Ally berry throated and boned real hard by maniac dude

Ally berry throated and boned real hard by maniac dude
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Previous: The Girl Scout-1; The Girl Scout-2 Daddy; The Girl Scout -3 The Tool Man; The Girl Scout 4 Tag Teamed ; The Girl Scout -5 Die Bitch Die Fred took a drink of beer to wash down a slice of pizza and then looked down at the head of the young girl between his legs. Dats it sweetie, I likes a little Dago bitch wit my pizza. Goes well wit da Dago sausage.

HUMM on it while you are sucking on it.

What do you mean Sir, Humm on it. Humm while u sucking it, stupid. What should I humm. Don't give a Fuck, stupid Bitch, Humm sumptin, maybe the Fuckin Girl Scout Fight song.

Yea Fred, Sittin Round the campfire sucking COCK. Laughed Bubba. HI HO HI HO a cock sukin we will go, chimed inTyrone. Hey Bitch, Fred looked down at Lisa, u girls eve eat pussy at your camping.

NO NO NO, oh NO. Too Bad, u missed out on dat. Get back to hummin. I thin yu did eat pussy.

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All that good looking young cunt just wanting to be sucked. Yea maybe they had a pussy eating contest. U got a badge fo dat? NO NO NO cried Lisa. Get back down on, yelled Fred.

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Laughter filled the old dark dirty garage. Kneeling on the cracked greasy floor with air filled with cigarette smoke the teen Girl Scout wanted to live.

She was sweet, cute hair, perfect teen body. A few hours ago she was prim and pretty out delivering her cookies.


Her concerns were delivering her cookies, taking out her dog, school and volunteering work. Now she worried about living. She was close to hell on earth as a girl can get. They had fucked her and beat her up pretty good. Now the bitch was begging them to let her live. She did not want to die here. Yea they were gonna let her live but be careful what you wish for. Fred's son Lamont was on her way over to take her to his garage. Fred looked down. Now dats it lick them balls. U like it, like that black cock.

Yes Sir, I love it. Thank you sir. Let me suck. Oh it so big. Lisa could barely keep from throwing up. The smell from his crotch and the curly black hairs. There were little cutties, piece of whatever on his balls.

Yet she licked and sucked on his balls. The guys stood up and crowded around. Sucking off Fred the other guys took turns getting their cocks stroked by her hands. Spit on it, lube it up. She spit on both the cocks in her hands and then took Fred back in her mouth.

Back and forth she went from one to another.

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Drool dripped down her mouth. One cock and then the other. Spit on one, suck on the other, more drool dripping from her mouth. Spit on one suck another. Another cock. Spit again The little bitch's head was spinning. The men were laughing and joking. Suck It, take it deep.

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Spit on it. Tighten up. Harder. Faster. Her body, arms and hands ached. It seemed to go on forever. Faster, harder they yelled. She could feel the Black manhood throbbing in her hands and mouth.

Fred looked down at the cute white teen. HMM, dats whats I like. White trash sucking the bros cock. Man look at her suck. U a natural cock sucker. Dats it now run dat tongue along the shaft. Isaac's cock in her left hand began to throb. Her hand job and watching her suck cock left him ready to cum. Take it on your face bitch.

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Lisa let go of Fred's dick and took Isaac's in her mouth just as he shot a load in her mouth. The cum dripped down her chin and over her chin onto her cute breasts. Isaac flopped his cock on her face and cum remnants coated her nose.

She forced herself to smile and lick some of it up. The perky pouty teen was just a CUM FACED BITCH. I love your cum, it tastes so good. Give me more. She couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth.

Where did these words come from? She hated every second but had little choice. Everything was disgusting. She felt sick, ready to pass out but she knew she had to keep going.

She took Fred back in her mouth. She had the brothers Tyrone and Bubba's cock in her hands. Tyrone and Bubba looked at each other. Jst like da old days Bro. Got that fuckin right. They were both thinking of Molly. She tried to please them too. So long ago But looking down at Lisa it seemed like yesterday.

The screams, the pleading were so familiar. Molly had let them double fuck her, one in the pussy and one in the ass begging them not too kill her. Fuckin A she was one hot fuck. They tied her up real tight and Tyrone fucked her ass while he skinned it. Bubba yelled. Lisa turned her head just as his cum shot out over her face. It was too bad thought Bubba about the two kids from Corinth they hanged. But a white girl had been killed and two boys had to pay.

That's the way it was back then. Bubba wiped his cock over Lisa's face. Lisa took Fred's cock back in her mouth.

She wrapped her arms around his buttocks and pushed his cock deep inside her mouth. She could feel his cock at the back of her throat. His cock was throbbing. Saliva was dripping down her chin. His balls were on her lips, his belly up against her face. She was drooling down her chin.

His butt was hard. Tyrone jacked his cock and shot his load over Lisa's forehead. Tyrone's cum dripped over her face while Fred's dick throbbed harder. Dats it, take it deep. Squeeze your mouth on it. Lisa could feel the veins on his throbbing cock. AHHHHHHHHHHHh Fred shot his load down Lisa's throat. She almost gagged and choked up most of the cum drooling down her face. Old Bill and Grady shot their loads on her face at the same time. Lisa looked up and smiled. Thank You Sir.

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Thank you sir. CUM FACED BITCH Say it. Lisa could barely breath but said it. The cum and drool mixed all over her face, on her boobs and over what was left of her Girl Scout uniform.


I am a CUM FACED BITCH. Out of breath Lisa kept repeating: I am a CUM FACED BITCH Sweetie, yu done good. One fucking good job dats for sho. You really like dat cock sucking? Yes Sir, I loved your cocks and your cum. U can't learnd that, yugot be born a slut. One hot cock sucking Girl Scout laughed Bubba. The door opened up and Lamont walked in. Looking at Lisa Kneeling on the floor, Lamont shook his head. Pops, di swhat u u gots fo me. Looks like u fucked her up good.

Shes all beat up and look at dat ass, looks like a fuckin meat grinder got to it. U and your dead ass old timers giv me dis fucked up Bitch? Grady, u been fuckin her too. Wat da fuck, look at dat ass, shootin staples in it. Man u sum fucked up senior dats fo sho. Lamont pulled Lisa up by the hair on her tip toes but was still looking down at her. Lamont was a bout 6' 3" and around 230, one big load. He was doing lots of weights and was bulked up. Lisa was like a doll in his hands.

He pulled her brutally almost off the ground by her hair. U one fucked up bitch, man day worked u over dat fo sho. Betch u thought u was hot stuff. Now u jst a Cum face bitch and all beat up. Whats dis jacket and vest bout, look like rags. I am a Girl Scout. Sir. One Polite little girl, my Dad taught u good. I like that cum on your face. Fuck ya, I like that scout look. Open dat mouth. Lisa opened her mouth and Lamont spit in her mouth.

Swallow it. He spit on her face and spit again. Sir, Can I suck you cock? Well u are trained well but I gots sumthin better den dat ovar at my place. A new fear overcame Lisa.

What tt, what would happen to her over at Lamont's? Where are you going to take me Sir. What are you going to do Sir. I gonna fuck your cherry asshole. Pops says he saved your shit hole fo me. U gonna get my 14 inch cock up yo butt. Lisa's knees buckled. NO NO Not that. Maybe she would be better dead. Lisa would have collapsed but Lamont still held her up. To Be Continued

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