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Delicious face fuck  Heidi Mayne
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I was a teenager when my family and I moved house, virtually to the other side of the country. I was not exactly happy with having no say in the matter, but the move came with a promotion for my Dad, so we upped sticks and left the old neighbourhood along with all my friends. We moved to an area sandwiched between the sea and the mountains, and having moved from the city it was a really strange experience.

The beaches were huge and the mountains vast. The valleys were covered in forests, and yet for the first couple of weeks I felt there was nothing for me to do. I should mention that this all happened at the start of the summer holidays, so I had not even met any new friends.

I had investigated the village and the local town, but quickly got bored and pretty much isolated myself in my bedroom playing computer games. Of course I was not the only person with the same problems; my sister pretty much felt the same way and we often griped to each other about our new home. We were twins and therefore in the same year at school. We had always been good friends and got along well together.

We were both slim, with brown hair; hers shoulder length and mine quite short. I think looking back you could say we were both good looking, sporty kids.

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She had started to 'developed' before me and back home had plenty of guys asking her out, although for some reason she always refused. Anyway, after the initial moving, unpacking, settling in and inspecting our new area, we had both decided that we hated it, and so like I said we spent most of our time in the house. I couldn't bear to think how I was going to deal with another month of boredom before school started.

And so one sunny morning I was sitting on the couch, lazily watching TV with my Mom trying to do the housework. After moving several times so she could go about her work, she seemed to be getting a little irate. 'Either help me or GO OUT' she shouted, and given that I hated chores more than anything, I sighed 'Fine!', and slammed the door on the way out.

I walked for ages, through the woods, the humidity and heat making the exercise all the more difficult. I guess I had walked maybe three miles when I came across a stream running down a small valley. I splashed some water on my face and followed the stream upwards. Eventually I reached a spot that even I, being a city boy, can only think of as beautiful. There was a waterfall above a large plunge pool, and a small clearing to the side, allowing the sunlight through to bathe the waterfall in warm light.

A rainbow formed in the mist spreading from the falling water, and birds were happily singing. Now I know this sounds a bit hippie, but that really is how it was. I soaked up the scene for a while before sitting down on a large flat rock next to the pool. Still feeling really hot from the walk, I slipped off my shoes and socks and dipped my feet into the cooling water. I stayed like that for a while, before slipping of my shirt and soaking up the sun for what seemed like an age.

Eventually the sun dipped behind the hills and I started to get a bit cold so reluctantly headed home. When I got back dinner was being cooked and we sat round as a family, and talked about this and that.

The conversation soon turned to where I had been that afternoon. Now I don't know why but I suddenly felt like I didn't want anyone to know about the spot I had found, so I told them I went for a walk in the woods, without being too precise. After dinner it was back to telly watching and after a couple of hours, bed.

That night I dreamed I was at the waterfall, sunbathing and swimming. And I awoke in the morning with a smile on my face. After breakfast, much to the surprise of Mom, I made some sandwiches and filled a bottle of water. "Going out somewhere?" she asked cautiously. "Yep, going for another walk" I replied. "Wow, that makes a change, have fun". I headed for the door, hearing my Mom muttering about "now, if only I could get his sister outa the house too".

Anyway, I headed back up to the waterfall and soon found myself stretched out on the rock listening to the tumbling water. I could feel the heat of the sun on my face, and getting a bit too warm, I stripped off my shirt. I remember how nice the sun and the slight breeze felt on my skin and without too much thinking I speedily stepped out of my jeans too.

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As soon as I did that I felt nervous, something in the back of my head made me look around to make sure no one was watching. I put the thought out of my head, telling myself there was no one for miles around. I piled my clothes roughly in a heap. I lay on that rock in my briefs, and eventually fell asleep. I woke up with a start at the sound of a bird flapping in the branches above me, and as I came to my senses, I realised I was boiling hot.

The sound of the tumbling water was so enticing I went for a paddle by the side of the pool.

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The water pleasantly cooling on my feet. I so much wanted to dive in there and then, but having no trunks with me gave me second thoughts. I sat back on the rock and before long the heat was once again unbearable.

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I figured that as no one had come along so far, it was unlikely that they would, so I stood, and quickly slid down my briefs, suddenly feeling a sense of complete freedom. It felt amazing to have the sun kissing every part of my body, even for that brief moment before I took a running jump into the plunge pool. The water caressed every inch of my body and it felt so different to swimming in trunks, and I stayed in the water a long time before cooling off.

I dragged myself back onto the sun baked platform and lay there naked, the water quickly drying and the sun once again warming me. The sensuality of these new feelings along with my hormones meant that eventually there was a stirring between my legs.


Now quite comfortable that there was no one around, I lazily slid my hand down my smooth body until it met my hard cock. I lay there jerking off in the sun and until I came with intensity I have never felt before. I lay there a while my cum splattered across me getting my breath back. Soon the sun went in once again, and I went for a quick dip to clean up. Dripping wet and not wanting to wait around in the shade to dry, I put on my shoes and walked back through the woods, naked with my clothed bundled under my arm.

It was not until I was almost in sight of my house that I finally got dressed. The same routine followed that evening, dinner, chat, TV, bed. And the next morning, again I surprised my mom by heading out with a packed lunch. Of course there was only one place I was heading.

When I got there I sat for a while, relaxing. I felt even more at ease than the previous day. I slipped off my shoes and then my socks. Feeling in no rush, I tucked my socks into my shoes, before taking off my shirt, folding it neatly and placing it on the ground. I undid my belt, and unzipped my jeans sliding them slowly to the floor, relishing ever moment of this new found freedom. They were folded and added to the pile. I stood there for a moment in my tight white briefs before reaching both hands inside the waist and slowly slipping them off.

My cock once again started to rise and the touch of the wind and I stood there proudly wanting to shout with happiness. I placed my briefs on the pile and jumped into the water. I floated around a while enjoying every moment. Every moment that is until I nearly died from shock at the sound of a voice. "Hi Bro".

My sister had suddenly appeared, and was stood by the side of the pool. "Enjoying yourself?" She asked casually. "Bloody hell Em, you scared the crap outa me!" I exclaimed. Now the shock had subsided the realisation that I was naked was beginning to set in.


I swam to the far side, a few metres away hoping that she would not notice and be on her way. "Mind if I stay a while?" came those dreadful words, as she spread out on the rock ledge. All I could do was stay where I was for as long as possible.

I must have been in there ages, and was starting to shiver quite a lot. Em looked like she might have nodded off, and I started to swim back. The sound of splashing however must have woken her. "You still swimming?" she asked as the turned to me, and not waiting for an answer said "are you not cold?" By then I must have been almost blue but managed to say "no, I'm fine" trying to sound casual. "She lazily dipped her hand in the water, and said "you've been in for almost twenty minutes, you must be freezing!

C'mon get out and warm up" I was about to shout something to reassure her I was ok but at that moment she must have notices my briefs on top of the rest of my clothes, and suddenly it dawned on her.

"Oh my god, are you naked?" she quizzed. "You are!" and burst out laughing. "Well it's not like I expected anyone else to be here" I replied angrily. "And yes I AM freezing thanks to you". "Thanks to me?" she retorted, "well I'm not the one swimming butt naked" "Yeah, but I can't exactly get out with you there" I said. "I won't look, seriously, c'mon" She answered. "Alright, but look away" I ordered and she turned so her back was towards me.

I made for the rock close to my clothes and heaved myself out of the water and just as I got out Em turned around laughing. "Stop looking!" I shouted, as I spun around half deciding whether to jump back in or not. My hands covering my privates and with my bum facing my sister, I looked back at her over my shoulder.

"nope, its funny came the reply" "Please Em, throw my clothes over" I pleaded. "Not a chance" she replied "besides you look too cute naked" "Em, Pleeese?" I begged, slowly backing towards my clothes. As I was moving I caught a mischievous look in Em's eye, and knowing that I was trying to manoeuvre myself to my clothes and not exactly being able to move fast, she darted towards them, gathered them up shoving them into my back swung herself into the branch of a tree overhanging the pool.

Of course there was absolutely nothing I could do to follow her that would not involve exposing myself so I just stood there pleading while she laughed. "aww come on Em, It's not funny" "Oh yes it is" she was almost crying with laughter "besides you're cold and soaking, you can have them once you have dried out in the sun". Admitting defeat and with no other option I went and laid down on the rocky platform on my belly, glowing red from not only the sun.

Eventually I was dry and warm, my sister still laughing to herself, cracking jokes "like it's not only the cheeks on your face that are blushing". "Em, for god's sake can I have my clothes back now" I demanded. "Oh ok, if you must" she said starting to move down the branch.

She got about half way before losing balance. She dropped my bag, which started to float off down the stream, and as I was about to make a grab for it a huge splash as my sister screamed and hit the water.

She surfaced coughing and spluttering. My eyes darted back and forth from my sister to my bag which was rapidly vanishing down the valley, but Em really looked in trouble, and instinct took over and I dived in after her. I grabbed her hand with her still sputtering and splashing about and dragged her to the edge of the pool, before heaving her back onto the rock. We both collapsed in a soggy heap. "Are you ok" I asked, worried that she might have hurt herself but my question was answered with laughter.

I realised that I had been conned. Angrily I shouted at her "you lost my clothes!" She managed to stifle her laughter and replied "we will find them down stream, don't worry" I sat with my back to her and my knees against my chest.

"I thought you were really drowning" I shouted, "aww, sorry bro, just wanted to see what you would do, and thanks for saving me" she said and put her hands round me for a hug. I angrily shrugged her off, and carried on sitting in silence. I could hear my sister moving about behind me, while I was wondering how to get my clothes back and then suddenly with a wet flop a fresh pile of soggy clothes landed on the rock in front of me.

"Hey bro" Em said "What?" I spat in reply, "Turn around" and I looked back over my shoulder to see my sister stood in her underwear, bra and boy shorts. "What are you doing?" I spluttered at the sight of my sister half naked. "Well me and my clothes need to dry now, and I feel really guilty too" she replied looking at the floor. "I got to see you naked; I suppose it's only fair I do the same". And with that she reached behind her and unclasped her bra, letting it fall off her shoulders to the ground and the slid her panties off.

She stood there as naked as me and I could not help but stare at her incredible body. Now it was her turn to be embarrassed. "You can close your mouth if you want" she said. My jaw had dropped at the sight of her, and not knowing what else to say, I just nodded in agreement. She calmly sat down on the rock next to me and again put her arm around me.

"Forgive me now?" she asked. "Umm, I guess" I stammered and suddenly felt the tension dissolve and we both started laughing together. "It really was funny seeing you naked like that" she said, "sorry though". "Don't worry sis, we're both in the same boat now" and be laughed again. With her arm around my shoulders she went to lie back taking me down with her and there we stayed a while stark naked basking in the sun together.

After a while she propped herself up on her elbow facing me. I went to move my hand to cover myself again but she grabbed my wrist and yanked it back to my side. "You have a great body" she said, running her eyes over me. "umm. Thanks" I said starting to blush again under her gaze. "You too" I replied not knowing what else to say. The lent over me with her arm on my chest and gave me a kiss on the cheek before laying back down, her arm still draped across me, sighing happily.

She started to run her hand across my chest and arms, and her touch sent a shiver down my spine. She continued moving her hand down to my belly, and I started to feel my cock harden. Guessing she was not thinking about what she was doing, I moved to roll over to hide my growing boner, but once aging she held me there. "Umm Em, I need to move" I said, starting to worry about that she might notice what was happening. "Why, you look so good as you are" she replied and her hand moved lower. "Really Em, I should.I mean I'm." "I know.

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getting a hard-on" She said, and with that her hand moved down my belly, and straight to my cock, her hand wrapping around it. I froze at the feeling of someone touching me like that for the first time. My sister's hand gently rubbing my erection. She put her head on my chest and watched what she was doing.

She started to build up pace, and soon my hips were bucking in time with her hand. Suddenly she stopped and in an instant she straddled my hips. Her hand guiding my cock to her pussy.

She rubbed it up and down twice before lining it up with her entrance. She started to lower herself onto me and soon I was deep inside her. She seemed to lose all self control and just rode me hard with her fingers digging into my sides.

The feel of her tight pussy was too much to bear and with her growing cries of ecstasy I thrust harder into her. Virtually together we each moaned "I Cumming" and as I felt my cum surging to my cock she finally came, and fluids ran down her legs as I shot my hot load deep into her. She collapsed onto me breathing deeply. I stayed inside her for as long as I could before pulling out as he moaned.

We stayed like that for some time before she rolled off me.

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"You wanna clean up?" she asked, and with that we both leapt into the pool where we hugged, kissed and touched each other all over, her playfully grabbing my cock and pinching my bum, and me tweaking her nipples, and sliding fingers into her pussy.

By the time we got out I was hard again, and expected the same thing to happen. Instead, Em said "time to go" and having notices my disappointed expression, said "don't worry, I don't want to wear you out.just yet" and with a wink started getting dressed. Of course I still needed to find my clothes so we set off following the stream. Em would keep touching me and at one point gripped my cock and guided me along like a dog on a lead.

Just as soon as my hardon would vanish she would do something else. This went on for a while before Em saw my bag floating in a small pool. She ran to get it, and as I caught up with her he once again grabbed my dick and gave it a few shakes. Catching me off guard she shoved my backwards so I tripped and fell and ran off with my bag.

As quickly as I could I followed and eventually caught up to her where your back yard meets the woods . She handed me the bag and smiling over her shoulder walked into the house. After I got dressed, I too went inside, to be greeted my Mom. "You're soaked! what happened?" "He fell in the river" Said Em before I could reply. "Well at least the two of you had some fun together, be more careful next time" "We will be sure too Mom" said Em as she followed me out of the room "next time can't come soon enough "she whispered in my ear.

End of Part 1