Thick cock in big tit gf at gym hardcore big dick

Thick cock in big tit gf at gym hardcore big dick
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It's the end of the day, the kids are in bed and the house is quite. I step out of the shower, dry off and wrap the towel around my waist. I head to the kitchen to fix me a night cap and find you doing some last minute dishes.

I step up behind your 5'3" frame and start to work out some of the kinks in your back. You let out a small sigh and comment on how good it feels. We start some small talk about the day's events, weekend plans and who's going to deal with the bills coming due. After a few minutes your head tilts to one side, your long, hair brushes clear of your shoulder. I lean down and start to kiss and nibble at the base of your neck.

You moan a little and smile, you lean back into me, enjoying my attentions. I stop the back massage and wrap you in my arms, left hand across your abdomen, right, across the top of your breasts. You reach back with your free hand and entangle your fingers into my still damp hair. "We shouldn't" you whisper as you grind your ass into my crotch .

"We will" I respond gently in your ear just before I nibble on your ear lobe. "Here?" You raise and lower your ass against me, slowly forcing the towel to the floor.

"Yes." I cup and slightly lift your 38C tits. You're not wearing a bra and my thumbs flick across your pert nipples. "But the kids" you say, not doing anything to stop me. "Are sleeping" I pinch your nipples, rewarding me with a gasp of pleasure from you. "They might hear" "Let them" My left hand slowly slides down your flat stomach, stopping at your crotch.

I can feel how wet you are through your jeans.

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I rub your pussy through the jeans while my right hand slips under your t-shirt continues to play with your nipples. We continue like this for some minutes, the only noise heard is the deep breathing and gasps of air as I play at your neck, tits and pussy. You continue to grind into me as I occasionally apply lift to your crotch, forcing you to your toes. I start to work at your button fly. I undo your jeans and pull them down with your panties as I kneel behind you.

"What will the girls think?" you ask as you step out of your clothes. "They are both old enough", I say as I bite an ass cheek, "to think whatever they want." I kiss and lick the spot I just bit. "They might think," I say as I spread your ass cheeks, "that mommy likes her asshole licked." a low slow moan from you proves me right.

"Later they might think that daddy fucks her like he owns her." All pretense of resisting my attentions fade and you spread your legs wider and bend forward at the waste, giving me perfect view of your lovely ass bud.

It quivers, quakes, and throbs as I suck, lick and probe it with my tongue. My left hand reaches around your thigh. My fingertips get drenched as they slide up and down your pussy lips, probing and pressing. My index finger finds your clit and I begin to tease you by just barely touching it. You start you move your hips forward to meet my finger but realize that I stop sucking your ass when you do.

"Oh you bastard!" you say almost to yourself. Soon you start to maneuver, trying to find a way to get both pussy and ass pleasured. "Pleasepleaseplease" you sob over and over, but I am evil and keep my fingers hovering, just barely touching you.


I can see the juice dripping from your crotch, the smell is marvelous. "Gods Damn it!" you cry turning around suddenly. You lean back on the counter and hike a leg over my shoulder. "You bastard." You say with a smile." I've had it!

Lick me, you fuck. Lick my pussy! " Who am I to argue? I start by kissing the outside of the pleasure zone, slowly licking and kissing down one side and up the other.

Then my tongue flits across your pussy lips, giving me the first sweet taste of your juice. Slow moans escape your full lips as you dig your nails into the back of my head, trying to force me where you want me to be, but I'll have none of that. My tongue is flat as I slowly sick your slit from its lowest point almost to the top, I stop just before your clit.

Long slow laps, over and over, poking and prodding, separating your lips, now and again licking a little deeper, to get to the meat of your pussy, but I largely leave your clit alone, I flick it with my tongue now and again just to show you I know where it is.

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Each time I do I'm rewarded with a sharp intake of breath. While I'm licking you, my right hand is busy with your asshole. I get my fingers slick with your pussy juice and slowly run little circles around your tight rosebud of an anus. I apply just enough pressure to suggest penetration but not quite enough to let it happen.

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"Oh, you fucking tease! Oh Gods damndamndamndamn, pleasepleaseplease!" The litany begins again. Your hips are bucking, eyes closed, one hand entangled in my hair. I sense you can't take any more of this so I, oh so slowly, push a finger in your ass at the same time I inch my index and ring ringer into your hot pussy, "OHHH! YEEESSSS"is all you have to say.

The fingers in your pussy easily find your G-spot and begin to massage it while I finely give your clit the attention you've been craving, sucking and licking and flicking you. The finger in your ass slowly pulses in and out of you. It not long before all this sends you over the edge.

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Your knees begin to buckle as the mind numbing, body wracking, orgasm surges through you like a lightning bolt. Apparently you don't care if the kids hear you anymore "FUCKFUCK FUCK! SHIT GODS YES! DRINK IT!


DRINK IT YOU CUNT SUCKING BASTARD! GODS I LOVE YOU!" You cry as your orgasm produces gallons of sweet nectar. I drink it all. You almost crumble to the floor, nearly spent. I catch you, and slowly stand up.

"My turn" I say softly. I kiss you full on the mouth, my face sticky with your pussy fluid. "Wait&hellip. what?" You reply somewhat deliriously.


"Fuck you like I own you, remember?" I throw you onto the kitchen table, your body still twitching from your orgasm. "nonononono, I can't, I'm too tired" even as you spread your legs, lifting them to my shoulders. Your lips are wet and dripping, I can see the muscles between your pussy and ass twitch with anticipation.

I take my cock in my hand and rub its 7" length up and down your pussy, It's not the monster cock from the porn DVDs but its long enough for you and its "D" cell battery girth makes it thick enough for you. I slowly, slowly, slide my cock into your waiting pussy. Even as you say no you grab my hips and try to get all of me faster.

I penetrate you up to the base of my cock. I can feel your pussy dripping on my balls. The table is a bit low so I grab your hips lifting them from the table. I go long and slow the first few strokes. Making sure I'm fully coated with your juices. Then without warning I start to slam my cock in to you. I grunt and growl like an animal as I use my arms and hips to fuck you with as much force as I can.

You squeeze your tits and pinch your nipples. "OH-GODS-DAMN-FUCK-SHIT-FUCK-SHIT-FUCK-ME-FUCK-ME-FUCK-FUCK-FUCK!" You shout in cadence with my thrusts and grunts.

"OH BABY I'MCUMMINGI'MCUMMINGI'MCUMMING!!!!" You reach for me, trying to sit up in the process. I grab your arms and pull you to me. You wrap your legs around me as I lift you from the table. I pump you up and down onto my cock as I stand in the middle of the kitchen.

I can feel your nails digging into my back as another orgasm surges through you. "FUUUUUCCCCCK!!" I let you rest a bit, clinging to me, panting and out of breath Your sweaty and lovely.

"I love you very much" I whisper in her ear as I start you bobbing on my cock again.

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"This pussy is mine and I'm going to prove it by filling it with my cum!" I start fucking you harder and harder. I lay you back on the table " Almost! Almost" I growl, CUMMING! CUMMING!" "NO!" you cry "Feed me!

Cum down my throat! I want to taste you. Let me drink your cum please! " "Fine! Quick! On your knees! " You drop before me and suck my cock into your mouth, massaging my balls. There isn't any time licks or technique, I'm too close and your mouth feels perfect! I grab thick handfuls of hair as you let me fuck your throat. "Cumming! Cumming! NOWWWWWW!!!!" Just as I release, you force two fingers you've been lubing with your pussy in my ass.

The sensation is unimaginable!

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I cum so hard it almost hurts as load after load of jizz gushes down your throat. You milk my cock of every last drop. Pumping it with your hands as you suck out everything you can. You smile and you stand up before me, wiping cum of your chin with your fingers.

You suck your fingers clean and give me a deep tongue filled kiss; I can faintly taste some of what I fed you.

We stand there, holding one another for a bit, softly kissing each other in the middle of the kitchen. I finely lift you in my arms and carry you. You head is resting on my chest and I can tell your asleep before I get to our bed room. I didn't notice the door to one of the girls' room was slightly ajar as I passed&hellip.