Dominant tgirl goddess pounds ass bareback

Dominant tgirl goddess pounds ass bareback
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It is Memorial day, I picked Ellen up at the tv station at 11:30 and I drove to the lake.


We went out on the lake in my cruiser, I anchored the boat in a cove. Ellen is looking overboard watching the ripples of the water. I bought her a beautiful bathing suit to wear which she wore proudly. It shows the better part of her butt and her breasts.

Ellen is hanging over the edge of the boat watching the blueness of the water when she feels me move up behind her. I press against her, pushing my body against hers, almost shoving her overboard.

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She feels my hard cock pressing against the crack of her ass and I'm rubbing it against her. Then she hears me moan because I love doing this and she feels my pre-cum run down the cheeks of her ass, like a lotion and she knows that I have it out and I'm playing with it.She feels my hand on her back, pushing her forward more and my other hand moving her bikini-bottom to one side.My legs push hers open. Ellen feels my long thick hard cock making its way to her wet hot pussy opening, parting her lips, slowly shoving it deeply inside her.


She gasps as my manhood fills her.the pleasure is ecstasy. " Oh John, mMmmmm.yes." Holding on to the edge of the boat she feels me thrusting into her with long slow strokes - at first - but the excitement of being out in the open like this makes my thrusts more and more urgent. She can't help herself, she cums much too quickly, her body quivering and she groans in intense pleasure as I continue to slam into her for my pleasure.

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" Oh John! God!" The retracting of her muscles around my cock makes me increase my strokes as I'm hammering into her, fast and hard, she feels my body begin to stiffen and she knows what's coming next. My cock swelling and throbbing inside me, causing her to moan with delight again as another orgasm floods her body.

Then she feels me shoot my hot cum deep inside her. She feels my hot love-juice surging into her, little spurts like butterfly wings.

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But there is so much of me, it begins to squirt out around my thrusting cock, running down the insides of her thighs.

As I groan and collapse on her back she looks around the lake to see if anyone is watching.

Ellen can't see anyone, but she knows she can't see everyone, there could be campers on the shore with field-glasses. Then her attention is brought back to me when she feels my fingers thrusting in and out of her lubricated pussy and her body lights up again, incandescently as she moans in pleasure.

She knows our afternoon on the water is going to be an exhausting one, but she looks forward to being completely satisified with our time together. Ellen is on her hands and knees in the cabin, scrubbing the carpet with a washcloth trying to clean up some spilled wine.

Her beautiful head covered with long blond hair is bobbing up and down. Her beautiful ass is flexing and wavering back and forth, her delectable pussy lips protruding beautifully. I saw something that I had seen an hour ago, a beautiful bitch in heat. My cock immediately responded by expanding. 1".2".3".4".5".6".7".8" .9", and there it finally stopped.

9 inches long, as thick as her wrist. Ellen hears panting and turns her head to look over her shoulders. Ellen immediately tried to get up and run into the bathroom. I leaped and landed on Ellen's back, pushing her back on her hands and knees, screaming from my hands reaching around her chest grabbing her breasts.

Ellen knew not move as I mounted her, laying my body on her back, slowly growling. Suddenly her eyes flew wide open and she gasped as she feels my large cock head pushing against her pussy lips. " I-I-I'm about to be taken by a beast!" she gasped. She gasped louder when my cock started to force itself in.

I'm now going to make her the bitch she was. My bitch. I start to thrust my cock in and out, growling every time Ellen tried to move. Finally I slammed the entire shaft in. Ellen let out a scream of pleasure.yet in the back of her mind." Oh GOD, it's so BIG!" I immediately started to savagely thrusting, claiming my bitch entirely. Ellen's breasts swung lewdly back and forth as her body rocked under the weight of my body. " Oh God, this can't be happening again!" she thought.

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As the savage fucking continues, her eyes rolled back, and she starts to feel pleasure in being impaled on huge cock. She has always had trouble accommidating my big cock.and the vicious way in which I fuck her.slowly she starts to get turned on. Suddenly Ellen feels my huge knot starting to spread her already stretched to the limit pussy wider. My knot slowly starts to enter her. Ellen feels like she is being ripped apart.

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Ellen knows when the knot enters her, I have buried all nine inches to the hilt. I try not to fully impale her knowing it is very painful, when I'm very horny full impalement happens. Her drooping head shot up, her eyes rolled back, and her body tensed. The knot continues to enter her until she is fully impaled by my cock, knot and all. I continue to savagely fuck Ellen.

Ellen is now gasping, panting, and moaning. Her head rocking wildly, and she lewdly starts to push back, savoring the fucking of a kind she has only experienced with me.

" Oh God!" she thought. " I'm a whore! Oh God.John is a beast! Ughh.can't help myself.feels sooooooo good. Ughhh. oooohhhh.fuck.ohhh.ahhh.gahhhh.I'm a slut! "FUCK ME!!" Ellen is now completely mine. She is my bitch and she knew it. She didn't care about anything except the here and now. She just wanted to be fucked.

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She is a slut who likes getting fucked by me. A man with a huge cock.long.hard.thick. She looks down between her legs and saw her pussy spread obscenely, my huge cock buried between her blond bush. " Oh FUCK! Yes! Fuck me with that big cock! I'm you're whore, you're slut.YOU'RE BITCH!" Ellen grinds lewdly back and rocks wildly.


Her orgasm is approaching. I'm in heaven myself. Ellen is the best bitch. Nice.tight.wild. I enjoy fucking her many times. My huge cock starts to swell with me approaching orgasm. Ellen is in a daze now, and the expanding cock only serves to put her into a deeper daze.and a deeper fuck frenzy.

Ellen starts to orgasm almost immediately. She tenses and threw her head back, mouth open wide, eyes at the back of her head. Her body is a tight mass of muscle and sinew. This finished triggering my orgasm, and I unleashed a huge flow of cum into Ellen's pussy.

In her massive orgasm, she feels the spurts of cum actually work their way up my cock, into her pussy. This made her orgasm more intense. I didn't finish pumping my seed into Ellen for almost five minutes, unloading all the cum that had been stored in my huge balls.

Ellen finally starts coming down about five minutes after that. Ellen, is exhausted collapsing onto the floor and tried to move forward and pull me out of her.

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She realizes she can not. My huge cock is firmly buried in her. She knows she will be very sore. Now, here she is flat on the floor. On my boat.impaled by my huge cock. It is this thought that started her second orgasm.