Nurse sucks off the doctor and gets spunked all over her face

Nurse sucks off the doctor and gets spunked all over her face
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One day I was looking in the paper hope someone would hire someone with no work experience. Then I got lucky there was a local scientist looking for an assistant experience not needed.

I almost jump for joy but I kept my composer and called the number listed on the ad I had the job and she wanted me to start the next day. After hanging up the phone I started wondering what it would be like working with a woman scientist I started to imagine what she looked like till my mind took over. I imagined and tall but shorter then me woman with dark red hair,blue eyes,glasses and a lab coat.

Then I saw her standing by a table mixing chemicals. She looks up with those beautiful blue eyes and she says hi why don't you come over here and help me with this as i start walking she opens her lab coat and she was standing in front of me with a lacy black bra and pantie set on.

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I was drooling but it seemed no matter have much I walked she wasn't getting any closer. I started to run but she moved farther away the whole time she was saying aren't you gonna help me.

Then I was awoken by my neighbor mowing his lawn. Being very excited to meet my new boss I got up and got on the computer looking up pictures and videos with sexy women in lab coats. Before long I was hard as a rock living alone I thought why not just masturbate right here that way I could still watch the videos. Then there was a knock at the door I paused the video turned off the monitor and put my dick away not very successfully though. I open the door and standing on my porch was my next door neighbor's wife she was looking very good in my state of mind I was hoping she had came over for sex.

Unfortunately she did not. Her name is Rita and she was the sexiest woman in the neighborhood standing at maybe 5'7 with about C cup and an ass of a runner I was drooling again. Then I asked why she was over she ask me for some sugar and flour now im not a very good cook but I mess around with it every now and again. So luckily I had some I poured a cup of each as she was walk toward the door she said that she could use some help if I wasn't to busy.

I quickly jump at the invitation following her like a lost puppy back to her house. Once inside we went straight to the kitchen. Walking pass picture after picture I had to stop and ask why her husband wasn't helping she told me she wasn't married.

Then I asked who the guy that lived with her was. She told me that was her bother and he didn't really live here. He just comes over to cut the grass and fix anything in the house for her. I smiled now knowing she was single and i might have a chance. So we got started on baking what ever it was she was baking.

I could careless what it was as long as it was with her. I was curious so I asked her why he was over all the time. She said that he used her guestroom as storage for his extra clothes.

After finishing her answer her bother walked in the door. She introduces us to each other his name was Chris. Chris wasn't your average guy either he was about 6'4 and muscles like a pro wrestler.

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Him standing over me I have to admit I was a little intimidated, But he was nice he shook my hand and went on bout his business like I wasn't even there and then he left. Rita ask me to pass her an egg. Trying to look at her breast and pass her the egg at the same time it slipped out my hand and smashed on the floor.


She bent down to clean it up giving me a good look down he shirt. When she looked up she caught me staring and ask if I had a good look. Being ashamed I look away and said yes then safely passing her another egg. We baked all day, we baked pies, cakes,brownies, and muffins.

When we were done our clothes had flour all over them.

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Rita said she was gonna take a shower and she ask me to put her clothes in the washing machine then told me I could wash mine and use the shower in the basement.

She then undress right in front of me then walk away in just her panties leaving me drooling again. I was loading the machine when I thought that It would be better to shower with her. So I started the machine and snuck up stairs to my surprise the door was wide open.

I walked in and got right in behind her. She turned saying I hoped you come join me stepping up to me started kissing me. As we kissed my hand roamed all her back and ass her doing the same.

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We broke the kiss and I wasted no time getting things started I grab the back of her thighs and left her straight up luckily I work once in a while so she wasn't heavy at all.

I slowly brought he down onto my dick her mouth making a small O as I went. She was so tight I just couldn't believe it I almost bust right there. I went slow at first but having a dream come true it didn't last to long and I started pound into her like a mad man.


The whole time she's screaming out how good it is and she wants more and more. I started to get that feeling in my balls and I knew it wouldn't last too much longer. I exploded inside her sending her to the brink and she too exploded more than me. I continued to pound her right through my climax and it was like I never came in the first place before long I couldn't stand anymore. I sat down on the edge of the tub and let her take over. She took a hold of my 9in dick and started her decent.

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I started to enter her that's when I realized it was her ass I was sliding into. I've never done anal and it only got better from there she started bouncing up and down like a woman possessed. It hurt a little but there was no way in hell I was gonna stop her. Her ass being tighter then her pussy I last bout six minutes but it was the best six minutes of my life.

But she wasn't done yet she was going for the best sex ever. I had to regain control I pick her and practically slammed her in to the shower wall make her scream out in pain and pleasure. I pounded into her like a horny teen crazed for sex her screams are so loud I thought the cop might be knocking down her down any minute. I was getting closer to the my climax when she screams out she cumming her ass starts contracting squeezing my dick so hard that I explode in side her she said that she loves cum up her ass.

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We start to come down from the best sex in both our lives. We wash up dry off and got dressed. Then she asks me to go with her to drop off the stuff and a local bake sale.

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How could I say no after sex like that.