Veronica jett boricua lovely gets good morning fuck anal ass to mouth blowjob cum on ass handjob har

Veronica jett boricua lovely gets good morning fuck anal ass to mouth blowjob cum on ass handjob har
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Chapter Six The Tables Turn and God Bless the Nude Beaches Ashley loves beaches and really loves nude beaches. No one was more surprised to find that out than me. We were married twenty years before I discovered that. You gotta understand. This was a mother of four, intensely Christian and conservative in most every way of thinking.except secretly loving nudity! I would've never guessed it. The subject never came up and I didn't have to talk her into going to "that beach" nor did I even suggest it.

She brought it up one night during our fantasy sessions. Actually she had to "talk" ME into it. She has seven siblings, four guys and four girls and in a house that big nudity was inevitable at times. To her it was really no big deal, in ways I never understood.

Being German, my family of three siblings was quite the opposite, three sisters, all much older and all quite prudish. Besides that cultural predisposition, I also think most guys are pretty sure an erection is definitely going to happen when surrounded by bosoms and butts.

I mean, what guy wants to be walking down a beach with his cock at full mast? I didn't! Ok. Gotta pause for another story about erections at nude beaches. This happened to us a few years prior to finally hitting "that beach." I contacted the nation's top "ad copy writer" to learn his tricks.

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At the time I was making a nice six figure income as a marketing entrepreneur but wanted to expand. He was the guy to help me do that. So Ash and I traveled across Central Florida to visit him at his beachside residence office.

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We sat down at his expensive cherry wood conference desk and he made two statements. First, "After this interview it will cost you $300 per hour in person here or by phone." Second, "Before I take you on I have one non negotiable requirement. You two need to get your asses to a nude beach. I'll tell you where to find them." "Excuse me?

Why?" I responded. "It's quite simple.


Young guys like you will never believe me when I tell you nudity is not erotic." "Like hell it isn't! I replied. "Exactly! That's why you need to go before I try to teach you what I know." "Please tell me why a nude beach is so damn important." He replied, "When you go to a nude beach everything is out there on display. You will find it surprisingly not as sexy as you imagine. Young guys like yourself have a primary concern when they consider going to a nude beach.

Know what it is? It's that they expect to get an erection and embarrass themselves. I'm telling you it won't happen and you need to experience that to believe me when I say nudity is not erotic. Now. If you walk outside on this beach and see a gorgeous blond in a skimpy thong walking towards you. you will be much more likely to get an erection. You know why? Because the good parts are covered up.


Eroticism in marketing also requires the most enticing thing to be covered up. You can't reveal what's the core attraction in your advertising and expect it to work. You must leave your customers wanting more. Just like the woman's boobs or pussy out there on the beach. She leaves you wanting to see what's under her thong. The biggest mistake in writing ad copy is revealing it all, letting it all hang out, and it's that skill I'll try to teach you.

But it all starts with experiencing a nude beach. You won't really believe me until you get there. So this interview is over. Contact me after you've been there a few times." We never went back and we never did go to that beach until a few years later when Ash convinced me to go. Was I afraid I'd get an erection? You bet. Did I. nope! The guy was right. Sorta. I never got an erection walking down the beach. I did plenty of times lying on our blanket and talking to Ash about the guys she was ogling.

Her interest in naked guys, her fascination with large dangling swinging cocks was always fascinating to feel in her and always. hot as hell! Playa Linda Beach. It's adjacent to Kennedy Space Center near Titusville, Fl. At the time we went there, conservatively 500 nude bodies of all types were running around! Eye candy was everywhere you looked. Well almost. Here's my stats on what we found.

Many of the people there were retired all wrinkly, often chubby, but with radiant dark tans that made them more pleasant to look at than you might expect. The ratio of men to women was about equal.if not slightly more women. There were plenty of families with kids, yes kids, from infants to teenagers, and lots of volleyball nets, frisbees and water toys. Really young kids running around was quite unbelievable at the time.

Everything was unbelievable.not only the first time we went but pretty much every time we went for the first year.

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Oh yea I forgot. There were plenty of dancers there too! No, not actual dancers on the beach. I mean exotic dancers from the Orlando Strip Clubs. You could easily spot them. They came together in little groups laughing, drinking, kinda strutting, to work on their tans. God bless those young little beauties! The sights they provided were exquisite. If you were with a woman at the beach you were allowed to place your blanket or towels on the sand quite close to them. Single men, especially older men, would get chased off.

But oh those perfectly shaped bodies, siliconed boobs, wonderful asses, pretty pussies, and glistening tans! Gawd I loved watching them oil each other up. They were twice as beautiful there than on a stage.

Well at least that's what Ash would tell me when we went to visit their clubs. But that's another story! The miracle of it all is that we actually went there, hundreds of times over the coming years and we brought guests. Friends, relatives, her boyfriends, my girlfriends.even our kids a few times. That's a bunch of stories. So you're probably wondering. Did you have sex on the beach? Well, within the mass of people all playing around there, no.

Strictly not allowed. Too many kids. But up the beach a mile or two. Hell yea! Lots of times. It eventually became one of Ashley's favorite things. Find a cool guy and.

"Honey, let's all go for a walk. Grab the blanket!" Well that's another bunch of stories. One time she even did it with an actual cop! .several times with him and with a gun and a badge in his bag.

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Hellava story. Ok, ok. I'll take a break from my story line and tell you about that guy now. There are actually two nude beaches, one in each of the adjacent counties, Volusia and Brevard. Just up the beach 13 miles is Apollo Beach which is part of a National Park on the south end of New Smyrna. It's a great beach too but with much smaller crowds and much more "legal" as the south end was officially designated "clothing optional" on a big beach sign.

Ash and I started going there quite often and about the tenth time we did it happened to be a launch day in more than one way. The first was a shuttle at Kennedy Space Center. The beach was closed until after the early launch which meant about 50 of us waited at the facility parking lot until it to lifted off. I'll tell you this, that location was a spectacular view. But before it happened a very good looking guy, Craig, angles over to start talking to us. (I'm jumping months ahead in our storyline now.

We've been to swing clubs. Ash is already growing more comfortable with sex and strangers, especially strangers this good looking.) I knew when he started chatting her up this could be an interesting day at the beach and a possible second launch. our first sexual experience in the sand. Well about 30 minutes later the shuttle goes off and we watch it rise steadily to the clouds and then, about one minute later, this sudden wall of sound comes down the beach like a freight train.

It was unexpected, without warning, so loud you could feel it in your chest and a bit frightening. Ash jumped and grabbed Craig. He held her tight and the game was on at that point. Within 30 minutes. I'm on the blanket watching only a couple feet from my wife while she's sucking his cock.

His huge cock. There's no one around but sea gulls, sand dunes and the surf. Ok.let's take out the fantasy thing you always get in these stories and set that aside. This is real sex, hot sex, aggressive sex with a living breathing hot wife and a sexy guy way beyond anything she has ever experienced. Let me interject something. "There is nothing as hot as seeing your beauty loose all of her normal reservations and controls and just get into it with a new guy.

In that regard, there is no fantasy that equals--that reality. It's beyond your imagination." Ashey, my Ashley, is now sucking on Craig with more abandon than I've ever seen out of her.

It was passionate, slow, enticing, and teasing. She was edging him like she learned to do with me, except I'm now watching this in real time.


All with a big smile on her face as she occasionally glances over at me while stroking, licking and sucking his cock. That look on her face, the look of sheer lust. Gawd it was incredible! Finally when Craig can't take it anymore, he flips her over, (actually throw is a more accurate word), grabs her butt and literally dives his face into her cunt, while he lifts her off the blanket and up to his mouth.

You know that expression, "eating her out?" Well if ever it truly was descriptive, this was it. He ravished her!

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Ash responded by gasping, groaning and then starting a string of mini clit orgasms! After that goes on like forever. Her ankles get lifted over his shoulders and his cock starts ramming into her juiced up cunt, pounding her like I never do and reaching her cervix like I barely can.

This causes Ash to nearly pass out with a one massive orgasm. (Seriously her cervix is the big deal. I would've never known that without horses like Craig.) This guy's cock and massive balls were way outta my league and at least a true 8-9". I'm only a 6-7" and bigger than most. But damn what a cock for her to enjoy!

What guy ever gets to watch something like that happen just inches away? I'm skipping the blow by blow she went through by just saying this. The fuckfest lasted nearly an hour. In the end, she was smiling, very sweaty, exhausted and deeply satisfied. So was he.


In the beginning she/we intended to insist on condoms but this whole thing was so powerfully spontaneous. Just ended up with cum everywhere, in her mouth, on her tits, on top of her pussy, in her pussy, and leaking from it. actually pouring from it, all over the blanket. This was the first time I watched another guy's cum squirt out of Ash's pussy as it continued to spasm when he pulled out.

Looking back, I'd have to say that sight remains one of the most erotically beautiful things I've ever seen with her and a memory I will never forget. I still don't know how he had that much cum stored up.

The guy was a freaking horse! Here's what was in it for me. I was finally realizing we were getting beyond the "intercourse resistance thing." I now had a woman who loved getting fucked by strangers and she was now a woman who thoroughly loved sex for sex's sake.

How many guys ever get their woman to that deep place of abandonment? Lot's dream of having a woman like that. Few ever have one. It changed everything between us and sex continued to become more important, more vitally important than anything else we did. Consequently, we "did it" a lot, always reliving experiences like that one with Craig over and over again for weeks afterwards.

Well until we met him again, actually a few times more. I think the second time she fucked him, Craig confided he was a cop. He just opened up his bag and there was his 9mm and a badge.

The gun was illegal as hell to have on the beach but hey, the guy's a freakin cop! Later that summer we hooked Craig up with a gorgeous blonde who was a neighbor of ours. (We surprisingly met her at our swing club!) She confided one night that she had this crazy unrelenting fantasy about fucking a cop who pulls her over for a ticket and then gets out of the ticket by "getting on her knees." So we both think.

CRAIG! Let me tell ya, it wasn't hard for Ashley to arrange it with Him. One night he plans it out. She's driving down some highway. He's waiting, pulls her over and orders her out of her hot red Camaro. That part about being on her knees.

Well it soon ends and Craig gets a little rough. He throws her on the hood, literally rips her clothes off, and fucks her brains out along side the road. The sheer danger of doing that in public made it all screechingly hot for both of them! I'm not sure how many times they repeated that little "get together" or whether her husband ever knew. She did say Craig continued planning encounters in more remote sites. She wouldn't tell us much about them except "his handcuffs were involved and his baton felt great in my pussy!" They both thanked us!

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So back to the nude beach. You now know how it started. At the time we were very very sincere Christians. I'm serious. We still are in our modified way. You would've thought that such a conservative background would not exactly leave us predisposed to walking around naked, or "necked" as they say in the south, much less me showing my beautiful wife's ass off for hundreds of men to gawk at. However, we did continue going there for years and over the coming years we both had sex with multiple people on "that beach." If you've never had sex on the sand, let me tell ya.

It's great! It might be my favorite place. However, merely watching Ash with her legs over some guy's shoulders.

Well that was always the hottest and "the best of times." Final Thoughts Check out Ashley's nude beach photos recently posted. It's her, twenty years ago, and I took the pics.

Pls. Hit "like" if you enjoy these stories. I can't believe why so many people read stories like this and never vote or leave some comments! It sure would help to inspire authors to write more chapters. And finally. Everything I'm writing is 100% true. I'll let you know if I ever deviate from the actual events we shared.