Bigtitted glamour milf pussy pounded in heels

Bigtitted glamour milf pussy pounded in heels
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Jasmine was 16. Her father died in a car crash before she was born, but she didn't care, as she hadn't known him.

She was quite pretty, with red hair, muddy green eyes, and pale skin that didn't tan, but also didn't burn.

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Her breasts were developing quickly now, and would more or less fit into an A cup. Although she was pretty, pretty enough to attract most of the boys in the school, she wasn't going-out with any of them. In her spare time, she would wander around town,staying-out late, and hanging around the slums. One night, she heard a woman talking to a man, discussing a sum of money for sex.

In other words, prostitution, something that Jasmine had always been curious about. "It's £5 for a handjob, £12 for a blowjob, £18 for anal, and £25 for 'love'" she heard the woman say.


The man then said "I'll pay you for all of it." The woman agreed, and Jasmine heard the rustle of banknotes. Her eyes widened, as she heard these "forbidden" terms, and the man with the prostitute walking away. £60 in one night!


Come to think of it, she had heard some of the senior students at her school talking about this stuff, and considering all the boys seemed to find her attractive.

An idea began to form in her mind. The next week, Jasmine walked into school with a smile on her face.

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She'd had the whole weekend to prepare for this, and now, she thought she was ready. She had decided that she would try her new idea out on someone she knew probably wouldn't hurt her.

As soon as her main stalker, Chris, came up to her, she smiled at him, and said "Hiya! D'you want to go to a movie?" Chris stared at her in amazement. She'd never paid him any attention, and now, as if actually talking and making eye-contact wasn't enough, she had just asked him on a date!! "Uh.

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s-sure." he managed, causing Jasmine to smile. "When's good for you?" she asked, stepping closer to him, cose enough for him to smell her faint but intoxicating perfume.

"Umh. t-tomorrow night?" he asked, at the same time bending forwards a little to try and smell her hair. He was hoping that at the end of the date, he just might get a kiss. "Great!" said Jasmine, bringing both of her hands down on his shoulders, pulling him out of his trance, and making him jump slightly.


He watched her walk-off, swaying her hips in the "victory-walk" that most girls master by the age of nine. All through the school day, Jasmine teased Chris: she sat next to him in class, pressed her thigh against his, and lifting his trouser leg with her heel, amongst other things, and generally having fun torturing him. Chris seemed to go to the to the bathroom quite a lot more than usual that day. They walked-home together, making plans for their date, although Jasmine's plans were a little different to Chris's.

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they came to Chris's street, Jasmine turned-around and whispered right in his ear "I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, how about you?". Chris only made a sort of squeaking sound, causing Jasmine to grin as she walked-off.

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She noticed that Chris was walking slightly strangely on his way to his house. -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•- The next day, Jasmine laid-off teasing Chris, apart from once, by the lockers, when she "accidentally" bumped-into him, pressing her breasts against his chest and brushing her hand against his crotch, causing him to go bright red.

That afternoon, as everyone left, Jasmine grabbed Chris's hand, and virtually dragged him towards the local cinema, causing many of the kids to stare. When they got there, Jasmine asked Chris to choose a film. He did, and payed for the tickets.

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Jasmine then payed for the snacks, though Chris protested, and they went into Studio 3. The film was some crappy action-film, and all through the adverts, Jasmine sat with her hand on Chris's thigh, tracing patterns and beating tattoos lightly with her fingers, grinning to herself.

When the film started, she sat on his lap, and, under the pretence of getting more comfortable, she shifted-around, trying to figure-out the best way to torture him. She soon felt his erection that actually seemed quite large. By the end of the movie, Chris was seriously hoping for a little more than a kiss.

As they left the cinema, Jasmine whispered in Chris's ear "Hey, d'you want me to show you something?"He turned to her and said "I'd love to." Jasmine giggled, and pulled him back into the cinema. "What are we doing back here?!" Chris asked quietly. "Wait and see." said Jasmine, equally quietly. She led him to a store cupboard, filled with cushions for small children. She lay-down and pulled him onto her, and kissed him hard, albeit clumsily.

They started making-out awkwardly, and after a little while, Chris moved his hands down to the bottom of her jumper. As he started to lift it up, Jasmine suddenly pulled away, and said "Ah ah! You're going to have to pay for that!" Chris's eyes widened, and he licked his lips nervously. "H-how much.?" he asked.

Jasmine grinned evilly, and whispered "You can show me what you can do for £30!" Chris only nodded. Jasmine giggled at his awkwardness, and took his hands in hers.

She brought them hesitantly up to her chest, and moved them around a bit. Chris soon got the message, and started inexpertly massaging her breasts through her school dress and jumper, causing Jasmine to moan, and giving her an ecstatic tingling feeling in her stomach. She moaned again, and leant up for another kiss.

She then whispered into Chris's ear "It's getting hot in here, do you think we could try and. cool off?" Chris got the message quite quickly, and pushed her jumper up above her ribs.

He then started unbuttoning the neck of her school dress, as she started unbuttoning his shirt, her slit beginning to moisten. When Chris's not unappealing chest, and Jasmine's flat upper stomach and training-bra were in view, Jasmine removed Chris's hands from her body, and moved down to his belt.

She undid it swiftly, and pulled his trousers down. They had forgotten about his shoes, and a brief moment of awkwardness and amusement followed. After Chris's trousers and shirt were off, allowing his erection to bulge more freely, he moved to the top of Jasmine's dress and pulled it down. She lifted her arms, and it came over her head. Suddenly unsure, she hesitated for a while before shrugging and pulling Chris's boxers down.

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Now completely naked, Chris reached behind Jasmine's back, and managed to undo her bra successfully on only the second try, a miracle for a first-timer. Feverishly, he pulled Jasmine's knickers down, then sat back briefly to admire her slim form.

Jasmine's breasts lay against her slender frame, and her sex glistened with its own juices, the slippery sensation between her thighs feeling indescribable.

"Wow, it's big!" she said, looking at his erection with fascination. She felt her already wet pussy start to tingle, almost unbearably."Will you. You know. Suck it?" asked Chris.Jasmine said not a word, only nodded, and took the tip of it into her mouth, causing Chris to gasp. Jasmine started bobbing her head up and down, causing Chris to groan quite loudly.

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Jasmine stopped, scared that someone might have heard him, and waited for about thirty seconds, before starting to move her head up and down again. This time, she experimented with her tongue, swirling it around the head of his manhood, causing him to buck his hips involuntarily. She then decided to see what would happen if she put the tip of her tongue into one of the two holes on the end of his tool.

She did so with the bottom one first then the top one, wriggling it around a little. Chris gave a series of grunts, and spurted his load into Jasmine's mouth. Jasmine swirled the salty slime around in her mouth for a short while before deciding that she liked it.

She swallowed it, relishing the feeling of it slipping down her throat, and sucked Chris's now flaccid meat back into her mouth to glean every drop of sperm from the head, still unsatisfied. No matter how hard she tried, Jasmine couldn't get Chris hard again, so they decided to call it a night, put their clothes back on, and exited the storage-cupboard, Jasmine greatly frustrated. All of the lights were out, which puzzled them, and when they came to the doors, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't open the doors!

The cinema had closed while they had been in the cupboard, and now, they were stuck.