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Nina Elle In Stepson Best Friend Fucks Mature Mom
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The all encompassing silence of the desert was broken by the forlorn,echoing call to prayer just before dawn.An hour later most of the women and children had fled into the surrounding dunes.The people of the small village were God-fearing.The men had had nothing to do with the murderous attack on the caravan.Knowing,a large menacing cavalry contingent was bearing down on them.They prepared to defend their village.

The Somali's resisted fiercely .Armed mostly with shields and swords they were cut down by the lances and carbines of the British,cavalryman.Their abodes,ransacked and set ablaze. The girl,was no more than fourteen but tall for her age.Her large pretty eyes,wide and fearful.As young Lieutenant,Ian Somerset,forced his flaccid cock into her mouth.She looked pitiful and petrified but obliged him.

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Her mouth,formed an exquisite,teasing sheath around his manhood.She sucked for all her worth.Looking up at him,wide-eyed and with pumping cheeks.The Officers,trousers and underwear were gathered around his ankles as he leaned against the wall of the hut.Moaning and groaning as he felt her tongue,lashing his noodle.Ian,bucked and screamed his pleasure,vociferously as he spewed heavily into her mouth.

Looking down into her eyes as she battled to swallow his wad.Fear,now mixed with humiliation in those big eyes.He shoved her aside and she curled into a ball,crying and wailing.He pulled up his trousers and adjusted his tunic.Picking,up his pith helmet,he dusted it off and placed it on his head.He would have loved to have fucked her.Imagining the dark and bright pink,delight between her legs.Lieutenant Ian Somerset,unholstered his sidearm and shot her neatly between the eyes.

Far to the South.Nineteen year old,blonde,Lauen was seated on a camel.The animals,ungainly movements,making her list from side to side.Lauren,was troubled.She was having strange and unladylike thoughts.Her rape and rodgering by the three black brutes was constantly on her mind.Guiltly,she found the flashes of what had happened to her racing through her conciousness.The thoughts were detailed and she had to admit,pleasant.Their pokers seeming to hold her mind to ransom.Lauren,thought back to a memory from when her Dad was stationed in South Africa.It was about fours years ago and she must have been around fifteen at the time.It had been a swelteringly,hot day and she had gone for a swim in the river near their home.Back in her room with a towel wrapped around her.She had sat down at her dressing table,brushing her long,wet,blonde locks.As she brushed her hair straight she caught a movement in the mirror.Her bedroom window was open for relief from the stifling heat and Lauren, pretended that she didn't see,Phineas.The family gardener was peeping at her.His body was hidden and just his head stuck out as he watched her intently through the open window.If he were caught he would be in deep trouble.That he was willing to take the chance of being whipped to spy on her,enthralled her.Lauren,suddenly felt her face become flushed and her nipples harden.Phineas,was old and she was surprised to find herself becomming aroused.If he had touched her she would have screamed blue murder.However,just being watched,brought on a warm fuzzy feeling in her tummy.Lauren,had given him a show.

She had finished with her hair and stood up,allowing the towel to slip from her shoulders.Wearing a white swimsuit that covered her from wrist to ankle she had undressed.She stood before the mirror and stretched.Knowing he had a bird's-eye view of her young pale,naked body in the reflection of the glass.The African's eyes had bulged,comically.Lauren,had run both her hands over her tummy and then up to cradle her breasts.She had toyed with the hard orbs for his benefit.Squeezing and tugging at the rubbery nipples.Although his body was hidden from view she knew he was up to something.His head seemed to be bobbing with movement.She had heard the elderly Phineas,suddenly moan with pleasure.Shortly after he dissapeared from view.

Srangely,she had thought of Phineas,momentarily on her wedding night.The second man to see her undressed,she had wanted to touch her.Henry,ten years her senior was handsome and so dashing.Since he had proposed she had longed to share his bed.It was a disaster!He had excruciatingly,ripped his eighteen year old brides virginity.Ejaculating with a animal like grunt seconds later.Until earlier when the bucks had ravished her.Lauren,had found sex overrated and boring.The pleasant first ever climax her rapists had induced on her now made her believe differently.

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Near the encampment they were past by a horde of horsemen.Their number impressed Lauren and she feared for the British troops they would do battle with.The mass was greeted by the ululation of the men aound her.Their wails chilled her blood and made her shiver.

She was left in a large tent.Water and food were provided.Lauren,would have found the furnishings of the tent breathtakingly beautiful in any other situation.The desert floor was covered with beautiful richly coloured carpets.The abundance of cushions,varying in size.Were expertly,tapestried and a visual delight.Famished,she ate the fruit and unleavened bread greedily.Washing it down with copius quantities of water from a jug.Lauren,nervously undressed and used the balance of the water to wash.Useing her torn knickers as a makeshift cloth.Inside she felt abit raw and tender.Outwardly,her vagina showed no ill-effects from the three cocks that had used her.She had a nasty looking bruise on her chest where she had been struck,besides that she was fine.Lauren,used the water sparsely.She twisted her mouth in disgust when she found traces of the men's dry seed on her pubes.Eventually,she got it off.

First wetting it and then scratching the dry spunk off her skin with her nails.Later,with bated breath she approached the guard positioned at the entrance of the tent pensively.Lauren,embarrassed eventually had to squat to make him understand she needed the toilet.He grunted and gesticulated for her to follow him.They walked a short distance into the desert until he stopped and pointed at the sand.Humiliated,she first peed and then shat into a small hole she had dug with her barehands.The blackman never took his eyes off her.She had to resort to useing a handfull of sand to wipe her backside.It felt uncomfortable and gritty against her anus.Back in the tent she lapsed into a deep sleep on the carpet.Her head resting on one of the richly embroiderd cushions.

She,slept fitfully.Adab,wearing his white robes entered the tent from the cold desert night.He was slightly inebriated and lusting for the blonde women.He stood over and watched her sleep.Unable to contain himself,he gently nudged her with his sandal.Lauren,opened her eyes and yelped at the sight of him,still half-asleep.She sat bolt upright and then stood before him.His eyes burned with lust and he made a move for her.Lauren,knowing that she was powerless before the man raised her hand.Adab,paused for a moment giving her time to pull her already dishevelled and torn dress over her head.Her bodice,disgarded in the wagon and her knickers now reduced to a mere washcloth she was naked before him.What he did next caught the girl totally off-guard.Adab,bent forward and took her nipple in his mouth.Licking at the pink,areola and suckling on her stiffening nipple.The intense sensation made Lauren,arch her back and moan hard.Breathlessly,she gasped.''Mmmmmmm''.His thick lips enshrouded her little nob and worked it deliciously.When it popped wetly from his mouth.The man turned his attention to kissing the soft flesh of both her breasts.Lauren,felt her knees shaking and her cheeks grow hot.With gentle hands he got her to the floor,close up beside her.His warm body pressed against her side.His big long fingered hands roamed over her.Subjecting her breasts,chest and tummy to his caress.When he slipped it between her legs and found her sodden slit she cried out with desire.He took her cry as urgency and slid his black body over her.Lauren,opened her thighs to accept him.The small movement unhinged pussy-juice from her vagina and it trickled wetly into her anus.Lubricated and wanting to be fucked his heavy,thick cock snaked into her.Adab,held onto her and groaned into her shoulder as he buried himself to the hilt.Her sheath,exquisitely stuffed with black sausage.Lauren,began to pant and couldn't help herself from gripping the man's hard buttocks.When she did,he suddenly came to life above her.Humping her slightly tender cunt at a dizzy speed.Lauren,screamed and cursed not because she didn't like it but because she was loving it.She entwined his hips with her legs.Rubbing her foot sensuously on the back of his thigh.Sparks and jolts of pleasure were racing up her entire canal where he filled and stretched her.She urged him on,shedding all her inhibitions for carnal pleasure.His stamina astounded her.Used to Henry,shooting his bolt within minutes.Her fringe,wet and clinging to her brow.Cheeks,inflamed and blue eyes,glassy.She shrieked with pleasure as his black meat pistoned in and out of her white pussy.''YES!Oh,FUCK.YES!'' she mouthed as he drilled her.Her,orgasm gripped her and made her toes curl.She came loudly,curseing the cock that was doing her.Having pleased her.Adab,withdrew and jettisoned over her stomach.Lauren,raised herself up on her elbows and watched his knob spurt.His long black fingers working the crown.The sight of his warm strands of seed spread over her tummy set her afire.

Lauren,was overcome with the need for fellatio.Countless,times Henry,had asked her to stimulate him orally and she had always declined.As Adab,rolled off her onto his back she went for his groin,purposefuly.Inexperienced and heavy-handed,she nicked his knob with her top teeth.Adab,shouted in surprise at the onslaught as his cock was enshrouded by her lips.For Lauren,the taste of his semen and her own pussy only increased her urgency.Adab,heard her moan with dissapointment,as he pushed her back.When he positioned her on all fours and thinking she understood what he planned to do.The Englishwoman,panted like a bitch on heat,raising her bottom skyward,flashing her tart.Adab,did not want her pussy.Instead,his eyes fixed on the crack of her ass and swell of her buttocks.Nineteen year old,Lauren,placed her hand under her gorgeous body and worked her pulsating clit.Yet another thing she had never done before.To her their sex together was dark and animalistic and she went all out.


When he wet her asshole and she realized his intention was to bugger her.Lauren,fought to escape his grasp,alarmed.His grip on her was steely and she howled as he forced his plum knobbed penis into her pale pink bud of an anus.She,felt like she was being split as the buck,slowly but surely speared her rectum.

It was sore yet mildly pleasurable.Lauren,found that when she relaxed it became easier to bare the sodomy.Adab,claimed her rear.When thrusting hard,he got her to scream.Slowing the momentum,she would moan and groan.The white girl was thrashing her head as his pelvis beat against her ass.Adab,could hear the soft,dull thud of her bouncing breasts.The eroticism of it made him grunt as he blasted off inside,her gut.Actually,feeling his fountaining in her belly.Lauren,yanked on her clit,climaxing viciously as Adab,collapsed onto her sweaty back.WHAT WOULD THEY SAY?She thought as she climaxed,biting on her lip.The fine English ladies over tea.A beautiful,young,British maiden ravished and sodomized by a dark heathen.Dreadful?Awful?Evil?.Maybe if they knew what she had just experienced they would be insanely jealous!

The large tent was spacious and brightly lit.Mansod,reclined on a heap of multi-coloured,poufs.Nibbling on a bowl of dates.He took the pitless fruit in his mouth,chewing like a horse.The interior of the tent was heady with the aroma of incense.To his left sat ten chatting young men,clad in robes.Personally,Mansod,had no intrest in the girl.He,had a penchant for males.In particular young men.The rape,flogging and bestiality he had made Candace,endure and her discomfort.Had pleased him and fuelled his appetite for more.Having,seen from the faces of those watching her debasement.That the pale skinned child,had special charms that appealed to his brethren.He would have to control himself from hurting or killing her.Mansod,was a practical man and to keep her for awhile would be to his benefit.


The sixteen year old,pensive,brunette stood before him trying to hide her nakedness.The boys,ranging in age from sixteen to eighteen,grew excited.He had handpicked them for their looks,bodies and virilty and basically because he wanted to view them copulating.Mansod,had warned them threateningly,not to unduly,hurt the girl. Candace's,body language unbeknown to her for a man like Mansod,was like Mother's milk.Senseing,she was to be the subject of further debauchery.The young woman,looked anxious and angstful.He,motioned,grandiosely to the teenagers to sow their wild oats on the petite,Englishwoman.Horny and lusting for her they needed no second invitation.Surging,forward they befell Candace.

The gangbang and fuckfest lasted for close on seven hours.By the end of it she could hardly crawl.Babbling and racked with pain,her pussy oozing cum from her full sheath.She begged Mansood,for water and mercy.Her ass,gapped and bled where they had sodomized her.The girls gut was filled with wind and she farted wetly.Mansod,ordered the wretched speciman to be taken away and cared for.His,own cock was grazed from all the masturbating.Having cum prolifically the chubby man was exhausted.He,pleasured himself a final time,remembering the nights proceedings.

They had wrestled and fought each other to get at her.Pressed down and spreadeagled by so many hands.Candace,screamed at the top of her lungs in terror.She had the uneasy thought that she must look like something out of a Medieval ,oil painting.A canvas of an innocent child brought down to the pits of Hell.For the sensual gratification of legions of demons.

Like a Philistine the black boy socked it to her.He entered her dryly,humping vigorously.It was agonizing and Candace,pushed against his shoulders.Hands scurried over her.Tweaking her nipples and pinching her flesh.Her hair was being pulled and some pervert was suckling on her big toe.Candy,curled her hands into fists and beat at the boys shoulders and chest.He shouted something and her arms were clawed to the ground and held down as if she were crucified.A cruel hand was down by her bum.Searching out and then inserting a finger into the orifice.The invading finger then pummelled away at her.The boy ravishing her smiled down at her and Candace,spat in his face.In return he tortured her hole with deep hard hitting bangs.He giggled as Candy,cried out with high-pitched yelps.The boy was endowed and got a kick out of mincing her.After what seemed an eternity he erupted inside her.Next came finger up her ass.The youngster was fixated on her bun-like buttocks.He shoved those legs back till till they were squashed up against her breasts.Hands,tugged her feet back even further untill Candace's,lower back pained and she was lifted from the mat.Unceremoniously,he skewered her gut with his prick.

The buggery,made her beseech them to stop.''NO!Oh.please,DONT!.Oh you must!.You hurting meeeeeee !''She heard the loud barking laugh of the fat man.It was with relief that she felt the pater of semen in her rectum. The third boys choice was her fanny.Habib,found the creature,starkingly beautiful and the walls of her cunt delicious against his shaft.It was not the first time he was having sex.Habib,had discovered that he was capable of with holding his ejaculation for long periods.He intended to make their mate lengthy and unforgettable for the English girl.He tortured Candace with his cock.Although,he wasn't the biggest he proved to be her main protagonist and conqueror.At a steady pace,Habib,plunged into the girl.

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Maintaining the pace,after ten minutes.He got her to groan loudly with every thrust. After fifteen she started to cry and mew,tears rolling down her cheeks.The other boys although impressed by his virilty were growing impatient.Habib,ignored them.

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After twenty five the rampaging native had her screaming from the burning friction in her canal. After thirty minutes of being solidly fucked.Candace,was riddled with pain as her vagina constircted and protested.Shortly after half an hour she was babbling in tongues.


After a full forty two minutes of being pumped.Her face was alive with pain and she screamed for deliverance.Habib,writhed and took his sweet release into the sweating heaving girl.Proving just as obstinate when he buggered her tired body later in the evening. So it had continued and what he had witnessed made Mansod,cum yet again as his nostrils,flared to the strong smell of sex that hung in the tent.

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