingers across his body, down his back, around his waist, over his shoulders, across his chest, and over his stomach before he take her by her hips. dig a little into her and pull her shirt over her head and throw it to the ground.

imhimdiately pushing their chest together as he pulled her to him and kissed her. his hands rapidly moving over her hips over her back to her shoulders and stomach across her neck and chest and finally to her bra. with both his hands cupping her breast firmly he squeezeed them for a minute then let go letting them slide out of his hand and he continued to do it as she felt his hands on her bra putting pressure. he takes it up a notch when he pause on her breast and grind against her a bit, yea his dick is definitely harder.

he take his thumbs and roll them over her bra right where her nipples stand proud underneath. he rotates them in circles as she shivers and bites his lip. her breath is shallow and he can feel her wetness through his pants now. he leans over and kiss her neck licking behind her ear down to her collar bone and kissing his way back to her lips after they break, breathless, he let her rise off him.

they part and theres a tent in his pants. she kneels down and unbuckle his belt; she unzips his pants and they fall free to his ankles as she rises he steps out and slide his arms around to her ass. he grabs it squeezes it and lightly slap it before he unzips her jeans and kiss down her neck between her breast over her bra down her stomach and to the tip of her jeans.

as he slide them down he kiss over her panties right where her pussy is waiting, wetting, dripping, sopping ready for whatever he haves to offer. he kisses between her legs down her thighs and she step out of her jeans. he licks his way back up her thighs over her panties on her pussy again up her stomach to her bra and lightly bite one nipple as he releases he kisses her neck grab her ass whisper he loves her.

he drop his boxers and his dick pops free.

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it rises a bit higher thick, long, fat, rock hard, yet very smooth and she grasps it in her hands as she runs her fingers across the head and down his shaft.

before she finishes inspecting his dick he slip his hands between her legs on her panties. firmly push against her pussy before he spread her legs. he run his hands to her ass and down the back of her thighs before he spread them. he lift her up and slide her down his stomach as he step back to the bed and on top of his dick. the only thing that separates his dick and her pussy is the thin layer of panties between them.

he clutch her back with one hand while freeing her breast from her bra with the other. as it falls off he knock it to who-knows-where and press their chest together its different though.

her breast are free she can feel his chest against hers she can feel how warm his skin is against her breast how her nipples stiffen as they slide over his chest. and now how his hands feel as he cups her breast as he squeezes them harder now but not too hard.

he take his hands and caresses her nipples. pulling them as they snap back into place sending a pulse throughout her body every time he do it. he continues to do it while grinding his bare dick into her panties which are now saturated and he kiss her harder. he feel her squeeze his back and dig her nails in his shoulders as he pinches her nipples and run his fingers around them never forgetting to rub and squeeze her breast.

he loves how she moans when he rolls her nipples between his fingers alternating between fingertips and knuckles. he can feel the heat from her pussy he can feel her pussy at its wettest as it runs down his dick to fall from his balls. he knows shes ready to cum all the signs are right. he break free from their kiss and he take her nipple in his mouth. its perfect she loves every minute. how his tongue feels as it rolls over her nipples how it feels for his lips to massage her breast how it feels for him to suck on her nipple and her absolutely love how it feels for him to bite her nipple softly and roll it between his breast alternating between each nipple sharing the sensation and the pulses her felt before are now tremors sending shock waves from her nipples to her chest to her brain then stomach and finally crashing into her pussy as he feel his dick drenched as she squirts against it running down there legs.

in his attempt to stop her cumming pussy he quickly lay her down. he tear away her panties and lick the cum from her pussy. licking every sticky spot he can find all over her thighs clit and lips. he nuzzle his lips against her clit as her wrap her legs around his head and he push forward as her try to push back.

after flicking his tongue against her clit a bit he takes it in his mouth and suck it rolling over it with his tongue creating rings of pleasure around it. finally she feels that warmth in her stomach that feeling that she knows her pussy is about to get tighter that its about to twitch and cum he knows it too.

before he lets her cum again he break away from her clit and force his tongue as deep as possible into her pussy.

trying his hardest to reach the hilt of her pussy. he slides his tongue against her walls running it along her left wall then her right before flattening it and licking both at once. he search the roof of her pussy for a gspot praying that he find it.


he pop his tongue free and lick her lips he runs his lips over them sucking on the from time to time curving his tongue against her clit ever so often before prying his tongue back into her pussy. after a few revolutions around her pussy with his tongue he find that glorious spot and her body shivers she bucks against him but he holds her legs open fast.

she pushes his head down and he eat her pussy as she cums. he can feel her cum dripping down his lip down his chin down his neck down his chest and stomach and finally pouring down his dick in trickles as it curves along his shaft until it reaches his head and drips into a small pool on the floor. they came twice but he's determined for three, he kisses her neck and bite her nipple. he trace the edges of her lips with his fingers playing with her clit he spreads her lips and push three fingers in her pussy.

he move them around a bit exploring what his tongue just had moving them across her walls getting her wet all over again trying to find any trace left of cum spreading her lips preparing it for one last major thing.

he grabs his dick and guides it to her clit. he rub the head of his dick against her clit several times as she squirms under him either from the intensity or sheer excitement of the moment. after a bit of teasing her he pulls his dick up and push it against her pussy, thats right its not in it, her pussy lips straddle his dick and he slide it against them. the curve of his dick is perfect to reach her clit as he hold one leg open and pin her hip down with his other hand.

she grinds her pussy faster than he's moving against her. her yearning to cum and cum hard her begging to release every ounce of love in her onto his long fat dick begging for it to enter and break her free of her cursed orgasm. finally he give in. he push her arms over her head. lean close to her, her breast are against his chest again and she can already feel her nipples starting to pulse as he grinds against it.

but there is something else something more intense than they've ever felt. its his dick possibly too big but some how worth the tight fit as he guides it with his hips into her pussy. the head parting her lips a bit snug at first but giving way easier and easier as he move in. she feels stuffed as if his dick should never come out but technically a little less than half is till out.

somehow he pushes deeper creating room where there wasn't any. his dick sliding into her lips his dick sliding further into her pussy pushing against her cervix pushing its way as far as possible. her bucking underneath him thrashing and grinding her clit against him. he pulls back until he can feel his head parting her lips.he grab her yellow ass and pulls himself back in pushing hard and firm into her.

not moving to fast.

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but his pumps becoming more powerful with each thrust. his dick is harder longer thicker and it fills her pussy entirely. her lips are stretched and her pussy is filled as he slide his dick into her pussy in and out in and out in and out moving faster and faster rotating and wiggling his dick ever so often falling free to slap against her clit or ass before he guide it back between her lips.

it doesn't take long but she's ready at least she thinks she is. she wraps her legs around him and he grabs her ass raising her hips off the table a bit as he continue to thrust his dick into her pussy and suddenly he's the one who feels something. its her pussy its getting tighter around his dick squeezing it tighter as it gets wetter and he can feel her pussy coat his dick in her cum and wetness he sees her squirt against his stomach he rears back and pusesh as deep as he can one last thrust unloading string after string of cum into her pussy she knows what it is her can feel it warm yet satisfying she wants more of it and her.

her pussy clenches around his dick again and as he slide out her legs pull him back in and they cum together both moaning and shaking as he tries hard to hold onto her nipples with his mouth. he rolls her over and she lays on him. they fall asleep fast all the while her breast remain on his chest his hands on her back and ass but most importantly his hard long thick dick is still spreading her pussy deeply lodged between her lips.

Damn how beautiful a Jade can be.