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Miniature titted amateur gets fucked in lots of positions by old dude
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None of the seasoned sorority sisters thought the shy, mousy pledge girl would have the guts to get through the intensive period of hazing.

Jenny, the pledge, had a very quiet, timid voice. She was petite with a very slender frame standing no more than 5ft tall. All the sisters thought her clothes to be dull and unstylish. They mocked her plain, shoulder length, brunette hair with those long bangs that hung over her brow and nearly into her dark brown eyes. It seemed she could care less about boys, fashion, or fun. She always wore thick-framed black glasses and a silver cross around her neck.

And, at 18yrs old, she still even had braces on her teeth, making her look even more young and innocent! There was no way this girl could get through hazing -- or could she?

The sorority told Jenny from the beginning that they didn't want her, but it only made Jenny work even harder to become one of them. When Jenny was told she couldn't do something, it only made her more determined to do it. They gave her fair warning -- should she become a sister, she would have to give everything to the sorority: Heart, soul, time, money.

Everything. If she dared to proceed with pledging to Omega Chi Gamma, she'd have to be prepared to accept all of the sorority's demands. Jenny refused to give up or even show any interest in another sorority. Along with Jenny were only four other pledges to the relatively unknown sorority. The first thing the sorority sisters made the pledges do was walk around different parts of town at night in a hot pink mini-dress holding a big cardboard sign with capital block letters that read, "Slut of the day!" Each girl had to ask a random stranger to take her picture near a landmark while she held the sign up.

When Jenny actually did it, the sisters were pretty surprised. She seemed to be far too much of a church mouse to make it through hazing, so they didn't expect her to last much longer. Next they required the pledges to stand in the common room of the sorority house and strip naked while singing a song.

After standing there frozen still and quiet in the middle of the room for several minutes, Jenny finally began to softly sing "My Country 'Tis of Thee" while peeling off her sweater and then unbuttoning her white blouse. She kicked her shoes off and stood in her lacy white bra, blue knee-high skirt, and pantyhose, letting her clothes fall to the floor.

Shirtless, she stood and gave a twirl at the command of the other girls. Fifteen sorority sisters stood around the room, some egging her on, some laughing, some making catty remarks. Jenny's nipples were standing hard through the lacy fabric of her bra.

She forgot the rest of the song but began making up lyrics and humming the tune. Her hands went down her flat abdomen to unzip her skirt and let it fall down to her ankles. The sisters laughed and pointed at her from all directions. Jenny stood now clad only in her white thigh-high pantyhose and her lacy white bra and matching panties.

A thick patch of pubic hair could be seen through the sheer lace fabric of her panties. The sisters made fun of her bush and skinny body, so slender she was almost devoid of curves. Jenny kept right on humming as she stripped, ignoring the jeers.

Goosebumps were breaking out on her naked skin in the chill of the room. The petite teen reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, adding it to her pile of clothes. "Look at them tiny titties!" shouted one of the girls. Other girls joined in, making fun of Jenny's breasts.

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Jenny had a B cup, her tits small and perky, her nipples pale pink and always so sensitive. She went right along, slipping her fingers under her panties and beginning to pull them down to reveal her trimmed patch of dark pubic hair, ignoring their jeers. "And the homeee. of the.braaaaave!" sang Jenny, off-key, as she held her panties triumphantly in the air. She stood naked aside from her silver cross and white thigh-high pantyhose.

Some of the sorority girls stood there rolling their eyes or scoffing, some of them laughed, some clapped. Most had very low expectations for this girl. The other pledges came in and stripped while singing their songs, none of the girls seeming to have a problem with it. Jenny was proud of herself -- she'd never stripped for anyone before!

She was so excited that she couldn't sleep that night. Instead she tossed and turned, wondering what the sisters would have her do next. But for all her hopes, Omega Chi Gamma was a very exclusive sorority, and truthfully they didn't even want a single new sister.

This was only the beginning of the pledges' elimination, and the established sorority girls planned to enjoy some entertainment in the process.

It would be fun testing these young girls' limits. Jenny wouldn't be the first girl to drop out. The pledges were next assigned to be the "little sisters" of a few Senior sisters. What was the main chore of the little sister? The Big Sisters would demand oral sex from their little sister any time of the day or night! One of the pledge girls just couldn't bring herself to give another girl oral sex and left in a hurry.

Jenny's Big Sister was a German girl named Anja who was curvy and blond with huge D cup tits. One of the first things Anja did was shave Jenny's pubes off out in the backyard, in a child's small plastic swimming pool overflowing with bath bubbles, in front of all the sisters and anyone else who happened to be around. Anja slowly and carefully used the razor over Jenny's pubic mound, cutting the patch of pubic hair away. Everybody cheered, "Shave that cunt!

Shave that cunt! Shave that cunt!" Then Anja had Jenny stand up to display her freshly shaven pussy mound and asked the onlookers what they all thought. Jenny was naked save for a tiny bikini top. "What do you think, does she have a pretty pussy?" asked Anja in her German accent. Some girls nodded. "Hmm, let's see, pull her lips apart a little.

It looks pretty nice from what I can see," said one girl. Jenny stood speechless -- they were all staring at her naked, bald cunt! Jenny gasped when Anja picked her up from behind while they were still standing in the small bubbly pool.

The crowd of sorority sisters gathered round as Jenny's legs flailed around, observing her puffy pink cunt while her legs were splayed open. Most girls seemed to like what they saw.

All were surprised Jenny made it this far; they all thought surely she'd be the first girl gone. Then Anja carried the petite Freshman girl back to her bunk-bed inside the sorority house. Anja made Jenny eat her pussy out for nearly an hour. It was Jenny's first time giving another girl head, giving anybody head, or even seeing another girl's pussy!

She just kissed Anja's pussy and licked it, then teased Anja's clit and thick cuntlips using her tongue and mouth. Anja, for her part, was incredibly pleased and surprised with how good Jenny was at eating pussy!

She'd make her eat lots more of her cunt, too! Anja sat on Jenny's face and rode her mouth to orgasm, shocking Jenny with the copious amounts of pussy juice that spurted from her climaxing cunt. The rest of the house cheered as they watched Anja orgasm on Jenny's face, humping at her, making her sputter on pussy juice. Anja looked up at everybody and grinned, giving a thumb's up. Jenny was breathless.

She was in stunned disbelief that another girl had just came on her face! Anja happily announced she would make Jenny give her oral sex at least every morning and night and probably in the afternoon in between classes, too. One more girl dropped her pledge with the sorority after a few days and even left the school for good.

She couldn't handle her Big Sisters' constant demands for oral sex. It was just as well, for the next task was going to be really degrading. A tall, blond Senior sister stood in front of the remaining pledges, hands on her hips, and said, "Alright, listen up bitches! Sorority wannabees! If you wanna be an 'O Chi G' girl, you're gonna have to be willing to do all kinds of kinky shit. If you're not down with that, you gotta get the fuck out of here now!" She went on to tell the girls their next task.

The pledges' mouths dropped open as they listened. One of the girls outright refused to do it and left. Then it was just down to Jenny and one other pledge, Leah. Their next hazing duty required them to sit naked in a bathtub at the Frat house next door while a party was going on.

The guys from that Frat and others would be coming in and unloading sperm all over them, giving the pledges a cum bath! Jenny was stunned. They were told they didn't have to suck anybody off or do anything else, just sit there covered with sperm in a bukkake bath for a few hours while lots of dudes jacked off on them. And the party was about to begin!


Jenny's heart never beat so fast in her life. First, the girls were told to get naked. Then a few Senior sisters led the pledges over to the Frat house and upstairs, showing off the pledges' naked bodies and teasing the boys. Most every guy followed, dicks already starting to grow in pants. Leah looked Jenny up and down as they stood naked and staring at each other in the grungy bathroom. Jenny stared nervously back at Leah, whose voluptuous tits were heaving from trepidation.

Then their eyes went to the doorway, horny Frat guys crowding around to ogle the nude 18yr old girls from next door. Tentatively, the Freshmen girls stepped into the grimy tub and sat down, their hands instinctively covering their breasts. Dicks were out in no time. Leah and Jenny watched from the bathtub in surprise as the Senior sisters began sucking off the crowd of random dudes, getting more than a dozen dicks hard and ready to blow in just minutes! Once the guys were ready to shoot their load, they walked over to the bathtub where they then let their cocks explode jizz all over Jenny and Leah.

The first load splattered all over the teen girls' shoulders and faces. They each winced with disgust as the warm, sticky drops sprayed their skin. Another guy was waiting right behind that guy, and he stepped up to blow his sperm mostly all over Leah's hair and eyes. He laughed as he put his dick away. The sorority sisters were setting up blow job stations throughout the house for extra efficiency, directing all the guys to come upstairs and sperm on the pledges when they were ready.

Jenny felt disgusted, the sperm already starting to crust into a sticky mess on her bare shoulders. The third and fourth loads and many thereafter were aimed right for their tits.

By the twelfth guy's load, their tits were iced up completely with cum and it was leaking down their bellies and into their crotches.

Tears were starting to roll down Leah's cheeks, but Jenny didn't know if it was from their humiliation or from the cum that had just been blasted into the girl's eye.

One of the sisters stood by to monitor, making the girls bend over every so often to let the guys sperm on their asses and backs, too.

So many guys aimed for the girl's bald pussy gashes that cum was even leaking between their cuntlips. Jenny wondered if she could get pregnant just from the cum dripping into her! Sperm was dripping down their bodies in gooey trails. Jenny heard Leah stifle a sob as another Frat brother unloaded his cum down into her asscrack while she was bent over. Jenny had lost count of the number of cocks that had spurted on her, but it was already into the dozens.

They were prohibited from showering any cum off. Leah finally got up, still crying, and ran out of the house naked and covered with cum. She quit! The guys laughed. It was now down to Jenny and Jenny alone. She smiled a tight smile as yet another load of sperm was unloaded right into her face. Surely if she could just endure a few more loads, she'd get into the sorority! Her body was jizz covered from head to toe. Guys were coming back to shoot second, third, even fourth and fifth loads as the hours went on.

Jenny never felt so disgusted in her life. But she was determined to endure the sperm showers to become a sorority sister, which was something she'd always wanted to be, at all costs.

The boys happily used Jenny as their cum repository as the night wore on. When it was finally over, almost at dawn, Jenny's entire body was coated with a fresh cum glaze atop a thick, crusted layer of sperm.

The sisters walked her back to the sorority house and she stood proudly in the middle of all the glaring, sneering sisters, feeling triumphant that she'd made it through the humiliating hazing. But she soon learned her hazing wasn't over. Nobody could believe Jenny was the sole pledge out of all the girls who'd signed up. She made it through a massive bukkake shower! The sisters deliberated and finally decided what to make her do next as her final task, something they were sure she wouldn't do.

Jenny was told to come to their sorority house the next night at 10pm. When she arrived at the front door, she was quickly blindfolded and handcuffed and led to the center of the living room where she was stripped naked. Jenny wasn't even surprised; she was starting to get used to being naked around others. She didn't like not being able to see, though. One of the Senior sisters stood before her, two other sisters holding her arms. "Jenny Croft, do you understand that should you be invited into this sorority, you are essentially giving up your person, your present and future, your entirety, all to the group?" "Yes," Jenny said in a firm voice.

"And you understand," the Senior went on, "Belonging to this sorority means living amongst the raunchiest minded girls you will ever meet?

Bitches who are just as smart as they are devious?" The crowd of girls erupted into excited cheers. "Yes," Jenny said again, her once-timid voice now clear.

"And that also being an 'O Chi G' girl means lots and lots of hot, sweaty lesbian sex?!" shouted the Senior. The sisters broke out into loud applause and cheers again.

"Yes!" shouted Jenny, a smile actually breaking out onto her face for the first time during the entire hazing. "And sex of all kinds, of course," the Senior said, her voice lowering. "Uh, yes?" said Jenny, her voice sounding more timid now. Then a few girls spun Jenny around, making her fall to her knees. She gasped, now crawling blindly on the floor while the sorority girls laughed. Somebody put a dog collar and leash around her neck, and she felt hands rubbing all over her body.

Shivers ran down her spine. Her body, excessively ticklish, jerked wildly from all the touches upon her skin. Suddenly something fleshy hit her face -- a dick!

One of the Senior sisters yelled for Jenny to suck it. Jenny opened her mouth, preparing to taste the first dick she'd ever tasted in her life. She'd never even seen a penis in person before, and she still couldn't see her first because of the blindfold! Jenny felt helpless from the lack of sight and her bound wrists. The hard cock stabbed at her lips, seeking entrance to her mouth.

Jenny's small tits dangled beneath her as she supported herself on elbows and knees. Hands were smacking her ass. Her body was growing overwhelmed from the torment of her senses. The cock rubbed against her tongue a few moments, but then the guy started face-fucking her wildly.

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Then, after just a few moments sucking her first cock, somebody used the leash to jerk Jenny's head up roughly, making her cough and sputter. She didn't know it, but another dick was placed in front of her mouth for her to suck on.

And then another one, and another one -- and the whole time she thought she was sucking on the same dick! The sorority sisters laughed at the savage face-fucking. A few were recording it on their cellphones. The house was full of guys, but they were all told to be quiet. Most had masks on so their faces wouldn't show in the video or pictures.

There were crimson handprints all over Jenny's asscheeks from the hard spankings. Jenny cried out around the cock she was sucking when fingers began rubbing her moist slit from behind. She thought a few girls were touching her, but in reality a procession of both guys and girls lined up to eat her pussy, finger her slit or asshole, and smack her backside. The room was already thick with the smells and sounds of sex.

Despite the humiliation, her pussy was getting wetter with each finger and tongue exploring it. Meanwhile, the cocks kept pressing into her mouth, face-fucking her for a few moments, then pulling out for the next guy.

And Jenny still thought she was sucking on a single cock! Finally, one of the Senior sisters called for silence and for everyone to stop what they were doing. "Jenny," she said in a loud voice.

"Are you ready to take your first cock in the name of Omega Chi Gamma?" The room was quiet for a few moments. A chosen Senior Frat boy was standing behind Jenny, his dick in hand, waiting for the Freshman to say Yes so he could get inside of her. The girls exchanged smug glances, most all of them expecting Jenny to choose this as the moment to give up her pledge and run out of the house blindly, never to come back.

Nobody could believe she hadn't done so yet. Jenny cleared her throat. Her head was hanging down, facing the floor. A few guys started making clucking chicken noises. This was it, Jenny thought to herself. She was either going to lose her virginity, right there, in front of an entire room of people, and be initiated into a sisterhood for life, or she could run away in a fright while being laughed at like the other girls.

Jenny was excited, though undeniably scared.

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She'd never had a sister, or stable parents, and wanted so desperately to belong somewhere. And at the same time she also yearned to explore herself and her sexuality.

"Yes!" Jenny finally shouted. Jaws dropped around the room. Most of the guys high-fived, and the Senior who was chosen to fuck the girl immediately stepped forward and aimed his hard 8" dick right for her pussy gash.

Jenny screamed when the steel hard mushroom cockhead stabbed at her soft, slick sex. With the base of his shaft in hand, the Frat guy directed his cock right in between her pink pussylips, sinking a few inches of his raging meat into her hot, wet flesh. The guy grunted as Jenny's pussy walls squeezed his raging dick. He thrust forward, burying half of his muscle inside Jenny's pussyhole. Jenny groaned, still blindfolded.

Her pussy was slick from all the hands teasing her body, but her hole was still incredibly constricting. The Omega Chi Gamma girls were stunned that Jenny actually went through with it and let a guy fuck her! "What do you think Chad, is her cunt tight enough for you?" asked one of the sisters. "Ugh, fuck. fuck yeah. Her cunt is the tightest I've ever had!" Chad said through gritted teeth.

He went right on groaning from the intense tightness of her hole.

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All the guys nodded approvingly, waiting their turn. Chad bucked his hips hard, slamming himself into the 18yr old Freshman, tearing her virginity away and not even knowing it. Jenny squealed, feeling searing pussy pain for a moment as if she was being impaled by a red hot poker. He thrust at her hips for several minutes, grunting, and then finally pulled his prick out without cumming. Another guy was waiting to jump right in and take Chad's place! And when the second dick entered Jenny's hole, she thought it was still the original guy who had just taken his cock out for a moment before plunging right back in!

Matt, the second guy, let out a guttural howl at the tightness of the girl's cunt. She was definitely good pussy! He slapped her ass hard. After bucking at her doggystyle, he spermed his jizz up inside the Freshman's cunthole and pulled out to let the next guy get at her. Steve was the next to step up and fuck her. Neither Jenny nor Steve noticed the sperm that had been deposited in Jenny's womb.

She'd never been fucked before, and didn't recognize the feeling of Matt's pulsing, erupting prick. The penetration didn't feel as bad now, and she thought it was just from her pussy becoming more naturally lubricated. Steve fucked the girl for awhile and then pulled out to let his Frat brother Jeff take his place.

Jeff made her get on her back, her taut thighs spread wide open, and he grunted like an animal when he thrust his prick balls-deep inside the teen's tight hole in a single savage stroke. Matt's load of sperm provided some lubrication to the constricting hole but not a lot. Jenny let out a long wail. Since she was blindfolded and had never had sex before, she really thought it was all the same guy!

None of the guys had managed to utter more than a word; the only communications were grunts, nods, slaps, and hand gestures. Anja walked over and sat down on Jenny's face while Steve was fucking her hard. Jenny groaned into Anja's cunt from Steve's deep penetration and Anja moaned from the vibrations Jenny's hot mouth made against her gash.

Since Jenny never had sex before, she didn't know exactly what to expect. It seemed to be going on forever! She'd heard some guys could last pretty long, what with tantra and Viagra and whatnot, and figured the guy fucking her might have popped a pill. But the guys fucking her were just regular, horny, college boys looking to have fun with some cunt. Pussy was a dime a dozen on campus, but hardly ever did they come across a pussy as tight as this!

Steve thrust hard into Jenny's womb and unloaded his sperm inside of her while groaning loudly. Jenny could feel the cock pulsing in her cunthole, but didn't realize Steve was cumming. Steve pulled out and another guy stepped up, Sam. He had a giant 10" black cock, and jammed it deep inside Jenny's 18yr old pussy while simultaneously gasping from the incredible tightness of her hole.

Jenny screamed, her cries muffled by Anja's thick cuntmeat. Several more dicks were waiting their turn, the guys starting to get impatient. Camera flashes filled the room. Hands were holding video cameras to record all angles of Jenny's humiliating deflowering. Her pussy was starting to ache now -- how long could she last?

Sam drilled her cunt hard with all his might, and since he was a football player he was pretty damn strong. Jenny winced from the pain. "What's wrong, you can't handle being one of us, Jenny?" asked one of the sorority sisters.

"Ugh, oh my God, my pussy. my pussy hurts." Jenny gasped from beyond Anja's cuntlips. Anja sat up.

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The sisters laughed. Somebody grabbed a bucket of ice. Sam unloaded his sperm up into Jenny's cunthole and quickly pulled out. Her pussy was starting to gape a little, but it still looked so tight and was bright pink from the hard pounding she was getting. Nobody was going to let her take break. A guy named Martin stepped up between Jenny's spread thighs while she lay on her back on the hard floor.

He was fucking her balls-deep in no time. By now cum was dripping out of her pussy, but Jenny just thought it was her own pussy juices leaking out! She was helpless, her wrists still bound by furry handcuffs, a blindfold still on her eyes. Martin had a big dick too, at least 9" and thick as Jenny's forearm. Her cries filled the house as the giant cock sank deeper and deeper into her cunthole.

He bucked his hips hard, trying to get his entire length and girth into the girl's tight hole. Never had he such difficulty penetrating a girl before! Her cunt was still snug, even after 5 guys fucked her and a few loads of sperm had been deposited in her. While Martin slowly filled her womb with his hard cock, one of the girls began rubbing an ice cube over Jenny's clit. Jenny's shrieks were louder than ever. The ice began instantly melting from the heat of Jenny's well-fucked cunt-meat.

"Aaah, oh my God, please. oooh. ohhh, oh my God." moaned Jenny. Her body jerked uncontrollably from the freezing cold ice being rubbed on her sensitive sex. Martin shuddered, his senses overloaded from the ice water dripping onto the very base of his shaft and balls along with the hot, tightness of the girl's pussyhole.

He blew his load deep inside Jenny's cunt, overloading her with semen. The next guy, Roger, had her sit on top of him while he laid on his back on the floor.

Cum dripped out of her and down onto Roger's balls, but nobody said anything. Jenny still thought it was pussy juice, and she still thought she was fucking the same guy who was wearing a condom. But that was just her imagination! Roger bounced Jenny's petite body up and down on his cock, squeezing the flesh of her asscheeks to guide her movements on his shaft.

A moan escaped Jenny's throat. The crowd laughed. Somebody stepped up and slapped Jenny's ass while she was bent over on Roger's prick. She cried out from the sudden slap, goosebumps breaking out all over her skin. Fingers were pulling on her nipples and exploring the crack of her ass, making her gasp and squirm. Roger groaned from the pleasurable cunt riding his cock. Her pussy would especially squeeze his dick tight when fingers poked at her asshole. After Roger unloaded more sperm into Jenny's cunt, the next guy fucked her in every position possible for what seemed like an eternity to Jenny.

He finally pulled out without even cumming in her cunt to let the next guy step in. More fingers were prying at her asshole. Jenny felt like she'd stepped out of her body and become someone else; it was something she had to do in order to belong. She was determined to get into this sorority. Two more guys stepped up to fuck Jenny's cunt while she was on her elbows and knees. Her face was red, her entire body sweaty from the intense fucking.

Another load of cum was added to her womb, and another. The sorority sisters couldn't believe it. They were finally growing tired of watching Jenny get fucked. Who the hell did this girl think she was, anyway?

After thirteen guys fucked her hole for over two hours, Jenny still didn't give up trying to belong. The sorority sisters weren't really impressed, they were just annoyed.

They had never wanted Jenny to be a sister. Letting her go through hazing was all just a joke to them. A game. Finally the sisters began shooing the guys out of the house. One last guy remained, the one still pile-driving Jenny's cunt while she groaned. It took him forever to finally shoot his load. The sisters pulled him to his feet as soon as he pulled out and they pushed him out of the house naked with his dick still oozing cum.

Jenny was breathless. Was it all over? She still couldn't see. The sorority girls stood around, hands on their hips, whispering. "Jenny Croft. You have put up a valiant effort," said one of the sisters, stepping forward. Jenny was sitting on the floor, cum dripping out of her pussy, a smile starting to creep onto her face.

The sorority sister continued: "But the sisters do not feel you are one of us. We do not feel you belong. Therefore, you will not be accepted into our sorority. We ask that you please leave immediately." "But, but, can I have my clothes at least?" whimpered Jenny, her hands still bound and the blindfold on.

"Leave immediately!" the sorority sister said again. They pulled her to her feet and dragged her to the doorway, throwing her out the door without unlocking the handcuffs. Anja picked up Jenny's clothes, smiling, and shook her head.

She would miss Jenny's awesome cunnilingus. But there was no shortage of current sisters who also gave great head all the time, so it wasn't a tremendous loss to her at all! Poor Jenny was bewildered and still breathless. She pulled the blindfold off and ran off naked towards her dorm, sperm dripping down her thighs, holding her hands over her puffy mound. Her tits bounced as she ran.

Tears were running down her face. No matter how many showers and baths she took, Jenny still felt dirty. They tortured her and didn't even accept her! Nobody on campus even wanted to talk to her or study with her. She was an outcast. Now she felt more alone than ever, and she had just wanted to belong and have a little fun at college. It took her three months to realize she was pregnant. Jenny couldn't believe it! All this time she still thought she'd had sex with one guy who had possibly worn a condom.

She was blindfolded, so there was no way to be certain. But she never suspected she'd get pregnant after her first and only sexual encounter! Jenny couldn't help but wonder who the father was. The only guy's name she remembered hearing from that night was "Chad". Jenny was determined to track down the father of her surprise child.

She found the fraternity Chad belonged to and showed up one night, accusing him of being the father. In reality, Chad was one of the only guys who HADN'T spermed inside Jenny's cunt that night. She didn't believe him. Luckily, Chad still had the video on his phone that he'd taken of a bunch of other guys fucking her. He played it for Jenny. She watched, frozen in shock at the image of herself getting fucked in all kinds of positions by all kinds of dicks!

Over a dozen! And since they all had masks on, there was no way Jenny could tell who the guys were. And the video clearly recorded Jenny at the beginning yelling her consent, "Yes!" Numb, she handed the phone back to Chad and slowly walked back to her dorm. As she walked, she vividly remembered the feeling of all those juices leaking out of her pussy that night after she left the Omega Chi Gamma house. Leaking down her inner thighs and all into her asscrack.

She could almost feel the wetness now as she ran back to her dorm, knowing the classmates she was running past had all seen the video of her gangbang, or maybe even participated! Jenny decided to finish Freshman year, and then she dropped out of school.


She put the baby up for adoption and even moved to another city in another state to get away from it all. But that phantom feeling of sperm dripping out of her pussy, down her legs, into her ass, that feeling would haunt her for the rest of her life, no matter where she found herself walking.