Interracial Fucked For Three Hot Pornstar

Interracial Fucked For Three Hot Pornstar
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My name is Chris, when I was 13 or so I came home from school and heard the tv in my parents room on.

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I walked up the stairs and heard my neighbor, Mr. Muprhy's voice, say "come on baby just like that yeah". I slowly walked towards the bedroom and the door was creaked open a bit. Mr. Murphy was sitting on the edge of my parents bed in his work suit, but his pants were around his ankles. My mom's face was buried in his crotch and he had both hands firmly on her head yanking her scalp back and forth.

My mom, a 42 year old blonde with C cup tits was nude except for a black g-string that clung tightly to her hips. My heart was pounding, how could my mother do this to my dad? He would be back in two or three hours, and I couldnt believe she was cheating on him. "ahh ahh! what did I tell you about teeth god damnit?!" Mr.

Murphy said as my mom looked up at him briefly.

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"I'm sorry baby I-" she started to say but he interrupted "dont talk Kate, just suck my dick", he said. I could see the hurt in her eyes as she stared blankly at his cock, before mindlessly enveloping it into her mouth again. I coudlt believe this. Not only was my mom cheating on my dad, but she was being treated like a whore by my ass hole nieghbor. Mr. Murphy had her blonde ponytail firmly in his hand and was aggresively jerking her head back and forth onto his penis.

"Deep throat it" he said. My moms eyes had been closed but now they opened as she opened her mouth further and tried to take all of it into her mouth,but couldnt, so she took the dick out of her mouth and began licking up the entire shaft slowly. "come on i said deep throat it, not to treat it like fucking candy. Try again." he said as he rammed her head back onto his dick.

She opened her mouth and continued sucking. Suddenly he became happy again as he said "oh yeah thats right baby, suck my dick" he said, and her only reply was a tender sounding "mmmmmmh" I decided to walk in and I said "what the fuck is this?!" "oh jesus christ!" Mr.

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Murphy shouted as he quickly scrambled to put his pants on. "oh god Chris! Cant you knock?!" my mom said as she scrambled to find her bra on the ground, trying to shield her nipples from my sight. "I think you'd better go" I told Mr. Murphy sternly as he buckled his belt.

"oh dont worry kid, i'm not coming back here. Your mom cant suck cock for shit." he said as he briskly walked out the door. My mom had found her bra and was putting it on by now and I saw a tear begin to roll down her cheek. "You slut, how could you do this to dad?" I asked. Now my mom really broke down crying. "I'm so sorry Chris!

We got in a fight a week ago and Mr. Muprhy came over and he was so nice, and.I dont know one thing led to another" she stammered in between tears. I just stared at her." oh god Chris please dont tell your father he'd kill me! Please!" "You got in a fight with dad so you decided to suck the neighbors dick? How the fuck does that happen!" "He came over because he said he knew what I was going through, oh god I dont know, he was so nice and made me feel so much better about it, and then.oh god Chris I'm so sorry!" Suddenly a sick idea came into my head.

"I wont tell dad if you let me fuck you" I said plainly. My mothers face was a mix between disgust and horror.

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"Chris, is this a joke? Your my son, I could never-" "well then dads finding out in two hours" I said. "Chris, please- its not just for me, I dont think thats good for you to think of your mom as-" "Mom, its not a question, either you let me fuck you or I tell dad". My mom stared long and seriously at me.

"do you have a condom?" she asked. Shit, i hadnt thought of that.


"no, but i'll fuck you in the ass." "What?! Chris thats disgusting. A. I'm your mother! B.oh god i cant believe i'm telling you this but I havent done that since.well since you were four or five." "well then its gonna hurt but let me do it!" I said. There was a long silence and I just stood there staring at her, my heart pounding.

Would she actually agree? "I'll suck your dick" my mom finally said quietly. "No, either I fuck you in the ass, or I'll tell dad everything". A tear dropped to the ground and I looked at my mom and saw she was crying a tiny bit. I didnt care. Fuck her. She had cheated on my dad. "O.K. Chris. I'll do it." She said weakly. "good, now you can start by taking off your bra and getting on the bed." I said.

She removed her bra, wiped away a final tear, and got on the bed on all fours. "mom.dont hate me for this" I said as I took off my own shirt and unbuckled my pants. "I dont Chris.I love you. You know that. Do you want me to take off the g-string?" she said, her voice sounding more normal and less sad. "You dont have to." I said as I pushed off my boxers and prepared to mount her from behind.

I took a second to appreciate the phenominal ass in front of me. Moms butt may have been a little more meaty than a swimsuit mdoels, but damn was it fine. The G-string clung to her hips tightly and I watched the string dissapear into the crack of her ass.

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I akwardly tried to pinch the string out of her butt but i just pinched her butt cheek and she let out a small, half joking yelp. "Hang on.I can do it" she said as she moved the string to the far side of her left butt cheek, leaving her ass open for fucking. "Ok you ready?" I asked. "yes hunny.I love you" she said.

Maybe she was waiting for me to say it back but I didnt. I spread her ass open and man was it hot. She had a tiny little pink asshole with a shade of dark that made it look darker than a normal pink. "wow mom." I said "whats wrong?" she said sounding alarmed. "nothing. You have such a hot ass hole its unbelievable" Then she said in an entertained voice" would it be too much info to tell you i've heard that before?".

I didnt waste any more time before plowing my dick into her ass. But it was too tight and it didnt really go in. "ahhh, go slower Chris! I told you I havent done this in awhile" "sorry mom, you ready?" "yeah go" Slowly, I edged my dick into her anus, 1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches.

I could feel the warmth enveloping my dick and it felt truly amazing. I pushed harder in "ahhh, ehhhh oh fuck" my mom said in a high pitched, almost scared voice.

"you ok?" I asked. "uhh huh" was all she mumbled between gritted teeth. I pushed harder, 4 inches, 5 inches, only an inch and a half not in. I started fucking it, slowly at first, then faster and faster until I was getting all 6 1/2 inches in her. Suddenly mom started making noise: "mmmmm.ahhhhhh oh god.ahhhhh.ahhhh!!.Ahhhhh!.ehhhh" she sounded like a little girl about to cry.

I started to feel bad so I said "Mom, are you Ok?" "Keep going .it feels good" she said breathless. This really turned me on as I continued to fuck her harder and harder and the screaming yelps continued. Suddenly she screamed out. "ehhh! Ehhhh! Ehhh!Oh my god! Oh! Oh! Oh! Stop! stop baby please!" she shouted, and I stopeed despite the fact that I was getting ready to cum.


"oh(gasp) god.that started to hurt, i'm sorry hunny(gasp)" I still hadnt come and had a raging boner, so this had really gotten me mad. " Finish me off mom! Or i'm telling dad, hurry" I said.

As if obeying an order my mom quickly got on her knees, readjusted her underwear, and began sucking my cock very aggressively. "that was just in your butt" i laughed, looking down at her. "mmmm, not the first time i've done this" she said quickly as she briefly took the dick out of her mouth and ran her tongue up and down the shaft.

I grabbed her ponytail and shoved her head into my crotch aggressively, but she took all of me into her mouth without making a sound, and continued slirping. "oh god mom. yeah, keep sucking" I said as I continued to push her head into my crotch. I stared down at her on her knees, sucking me off, and noticed how hot the G-string looked on her. "That underwears hot on you" I said. "Why dont you flip around so I can get a better view" I said.

She took me out of her mouth and I layed down on the bed. She then sat down on her stomach facing my dick, 69 position. Her ass was less than an inch from my face but the G-string was blocking my view of her pussy and butt. "mmm better view?" she asked before enveloping my dick back into her mouth and aggresively sucking my cock. "Yeah but take off the underwear" I ordered and she slipped out of it while continuing to blow me.

I spread her ass cheeks and peeked at her cute little ass hole.

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I began fingering her pussy and I felt her shiver a bit in the mouth as she continued to suck me, but now distracted by my finger. "oh god i'm gonna cum mom, keep sucking my dick" I said as I began to buck at her mouth.

Suddenly I felt the explosion of cum as I bucked wildly at her mouth and felt her attempting to swallow all my cum. After I came I felt like I was going to pass out. "alright honey, now no telling dad" she said after giving my dick a quick loving kiss.

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"alright" I said, and I left the room a changed man