Slutty babes keep clothes on as they get big ramrod therapy

Slutty babes keep clothes on as they get big ramrod therapy
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I pulled up to the house as JJ pulled out of the driveway. I was hoping he'd be there when I got there, but I guess he had things to do. I got out of the truck, leaving my bags in the back and walked up to the door.

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I knocked twice, and after a short wait, Faye opened the door. She almost screamed when she saw me. "OH MY GAWD, TWITCHY!!!" Her face lit up as she almost knocked me over with a hug, wrapping her arms around my neck and dangling off the floor.


"Holy shit, how did you get down here?!" I pointed at my truck. "It's a little screwed up, but it runs. It's my dad's old truck." I looked back, and Faye looked like she was about to cry. "Ummm. are you okay? What's wrong?" She broke down, hugging me again and letting the tears stream down her face. "Me and JJ just got into a fight. It doesn't even matter." all I could do was stand there and hug her back. I felt kind of guilty though since my eyes kept making their way down to her ass.

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It wasn't my fault her cute bubble butt was too big for that tiny little skirt she had on. "Hey, don't cry, okay? Please?

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I'm sure you guys will work things out." Faye started crying even harder, just hugging me and sobbing. "Yeah. I guess.

I need a shower. I'll be out in a little bit." She started to walk away, and I couldn't help but start staring at her ass again. The cute little skirt showed everything. I walked up behind her, wrapping my arms around her tummy and whispered, "Ummm. Faye, do you really need that shower right now?" She froze, obviously surprised at what was happening. "I. I really do.

I'll be out in a few." She started moving away, but I grabbed her arm and spun her around, kissing her soft, sweet lips like I'd wanted to do for so long. Her eyes went wide, but I felt her lean into the kiss.

I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer, gently massaging as we kissed passionately.

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I could feel her losing control as I picked her up and set her on the counter, slipping off her cute little BOTDF shirt and kissing her neck softly. "Mmm, fuck, Twitchy, we shouldn't be doing this." But her body said otherwise. She slid closer to me, grinding slowly against me, moving her hips and stroking my rock-hard cock through my jeans with every sweet, slow motion she made.

I could tell she didn't have any panties on, since my jeans were soaked in seconds. "Well, if we shouldn't be doing this, why are you all over me, Faye?" She bit down softly on my neck as my hands slid down over her tits, gently stroking her nipples, feeling them harden between my fingers.

She moaned a reply around the bitemarks in my neck. "You started it, Twitchy. oh FUCK, that feels good." Her hands slid down my body, fumbling with my belt and jeans as she started to undo them and wiggle them off of me. "JJ won't be home for a while and he hasn't fucked me in weeks, so sorry for being a little slut right now." Her soft, sexy little bites soon became long, slow, hard bites on my throat, turning me on even more.

I could feel my cock spring out as my jeans hit the floor. The tip rubbed slowly up against her clit with every slow stroke she made. It was enough to send me over the edge as I pushed her back on the counter, stroking her tits with one hand and wrapping my other around her throat, squeezing a little and pinning her down. "Well ya know, if you're gonna act like a little slut, I'm gonna fuck you like one." Her eyes went wide again as in one swift motion, I lifted her skirt and slammed my cock balls-deep inside her tight wet cunt.

Her warm pussy almost set me off right then, but I found control, and soon I was fucking her like a jackhammer. "Ooooohhh mmmyyyy ffuuuuckkkiiing gawd, Twitchy, FUCK ME HARDER!!! I'm gonna cum all over you." It didn't take long to set her orgasm off but she wasn't joking when she said she'd cum all over me. Her pussyjuice started squirting out like a fountain, covering my cock in wet hot cum. I couldn't stand not creaming her but it didn't take much longer for me either.

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"Faye, I'm gonna cum. Inside you.


I want it inside you." Faye started squirming, trying to get my cock out of her. "N-no, you can't. What if I get pregnant? What if JJ finds out?" I pulled out long enough to turn her around and pin her to the counter, wrapping my hands tight around her throat and slamming my cock back inside her.

"He won't, because we won't tell him." I started slowing down, trying to drag out her orgasm as she scratched my arms, my chest, clawing at my hands to let go. She finally quit and started clawing at the counter, arching her back into me, shoving my cock deeper inside her pussy, screaming and moaning and squirming.

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"Ohmyfuck, I'm cumming again Twitchy! I'm cummiiiiiiing!!!" She started squirting all over me again, covering my chest and my face in sweet slick juice. I let go of her throat and grabbed her tits, riding her harder and moaning.

"I'm gonna fill you up with cum, baby! I'm cumming!!!" I shoved my cock as deep as I could, blasting load after load of hot thick cum inside her cunt. She rolled her eyes back and screamed in pleasure as another orgasm ripped through her body, making her twitch and squirm and moan.

I could feel her pussy tightening and loosening around my cock, wave after wave drawing every drop of cum from me. I collapsed on top of her, biting down on her throat, moaning. My cock was still moving in and out of her, stroking her from the inside, dragging her orgasm out and making her head swim. "Faye." She was gasping for air, still squirming, still having no control over any move she made. She grabbed my head and kissed me, her tongue slipping in and out of my mouth.

"Twitchy, I'm gonna get a pregnancy test. I didn't tell you before we started. I couldn't." My head was swimming as well and nothing Faye was saying was making any sense. "What? What's wrong?" Her head dropped back to the counter and she whispered, "I'm 2 days away from my period. you could've just gotten me pregnant." I smiled, leading another trail of kisses over her skin, up along her neck, back to her lips.

"What's wrong with that babygirl?" Faye slapped me, almost screaming. "What's wrong?! I'm with JJ, dumbass! If he finds out." I kissed her again before she could say anything else, and whispered in her ear, "Who says you're staying with JJ? Maybe I want you." She sat there, stunned, as my words finally hit her.

I pulled out, still dripping cum, and watched as her pussy oozed my cream. "I think we should take that shower now, babygirl." I picked up her clothes and mine, and cradled her in my arms. "So, where's the bathroom?" Yes, I plan on writing more.

Just not right now. I need to go take care of something while you're reading this.

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