Gently performed cook jerking makes excited dude reach orgasm

Gently performed cook jerking makes excited dude reach orgasm
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Steve had cancelled his only job scheduled on friday, he couldn't wait for dinner with Jane's family this evening. he went to work with a big smile on his face. Jane couldn't wait for college to end, so she could see her sexy boyfriend and show him off to her parents. Lynn had slept a little better, resigning herself to the fact she had to act normal and conceal her sordid secret from her family.


For the sake of harmony, she would live with the guilt, the shame, the humiliation, until she could come up with a solution to the nightmare that had become her life. As the evening approached Lynn prepared the chicken meal with trepidation, the sick feeling in the pit of her stomach gradually increasing as the minutes ticked by.

Mark had come home, showered and changed for dinner. Tom had done his homework and was looking forward to meeting Steve again. Jane was in her room making herself look beautiful for Steve. Mark entered the kitchen as Lynn was putting the final touches to the dinner. "Are you going to change for dinner " Mark asked her. "Why, what's wrong with what i'm wearing " she asked a bit irritated. "Well nothing, but i thought you might want to dress up a bit to make more of an impression on Steve ".

Lynn felt like she was caught between a rock and a hard place. She had no intention of dressing up nice just so that vile bastard of a boyfriend could lear at her. But if she didn't change into something a bit less frumpy, Mark would get suspicious and Jane would be disappointed she had not made an effort. "Ok " said Lynn," dinners almost ready i'll go and change".

"That's a good girl, i've laid out that nice summer dress that makes you look so pretty on the bed for you " said Mark, thinking he was helping his wife. Lynn left the kitchen for her bedroom seething, is that stupid husband of mine trying to sabotage me on purpose. She'd had no intention of wearing that dressit was the only one of her dresses that showed off a bit of cleavage, as well as being the shortest, the hem stopping just above the knee.

Now she had no choice, she had to wear it. After changing and fixing her hair, Lynn looked at herself in the full length mirror, she could feel herself blushing as the dress showed off to much leg and cleavage, it made her breasts look huge.

She had only worn it once to a family wedding and avoided wearing it again, as she felt like her body was on display. Damm my bastard husband and damm that bastard boyfriend of Jane'swere her thoughts as she left her bedroom and headed down the stairs.

She got to the bottom of the stairs just as Steve knocked on the door. Lynn felt the knots in her stomach tightening as she opened the front door door to let him in. " Well don't you look like a hot fuckable bitch" Steve said, taking in the site of Lynn wearing something that showcased her sexy body.

"That's the way you should be dressing with a beautiful, sexy body like your's, sophisticated but not slutty". Steve added Lynn blushed instantly, how could he insult me and complement me in the same sentence, thought Lynn as she closed the front door and headed for the dining room.

Before she had taken two steps, Steve, who was right behind her, patted her arse a couple of times and said "Fuck me Lyndi Loo, your arse is like a peach, i could smash your back door's in right now ". Lynn quickened her pace in terror as she glanced at the toilet door, fearing he would drag her in there again and make good his word. Entering the dining room Steve was greeted by Tom. Mark strode to meet him with a warm friendly handshake saying "It's so good to meet you at last.

i've heard nothing but good things about you ". Steve first impression of Mark was pretty much how he had imagined him to be, about average height, a bit overweight, glasses, balding and a moustache. "The pleasure is all mine " Steve said, and using all his charm and giving Mark a big smile,added "You have a lovely family, a fine son, a beautiful wife and daughter, you must be very proud of them".

"I certainly am, there's nothing in the world more precious than family " Mark replied. Lynn cringed as she heard Steve turning on the charm and her gullible husband lapping it up. If only he knew the truth about this sexual predators intentions towards his 'precious wife and daughter ' that would wipe the stupid grin off his face. Just then Jane made her entrance, she looked hot thought Steve, seeing her with a bit more makeup than she had ever worn before and a dress similar to Lynn's, showing slightly more cleavage than her mum's.

Steve greeted her with a hug and a small kiss on the lips saying "You look amazing ". Mark and Lynn looked at their daughter in a new light, for the first time she looked like a woman, all grown up. 'Boy, she must really like Steve to make this much effort ' Mark thought.

Even Tom couldn't help but notice the change in his big sister. "Dinner is almost ready" Mark announced, shall we be seated. " Lynn will sit in this chair as its nearest the kitchen, the rest are up for grabs. Steve quickly surveyed the round dining table and claimed the seat to Lynn's left, Tom sat to her right, Jane sat next to Steve leaving Mark to sit opposite Lynn, between his son and daughter.

"Now can i get you something to drink Steve, while Lynn dishes up the plates?" asks Mark "A beer would be nice, if you've got one please.

I'll only have the one as i'm driving " Steve replied. "One beer coming up " said Mark, asking Jane and Tom what they would like before heading out to the kitchen to join Lynn. "What an absolutely charming young man that Steve is, polite, well mannered and a hunk to boot. I know it's early days, but what a fine son in law he would make, don't you think Lynn " said Mark " yes, wonderful " Lynn replied, knowing he was the exact opposite to all those things, well, apart from the hunk bit.

" I see he hasn't had the usual effect on you" Mark joked, pointing to her chest. " No full beam today ". Lynn shot Mark a disapproving look. She could feel her nipples were rock hard, they had been since Steve had called her a 'hot fuckable bitch', but had taken precautions when dressing by wrapping two pieces of cardboard in tissue and placing them inside her bra. Drinks and dinner served, they all tucked into their feast. Steve told Tom that West Ham were not playing at home this weekend, but were at home next weekendplaying Spurs, he and his group of mates had season tickets.

One of them was away on a work do and Steve had got his ticket for Tom. "If that's ok with you two " Steve asked Mark and Lynn. " That would be great, couldn't have been better timing as Tom is staying over with his aunt Sandra this weekend" Mark replied. "Perfect, it's a deal " said Steve, shaking a beaming Tom's hand.

" Let me know how much the ticket is and i will reimburse you " said Mark " No need, whenever one of us can't make a match, we give the ticket to one of the others, so they can treat someone, no money ever changes hands" replied Steve " we'll that's thoroughly descent of you " said Mark Steve thought about the fact Tom was away for the weekend, just Jane and Lynn 'touch ' he thought.

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Jane was sitting there so proud of her boyfriend and the way he had gained such approval from her family. Steve had finished his dinner first and lowered his right hand below the table and placed it on Lynn's left knee. Lynn was paralysed with fear. Steve began to edge his hand and the hem of her dress up her thigh, until it was nestled up against the mound of her virgina, his fingers squeezing her inner thigh.

Lynn couldn't believe that even he would contemplate sexually assaulting her with only the table cloth to conceal his latest abuse. Steve could feel Lynn physically trembling as he moved his hand over her cunt and found the top of her cotton panties, sliding his hand inside and fighting his way through the biggest hairy bush he had ever come across, even hairier than Jane's. His fingers found her pussy lips and he edged two fingers inside her wet sticky cunt.

curling them up to search out her g spot. "That was a beautiful dinner Lynn, your meat is so moist, what makes your meat so moist and juicy?" Steve asked her as he moved his fingers in her cunt in a tiny vibrating manor. The cruel bastard was humiliating me in front of my family, knowing i was unable to do a thing about it. Lynn felt everyone's eyes on her as she tried to appear normal, as this brute was fingering her virginawith her husband and children all sitting within five feet of her.

" Thank youi don't think i do anything special " Lynn managed to reply, wishing she could just vanish from this latest nightmare. " You underestimate yourself, you must have hidden talents to get your meat that succulent and juicy Lynn " said Steve as he speeded up his finger fucking of Lynn.

He could feel her cunt juices starting to flow and realised if he carried on much longer her cunt juice would find it's way through her cotton panties and give the back of her dress a nice big damp spot for all to see. Her family took her flushed look, as embarrassment to Steve's complements. Lynn and Steve knew she was close to having the biggest orgasm of her life.

Steve could feel her wet cunt betraying her, Lynn could feel the same. Panic was setting in as she could feel her orgasm getting closer, despite all her efforts to fight it. Just as she thought the ultimate humiliation was about to happen, she felt his fingers exit her virgina and panties, she could feel him wiping his fingers on her panties before his arm and hand reappeared above the table.

Lynn felt both relief and disappointment in equal measures. That vile bastard had just used her to fuel some sick and twisted game. He had degraded her in front of her family with his actions and words.

Lynn just wished the night was over. Steve lowered his left hand onto Jane's knee, he felt her flinch, but knew she would style it out as he slid his hand up under her dress. Lynn was the only one who noticed his hand disappear followed by Jane flinching.

Steve looked at Lynn and gave her a knowing wink as he slipped his hand inside Jane's smaller panties and noticed her bush had been trimmed a lot shorter, his fingers finding her wet snatch easily. Once Steve had buried two fingers up her wet cunt and was giving her the same treatment he had given Lynn a minute earlier, he began to engage Mark in conversation again. "What line of work are you in Mark?. Lynn was horrified as she watched Steve talking to her husband while fingering his daughter, knowing her mother was aware he was doing it.

Lynn was even more horrified as she felt his hand start a repeat performance of a few minutes earlier, his two fingers slipping easily into her already sodden virgina. "I'm in shipping insurancei deal mainly with blue chip companieswhich means a fair amount of meetings away from my lovely family " he said smiling mainly at Jane and lynn. "How about you " asked Mark.

" Oh, i have my fingers in a couple of sticky pies" said Steve "my main trade is an electricianbut i don't mind getting my fingers wet and help my mate who's a plumber, so there's always plenty of work " Lynn couldn't believe how this evil bastard was sexually abusing her daughter and her, while taking the piss out of her husband, all at the same time.

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"Well that is good, a proper trade will always stand you in good stead for life and if that gets a bit slow you can get up to your elbows in someone's plumbing ". If it wasn't for the fact that Steve was concentrating on Jane and Lynn's wet cunts, he would have pissed himself laughing, he intended to get up their plumbing, but up to the elbow might be pushing it a bit far.

Steve could feel Jane and Lynn starting to squirm on his fingers, their juices flowing a bit too freely, he first removed his hand from Jane's panties leaving her frustrated, horny as hell and very relieved, orgasming in a cinema sparsely populated with strangers was terrifying enough, but having an orgasm at the dinner table in front of her family would have caused her to drop dead on the spot with humiliation.

She was now hoping Steve would find a way to fuck her stupid later. Jane's nipples were now rock hard and clearly visible poking through her bra and dress. Steve noticed, smiling to himself. Tom noticed and was quite uncomfortable in the trouser department. Her father noticed and wondered what it was with the woman in his family when Steve was around. Lynn noticed it, but right now she was on the verge of panicking, she had noticed Steve withdraw his hand from Janes virgina but continued to stimulate hers, where once again she was fast approaching the point of no return.

Steve looked at Lynn with a challenging look, Lynn could only look back at him with a desperate plea. " I'll help Lynn clear the dishes " said Steve as he withdrew his fingers, much to the relief of Lynn. "What a thoughtful young man you are " said Mark, continuing " will give me a chance to catch up on the latest news wth Jane and Tom while your both busy in the kitchen " Steve began collecting the dishes with Lynn. Steve glad his hard meat was well concealed in his tight pants, while Lynn was relived she hadn't embarrassingly soaked her dress for all to see, luckily Steve had removed his invading fingers from her virgina moments before she was about to explode in an orgasm that she would have had no control over.

Once they were both in the kitchen alone, all the trapped, helpless feelings of terror returned to Lynn. How can he keep manipulating these situations for his own evil purposes.

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After the dishes had been placed on the worktop Steve approached Lynn, easily cupping her sodden panty covered pussy, under her dress, the fear and helplessness in her eyes confirming she didn't possess the will or energy to defend herself against any demands he might make of her. He could see before him a woman crushed of all spirit. " Your hubby as good as told us to get busy Lyndi Loo, it's like he's given me free license to give you a proper good fucking in that neglected cunt of your's.

Perhaps he subconsciously knows he's not man enough for the job, wants a real man to satisfy his sexy, hot wife's sexual needs.

What do you think Lyndi Loo?" Steve asked her as he brought his other hand into play, placing it on her arse beneath her dress. Slowly he released his grip on her cunt and arse as he gently began to ease her panties down over her soft shapely arse, then on downwards until he had removed them completely, she had even lifted each shoe clad foot for him without being asked. While on his knees in front of herhe lifted the hem of her dress with both hands, giving him his first real look at her cunt.

Her bush looked like it had never been trimmed since puberty. Steve used both sets of fingers to part her pubes, seeing her puffy, glistening, cunt lips coated in sweet nectar. Steve breathed in the aroma of her sweet aroused state. Then closed the gap between her vulnerable pussy and his face, clamping his hungry mouth onto her wanton cunt.

Lynn couldn't bring herself to answer his question, it did seem like her husband had forced her into this situationhe had arranged for him to come to dinner, he had made her wear this dress, he had abandoned her to go alone with him to their kitchen, he was not here to stop this vile bastard as he removed her panties, panties that were sodden with her fluids, fluids that this bastard had caused to flow as his fingers entered her virgina, while he just sat there and did nothing to defend his wife's honour.

Lynn exhaled a deep throaty grunt " aaarrgggg" as Steve's mouth clamped onto her virgina and began it's assault on her senses, never had she felt a man's mouth on her virgina or even considered the possibility of it ever happening, Mark had never suggested they try it and if he had, she would have slapped his face in disgust at such an obscene suggestion.

Now here she was with her daughters boyfriend lapping up her freely flowing juices against her will, receiving undreamed of pleasure, knowing any one or all of her family could walk in on them at any moment and she was powerless to stop it. Again she was brought to the point of no return, when suddenly that beautiful mouth was removed and left her feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. Steve stood up in front of her, the look in her eyes of wanton lust, a look she had never had in her life before, a look that told Steve all he wanted to know.

He place both hands on her arse cheeks and lifted her onto the backless breakfast bar stool leaning her backwards, her head resting on the worktop, her dress bunched around her waist and her legs splayed apart. Lynn's lust filled eyes were transfixed on Steve, as he unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and slid his jeans and underwear down, clearing his hips and bottom, coming to rest on his thighs, Lynn saw his magnificent big, throbbing veined penis in all it's rock hard powerful glory.

Steve took hold of his thick shaft wanking it slowly, then slapping it against her wet cunt a few times, teasing Lynn a while before nudging the swollen purple helmet against the puffy swollen lips of her begging cunt, unlike last timehe now slowly began to apply pressure on the dripping wet entrance to her cunt, as they both watched first his helmet, then inch after inch of his thick shaft parting her pussy lips and sinking deeper and deeper into her desperate quim. Steve picked her legs up, supporting them under her knees.

He heard her suck in a deep breath as her love tunnel was invaded. Again at four inches he meet resistance, he pulled back three inches and thrust forward slightly harder, making it to five inchesSteve pulled back again leaving just the bulbous purple helmet inside her cunt.

With a final hard thrust they both watched as he punched home the seven inches of thick veined shaft that were attached to his conquering helmet. Steve felt victorious as his bollocks slapped against Lynn's arse and his bellend plunged through her cervix. Lynn felt like Steve had driven a locomotive train up inside her. She never been penetrated this far ever, it felt like the end of his penis was in her stomach.

Lynn felt like her vaginal lips and the walls of her virgina were stretched to tearing point, she felt winded, gulping in big breaths trying to adjust to the trauma of Steve's final thrust.

Although it seemed like an hour, it was only four minutes since they had both entered the kitchen. Steve slowly withdrew his cock from her vice like, clinging cunt, before slamming all eight inches forcefully back in again. After Steve had penetrated her hard about half a dozen more times, her cunt started to ease it's vice like grip his cock and Lynn began to breathe easier, her sharp intakes of breath caused by discomfort and pain, replaced by panting moans of pleasure and lust.

Steve started to plough in and out of Lynn in a long slow steady rhythm, getting high on the danger that he could be discovered, balls deep in his girlfriends mother at any moment. Steve hadn't had time yet to play with her tits, then it struck him that earlier he had been puzzled as to why Lynn's nipples hadn't stuck out as he finger fucked her under the dining room table. Steve stopped fucking her, leaving his big prick sunk balls deep in her. He let go of her legs and Lynn automatically wrapped them around his waist keeping his cock firmly buried in her highly aroused virgina.

Steve eased the shoulder straps down her arms, revealing more of her cleavage and bra until her dress was under her bra. Steve held onto the front of her left bra cup with one hand as he slipped his other hand inside and pulled out her large breast, he repeated this on her right one.

Steve feasted on the sight of her magnificent bare breasts for the first time, her rock hard nipples sticking over an inch proud of her dark brown areola. Steve lifted up her tit with one hand and delved into her big empty bra with the other finding the answer to his riddle, he soon found the other piece of tissue wrapped cardboard and held the offending pieces of evidence up to Lynn's lust filled eyes. "So you thought you could cheat me eh, naughty Lyndi Loo.

You never struck me as the cheating type" Steve mocked. The irony was not lost on Lynn, ' not the cheating type '. Here she was in her own kitchen, stuffed full to bursting point, impailed on her daughters boyfriends penis and her husband and children in the next room.


Aware, that unlike her previous sexual encounters with Steve, this time she wanted his attention, wanted him to bring her to full release. You can't be any more of a 'cheating type ' than that. Steve told her " well, it wouldn't be right if i didn't punish you Lyndi Loo. now what would be a fitting punishment for you, let me see, mmmn i know ". Steve threw the offending nipple shields across the room and returning her legs in the position they were before, Steve resumed ploughing her cunt with the added bonus of seeing her beautiful big tits, flopping and undulating as they bounced freely on top of her bra.

Steve lent in and bit each nipple in turn, he could not believe how big and hard they were, like the lug nuts on a J C B digger. Lynn was once again near the climax she needed so bad. At that moment it was all she cared about no matter what the cost, her marriage, daughter, son and husband. Right now she would throw it all away just to orgasm over that beautiful red hot throbbing shaft that was about to fire her into ecstasy for the first time in her life, "almost there, almost therenoooo don't stop put it back in, put it back in, noooooo " Lynn pleaded, as she was left feeling totally empty in every sense of the word, her impending orgasm receding back to her inner depths locked away in the same prison cell it had been captive all her life.

Lynn's eyes opened to the sight of steve putting his penis back in his underwear and pulling up his jeans, until he looked like nothing had ever happened. "Come on Lyndi Loo, you can't slouch about like a cheap tart, with your dress crumpled round waist, your tits flopped out and your dripping cunt gapping open for anyone who walks in to see. You've got to get the desert served sharpish, come on, chop, chop". Lynn wanted to burst into tears, but as the fog of lust and passion faded she quickly realised the gravity of the situation.

Ten minutes had past since entering the kitchen and fear dove her into action. She quickly put her breasts back in her bra, minus her nipple shieldsshe quickly straightened her dress before looking for her panties.

"I'll keep these" said a grinning Steve, adding "I will help you out though " he said as he reached under her dress and used her already sodden panties to mop up her offending pussy juice, he then gave them one last smell and stuffed them in his pocket. A crestfallen Lynn took the pre made deserts out of the fridge and placed them on the kitchen counter. Steve picked up three and Lynn two. "Come on Lyndi Loo, time to face the music " Steve goaded her, giving her a wink for good measure.

Lynn followed Steve into the dining room feeling naked with no panties on and her nipples poking through her bra and dress, making even more of an impression than Jane's had earlier. Steve served the deserts saying "sorry it took so long, we were getting to know each other a bit better ".

Jane said "that's good, we were all about to come in and rescue you from my mothers evil clutches ". If only you all knew the truth about Steve's evil clutches, Lynn thought to herself as she handed out the last two deserts.

Once the were both seated again Lynn could feel everyone's eyes on her, she blushed as she could feel and see the reason herself. Her nipplles were rock hard. Mark gave her a knowing nod of the head, while thinking 'what has that Steve got that i haven't '. Jane was thinking ' blimey mum, they're even bigger than mine, i haven't noticed them before '.

Tom was getting the usual trouser trouble, unable to work out why there were so many nipples on display this evening. Steve just surveyed all the mayhem he was causing, smirking to himself. Steve decided that he had fucked with Lindi Loo's mind and body enough for one night. He had given her plenty to ponder over. As they ate desert, Mark asked Steve "Do you still live with your parents "?. Steve looked sad as he answered truthfully "No, both my parents died in a car crash when i was sixteen, l live in a flat with my best friend Rob".

"oh i'm so sorry, that's awful " said Mark, wishing he had never asked the question. Even Lynn felt sorry for Steve, despite all he had put her through. "Oh you poor thing, i can't think of anything worse than to lose both parents at such an early age ". Tom felt very sad for Steve, trying to imagine what it would feel like if his parents suddenly died.

Jane just burst into tears, wrapping her arms round his neck and crying on his shoulder. Steve told them "It's fine, i came to terms with it after a rough first year. It's all good now, Luckily they were reasonably well off and with the sale of the house and their modest savings, i now have a comfortable lifestyle with no money worries. Not having any brothers or sisters, l bought a nice three bedroom flat and rented out one of the bedrooms to my best mate Rob.

So don't worry about me, everything's good". Steve dabbed Jane's eyes with a napkin and kissed her forehead saying " your a sensitive soul, how about you tell us all what career you intend to pursue when you graduate college ".

Jane perked up and told them how she wanted to pursue a career in nursing after college. The conversation got back to happier subjects and as 11pm approached Mark announced it was time to get his beauty sleep, as he had a cab coming at 6.30am to take him to the airport. Tom had gone to bed half an hour ago.

Lynn said she would do the dishes then be up to bed. Steve said "Don't worry about those Lynn, you've done more than enough for one day, leave the dishes to Jane and i".

"Yes mum, Steve and i will do the dishes and tidy up, it won't take long and i've got a full day at college tomorrow, so i won't stay up late ".

"Come on darling, you can't turn down an offer like that, let's go to bed before they change their minds ". Said Mark, as he took Lynn by the arm and led her off to bed. Once upstairs, Mark was telling Lynn he thought Steve was one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet, he spouted on for ten minutes about Steve's virtues as they got into bed.

Lynn was hardly listening, she was thinking how they had left Jane and Steve alone and it wouldn't be long before that bastard would be taking advantage of their daughter again, not long before he had her nakednot long before he had his large penis inside her, the same large penis he's twice had in me.

Lynn knew that unlike the way Steve had cruelly treated her, building her up to the point of ecstatic release before removing his penis and leaving her void of any fulfilmentJane would be allowed to climax, allowed to feel her ecstatic climax. Lynn realised that for the first time in her life she was jealous of her own daughter.

The memory of two nights previous when she had watched Steve roughly using Jane's body and Jane loving the pleasure it gave her was etched in her brain, the recurring vision of her daughters body shaking uncontrollably and her muffled screams of ecstasy as she climaxed time after time, all because that brute had his penis inside her. Lynn realised her nipples were hard and her virgina was tingling and wet. Lynn turned to her husband in the small chance that he could satisfy her need for release.

Lynn cuddled up and put her arm round him in the same way she had done on the odd occasion over the years when she wanted sex.

Mark recognised the implications of her approach, it was a rare occurrence Lynn hardly ever initiated sex, it was nearly always him and most of the time it was rejected. Mark turned away stating " i'm too tired darling and i've got to be up very early, i'll make it up to you when i get back ". Lynn turned away and laying on her back stared at the ceiling, knowing Steve and Jane would be having sex downstairs. As this vision tormented her mind her hand brushed across her large breast and erect nipple, sending a tingle to her virgina, Lynn used her index finger and thumb to feel and tease her nipple, even through her nightdress it felt huge and the harder she pinched it the better it felt, soon her other hand was copying the actions of her first.

Lynn could hear her husband lightly snoring as she played with her nipples for the first in her life. She let her right hand drift down her body and lifting her bottom she pulled her nightdress up, exposing her bare virgina. Lynn's fingers found the wet lips of her virgina and began to gently rub her wetness.

As Lynn lay in her dark bedroom masturbating for the first time ever, thinking of Steve's penis inside her. The feeling of pleasure was losing out to the feelings of guilt.

What had she turned into, what would her family and her friends at the church think if they could see her now, laying next to her sleeping husband, playing with my nipples and two fingers inside my wet virgina, masturbating while wishing i was my daughter, wishing i had her boyfriends penis filing me and making me climax again and again.

Lynn removed her wet fingers and released her erect nipple. The tears began to flow as the guilt overwhelmed her. The thought that god would condemn her to hell.


She was not a bad person, her life was fine before her daughters boyfriend had entered their lives. why was i blaming my husband for my shortcomings, he was a good man, worked hard, provided a nice home and put food on the table. It's not his fault he always saw the good in people and went through life with a glass half full attitude.

Lynn made up her mind there and then to take back control of her life, she would be polite to Steve for the sake of her daughters happiness and if he tried to take any liberties with me again i will slap he's smug face and put him firmly in his place.

With her new found strength Lynn shut out all thoughts of her daughter and Steve and drifted off into a deep sleep. Jane and Steve soon had the dining room and kitchen sorted. As Jane reached up to put the last of the dishes away in the kitchen cupboard, Steve walked up behind her and reaching around he latched his hands onto her large breasts and began squeezing them firmly. Jane was soon moaning in pleasure, already horny from earlier when Steve had fingered her pussy, to the point she thought she was going orgasm in front of her family.

Jane felt Steve remove his hands and unzip her dress, then he slid the straps of her dress down her arms, pulling the top of her dress down with them exposing her large bra covered tits. Again he resumed playing with her bra covered tits while kissing Jane's neck and earlobes. Steve then freed her big tits from the confines of her bra in the same way he had freed Lynn's tits earlier that night. After playing with her bared tits and instantly hard nipples some more, Steve turned Jane to face him and they began to kiss deeply, their tongues doing battle, first in her mouth, then his.

As Steve's hands wandered down to seek her pussy and arse, he wondered if Lynn would try and spy on them, the kitchen door was open enough if she was so inclined.

As Steve massaged Jane's cunt over her wet panties while groping her arse cheeks, he decided to fuck her the same way he had fucked her mother earlier. He tugged her panties down and removed them before picking her up by the arse cheeks, Jane wrapping her legs around his waist. Steve carried Jane over to the same stool he had sat Lynn on, noticing her mothers dried cunt juice staining the leather cushion. He arranged Jane into the same position and retreated a couple of paces.

As steve started to remove his shirt he told Jane " I'm gonna take my big fat cock out and fuck you stupid, i'm gonna make you come so many times, you'll be able to swim in your own cunt juice ". Jane was already leaking, dripping her sweet nectar to add to her mothers dried juice as she watched her good looking hunk of a boyfriend strip for her, first revealing his six pack, followed by his beautiful big cock as he stepped out of his underwear and jeans.

Standing naked in front of Jane, Steve started to wank his cock slowly, " Do you want thisdo you want to get fucked by this" Steve teased, as he wanked his rapidly hardening cock, the same cock that was coated with the dried cunt juice her mother had left on it earlier. "I want it so bad, i need that cock to fuck my brains out, to make me cum, let me suck it, let me get it wet so you can stick it in my pussy and fuck me hard" Jane pleaded. Steve toyed with the idea of letting Jane suck her mothers dried cunt juice off his prick, but he'd already had her taste her mothers juice the other night.

There was a chance she would recognise the taste and smell and wonder why his cock smelt and tasted of sex, so he decided to play safe as he approached her. He dropped to his knees in front of her, placing her legs over his shoulders, he smelt her sweet pussy aroma before attacking her dripping cunt with his lips and tongue.

Jane instantly started to moan out loud as this new sensation started to overload her pleasure centre. Steve hadn't eaten her pussy the other night, despite doing everything else to her. She never realised receiving oral pleasure would be so good. She always thought of it as gross when girls at college had talked about it.

Now here she was squirming on the stool with Steve's amazing tongue exploring inside her pulsing pussy. Jane was in heaven as Steve licked and sucked at her dripping pussy, darting his tongue in and out. She felt him exit her love tunnel and move slightly lower, she felt him licking, sucking, and kissing her anus, when he started to dart his tongue in and out of her sphincter Jane squealed out loud.

Steve licked his way back up to the top of her cunt, kissing her swollen clit and flicking his tongue over it. This took the amazing pleasure she was already feeling to a whole new level, her hands gripped Steve's hair even tighter, pulling his head hard into her pulsing cunt "Oh fuck, don't stop, that feels ssooooooo gooood" Jane moaned, as she felt herself building towards a massive orgasm.

Steve sensing her getting close lightly took her extended, swollen clit between his teeth and bit down only enough to hold it firmly in place as he flicked his tongue up and down over it fast. Within five seconds Jane exploded into her biggest orgasm yet. "Arrrrhhggg, aaaaarrrrrrrrgghhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrhhhhggg" she screamed loud enough to wake any light sleepers in her house. Jane writhed uncontrollably as the intense pleasure became unbearable, she tried but could not wriggle free from the vice like grip Steve held her in, both his hands clamped to her arse cheeks locking her cunt to his mouth.

Steve felt Jane's fingers grip his hair so tight as she cum, her legs clamping his head like a vice, he felt her cunt spasm time and time again as she squirted her beautiful tasting cum into his mouth like a demented kid with a water pistol. Jane was still trembling a full thirty seconds later as Steve finally relinquished his grip on her sodden cunt, having swallowed what seemed like a pint of the sweetest tasting nectar. Steve released her arse and unhooked her legs from his shoulders.

Standing up in front of her Steve saw the priceless expression of disbelief on her face "Fuck me, did that just happen, i thought i had died and gone to heaven " said Jane panting and still disoriented by the sheer size and power of her orgasm. "It sure was a beautiful thing, you were amazing babe" Steve told her as he leaned in and kissed her deeply, letting her taste her own cum juice in the process.

Steve now picked up her legs and pulled her arse to the front of the stool to give him good access to her still pulsing, dripping wet cunt, he lined up his throbbing cock with Jane's pussy lips and ploughed in hard, managing to bury six inches in one go. Jane gasped as her pussy tried to accommodate the full width and length of his cock, Steve pulled all the way out and plunged back in again, this time bottoming out, his balls slapping loudly against her sticky arsehole.

A couple more full, hard thrusts and Jane's cunt had lossend sufficiently to allow his swollen meat to freely penetrate her tight pussy.

As Steve picked up the pace Jane was soon ready to cum again, the bulbous helmet squeezing past her g spot on every thrust and his big balls slapping against her puckered arsehole soon had her on the brink.

Steve fucked her hard and deep as he watched Jane build to her orgasm, her face contorted in anticipation, her beautiful big tits capped with enormous rock hard nipples bouncing uncontrollably over the top of her bra. Jane could almost be her mother, their features very similar, the only difference being that Steve did not pull out of Jane, instead he pumped her harder as she ripped into her orgasm "Oh baby, oh fuck, oh god, ooooooohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuckkkkk" Jane whimpered, as she was engulfed in her second orgasm of the night.

Steve loved watching women cum, each woman different, each with there own mannerisms and different way of expressing their uninhibited release, unable to contain the sheer joy they felt in that unguarded moment, their body betraying them to give up their truthful secrets and feelings, be it by words or actions.

Steve lived for that vulnerable moment. Steve watched Jane as she regained her composurehe couldn't believe he was looking at the same shy girl he had started dating two weeks ago. She would hardly say boo to a goose, now she was a confident risk taking woman.

Steve slowly removed his cock from Jane's pussy, As his bellend was released from her tight cunt lips, a flood of Jane's cum oozed out, running down her arse crack causing a puddle on the stool cushion. Steve lifted Jane's thighs higher, hooking them onto his shoulders, shifting her angle, so her wrinkled little brown eye was winking at him.

He wrapped his hand as far around the base of his thick shaft as he could, even his large hand couldn't close the gap. Steve slapped Jane's gaping, drenched cunt lips and protruding clit several times, before prodding at her tightly closed shitter, her sphincter bending inwards, but not allowing itself to be breached, steve repeated this several times, each time adding more of her sticky cum juice to her already sodden ring piece.

Each time his weighty meat slapped her clit and cunt lips, followed by his large bulbous helmet probing against the resistance of her wrinkled anus made Jane gasp in pleasure and anticipation. Soon Jane was begging Steve " oh god, that's sooo good, please fuck my arse, stop teasing me, pleeeeseee stuff my arse full of fat cock, pleeeeese, fuck my dirty shithole with that beautiful big virgin slayer cock of yours please, pleeeeese".

Steve grinned, it was the first time Jane had used filthy whore language without being prompted. She deserved a reward. Steve pressed his formidable helmet against her sphincter, he steadily applied more and more pressure until the inevitable happened and her ring piece surrendered, Steve's bellend making the sound he loved as it popped inside. Jane's eyes bulged open "Arrrrrrrrrgggg Fuuuuuuuck" she moaned in equal amounts of pleasure and pain.

Steve held steady for thirty seconds before sliding all the way into her tight shitter. Jane had a look of fear in her eyes as she felt Steve pull all the way out despite her tight arse tunnel clinging to his cock for all it was worth, Steve scooped a handful of her cum juice from the cushion puddle, liberally coating his helmet and shaft, before entering her balls deep again, getting the same reaction from Jane.

After repeating this several more times, Steve's cock slid in and out of her tight arse easier and Jane became quieter. Steve now ploughed faster, his powerful thrusts causing his bollocks and pelvis to slap loudly on the flesh of her arse. Jane began to get more vocal. "Oh yeah, that's better, that's good baby. that's nice, nooo moooreee paaaaaain, oooh god, fuuuck meee haaaaardeeeer, beaaaautifuuuuul biiiiiig coooooock" as Jane continued her loud running commentarySteve reached onto the counter and grabbed the aresole can of whipped cream they had used for desert.

It wasn't much bigger than Steve's large cock. Steve stopped fucking Jane's arse, leaving three inches of meat in her, as he lined up the smooth plastic lid end with her cunt entrance and slowly pushed it in, Steve could feel it squeezing over his erect cock as it went deeper, only a thin membrane separating the two.

Jane was feeling cheated as Steve had stopped his fucking, now as he inserted his makeshift dildo into her pussy, she didn't know what to make of the new sensation she was feeling. It was so much different to the time he had fucked her pussy doggy style, with his thumb up her arse. As Steve began to slowly fuck her arse again, she could feel the dildo getting deeper every time his pelvis bumped into it, until he was fuckiing her arse at full speed again.

Jane had never felt so stuffed, the dildo cream can all the way in, stretching her cunt to tearing point., his big fat cock ramming her arsehole to ripping point, his pelvis bumping the dido into her cervix on every stroke "holy fuck, what are you doing to me, oh shit sooo fulll, ohhh god, ooooh fuuuuuck, oooooh yeeeeeeesss, fuuuuck meee haaardeeer, maaaaakkkeee mmmmeeeeee cuuuuuuuumm, neeeeaaaarly theeeeeeeeeeet, oooh fuck my shiiiiteeer yoooou dirrrrrrrtyyyyyy baaaaarrrsssstaaaaarrrrrdddd, fuuuuuuuck iiiiimmm cuuuuuuuummmmmmmmiiiiiiing" Jane had another violent orgasm.

Steve watched her orgasm in amazement, she hadn't batted an eyelid when he had used the makeshift dildo on her. Steve wondered how far he could push Jane, before she would question his motives or refuse his demands. Steve slowly removed his still fully erect cock from Jane's arse, followed by the dildo from her pussy.

Both holes gaping open, looking sore. Steve thought they looked more like a shotgun wound, than the pretty, inviting sight they offered when he first sat her on the stool. Jane had gone from feeling the fullest she'd ever been, to the emptiest.

she wondered what kind of girl she was turning into. only two days ago she was a shy, self conscious virgin, now she was being fucked stupid, having mind blowing orgasm's, using filthy language unprompted, even letting Steve insert a large can into her pussy while he fucked the hell out of her rectum. she didn't have long to contemplate her metamorphosis as she felt Steve's big fat cock enter her wet, gaping pussy. As it bottomed out, she felt that beautiful full feeling, she now craved.

Steve felt his cock glide into Jane's well fucked cunt with ease. Once buried balls deep he grabbed hold of her arse cheeks with both hands, lifting her off the stool.

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Jane wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. Steve started to fuck Jane as he slowly made his way to his pile of clothes on the kitchen floor, squatting down he picked them up, along with Jane's panties. Steve wedged the clothes between them and made his way out of the kitchen.

" I'm going to take you up to your bed and fuck the shit out of you " Steve told Jane. Jane looked into Steve's eyes with a worried expression " But it's next to my parents bedroom, they'll wake up " " well you better keep quiet then " Steve told her, before making his way upstairs.

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"What bedrooms yours " Steve whispered, Jane nodded towards the door of her bedroom nervously. Steve entered her room and closed the door behind them. Making his way to the side of her bed, he told Jane "dump the clothes, i want to feel your big tits bouncing on my chest as i fuck you ".

Steve took his right hand off her arse, sliding it up to her bra clasp, releasing it and between them manoeuvring it free from her body. Steve began lifting Jane up and down the whole 8 inches of his throbbing manhood by her arse cheeks, fucking her in a steady rhythm. Despite Jane's fear of her parents hearing them, she was becoming more and more vocal, clinging to Steve's neck, her head tilted back, her tit's bouncing, which caused her big, rock hard, sensitive nipples to graze against her boyfriends manly chest, " Oh god, you don't know how good this feels, your big, beautiful cock fucking my womanhood, oh baby, you fuck me soooo good," Jane moaned.

"You don't know how good it feels for me" Steve whispered, " Your cunt feels amazing, it's gripping my fat prick like a wet silk glove, i could fuck your perfect cunt for ever" Steve told her. " What sides your parents room " he asked, Jane nodded to the wall on his right.

Steve increased the pace, Jane's arse slapping into Steve on every powerful stroke. Jane's moans and commentary got louder " oh fuck, don't stop, don't stop, fuck my cunt hard, give me all that gorgeous cock, fuck your dirty bitch hard, use my filthy whore pussy, fill it with your hot spunk" Steve squatted down and reached for Jane's discarded panties, then remembered he had her mothers ones in his pocket.

Unseen by Jane he hid her's under his clothes and took her mothers soiled ones out of his pocket. Standing up again he told her " I think it's best if we quieten you down, now open wide ". As Jane did as he asked, Steve scrunched her mothers soiled panties and wedged them into her mouth.

At first Jane didn't know what to make of it, she knew she needed to quieten down, but having her own soiled panties as a gag seemed a bit disgusting. She could taste and smell her pussy juice on them, it was quite pungent, reminding her of the time she had not cleaned his cock properly the other night.

Her thoughts were soon pushed to the back of her mind as that beautiful cock began to work it's magic again. Now her moans were muffled " umpppffff, ummppppfffff, ummpppffff, huh, huh, ummmppppffff" was all that escaped her lips as Jane could feel another orgasm building. Steve walked them both to her bedroom door. Jane's eyes questioning him as he released one hand from her arse cheek and opened the door. Her eyes became wider as he walked her, impailed on his cock to the door of her parents bedroom.

Again she felt his hand leave her bottom and reach for the doorknob. Jane,s wide open eyes filled with terror and she began shaking her head from side to side, pleading no, as the door began to open. "Nooonngghh, nooonngghhh, nooonnngghh" her plea's sounded in desperation, muted by her mothers dried cunt juice panties. Jane turned her head to look in horror as Steve carried Her into her parents bedroom.

Jane thought her heart would break free of her heaving chest, it was pumping so hard. She could see her mum and dad asleep, as Steve stopped, two feet from her mothers head, at the side of their bed. She looked back up into Steve's eyes, hoping he would see how terrorised she was and leave. All she got back was his mischievous grin and the whispered words " I'm gonna stay here fucking you until, either you come over my cock or your parents wake up, whatever happens first".

With that he resumed his fucking of her, pistoning his meat into her. Jane couldn't believe this was happening to her, How the fuck did he have the nerve to fuck me, right in front of my sleeping parents. The adrenaline rush was unbelievable, as she looked intently at her parents for any sign of them waking, she could feel every fibre of her boyfriends cock.

The large swollen helmet, every vein of his fat long shaft as they rubbed her g spot, his big heavy balls slapping on her tingling anus with every thrust. She could feel her nipples chave on his chest hairs, they had never been so hard and so sensitive. lt was like an out of body experience. Steve was loving it, his terrified girlfriend fucking him back for all she was worth, trying to cum before her parents that were happily sleeping beside them woke.

Steve thought it was a shame Lyndi Loo was missing out, Steve toyed with the idea of waking them, just to see the expression on their faces, or pulling out of Jane and spunking all over her mums face. He new this would spoil all the fun he had planned for them. Jane was getting close, the build up to her impending climax was like nothing before, every cell and fibre of her body was tingling in a heightened state of pleasure " fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, harder, harder, harder, fuck, fuck, fuck" were the words that would have filled the room in the build up had it not been for her gag.

Steve felt her starting to tremble, he could see her eyes glaze over and roll back in their sockets, her back arched, throwing her head back and her tits forward. Steve felt her stiffen, a low pitched gurgling noise escaping through her mums panties.

Steve held her tight, his thick meat buried to the hilt as Jane's cunt began to violently spasm on his cock, her whole body jerking every few seconds like she was having a fit.

Steve could feel her cunt cum, time after time each spasm gushing her nectar over his cock and forcing it's way out, soaking his balls and thighs. For two full minutes Steve held her in this position watching and feeling her convulsions. When she finally returned to the land of the living Jane leaned forward took what she believed to be her panties out of her mouthlooked lovingly into Steve's eyes and softly whispered "Thank you ", then promptly started crying in a flood of tears and kissed Steve passionately.

Still impailed on his cock Steve's carefully made his retreat back to Jane's bedroom, gently laying her on her bed. Steve still needed to relieve his bollocks of the pressure that had built to breaking point. He rolled Jane over onto her front, her legs together and knelt either side of beautiful arse.

"My turn babe" Steve said, as he guided his cock into her sopping pussy. Steve fucked her slow and deep for five minutes, Jane still in a trance like emotional state unable to fully respond, just soft whimpers escaping satiated body. Steve then switched holes, his cock slimy from her cum, slipping easily into her already well fucked arsehole, after a few strokes he switched back to her sloppy cunt.

Steve kept this switching for fifteen minutes before burying his throbbing meat in her shitter, reaching under her and grabbing her tits with both hands, he literally fucked the shit out of Janes arse at full throttle for ten minutes. As he was approaching the point of no return, he told a now very aroused Jane, "Reach under and rub your clit". Jane did this, and for the fist time in her life she was masturebatting, something she had always thought to be taboo.

"That's a good slut, rub that clit as i pinch your nipples hard. That's my whore, push that cute little arse of yours up and fuck my fat meat with your shitter". Jane was moaning louder "That feels so good, fuck my shithole hard with ur big cockmake me cum as you fill my arse with your hot sticky spunk". "Here it comes babe, here it comes" cried Steve, as he smashed into Jane's shitter with all the force he could muster, forcing her cunt hard onto Jane's mausterbatting hand.

With one last powerful stroke Steve sunk balls deep in Jane's shitter, holding it deep inside her, the full force of his pent up volcano like balls erupting deep inside her bowels, spurt after spurt of hot spunk flooded her shit cave. Jane rubbed her clit furiously as she felt Steve bury his mountain of rock hard flesh in her arse and flood her with pulse after pulse of hot spunk, "oooh fuuuck, it's like a firemans hose, soooo biiiiiig, soooooooh pooooweeeerfuuuuuul, sooooooo, ah fuuuuuuck iiiiiimmmmmm cuuuuuuuuuuummiiiiiiiiiiiing" jane erupted as soon as she felt Steve cum in her arse.

Steve collapsed onto Jane's back, resting his full weight on her as he come down from the high of orgasm. His spent cock deflating inside her arse for the first time in well over an hour.

Jane found his heavy weight on top of her comforting and protective as she too came down from the unbelievable high.

She could not believe what had just taken place. The orgasm she had while fucking in front of her sleeping parents was so surreal and intense, it was way different to the other magical powerful times she had cum.

Jane could feel Steve's once hard fat cock deflating, relieving the pressure in her contented arsehole, his cock exiting her rectum with a plop as Steve rolled off her.

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Jane felt her now undamed, gapping arse release its contents as a torrent of Steve's hot cum flowed like a river, out of her well fucked shitter, spilling over her well fucked pussy and pooling on the quilt below.

Steve pulled Jane into an embrace kissing her tenderly for a few minutes before whispering to her "Your so fucking amazing babe, i better go before we start all over again ".

Jane looked into Steve's eyes and replied "As much as i would like to, i haven't the energy, you've fucked me to a frazzle. I wish we could stay like this all night long ".

Steve replied "Me too, if you're brave enough you can spend the night at my flat soon". "That would be amazing " Jane purred, feeling dreamy and tired. Steve relinquished his grip on Jane and slowly dressed, stuffing Lyndi Loo's panties into his pocket. He bent over and kissing sleepy Jane gently on her nose said "Don't get up, i'll let myself out.

I'll call you tomorrow " Jane dreamily whispered "Bye, i love you ", as Steve left her room, quietly closing the door behind him. As he walked past her parents bedroom door he paused, the devil in him unable to pass up the opportunity to have one final thrill before his nights work was done.

He crept into their bedroom and walks up beside a deeply sleeping Lyndi Loo. Steve unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his cock, still covered in a mixture of his and Janes cum, plus Jane's cunt and arse juice. Steve then bends down rubs his wet, sticky cock over Lyndi Loo's perfectly placed lips and face. Grinning to himself as he watches her face twitch and her tongue involuntary lick her sticky lips as she sleeps. Steve leaves their bedroom, collects his shoes from the kitchen and heads home, thinking about his plans for latter that day.