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Lewd teen hotty stands in various positions getting fisted
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>>>>>> One of the waitresses poked her head into the kitchen. "Andrea.you'd better get out here fast. I think your brother is about to propose. He's kneeling in front of his girlfriend. Hurry up!" Andrea wiped her hands on a towel, rushing from the kitchen with her husband only a second behind her. She stepped up behind Steven, almost laughing as he stumbled his way through almost three minutes of incoherent babble and unconnected words.

Finally, Rosalie took pity. "Steven, I think you should just take a deep breath and ask me. I'm sure all these good people would like to get back to their dinners and Andrea and Nick are needed in the kitchen." I turned my head, noticing for the first time that the restaurant was as silent as a graveyard.

I saw Andrea and Nick standing and smiling behind me. When I turned the other way I saw all the people in the lobby craning for a better view. "Sorry, folks…I guess you can say I'm a bit nervous." Turning back to my love I took Rosie's hands again and looked into her eyes. "Rosie, I…uh." "Just ask me, Steven." "You're not going to make it easy for me, are you?" "Hell, no," she said with a laugh.

"This is going to be my one and only proposal. You're going to be stuck with me for life. You're going to have to ask me, if only so these nice people can finish their dinners." I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. "Rosie, will you marry me?" She gave a big fist pump as she yelled, "YES!!!" Rosie jumped forward to grip my hair as she mashed her sweet lips into mine, her tongue finding its way deep into my throat.

Everyone applauded even after I broke the kiss to pull the ring I had selected from my jacket pocket. I held it and slowly placed it onto Rosie's finger.

She took one look at it and kissed me again. Andrea stepped forward to hug me then Rosie, followed closely by Nick. "That's my brother, the famous lawyer," she told everyone who could hear. "My brother-in-law and my best friend since we were kids," Nick commented before they returned to work. Rosie used her phone to take a photo—a selfie—of her face and her hand with the ring then she phoned her mother. "Hi, Mom; I'm out with Steven and in a minute I'm going to send you a picture." She waited a few seconds before continuing.

"No, Mom—it's not another fish although it is a real whopper. It's one hell of a picture. Call me back when you've seen it, okay?" She ended the call and sent the photo. "When did you get this, Steven? Other than work you've been with me every second. I just love it. It's beautiful." "Remember last week? I had to go into Manhattan for the Bar Association committee meeting?

The meeting was held at a hotel only a few blocks from the Diamond District. I had phoned Sam—remember him? It was two days before to tell him what I wanted. I'm glad you like it." "I love it, Steven and I love you." I was sure she'd continue, but her phone rang at that very instant.

I could hear her mother crying over the phone. She's a very emotional woman. She spoke to Rosie for a few minutes then to me, telling me how pleased she was for both of us. I had to end the call because our dinner had been served. Rosie kept looking at it then at me then back to the ring. "What can you tell me about the ring, Steven?" "Sam assured me it's a very high quality blue-white stone of 2.5 carats.

The baguettes total a quarter carat on each side. The ring itself is platinum. It's heavier and much stronger than gold.

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I'm glad you like it. I had to guess on the size. You have very delicate fingers. Fortunately, Sam remembered your hands. I guess I should phone Mom and Dad." I did and the phone call was almost word-for-word identical to the one with Rosie's mother, even down to the tears which surprised me, considering how tough I knew Mom could be. Rosie agreed to Sunday dinner with my family. "I'll phone my Mom on our way home and get us invited for tomorrow.

I want you all to myself on Monday. It'll be Labor Day all day and into the night for you." Then leaning across the table she whispered, "And tonight, and tomorrow night, and every night for the rest of our lives." We were both so excited that we could barely eat so we had several take-away boxes for our lunch tomorrow or Monday or whenever. She phoned her mother once I was on the road and she didn't even have to wheedle an invitation.

Her mom asked us to come early in the afternoon. I got the impression the entire family would be invited. Then she phoned Nadia. They had become really good friends, especially once Rosie had moved in with me. Harrison also lives in Centerport, less than a half mile from us. Nadia was thrilled, but not surprised. We agreed to get together tomorrow morning for a brief visit.

>>>>>> Our shower was big, but you'd never know it that night. Rosie pressed her body into mine, hugging and kissing and even fondling me as the hot water played over our bodies. "Steven," she asked even as she ran the slippery soap over my cock, balls, and ass. "I would like to have a big family." "Sounds great to me." "Can we start as soon as we're married?" "Sounds even better," I said with a smile just before pulling her into yet another passionate kiss.

"Steven," she whispered, "Would you please lick me…you know, like you did back in June?" My response was to initiate another long and sloppy kiss. Five minutes later we were dry and I had carried my love to our bed. I pulled the blanket down and laid her on the sheet. I began with my body between her legs, rubbing the underside of my cock into her slit. This was just "warm-up" for her—just enough to make her gasp—as we kissed. Then I ran my tongue ever so lightly across her lips and around her chin.

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Rosie began to moan as I slowly traced her jaw line to her ear where I nibbled her lobe and ran lightly over the rest. I was encouraged when her moans became louder and she groaned, "Oh, God!" Then I moved teasingly down her neck, across her clavicle and to the breast on her opposite side.

After moving around the entire breast my tongue ran in a slight spiral up toward her areola. Her first orgasm hit then and continued when I moved to her other breast. She came again—even harder this time—when I reached her navel. It wasn't deep so my tongue easily reached all the way in. By now she was shaking like a leaf and continued as I moved over her hip.

I thought I might drown when I reached her clit. Rosie squirted like never before, drenching my face and our bed. She was still shaking, minor tremors coursing through her body, when I rose from the bed and walked to the bathroom. I carefully put Rosie onto a thick bath towel while I stripped the bed, throwing the soiled sheets into the hamper. I had new sheets on only a minute after drying the mattress with another towel. Then I lifted Rosie and joined her under the covers. We were sound asleep seconds later.

I woke the following morning to a tongue bathing my morning erection. Looking down I saw Rosie grin. "I'm glad you don't do that every night.

I don't think I could handle it. The last thing I remember was squirting something fierce and the rest is a blur. I know I owe you one, probably a lot more. I'm sorry I couldn't do it last night." I pulled her up for a kiss, but she returned to my cock a minute later.

Moving between my legs allowed her to look into my eyes as she sucked madly and licked gently, taking my entire organ into her mouth. She teased me, bobbing slowly as her tongue washed my shaft, for several minutes before she winked and polished me off a minute later. I no longer felt the need to warn her. Not only was Rosie willing to swallow, she wanted to.

She saw it as part of her expression of her love for me. I was wasted when she jumped out of bed. "C'mon, sleepy; we're going out to breakfast with Harrison and Nadia. They'll be here at 8:30." She pulled me from the bed into the shower. It was just what I needed. We washed and groped each other and shaved each other. Yes, we still kept our abdomens bare.

I shaved and was dressed a few minutes later, just in time to greet Harrison and Nadia at the door. Nadia ran straight to Rosie where they hugged and did that jumping thing that only women seem able to do.

Harrison just strolled through the door, shaking my hand, and saying, "Congrats, man." Eventually, Nadia and Rosie calmed down and Nadia came over to hug me and kiss my cheek. Harrison drove us to the Centerport waterfront and the Centerport Yacht Club for their buffet breakfast. I had always given him a hard time because the Centerport club was only about half the size of Northport's.

Of course, he countered by telling me it was more exclusive, a remark that usually made me howl. We were almost there when Rosie's cell rang.

It was her mother. "Yes, Mom I'm going to breakfast with my best friend Nadia and her husband Harrison who is Steven's best friend. Nadia's going to be matron of honor." I did a double take and gazed at Harrison who showed no sign of being surprised. Rosie listened to her mother for a few minutes then asked Nadia, "Would you like to join us this afternoon?

It'll be at my Uncle Al's in Port Jeff Station. The whole family will be there and I know they'd love to meet you." Nadia looked at Harrison through the mirror and there must have been some signal I missed because next thing I knew we were all going to Uncle Al's. We had just ordered our coffee when I asked, "Rosie, when did you speak with Nadia about being in our wedding? I only asked you last night." "Steve," Nadia answered, "for a brilliant lawyer you sure can be obtuse.

Harrison and I have known for weeks that you'd ask Rosalie. We talked in the ladies room at Hamilton. I told Rosalie then that it was only a matter of time." I looked at Harrison and his expression only confirmed what Nadia had said. "Then, I guess we should keep everything in the family. Want to be my best man, buddy?" "I'd be disappointed if you didn't ask me, so…absolutely.

Does this mean I'll get to escort that hot dish sitting across from your fiancée?" We all laughed then joined the line for the buffet. We were back at the table when Nadia told us, "I made a big mistake one day and called Rosalie, 'Rosie.' I thought she was going to tear me a new asshole. Know what she said? 'That's Steven's name for me. He's the only one who gets to call me that.' Now, that's true love." "Well, that's how I feel.

Steven makes me feel so special when he calls me 'Rosie.'" I leaned over and Rosie got the message immediately--kissing me briefly, but deeply. We had a great time, just as I knew we would and I had to admit the buffet was great.

We returned to our house where we spent the rest of the morning on our deck. "So, tell me what to expect this afternoon?" "Well, Harrison—last time I went was Memorial Day weekend and there must have been a million people there." Rosie laughed then swatted me in the ribs. I continued anyway. "You know these Italian families—second cousins, third cousins, and some people who aren't even cousins.

All I know is that I had a fantastic time. I will remember Rosie's parents and her brother Michael and his wife Natalie, her sister Anita and her husband Joe…oh yeah—Uncle Al, too.

The rest I'll rely on Rosie to tell me." "Don't forget my absolute favorite uncle." "Oh, like I could ever forget. Uncle Robert is a Suffolk County cop and he hates lawyers…well, criminal lawyers. You'll probably be okay, Harrison." We left around 12:30 in both cars in case Harrison and Nadia wanted to get away before we were allowed to.

He followed me all the way to Uncle Al's and, once again, there was no place to park. We had to go halfway down the next block before we could find space for both cars. Rosie took my hand, kissed my cheek then polished her ring on her blouse. She was beaming; I'd never seen her look better. Of course, we were mobbed as soon as we passed through the gate. My hand was shaken dozens of times and my back slapped even more. Rosie's dad hugged me so tightly that I could hardly breathe. Somehow we managed to introduce Harrison and Nadia as best friends and best man and matron of honor although there was obviously nothing matronly about Nadia who, at five feet ten inches and 125 pounds with an hourglass figure, was clearly a Russian bombshell.

Finally, after things had calmed down and all the women had checked out Rosie's ring, I almost laughed when Nadia whipped out her loupe. Actually, I had wondered earlier why she hadn't done so as soon as she walked into our house.

After a minute she turned to me with her thumb up—it met the Nadia seal of approval. We ate almost all afternoon—hot dogs, cheeseburgers, even meatballs and sausage with peppers.

Somebody had been very busy last night and this morning. I was sitting on a picnic bench with Rosie in my lap when I saw Uncle Robert approach. Instead of deriding me he held out his hand and welcomed me to the family. Even Rosie was shocked. Harrison joined me in the kids' football game which was really funny because Harrison's idea of a sport is chess or bridge. All the same, he managed to get gang tackled on almost every play, even when he didn't have the ball.

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw Rosie, Nadia, and Michael's wife Natalie in the role of cheerleaders. Uncle Al added charcoal to the three huge grills around five and twenty minutes later put what I thought at the time must have been thick slices of an entire sirloin hip on to cook.

We all held hands while he said the blessing, thanking God for joining Rosie and me and for allowing them to meet Harrison and Nadia. Everyone said "Amen" and we dug in. The steaks were just as good as I remembered, but this time we had potato salad and coleslaw. There were piles of delicious-looking garlic bread, but both Rosie and I passed much to everyone's amusement.

Harrison and Nadia left around eight that night, but did take the time to speak with every member of Rosie's family. Finally, Harrison and Nadia approached us. Nadia hugged me as she had always done, telling me, "You are very lucky, Steven. There is so much love here. I'm jealous." She kissed my cheek then went to Rosie. "She's right, you know," Harrison told me.

"I wish I had a family like this." I knew exactly what he was talking about. Harrison's parents were rich, but they were involved in almost every community or country club activity, often neglecting their only son. My dad or mom always drove us to the movies or bowling. Mostly it was the movies because as I already told you—Harrison was like a brother, but he was no athlete. I had often thought as a kid that Harrison spent more time at our house than he did at his own.

Rosie and I left around 9:30 and—boy—did I hear it from Rosie's family. They were hooting and laughing about what we were going to do as soon as we got home, if not sooner. I laughed, but I was clearly red-faced and embarrassed which only led to more teasing. Rosie pulled me through the gate and out to the sidewalk. "My aunts are just jealous. They know how hot you are." "I think it's your uncles who are really jealous.

You put all of your aunts to shame." She laughed and moved up to kiss me. That's when we heard all the laughing. Everyone was crowded up against the fence to look at us. I took Rosie's hand and waved good-bye. I was glad now that the car was more than fifty yards away. >>>>>> I pulled into my parents' driveway Sunday afternoon at one. Mom answered the door and hugged Rosie immediately. I stepped around them and stopped short. "No!


I'm being stalked!" "You are such an asshole, Steve." "I know, Harrison, but I'm a lovable asshole." We shared a laugh while he explained that Mom had phoned this morning to tell him the news only to be surprised that he and Nadia already knew and were going to be our seconds. Nick and Andrea arrived a few minutes later, hugged us and checked out Rosie's ring.

Mom gave me an approving nod when we asked Andrea and Nick to be in the wedding party. Unfortunately, their children were too young to participate. When asked where the wedding would take place, Rosie replied that her parents were active parishioners at St.

Sylvester's in Medford, only a few blocks from her parents' home. "I hesitate to ask how many people will be at the reception, Rosie. You have so many relatives." "And we have neighbors we've known for ages and the people Dad works with." "Well, the number of guests will be up to your folks. That's one thing we don't have to worry about." Wrong! How wrong I could be! Rosie's parents were middle class, owning their own home and two cars, but there were loans on the cars and a steep mortgage on the house.

Also, being a tradesman, jobs had been scarce during the recession.

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Bottom line—they were thrilled for us, but could only afford to contribute $10,000 to the wedding. I knew that some dresses could cost that much. I was smiling and holding Rosie's hand tightly when I told them that I'd foot the entire bill and we were going first class all the way.

The following weekend Nadia, Andrea, and Rosie went into Manhattan to start their search for a dress. I had gotten credit cards for Rosie and the limits were high enough that she would be able to afford and pay for whatever she wanted.

They went the following weekend, too. Meanwhile, Rosie's mom had made arrangements for St. Sylvester's for the Saturday after New Year's. All we needed now was the catering hall. We took care of that the following weekend. By then we knew how many invitations we would send. I wanted all of my employees and their spouses to come, if possible—two attorneys, two paralegals, two secretaries and their spouses made twelve. Rosie had four from the library. With husbands and wives that made eight.

My parents, Nick and Andrea, my aunts and uncles and assorted friends plus Dad's former employees made sixty. Rosie's family and her parents' friends made almost one hundred and fifty. We booked East Wind in Wading River, only about fifteen miles from the church. Rosie had treated to lunch during their last weekend shopping trip in Manhattan. They decided on the Waldorf-Astoria where they ate in the fabulous Peacock Alley Restaurant.

Not surprisingly, the conversation swiftly turned to sex. "We make love every single night. some mornings and afternoons, too," Rosie told her friends. "Expect that to slow down once you're married," Andrea replied. "Other than when I'm eight months pregnant, I don't think that will happen. I love it and want it even more than Steven does. I never realized that I could have vaginal orgasms before Steven." "I am so jealous," Nadia commented with a laugh.

"Most times he gives me three or four." "Fuck…now I really am jealous!" "And when he licks me&hellip. Well, I almost fainted the first time and did the second." "Hell, even Nick licks me once in a while." "No, I don't think you understand. He licks me there, too, but this is different. He starts by kissing me so lightly that I can barely feel it. Then he runs his tongue over my cheek to my ear and from there down my neck.

I usually have my first orgasm by the time he reaches my breast then it's around each one and up around the areola. I'm usually shaking wildly by the time he reaches my navel. His touch is so light and so delicate that he's teasing me terribly. That's what drives me crazy.

When he reaches my pussy I squirt something fierce." "Wait a minute. He makes you come just by licking your skin and you have vaginal orgasms and he makes you squirt? I'm not jealous. I'm green with envy! What do you think, Andrea? Anything like that ever happen to you?" "Unfortunately, no; I'm lucky if I can get Nick to eat me out. Even then he usually stops so he can fuck me. I probably come once every three or four times and I thought I was lucky." "I have a lot of trouble getting Harrison to eat me even though he expects me to do it for him.

I do enjoy making love with him, but I need a lot of clitoral stimulation to get over. One thing—I do not want semen in my mouth. It's okay as foreplay, but in my mouth—yuck!" "I don't know," Rosie said almost in a whisper.

"I always swallow. I want Steven to know how much I love him, especially since I almost drowned him the last time he licked me.

Oh yeah, one time he did it by just lightly running his lips over me and blowing ever so gently. He says I have really receptive skin." "I'll say, Rosie.

You are one lucky woman." "Thanks, Andrea; I already knew that." >>>>>> All the wedding-related work was done by mid-November—thank God. The invitations had been mailed and most had already been returned. I was floating on air. Harrison had been right about Marv Cohen. I had given him the information about Rosie's apartment his first morning, asking only that he get her last month's rent and security deposit returned.

Instead, he went door to door soliciting all of the renters of one bedroom apartments. He got them all, too. Then he scheduled a meeting with the new owners. Apparently, they were ill prepared for a shark like Marv. "You may be big stuff, but I'll turn that against you if we ever get to court. You'll be the big mean bully who's evicting some defenseless renters…senior citizens, veterans, teachers—all pushed out onto the street by your greed.

The press will have a field day at your expense." By the time the meeting was concluded, Marv had secured a $7,500 payment for each of the forty renters. He took one thousand from each as his fee.

Not bad for a week's work. I was in court settling another DUI case in early November when I was instructed to approach the bench. "Mr. Sloan, I'm appointing you as attorney for Scott Alders. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 8th in this courtroom. He is charged with second degree murder." "Sorry, your honor, but I have to pass." "I'm not allowing you to pass. You're appointed." "Then you'd better lock me up for contempt. I'm getting married on Saturday, January 4th and my fiancée and I have reservations in Hawaii from the sixth through the twenty-eighth.

The honeymoon is already paid for. I can't accept and I won't. I'd rather have you angry with me than my future wife and both of our families. Also, you should consider that I now charge $600 an hour for my services. Does the county want to pay that? I wouldn't think so and I won't work for less.

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Why should I?" I could see that the judge was pissed, but there was nothing he could do. Finally, he smiled and wished me well. I walked out the courtroom door relieved that I had avoided what could have been a real calamity. When Marv came on board he was charging $250 an hour.

I told him to contact each of his clients first by phone and later by formal letter advising them that he had changed firms and that in thirty days his hourly rate would increase to $300 per hour. Several of them phoned me to ask why the change of firms had occurred. I only told them that he left to avoid filing a potentially damaging lawsuit against his former employer, leaving the details to their imagination.

I was hardly telling tales out of school. Almost everyone in the Nassau County Bar Association knew what had happened and why. >>>>>> Rosie and I spent Thanksgiving with her family. The food was great and I was really impressed when Rosie, Natalie, Anita, and her Mom carried out the pies for dessert. One of them was chocolate cream—my absolute favorite.

I had two huge pieces. We spent the following day with my parents. I helped my mom make turkey soup with vegetables and rice in the morning, removed the carcass and other bones from the pot in the early afternoon, picking the meat off once the bones were cool, and added the rice a little later.

We had soup and turkey sandwiches for dinner. Once again, Rosie carried a chocolate cream pie to the table after dinner. I was very pleased at how well Rosie had been accepted by my family. I knew in early December that expanding my firm had been an excellent decision. A pre-tax season meeting with my accountant showed that I would make a profit of at least $900,000.

I thought that bonuses were in order. I gave Joyce $20,000 and Rachel fifteen. The two paralegals also got fifteen each. I gave Jeff and Marv $40,000 each. I instructed the accountant to make the payments with our next payroll. Joyce usually passes out the checks, but on this day I did it, thanking each employee for their efforts. Then I invited them and their spouses to a holiday party the following Saturday evening at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, just down the road from our offices.

Christmas Eve we were at my future in-laws for dinner and evening Mass after which we opened our presents. Christmas Eve in an Italian family means lots and lots of seafood. Rosie encouraged me to try some things I'd never even thought of eating before—scungilli, which is a marine snail--either conch or whelk, and calamari which I knew was squid. I thought the conch was a little tough, but I did eat it—one small piece! The squid was breaded and deep fried.

I found that to be surprisingly tasty. Rosie and I returned to our home just before midnight, opening our gifts for each other as the clock struck twelve. She had bought me mostly clothes—stuff I could wear on our honeymoon--while I had bought her jewelry—earrings, pendants, and what I thought was a beautiful diamond and emerald necklace--although I sometimes thought that jewelry on Rosie was like gilding a lily.

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She said that she loved everything. She showed me how much once we were in bed--several times, in fact. >>>>>> The week between Christmas and New Year's is often slow for many businesses, but I'd always found myself extremely busy.

There was always a lot of partying and drinking and the police were extra alert and on the watch for drunk drivers, with more tickets written in the last three weeks of December than at any other time of the year. Jeff and I each picked up six cases then, rushing them through the system quickly—before my wedding and honeymoon.

We had a small party at our house New Year's Eve with Harrison and Nadia, Nick and Andrea, Rosie's brother, Michael and his wife Natalie, and her sister Anita and her husband Joe who were also in our bridal party. For once the food wasn't provided by Nick and Andrea. It came from a local deli in the form of a few hot dishes, cold cuts, salads, pickles, and olives along with several kinds of bread and rolls.

We had alcohol, of course, but none of us were big drinkers.

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Rosie abstained, just in case. Her doctor had told her that most women became fertile again between thirty and ninety days after stopping the pill. Rosie had gone off at Thanksgiving and had insisted on making love every day even though it was much too early to conceive. I found it interesting that our sex had only become better and better as we got to know each other more completely. I also found it interesting that we never heard anything negative from either her parents or mine about living together.

We'd made no secret of our sexual activities so I could only assume that they realized the depth of our love for each other. We had a great time, talking and dancing, hugging and kissing, all night. Rosie was in my arms as the ball started to fall in Times Square. Her lips met mine at the exact instant that the New Year began.

We held each other tightly. I looked back mentally at the old year. It had been one of many changes for me, both professionally and personally. I had begun the year dating Sheila and allowing her to move in with me in March. That had lasted less than three months before her betrayal, but if I saw her today I'd give her the biggest hug imaginable. Without her nefarious actions I would never have met Rosie—not personally, anyway.

Our kiss continued for several minutes before I realized that we were becoming the subject of our guests' laughter. We broke it red-faced, but that was soon forgotten as we hugged, kissed, and shook hands with our closest friends. The party broke up around 2:30.

Most of the mess had been cleaned up and the food returned to the refrigerator. I was just about to throw out some trash when Rosie told me it could wait until morning.

"I can't." She continued with a smile when she saw the look of confusion on my face. "…wait for you any longer. Let's shower and get into bed." Rosie stood with her body against mine as we kissed and my soapy hands ran up and down her back and butt. Then she turned so I could do her breasts, tummy, and pussy while she nuzzled my neck.

She took the soap and washed me quickly before stepping out. "We're clean enough. We're just going to get dirty again, aren't we?" My answer was to pull her into another long hot kiss. We were trying to make a baby so that meant missionary every time until we knew for sure. Rosie lay in the middle of the bed--her legs spread wide and her knees high--as she pulled me to her.

I didn't need much encouragement—believe me! "I don't need any foreplay, Steven. You did that in the shower, besides—it's really late. I'd suggest that we skip except I think this could be my fertile time." "You do know that we have no idea when you'll actually become fertile again?" "Of course, but I don't want to take any chances if I am.

I plan to make love with you as often as possible over the next two days. Friday, unfortunately, will have to be a day without unless we get up early. I have to stay overnight with my parents." I kissed Rosie as I moved between her outstretched legs. "It's a small sacrifice, my love, for a lifetime together." Rosie's response was to place my dick at her slit. A second later she had pulled me into her.

She was right, too. She'd had more than enough foreplay. We moved together with a unity of motion as our parts were more one body than two. Rosie's legs found their way over my shoulders. She was bent in two as I drove deep into her core. We were accustomed to daily sex so we both had plenty of staying power.

It was almost fifteen minutes later that Rosie came for the second time and I drowned her pussy and her womb in my seed. I released her legs and moved off to the side, but Rosie remained in place, holding her legs up for another fifteen minutes as had become her habit.

Eventually, she crawled onto my body, her head on my chest as we pulled the blanket over us. We were both exhausted so we fell asleep almost immediately. >>>>>> We woke around ten, spending almost half an hour making beautiful love—yes, missionary—right after emptying our bladders.

We were up, showered, and dressed in time to clean up the house before I grilled hot dogs for lunch. We relaxed in each other's arms all afternoon, paying minimal attention to the annual football games and maximal attention to expressing our love for each other. We had made arrangements to work only a half day on Friday. I went for a haircut and manicure that afternoon. I knew that Rosie had early appointments tomorrow—our wedding day—for both, as well. We met our parents and the bridal party at St.

Sylvester's at six for a brief walk-through as Monsignor Fagan took us through the rehearsal. Most of it was boring, but I did enjoy practicing the kiss—no surprise there!

The whole rehearsal took less than a half hour and when it was done we all drove to the Harbor Crab Company on the Patchogue River in nearby Patchogue.

The food was great, but the company was better. We broke up around nine and I walked Rosie to her parents' car. We held each other for a few minutes, testing her father's patience, until I leaned down for a quick kiss as I whispered, "I'll miss you tonight, but I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

It'll be the best day of my life." "Mine, too," Rosie whispered back before another quick kiss. I held the door for her and watched as her dad drove away. Harrison and Nadia were waiting for me. "Care to show us how to get out of here?" Did I mention that Harrison, a man who scored 1600 on the SAT, had no sense of direction and, worse, couldn't operate the GPS on his Mercedes. I laughed as I walked to my car, knowing that I'd see him and Nick tomorrow morning at 7:00 for our pre-wedding breakfast.

Michael and Joe lived here in Patchogue, just south of Medford, so they'd meet us at the church. They'd offered to give me a bachelor's party, but I turned them down cold just as Rosie had turned down her bridesmaids' offer. I've heard too many stories and have even defended several ushers and grooms who had become drunk and disorderly or worse in court.

None of that for me--thank you. I slept alone that night, the first night in more than six months and the last for a while, at least until Rosie had given birth to our first child. I had been nervous when I proposed, knowing that marriage demanded a much higher level of love and commitment than simply living with someone. I had been afraid that Rosie might turn me down and, even worse, stop living with me. In retrospect I realized how silly I had been.

I could easily see that Rosie's love for me was even deeper than mine for her and I loved her with all my being. I was up at six and showered and shaved by 6:30, surprised to find Harrison and Nick at my front door. I had to laugh.

"Aren't I supposed to be the eager and nervous one?" "Laugh if you want, Steve, but both our wives have very early hair appointments and they still have to get to Medford by 10:00. Andrea's driving. Let's hit the deli so we can get dressed and on the road." We piled into Harrison's car for the short trip to the harbor. We all had bacon and two eggs on a roll with coffee and orange juice, sitting in the small dining area until we were done. Then it was back to my house to relax a bit before dressing.

They had their tuxes in one of the spare bedrooms. We were dressed by 8:00—much too early to drive to the church—so we chatted while watching Sportscenter on ESPN.

We left at 9:30 for the thirty minute trip to the church. Harrison drove us knowing that Andrea would have their car at Rosie's parents' home for her and Nick's use later. We were about halfway there when Harrison asked, "What can I expect today? I know that a Catholic wedding is nothing like a Jewish one, but…?" I interrupted him then.

"We'll have a full Mass with the actual wedding somewhere in the middle. Figure between forty-five minutes and an hour depending on how long the priest speaks and how many people receive communion.

I'm expecting a lot because of Rosie's family. Rosie and I will have to kneel at times, but you and Nadia can sit. Just make sure you come up with the rings at the right time." "Rings?" "Not funny, Harrison…and you call me an asshole!" "Relax, buddy; there's no reason to be nervous." I smiled. "I'm not the least bit nervous, Harrison.

I was when I asked her, but now I know that we're meant to be together. This is just the icing on the cake so far as I'm concerned." "Nadia tells me you're already trying to get pregnant." "Yeah, it's what Rosie wants and I think it's a great idea, too. She wants a big family—four kids—so we might as well start now.

She went off the pill at Thanksgiving, so it should be fairly soon." "I'm not supposed to say anything, but Nadia went off at the same time. That Rosalie is a terrible influence on my wife." He laughed and we joined him a second later.

>>>>>> We were early—almost an hour—so we stood outside the church to greet the guests. Michael, Joe, and Nick gladly handled all the ushering responsibilities. Uncle Robert suggested we go inside to the altar at 10:30. "You don't want to be outside when Rosalie and her family arrive…bad luck!" I had never believed in superstitions, but Harrison and I walked in, stopping just short and to the right of the altar.

We chatted quietly until Monsignor Fagan joined us. We watched as Nick walked my parents to their place in the front pew then Michael and Joe walked Rosie's mother up the aisle, stopping at the first pew on the left.

Instead of sitting she walked up to me, kissed my cheek and hugged me then she went to greet my parents. Finally, she walked to her spot and sat. My attention now was at the entrance to the church. I could barely wait for the festivities to begin. They did a minute later with the start of the procession. Michael, Joe and Nick walked slowly up the aisle followed by their wives.

They stood on either side of us. I could barely see Rosie and her dad as they stood just outside the church's doors. They took their first slow steps up the aisle as the Wedding March began. Rosie looked even more beautiful than I could ever imagine.

Her dress was sort of old-fashioned, but that came as no surprise. She had told me that she couldn't find a dress that she truly loved and that using her mother's dress was out because it was originally her grandmother's.

She was four feet ten inches tall and her mom was five feet three. It had been let out to accommodate Mom and there was no cloth left to let it out again. The bodice—yes, even I knew what it was called—was white silk covered with old-fashioned lace and baby pearls.

The skirt, also silk, flared out slightly and ran all the way to the floor. I was surprised that there was no train. Rosie's face was covered by a white veil which her dad raised before kissing her and handing her to me. I couldn't suppress a grin as I beheld my incredibly beautiful bride. Rosie was smiling broadly as we followed Msgr. Fagan to the altar. I was sure then that I was the proudest man on earth. I rarely paid too much attention in church and today was no exception. My attention was focused entirely on Rosie.

All I remember was that at 11:21 on the dot Rosalie Marie Cupani and Steven Michael Sloan officially became husband and wife.

Yes, Harrison did find the rings on time, handing them to the Monsignor to bless before handing them to Rosie and me exactly as we had rehearsed. We stood in front of Msgr. Fagan at the end of the Mass. As I had predicted virtually everyone present had received communion, but luckily they were prepared with three lay ministers in addition to Msgr.

Fagan serving. He whispered his good wishes, "I won't wish you good luck because that'll be up to you. Just remember to take care of each other and to speak of your concerns honestly. Now, I'm sure, Steven that you're ready for the next part." He spoke loudly now as he said, "You may kiss the bride." "I've been waiting for this all morning," I whispered as Rosie brought her sweet lips to mine.

It wasn't our longest kiss, but it sure was one of our best. Everyone applauded as we broke it. Natalie handed Rosie's bouquet to her and I led my bride down the aisle. Once we had passed all of the pews we stood on the reception line to greet our guests. Then Rosie and I stepped out into the sunlight for wedding photos with our parents and the wedding party. We almost ran through the gauntlet only to be pelted with birdseed on our way to the limo.

I helped her in then followed and we sped away. I had hired another two limos for the rest of the group and for our parents. Rosie looked down at her wedding band. It had been specially made by my jeweler, Sam—a quarter-inch wide band of platinum with a central band of twenty diamonds totaling four carats that ran the entire circumference; mine was similar, but with only three diamonds.

They were terribly expensive, but who cared. They would last a lifetime and probably even longer. Once at East Wind we were shown to a special room where we were offered drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

The staff suggested that we stay there until the cocktail hour was over so we could make our "grand entrance" at the reception. Rosie looked at me and I laughed. "No thanks; we want to be with our guests." I took Rosie's hand and we walked together into the room where the buffet was to be held. Almost everyone was already there and we were greeted with hugs and kisses. Even Uncle Robert hugged me.

We held hands the entire time, but we did manage to score a couple of drinks thanks to Nadia and a bunch of yummy treats courtesy of the waiters and waitresses. I thought the boiled shrimp were wonderful. So were the Swedish meatballs and the teriyaki chicken. I would have been satisfied with the food at the cocktail hour had I not known what was awaiting us at the reception.

The reception went exactly as planned. Rosie and I made our grand entrance even though everyone had seen us just minutes earlier. Harrison made a wonderful toast and a minute later I toasted Rosie which she answered with only the slightest sip of champagne. That's when it hit me. "Rosie, your gown doesn't have a train. I noticed in the church, but just remembered." "Just like a man," she said with a laugh. "I tried on several dresses with long trains and I hated all of them.

Not only were they heavy, but I almost tripped and fell several times. This gown was based on my mother's. She didn't have a train and I didn't want one. Plus, I saved us $2,500." "I don't care about that. I just want you to be happy." She leaned over to kiss me. "I am…very." Then she kissed me again. We danced and danced--her arms around my neck and my hands firmly on her hips and butt. I danced with my mom and hers and with Nadia, Andrea, and Natalie, but then I danced in the traditional way.

We enjoyed thick-cut prime rib with baked potatoes for our meal followed by gelato—Italian ice cream--and wedding cake. I could hardly believe when the party started to break up.


I had told Rosie that we shouldn't ask for wedding presents. Other than Harrison, I was easily the wealthiest person there. "Steven, you obviously know nothing about people and even less about Italians.

If you told my family that you'd not only insult them, but most of my relatives would never speak to you again. Please, darling…just let everyone do as they wish. Okay? Please?" So, I smiled and thanked everyone who brought up an envelope. They all went into a white silk bag that tied with a white cord.

Rosie's parents had agreed to hold the bag until we returned from our trip.   We rode home in the limo and I invited the driver in for a soda or coffee while Rosie and I changed into casual clothing. I hung my tux in my closet and Rosie did the same with her dress. Our suitcases were already packed and ready to go. The driver placed them in the trunk along with our carry-on bags then Rosie and I sat back in the huge vehicle as we drove into Queens and LaGuardia Airport.

We stayed overnight at the Courtyard, only about a half mile from the entrance to the airport. I tipped the driver generously and followed the bellman in toward registration. I showed Rosie the registration card—Mr. & Mrs. Steven Sloan. She melted into my body once she had read it. Then she held up her hand. Looking at the combination of her wedding band and engagement ring together on her finger for only the third time, she smiled again, but this time her smile showed her hunger.

We'd missed yesterday, but we'd make up for it today if I knew Rosie. We had a room that faced the parkway so we'd have some highway noise. However, we faced away from the runways so we would avoid most of the jet noise. Actually, I found the hotel's soundproofing to be pretty good. Once I had tipped the bellman and closed the door Rosie literally ran into my arms. "I love you so much, Steven. You've made me so happy." "It's only the beginning, Rosie.

Hopefully, I'll make you even happier in the days and weeks, and years ahead." I pulled her up and we kissed. It wasn't anything close to our first as husband and wife, but it was our first alone with each other. I was lost in Rosie's kiss and, from her reaction when it was broken, she was, too.

"Do you want to eat?" "Sure, as long as it's hanging between your legs and oozing the delicious stuff only you seem to have." "What ever happened to that old-fashioned girl I used to know?" "She's still here, but here's the thing---she got married and she heard the priest tell her she should be submissive to her husband, so that's what she's going to do." She backed away, dropping her clothes to the floor. Mine followed shortly after hers.

We pulled the comforter down and fell together onto the sheets. I was content just to hold and kiss her--unable to understand how I'd lucked out in making her mine. As content as I had been, Rosie was just that impatient. She led my right hand to that delightful space between her legs. The entire area—her labia—was red and swollen in her lust and wet in her anticipation.

I rubbed her several times, but all that did was make her hotter and hornier. Showing unusual strength she pulled me over her and between her legs. "Do me, Steven—do me good, just like you always do." She pulled me forward, wrapping her legs around my waist as I moved quickly to her core.

"Damn, Rosie—I must be the luckiest man alive." I kissed her briefly then kissed my way all the way down her body, stopping only when my lips found her silken thighs. "I'd be thrilled for you to continue under other circumstances, my darling, but we both know that your seed needs to be inside me. That's more important than making me feel good.

Although…I'm more than sure that you'll do both. I've been so excited all day so I know I'm more than ready for you." I moved up and, as we kissed, I slid easily into her. I felt her muscles constrict around my cock despite our natural lubrication. I loved Rosie's tightness as much as she loved stretching around my hard organ. I began to move, pumping into Rosie and she began to receive me, rolling her hips up with every thrust.

Rosie and I had perfected our rhythm months ago—the result of plenty of practice, night after night after night. We moved together now as we had many times in the past. And, as in those times, Rosie showed signs of her first orgasm after only a few minutes as tiny tremors radiated out from her cunt growing in frequency and intensity until her body seemed to explode in rapture. Then she maintained that level for several minutes until she "exploded" again, just seconds before I flooded her with millions of sperm intent on just one thing—knocking her up!

I would have slid off of her body, but Rosie wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down for a long hot kiss. Her fingers were enmeshed in my hair as she showed her passion, her love, and her lust for me. She held it for several minutes, releasing me only when our faces were completely covered in spit. Still, Rosie was the most beautiful, the most incredible woman I'd ever encountered.

"I love you, Rosie." "I know," she giggled. I got even by licking her ear then I pulled her up to the shower. It was just a tub with a curtain, but we managed all the same. Once dry, we fell together into bed sleeping until six the following morning when we rose, dressed, and caught the shuttle to the terminal. >>>>>> Flying first class meant we barely had to wait before getting our boarding passes.

It also meant that I could take two suitcases instead of one. We passed through security and I led Rosie into the Delta First Class Lounge. We had coffee and a light breakfast, leaving only a few minutes before boarding our plane to Las Vegas. "Can you tell me what to expect, Steven?" "Okay…well, you know we're staying at Bellagio. We'll be able to check in when we get there.

People check in at all different hours in Vegas. We're being comp'ed for our three nights there. I'll have a line of credit of $25,000. That's what I have to bet. I don't have to lose it, but I do have to bet the full amount. They'll provide us with a small suite and all of our meals.

I've done this several times and I usually do okay. I've never lost more than $5,000, but I have won a few times. I'll play blackjack.

If you know how to play percentages—what they call 'basic strategy'—the odds are better than anything else except craps. That can be fun, but it's also crazy and, if you're not careful, people will try to steal your chips. You know we have all of our winter clothes in the grey suitcase so I doubt we'll need it at all in Hawaii.

I wouldn't be surprised if they offered us a show, too." We were seated a few minutes later when we were offered mimosas.

I had one; Rosie had orange juice with ice. We arrived just before noon local time and walked into our suite an hour later. We left the bags there and took the elevator down to the buffet. I led Rosie down the lane to the special register for comp'ed guests.

The other line had more than thirty people on it. We walked right in to our table. Bellagio has an incredible buffet with mostly excellent food. I took Rosie's hand as I led her from station to station. Then she kissed me quickly and was off on her own. Me, I headed for the cold boiled shrimp. Rosie returned with a plate full of salad and deviled eggs, but she did steal a few of my shrimp and no amount of slapping her hand would make her stop.

Later we filled new plates with prime rib and baked ham, some roasted potatoes. After dessert we headed for the casino. I prefer to play at a table with others, especially if they know the ins and outs of blackjack.

Show me someone who splits tens and I'll pack up for another table as soon as the hand is over. We found three people at a $25 minimum table so Rosie and I sat down. I passed my room key across the table; "Give me ten, please." A minute later a pit boss slid a receipt to me and I signed. I kept one sheet; he kept the other as the dealer counted out $10,000 in chips. I passed a stack of black 100's over to Rosie. She changed half into green 25's and placed a chip into the circle in front of her.

When I gave her a questioning look she told me that she had almost memorized a book on blackjack from the library.

I placed three black chips--$300--into two spots in front of my chair. Playing that way I gambled more than $15,000 over the next two hours. It was easy at $600 minimum per hand. At the end of that time I was up about $1,100. I turned the chips back, receiving another receipt, this time for a deposit, leaving a hundred dollar chip as a tip for the dealers.

We returned to our room for a brief rest, climbing naked into the bed for a nap. Neither Rosie nor I had slept too well over the past two nights. We rose at 7:30 courtesy of a wake-up call and we walked into Bellagio's Prime Steakhouse at 8:15. I thought Rosie's eyes would pop out of her head when she saw the prices. "Relax, Rosie, and remember that we're not paying.

I'll bet that at least half the people in here tonight are here courtesy of the casino. Let's just enjoy a great meal. We can order anything we want." And we did—three-pound lobsters for each of us.

From there were went straight back to our room. We showered, made exquisite love together with Rosie having three orgasms to my one. We fell asleep in each other's arms, just as we did every night. >>>>>> Up early the following morning we walked along the Strip, stopping at Caesar's Palace just to look around and check out the cheesy mock-Roman décor. Then we crossed the street and walked into the Venetian. "C'mon, Rosie—let's take a gondola ride." I led her by the hand to the queue where we paid and stepped gingerly into the boat.

We sat with my arm around her, loving our closeness, as the gondolier began to sing in passable Italian--at least that's what Rosie told me. Ten minutes later the ride was over. I tipped him with a ten and Rosie and I returned to the street. A few minutes later I pulled her into Paris and we rode up the elevator to the top of their pint-sized Eiffel Tower. It was still plenty high—high enough to see all the way up and down the Strip.

Checking my watch I led her to the windows that overlooked the broad avenue and the world famous Bellagio fountains. We couldn't hear the music, but even then watching the water spraying from the jets was fantastic. We gambled again that afternoon and I had the best streak of my life. I won almost every hand, probably eight or nine out of every ten, and when we broke for dinner I'd won enough to tip the dealers a grand, having won more than $45,000.

Of course, I knew that I could just as easily lose it as quickly as I had won it. Rosie had ridden my coattails and was also up—just under two thousand.

She was in high spirits when we walked into the exclusive Harvest restaurant where the prices were just as outrageous as they had been for dinner last night. "Steven," she asked quietly, "How can they get away with charging these prices?

They're really ridiculous even if the food and service are excellent. They're worse even than in Manhattan." "I agree. Vegas was much more fun when the mob ran it back in the sixties and seventies. From what I've read you could get a meal like this for less than a quarter of what Bellagio is charging. The slots were much looser, and they'd give incredible gifts to people they comp'ed.

Now, the place is run by accountants and corporate suits.


It's not the same and it never will be…not in our lifetimes, anyway. Meanwhile, just enjoy and ignore the prices." I looked into Rosie's face. She was beaming--much as she always was—showing her love as she ordered the most expensive things on the menu. She could barely keep a straight face after the waiter had taken our order.

There was no streak that night, either good or bad. We had broken even, even after giving the dealers a generous tip. We retired to our suite where Rosie rushed into my arms.

"Having fun?" "Oh yes, Steven; I'm having a wonderful time, but, then, I think I'd have a wonderful time anywhere as long as I was with you. What do you say to a nice hot shower followed by some even hotter loving?" "Old fashioned loving?" I couldn't help smiling. "It's all I know. C'mon!" Her clothes had dropped to the floor even before I had the chance to unbutton my shirt.

Rosie unbuckled my belt and helped me step out of my pants. She led me to the shower where we sort of washed each other while we kissed and groped. I loved massaging her sensitive breasts and rolling her hard wrinkled nipples between my fingers. Finally, she led me to the king bed. We held each other, savoring the sensation of our skin-on-skin contact, touching and kissing the entire time. After almost half an hour of gentle loving Rosie lay back, pulling me to her.

I would have loved Rosie riding me, but we were on a mission. We wanted to make a baby. Missionary it would be with Rosie's legs high in the air until the job was done. Rosie stroked my dick with one hand while she gently caressed my balls with the other.

As if that wasn't enough, her tongue tickled my tonsils as we kissed. Once I was between her silken thighs she pulled me into her core. I'd known a long time ago that I'd never tire of making love with Rosie.

Her pussy was nothing less than spectacular—her tightness, her heat, her texture. But most of all was her responsiveness. The worst thing I could imagine was to try to make love with a partner who never responded to my efforts. Yes, I definitely wanted to cum, but that was second to pleasing my old-fashioned lover.

In Rosie's case there was definite and overwhelming proof that I did to Rosie as well as she did to me. We found our rhythm quickly, our coordination perfect to maximize our pleasure for and from each other. I wasn't at all surprised when Rosie came suddenly and hard after only five minutes of rabid fucking. Yet another orgasm came shortly thereafter. I was struggling to hold back when her third shook her violently.

Rosie looked up to plead with me. "You'll probably kill me if this goes on much longer, Steven." I leaned down for a kiss, telling Rosie how much I loved her and as I did I came explosively, filling her with gobs of slick white semen.

We rented a car the following day for a trip out to Hoover Dam, only about forty minutes away. There's a lot to see there and the trip took us all morning. It really is a tribute to man's ingenuity. Looking down from the sidewalk to the churning river below took our breath away.

Returning to Bellagio, we gambled in the afternoon, finishing around six. I lost, but not badly, and left the following morning with more than $40,000 in winnings. I thought that I might spend it on another wedding present for my wonderful wife.

I already had one waiting for her at home. We enjoyed our last night on the Strip by returning to Prime, Bellagio's steak house, later taking in one of Vegas' famous shows featuring dozens of statuesque and totally topless showgirls. Parts of it were funny, obviously functioning on the concept that bigger is always better. That was my cue to whisper to Rosie, "I like yours better." She smiled as she whispered back, "Liar!" Then she kissed me and we had a good laugh.