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Emily blühen 05
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Donald Bass is a 49 year old billionaire who had everything in life, everyting except a significant other. He finally found one in Kristin Williams.

She was a d-list celebrity who had the perfect body. She was 5'9'' with nice long legs, long blonde hair, round d-cup breasts, flat stomach, and a nice tight and big ass, a man's dream. Also she was a major christian and she wasn't going to give herself up until marriage. He met her at a party and they immediately started dating and a year later they were married. On their wedding night he filled her nice tight pussy with his 5-inch penis and he could see she was satisfied.

He knew she was in it mostly for the money because he was not very good looking and they didn't have much chemistry together. Three years later they were still married. She had given up her career and became housewife only going to parties and talking with other rich wives.That all changed one night though.

Donald and Kristin were leaving one of their charity events in their limo and Donald realized something very odd, they were going the wrong way.

He asked the limo driver what was going on and he said it was a short cut. As they kept going the streets kept on getting darker and dirtier. Donald demanded to know what was going on. Then the limo driver stopped the car and opened the window and said, "we have some business together." Just then the door opened and Donald and Kristin saw two black men with guns getting into the car.

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"Get out of the car, both you," one of them said. They first refused but then realized they had guns pointing at their heads.

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They got out and were immediately blindfolded but before that they realized they were in the ghetto in front of a large apartment building. They still did not put up much of a fight and were ushered into the apartment building. They were unblindfolded and were told to walk up the stairs, when they reached the third floor they were told to stop and were then put in a very small 1-bedroom apartment.

It had a kitchen a living room and a bedroom, that was it. Once they were in there they were told to sit and wait. The two gunmen were sitting right next to them still holding the guns. 20 minutes later another black man walked in, both Donald and Kristin recognized him as the limo driver. He said, "If you guys cooperate I will let you go in peace but if you don't it could get ugly and by the way you won't be able to trace this back to me because I give the limo company a fake name and address, sorry." "First both of you get into your underwear immediately." Donald removed his tux to reveal his briefs and his flabby body, then Kristin removed her long low-cut designer red dress to reveal red panties and a red bra.

The three men must have stared at her for a whole minute, they obviously never seen a beautiful women like this in her underwear.

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"I understand you saved yourself until marriage which means you've only had one cock in you your entire life and I intend to see how big this cock is, now take off your underwear white boy." Donald refused but the limo driver was not going to let him, he took out a knife from his pocket and sliced his underwear in two.

The three black men started to laugh but it wasn't the smallest cock they've seen. "I guess you must be really tight girl." She did not say anything. "Well your about to feel a whole new kind sensation." At that moment one of the men handcuffed Donald, sat him in a kitchen chair, tied him, and put duct tape over his mouth.

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He started squirming but to no avail. Kristin started to scream and yell for Donald but she had her mouth duct-taped over and had a gun pointed to her head. Kristin had realized she was surround by 3 six-foot black men with guns and stopped screaming. "Now we're gonna fuck you so hard you won't know which way is up and if you even say anything will shoot him and then you." The men put their guns away and undressed.

All of them were pretty muscular and Kristin's eyes started to flicker. She had never seen a cock so big and all three.


The men's cocks weren't so big but she had only seen a 5 incher. One of them had a 6 inch penis and the others had 8 and 9 inch penises. The smallest was the limo driver's. He looked at Donald and said, "you're gonna watch this shit." He removed the duct tape, panties and bra and stuck his dick in her pussy but could only get three inches in. "Damn she's tight," He started thrusting and eventually got it all in and then a second penis nailed her in the ass and started thrustin.

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"UUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," she was moaning so loud the men started worrying. "You like that don't ya." The limo driver blew his load outside her pussy so she wouldn't get pregnant.

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Then the 9-incher went in and started pushing all the while another penis was in her ass pushing. The limo driver went over to Donald and started to laugh. "You're gonna split me open, don't, please." "Begging is not going to help you Kristin, I promise you that." The guy in her ass finished up and the guy in her pussy started to push, really hard.

"UUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, please don't." He started ramming it in her and got some more in. "Hey, I think this bitch is cumming, she likes it." He got it all in her and she screamed. It was the worst pain she ever felt but it felt so good. He blew his load and then told her to get her on her knees. The guys surrounded her in a circle holding their penises. "Blow us, now." She cooperated and started blowing all three of them. "That's right take it all in, you like it don't ya." The guys couldn't believe how good she was, it was incredible.

They blew their load and for the rest of the night they four of them were all over eachother while the billionaire was watching.


By the end of the night Donald was horrified and couln't bare to watch. When they were done they got up and handcuffed the girl. "White boy, you're going home now and don't even argue, now get dressed." "I'm not going home without my wife." "Oh yes you are," and he put a gun to his head. "Now get dressed." He did and was immediately blindfolded. The limo driver left with Donald but before he did he told his boys to do something.

After they left they removed her handcuffs and pushed her onto the bed. "What the fuck?" "Shut up, bitch." They then put duct tape over her mouth. She started to squirm but the men immediately put an end to that. The put 4 sets of handcuffs on her hands and feet and spread her out and put and handcuffed her hands and feet to the bed posts so she was wide open.

They then stuck an 8-inch dildo in her pussy and ass and she couldn't belive they fit all they way in her. "Go to sleep, whore," and the men left her in the room handcuffed and filled.